All I Ever Wanted Is For The Government To Be Transparent On Our CPF, Pre-Trial Conference Postponed

Hello everyone, yesterday I wrote an article which highlights the loopholes in the government’s explanation on how they are using our CPF.

In the past, it has been discussed among Singaporeans that our CPF is invested in the GIC and Temasek Holdings. However, the government has never confirmed on this.

It is only early last month (June) that the government finally came out to reveal that our CPF is invested in the GIC. It is also early last month that the Temasek Holdings claim that they do not use our CPF to invest.

Why did the government resisted letting Singaporeans know that our CPF is invested in the GIC and Temasek Holdings for so many years, but did a flip flop and finally let Singaporeans know only this year?

Also, I had previously found information last year that traced how our CPF is invested in the GIC and Temasek Holdings, which the government then erased from their websites.

But now, they did the about turn and admitted that they do use our CPF to invest in the GIC. So the question is, why the flip flop and why the about turn?

Also, why did the Temasek Holdings tell Singaporeans that they do not invest our CPF, when I had found evidence that previously, they did?

What prompted the government to finally let Singaporeans know the truth?

However, these answers are still not answered fully. There is still no full transparency and accountability from the government as to how our CPF is being used by them. If the government has been using our CPF to invest in the GIC and Temasek Holdings for several decades now, then it is several decades of answers that Singaporeans do not have.

Until now, we still don’t know how the government routes our CPF into the GIC and Temasek Holdings, how much our CPF is (and was) earning in the GIC and Temasek Holdings, and how much interest has not been returned to Singaporeans.

As long as this information is not revealed to Singaporeans, Singaporeans will keep having difficulties saving enough in our CPF and will not be able to retire. We need the transparent information, so that Singaporeans can tell the government what to do with our CPF, and not the other way round.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has said in a conversation with the Council on Foreign Relations in the United States that, ” if it’s politic, you expose it, and if they can’t stand the embarrassment, they will have to change“. I am in agreement that change for the better, and for greater transparency and accountability is what is needed for Singapore and what will allow our country to grow towards the next stage of our development.

For my court case, the pre-trial conference was initially set for 4 July. It has been rescheduled for 17 July at 2.30pm. The pre-trial conference is a “pro-active case management process” to “ascertain the status of the action and fix the date(s) of the trial”. It will be a session to determine whether and when the court case should be held.

My intention has always been to ask the government what they are doing with our CPF.

My intention has always been to ask the government to be transparent to Singaporeans on how they are using our CPF and be accountable and return to Singaporeans our CPF. As of today, the above questions I’ve raised have still not been answered.

At the end of the day, my hopes are simple and clear – right from the start, I had wanted to ask what the government is doing with our CPF. As long as the government is able to answer to this, all will be resolved. It was and still remains to be a simple matter.

I await the government’s willingness to respond to Singaporeans. This is a matter of public interest, which I hope the government will not side-track on, but will respond accordingly and responsibly.

Also, the President’s role is to safeguard our reserves, which our CPF is put into. President Ong Teng Cheong had tried to fulfil his duty by asking the government to let him know how much reserves Singapore had in 1996, but they had told him that it would take 56-man years for them to be able to let him know, so he was never told.

I hope that the current President Tony Tan will carry on in President Ong’s mission and help Singaporeans find out how exactly our CPF is being used by the government and where exactly it is going.

The government has yet been unwilling to respond to the questions of public interests on the CPF. I hope that the President, who is supposed to safeguard our reserves, will stand up for Singaporeans and ask the government these questions. Only then can Singaporeans trust that the President is on our side.

Meanwhile, the Special Select Committee will meet this month to discuss and consider the candidates for the Nominated Members of Parliament (NMPs) positions.

The two referees I have put in the nomination form have not yet been contacted by the committee on their views of me.

I look forward to a fair selection to be considered for the NMP position, so that I can continue to do my part as an ordinary Singaporean to voice out our concerns to the government, and allow Singaporeans’ voices to be heard, and also so that good policies that will protect the lives of Singaporeans can be put to good debate and passed for the well-being of our people and the long-term future of our nation.

Like the prime minister has said, how can we create an “identity that Singapore is a place which is special and where the human spirit flourishes”, so that, ” Our people are comfortable wherever they go, and they go many places, and we want them to go, but we also what them to know where home is.”

