[Update EIGHT 06062014] Fund Raising For Roy Ngerng’s Court Case Against Lee Hsien Loong

This is the 8th update for the fund raising for the court case. We have reached the target of $70,000 four days ago for the legal fees. There are still some funds coming in. If the funds slow down in the next few days, I will move towards doing a weekly update instead. You can read more about what the court case is about and the fund raising appeal here.

We are now awaiting the pre-trial on 4 July 2014. The court case will be decided at a later date.

Tomorrow is the #ReturnOurCPF event. I will be speaking at the event. Leong Sze Hian Kenneth Jeyaretnam, Mr Tan Kin Lian and Vincent Wijeysingha, among others, will also be speaking. Please do come and attend the event, so that together, we can send out a strong message that Singaporeans are concerned about the CPF and we want the government to take our concerns seriously.

We are $21,284.20 in excess at this point. The funds will be set aside for any legal costs orders (if) made against me during the court proceedings by the court for me to pay the opposing sides legal cost if I lose any (interlocutory) applications in court. We have currently stopped putting out an active appeal for funds but if the funds continue coming in, I will be open and transparent with them and publish them, so as to be accountable.

Please see below for further information on the funds coming in so far, as of 5.00pm today.

Funds Raised So Far

We have raised $91,284.20 so far.

Funds Raised  by 6 June 2014 5pm

Transaction Histories

Please see below the transaction histories of the bank accounts.

Below is the transaction history for the POSB Savings Bank Account 130-23068-7 (Ngerng Yi Ling). This is my personal bank account.

$84,680.70 has been raised from here.

5 to 6 June 2014 5pm-page-001

Below is the transaction history for the OCBC Savings Bank Account 657-4-111750 (Ngerng Mui Choo). My father helped set up this bank account yesterday solely for this fund raising.

$3,847.82 has been raised from here.

OCBC 5 to 6 June 5pm

Below is the transaction history for PayPal (royngerng@gmail.com). Please note that the PayPal is linked to my personal POSB bank account. I will include these amounts in the funds raised when they enter my personal POSB bank account, for ease of accounting.

$5,345.63 has been raised from here.

PayPal 5 to 6 June 5pm

Yesterday, I checked my mailbox. Some Singaporeans had sent in some funds via post. A total of $94 was received. I have taken photos of some of the notes (below) that were sent in together with the funds.

In total, $2,755.60 has been raised in cash.

2014-06-06 15.53.46

2014-06-06 15.57.45


2014-06-06 15.55.23

Thank you to the following two Singaporeans who also sent the following two short notes. Thank you for doing this, I am very touched. I really hope that together, we can make change happen.

2014-06-06 15.52.38

2014-06-06 15.56.32


Finally, thank you to the person who had sent the letter below. I will take your advice and consult other learned people on the CPF, so that we can pull together our resources to demand for transparency and accountability on our CPF.

2014-06-06 15.59.54

2014-06-06 15.58.55

We have reached the target of $70,000 for the legal and court fees. We have stopped putting out an active appeal funds at this point. For the actual amount of damages, we would only be able to know after the court case is over. Based on past cases, the damages go above $200,000.

There are still funds coming in – please note that the additional funds will be set aside any legal costs orders (if) made against me during the court proceedings by the court for me to pay the opposing sides legal cost if I lose any (interlocutory) applications in court. If there is any excess, the options will be to donate them to charity – I will consult Singaporeans on the use of the excess funds. I will continue to keep transparent records of the funds so as to be accountable and allow everyone to keep track of the funds. Please do send me your feedback as well on how you would like to do this.

Tomorrow is the #ReturnOurCPF event. I will be speaking at the event. I understand from the organiser that preparations have been made to accommodate a large crowd. Looking forward to seeing everyone there. Tomorrow, we will gather in strength and unity and tomorrow, we will make our voices heard. The CPF is our money and Singaporeans have a right to know what is being done to our CPF. Join us tomorrow and we will make our voices heard, together as one.