This is what I believe in as well. Let’s work together to create a Singapore that will benefit and protect all its inhabitants in Singapore, and one where we will feel cared for, and a nation that we will want to strive for.

Only when we have a nation where our people feel safe and secure in our land, knowing that we have a government that will truly protect our interests and our livelihoods will we be able to create a society that is fairer and more equal, and where everyone will be able to go on in our lives with dignity and magnanimity.

An opportunity presents itself to us today. We can put aside our differences and work towards a future for all Singaporeans. Let’s all Singaporeans make it happen.


It is clear that something is amiss in the management of our CPF by the government, the GIC and Temasek Holdings. There are still loopholes and discrepancies which the government has not addressed. This are important loopholes that the government has to acknowledge and speak up on, especially so since this concerns the retirement funds of Singaporeans.

What exactly is going on with Singaporeans’ CPF!

On 12 July 2014, an event will be held to discuss the CPF issues and the lack of transparency and accountability from the government and for Singaporeans to demand to the government to #ReturnOurCPF.

You can join the Facebook event page here.

#ReturnOurCPF Poster@pink final


  1. The Oracle

    There is a difference between transparency and spreading untruths. Roy is spreading untruths and is ignoring the feedback he gets in his other blog posts.

    • Enlarging Oracle's Wife's Horizons

      Hi Oracle
      I continue to enjoy your wife’s company.
      She was only one finger wide when I started. (You must be a pencil dick).
      She’s up to three fingers wide now.
      Hope she is not too loose for you tonight.

      • The Oracle

        You’re getting boring. Can’t you come up with better insults instead of repeating the old ones? Come on! People read this for the comedy so you better do your bit to entertain them more!

      • Devoted wife of Oracle

        Roy continues to blog at his own risk. He’s asking for aggravated damages and then is going to come begging online for more money.

    • The Oracle is a LIAR

      Pls debunk all the UNTRUTHs that you claim rather than say he’s spewing untruths. So fuggin lame. At least, the “UNTRUTH” u claim that Roy posted are back up with proof! Now prove your claims

      • Peter

        Read my posts and you will see I have done so again and again over the last couple of blogs Roy has posted. Roy is either a liar or really stupid or both.

      • whysostupidwahhhhh

        This is why Singapore will never be a dominant global power and why the government treats you like spoilt brats – it’s because you are and you need to be controlled. I really don’t know why you are even bothering trying to ‘defend the rights of Singaporeans’ Roy. It seems to me these idiots need someone to keep them in line or they’ll end up fucking up. Your readers consists of morons. I suggest just migrating out of Asia before you become like these stupid robots who do what the government or their parents tell them to do like good little lap dogs. This is why the rest of the world doesn’t take you guys seriously and you need things like the army to make yourself feel like big shots when the rest of the world doesn’t give a fuck about you.

  2. A PAP Oxymoron

    A “transparent PAP government” is an oxymoron.
    Other examples of oxymoron;
    a. civil service
    b. military intelligence

    Meaning of oxymoron:
    A figure of speech in which incongruous or seemingly contradictory terms appear side by side; a compressed paradox.

  3. Eddie

    Roy, I admire your tenacity. Singapore needs dialogue not confrontation. Singapore needs Young Blood like you to challenge and to question no matter how tough or embarrassing it may be for the Government. Singapore needs to pull together in the face of growing concerns over terrorism and external threats. There are bigger potential threats against Singapore.

    I keep wondering why this issue has come to blows but there is still time for both sides to sit down, shake hands and have a nice cup of afternoon tea. And just talk.

    The CPF need not the lightning rod to attract the wrong type of attention from international press and international groups. This is Singapore and if Singaporeans cannot dialogue sensibly, then what is the purpose of nationhood after 50 years?

    So my dear wish it that you and PM Lee come to an amicable settlement and to avoid a court trial. The money raised can go to charitable causes. In return, I hope the Government engages you in a constructive dialogue. And you should be invited to National Day Rally nite. That will show that Singapore and accommodate its critics too. We are One United Nation.