When we stand united, our voice will be strong. When we are heard, change will come.

There is a petition that you can sign here.

See you this coming Saturday! The Facebook event page can be found here.

Return Our CPF Colour Boxes 2b@English

Return Our CPF Colour Boxes 2b@Chinese@without de


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  4. Return CPF Not Enough

    Where is Chris?
    – Typical overpaid PAPig
    – does not work after 4.30pm
    – gone home to masturbate while looking at his CPF statement and pictures of the PAP women’s wing.

  5. DonJon

    Ding Hua, fuck off to where u come from alien faggot & don’t try to be funny wit the original BORN pink ICs ppl

  6. Lamo

    On 7 June at the park, please be watch out for any trouble makers who might cause any unwanted scene or unruly behaviour which might cause the police to invoke the Internal Security Act to detain any citizen indefinitely without trial. This might likely the latest dirtiest trick to be used to silence any dissident voice in public.

  7. Lamo

    Hasn’t anybody ever told these people that the Bible they use, the King James Version, was put together by King James 1 who was a gay? Christians teach that the writing of the Bible was directly inspired by God.
    If we follow that teaching, then we would have to conclude that it was God who selected a person who was gay to put together the most magnificent version of the Bible ever penned.

  8. Ken

    Roy, IMHO, since you have collected over $91,000 which shows Singaporeans’ overwhelming support of your cause and coming legal battle, please note that the other side can ask the court to freeze your assets via a Mareva junction, since the damages are likely to be over $250,000 if the other side wins.

    The legal definition of Mareva Injunction is a temporary injunction that freezes the assets of a party pending further order or final resolution by the Court.

    So what are you waiting for? Pay Mr Ravi’s firm for the services NOW. I am sure more donations will continue to flow in as Singaporeans realize the gravity of the legal battle and you can pay off the damages, if any, and won’t be made a bankrupt. Then you can make a credible attempt to enter parliament in 2016.

  9. Why Sue Roy ?

    Actually hor.
    Is the PAP trying to help Singaporeans
    just suing Roy to scare all of us ?

    I’m a Singaporean.
    I don’t see how PM Lee is helping me by suing Roy.

    • Francis

      roy accused him without any evidence of wrong-doing and he has a right to sue him for defamation, especially the accusations are so serious.

      • Why Sue Roy ?

        So how does PM Lee’s law suit against Roy benefit me or Singaporeans?

      • Ian

        How does Roy’s baseless insinuation benefit any of us?

        He could have used the time and effort spend to write factual analysis of CPF and perhaps some valid solutions as well.

      • Ace

        A heavyweight boxer was accused by a weak young man of having an affair with his beautiful wife, The heavy weight boxer could have easily explain and prove to the young man that he did not. However what he did was to tell the young man to make a public apology of his allegations and compensate him for his loss of reputation or be taken into the ring. The young man apologize but the heavy weight boxer said that it was insincere and told him to get into the boxing ring for 10 rounds of fight.
        The fight was not to prove whether the heavy weight boxer actually had an affair with the young man’s wife but to see how much punishment the young man could take. When the people heard that, they decided to join the young man to fight the heavy weight boxer. More than a thousand of them took took to the ring to support the young man.
        Although the heavy weight boxer won the contest, he lost so much support because of his bullying tactic and was forced to retire from boxing and loss his multimillion income. The people rejoice and the young man became a hero.

        Moral of the story. When you are in a position of strength, act weak and the whole world respect and love you.

    • Roy Is Good For Singaporeans - But Maybe Not So Good For PAP

      ” He could have used the time and effort spend to write factual analysis of CPF ”
      @ Ian

      So are you saying the PAP government will provide the facts necessary for Singaporeans and Roy to do a “factual analysis of CPF” ?
      “How does Roy’s baseless insinuation benefit any of us?” @ Ian

      – Roy’s questions and postings have opened up the minds of Singaporeans to ask for more transparency from the PAP government.
      So Roy’s “baseless insinuation” has definitely benefited Singaporeans.
      PAP may not have benefited.
      But Singaporeans have benefited from Roy’s blogging.

      • ryu

        Yeah I am sure that Roy constant insinuation that the pap is cheating us of our cpf money really helping us to think critically. If that is the case, are you telling me that the entire opposition like low thia kiang or sylvia lim has been fooled all this while?
        I admit I do benefit from his blogging as I am simply amused at his supporters who only reads the title of his bleddy long blog posts and believes that it contains the gospel truths.

      • Ian

        So what have Roy been writing all these while about CPF? Incoherent rubbish based on what you are saying?

      • Chris

        Hi ace
        Ur story is one sided..
        Strong men, animals were killed by much smaller too. A lot of times, they r killed in the most disgraceful manner.
        The point is not who killed who or who is injured or hurt.
        The point is who is right and who is wrong. If u pity an asshole or jerk. This asshole or jerk will come after the rest of the world when he realise he is on top of the food chain.
        Dun be stupid.

      • Ding hua

        Hi Chris, what happen to your long long reply? It seems to be getting shorter and shorter. Also your tone sound like you got ditched by your boyfriend? 🙂

      • Ace

        Are you advocating the law of the jungle.
        In that case, are we not going backwards?
        In Roman times, due to unconstrained powers of the rulers, one man rose up. His name is Spartacus.

        Question is whether you consider Spartacus your hero or the Roman rulers your hero.

  10. Listening

    Many colleagues in the civil service are hoping for incremental change as there are aware of the issues…but what’s needed is not incremental changes. What’s needed is dynamic change and perhaps some creative destruction of old mindsets of aging in Singapore and the future.

    • Until We Vote Wisely - Change Will Not Happen

      Incremental change – new policy, same old people (political party)
      dynamic change – new policy, new political party in government

      1. You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
      2. You can’t make omelette without breaking a few eggs

      “change from within” does not work.
      – ask George Yeo (another Singaporean quitter)

      “slaughtering sacred cows”
      – we tried that 10 years ago with the PAP

      “teaching an old dog new tricks”
      – anyone out there ever tried teaching grandparents how to do things in the digital age?

  11. Chua

    Just wondering how many dramatic change of elected moderately successful government by coup, war or elections has resulted in a much better governance thereafter in modern history? Name some examples to open our minds.

    • History Is Not On PAP's Side - Nobody Is On Their Side Anymore

      United States of America – you ignorant PAPig moron.

      • Chua

        Thank u for ur education. I see u strongly approve of Obama administration and performance. Pls migrate there and tell us again. It may well suit u better. I’ve visited there quite a few times but not qualified to judge.

      • PAPigs To North Korea

        Why not PAPigs migrate to North Korea?
        “Pls migrate there and tell us again. It may well suit u better.”

      • David

        From your intelligent and thoughtful name, I immediately know that you will give a very insightful and intelligent reply and I was proven right.

      • Chris

        North Korea is totally against democracy, human rights, etc. But must important is North Korea allows their leaders to slander as they wish. Very much like Roy and friends. So Roy and friends should migrate there instead becos that’s where they will not be persecute for slandering.
        Pap don’t suit that place….
        Understand??? Or too chim for u.

      • Chris

        North Korea allows it’s leaders to slander…
        Suits Roy and friends better.
        Good luck over there. Get ur fact right before talking.
        Try not to show how stupid u r.

      • Ding hua

        Hi Chris, can you explain what do you mean by “But must important is North Korea”? It looks very ungrammatical. Maybe I could be wrong, but really, are you a Singaporean 🙂

      • Chua

        11078 deaths in 2010 alone are due to firearms homicide and reluctance to pass legislation on firearms.in USA. Does that alone make Obama admin totally unfit to be government. No? Governance is lots tougher than using one incidence and yardstick to judge. Read my comments under kjeyaretnam post questioning government transparency, transport , immigration, housing policies etc. you will realize I am deeply dissatisfied with recent government performance. Goh Meng Seng and Brandon Siow (wp candidate) are my personal friends. I had my personal unhappy brush with Mr Khaw while onboard polyclinics management on policies during his first few months as health minister. And was equally dissatisfied when I had chance to speak to Mr Teo Chee Hian personally. Dr Vivian and Mr Lee Hsien Loong had my admiration when I was fortunate enough to speak to them but that aside, not every policies they made had great results in my humble opinion.

      • Chua

        Unnecessary labeling of each other does not help whether u r in Opp, PAP or neutral camp. I like to believe to believe I am in neutral camp and will support during election whichever party providing better candidates or proposals. If Roy comes as candidate I’ll not support, if Jeyaretnam comes and PAP candidate is not as coherent, I’ll toss my vote his way.

      • 1kickko

        there even hookers looking for target at amk mrt.. & u heard announcement like pls leave the station here is not a place to do business in mandarin

  12. Fascist Pigs Just Don't Get It

    @ David @ 9.54am
    “And what are you going to do with the country if PAP give it back?”

    First I take your (David) HDB flat.
    Then I ask you, David: “”And what are you going to do with the HDB flat if I give it back?”

    • Laurence

      Meaning you have no idea and just have a vague idea of PAP get kicked out = good life with high salary, low cost of living, cheap cars and houses, no CPF and that life will be a bed of roses.

  13. Chris

    Hi all
    This is Chris.
    I just realised that I am blocked. So much for freedom of expression. Asshole Roy is worse than mda.
    Just to give my 2cents worth before I am blocked again.
    North Korea’s leaders allows slandering of others. So it’ll suit Roy and friends better.
    U preach about freedom of speech, what r u doing now? Stopping me to tell the truth about u?
    ROY, U R A TRUE HYPOCRITE!!! Only allow u fans to speak here. Crap!!!

    • Ding hua

      Hi Chris, you have been ignoring me lately and cursing and swearing like a wretch woman. Are you deprive of something? Maybe I can help you 🙂

      Give me your mobile and I will give you a call if you need my help 🙂

  14. Chris

    Hi all
    This is Chris.
    I am unable to upload my post.
    So much for freedom of speech and expression.
    ROY, u preach one thing and do another. Real HYPOCRITE. Asshole.

    • Chris Is A Noob

      @ Chris
      You’d think that PAP will assess the internet skills of their Internet Brigade before hiring them.

      What a noob.

    • Ding hua

      Hi Chris, there is no upload button here. If you need to post a comment, click “Post Comment”. I don’t think there is an upload function to upload your dig or asshole 🙂
      If you look hard enough, you will be able to find the help button.

  15. Chris

    Any way, regardless of what happened.
    This blog is really crappy.
    That’s why Internet is not a true reflection of how the real world is. Any one can tamper with what u want to bring up or say….

    • Ding hua

      It’s me again 🙂
      Nice to always see you around complaining. It makes this place full of live.
      If you are free, Chris, do come down to Hong Lim park at 4. I will be there watching how Singaporeans protest. I think this is part and parcel of citizenship. Have never seen such a thing in China.

  16. Roy Is So Transparent With His Bank Account

    I vote for Roy to audit our national reserves.
    I don’t think it will take 56 man-years for this promising young man to give us the first update.


    If it rains, will you stand in the rain ?
    If you run and seek shelter … you will lose credibility.

    Remember NDP 1968 – the day in rained on our parade.

    Stand firm in the rain.
    And the message will be very clear to all Singaporeans.

    Don’t worry about the PAPigs.
    They are deaf, dumb, blind and stupid.
    PAP will not change their CPF policies.

    This Hong Lim Protest Rally is to awaken all Singaporeans.

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