    I support the call for transparency in CPF investment management. There is a need to furnish an annual report. Good or bad, it is Singapore. There will be sunshine and there will be rain. We need not have to go back over the decades but we can agree that from here on a committee of CPF members will participate in review of the financial handling of CPF funds.

    Good luck and do keep healthy.

    • auntie ng

      Maybe the court case has never been about CPF transparency? Maybe it has always been about Roy Ngerng insinuating about the PM stealing the CPF money? Maybe someone tries to mislead people into thinking that the case is about CPF transparency when it is far far from it?

      • AuntyAgony

        Aunty agony, pls get a man. Can tell you got too much FLUID stuck in that puny brain of yours

      • Eddie

        Jusk FXXK off will you? If you have the intelligence of a snail, you should not even attempt with your infantile thoughts here.

      • Steve

        Wow Eddie, your calm and intelligent reply has contributed so much to the current healthy debate.

  4. Jim

    What you demand to know actually is not how the CPF is handled but rather how the GIC is handled. Govt told us the CPF are put in Special Bonds. Ong Teng Cheong wanted to know the GIC’s assets not CPF.

    • Just Follow The Money Trail

      Do you think it’s better if the CPF money stays with the PAP government?
      Will that leave a nice paper trail for future COI’s to investigate?

  5. William

    Roy, I am an old man. I have seen mr Tan Lark Sye lost his citizenship because he supported barisan socialist (ex opposition party). Mr Francis seow and tang Liang hong vanished from Sgp because they were against the govt. Another one is tan Wah piow. When ex PM proposed minimum sum in our CPF, we already knew they are going to hold our money, an excuse to look after our old age. They are the govt, they can do what they like. If you are not happy, the only way is to migrate. I feel sorry for you because you will declare bankrupt soon, same like mr jeyaratnam of ex workers party. You did a good job but at the end what you get. You cannot join any political party to stand for election because you are a bankrupt. Please pray.

    • landragon123

      High William, we are both old but not old man as I can still remember clearly what happened since we became a Republic. How can you be so sure, are you a judge or a PAP running dog or a dog waging a tail for our sick PM? Did Roy ever tell us he is interested to be a politician? Why should we migrate, we love Singapore but just not it PM? Is it a sin or a crime to no liking the PM?

      • William

        Ha ha ha. What a dumb. What do you know about politic. I helped Mr MPD Nair (ex workers party) and JBJ during the general election. When JBJ got into trouble, no one helped him, not even Mr LKT.

      • Jim


      • William

        Hi Jim, only a dog will call other a dog. Let’s ignore him. They like to bullshit and see Roy get into trouble.

      • landragon123

        To be in Parliament you have to be politician and since politic is Dirty, and I AM a clean and good man like to stay in the sidelines to tell off those stupid PM who use the FB ideals to rule and try to destroy our good and sunny Singapore which is warm and not hot into a dirty CLEAN city which is now called a STATE as we have just change our courts to STATE Courts. This is most stupid a PM of a country can DO for the sake of money for just stupidity?

    • Eddie

      When Singaporeans do not have the guts to stand up and talk, then Spore will rise above mediocrity.

      Roy represents a new genre of young Singaporeans. The finest example is lawyer Ravi. Driving Roy to exile will not work. Another Roy will rise. In this case, it is not about crucifying Roy. And I have watched Roy spoke on U-tube. This young man is determined and is willing to take the punishment.

      William…you are old? Did you serve NS? Why are you scared? Scared of what? It is people like you that will create a Spore that will lose the sterling qualities of fine debates. JBJ did not flee despite his problems.

      Let us give Roy the space to speak up. He too will mature in his oratory. If Spore hammers down every nail that sticks up, it is a matter of time the hammer will be replaced.

      • William

        Yes, I served my NS, because I studied in higher institute. I was in the police riot squad at mount Vernon. We handled demonstrators and rioters. We were different from the present police who are only good in summoning cars, road block for drink driving, arresting people who had sex with under age prostitute. Even COI criticize them for not taking action against rioter at Little India. This is not a matter of scare, because Roy is fighting a losing battle. Everyone knows that ministers are getting million of dollars, owned numbers of private properties. But we talk a lot, can we find a good opposition like JBJ to fight PAP.

      • landragon123

        Yes the hammer was already been replaces when our sick MP took over. It is now the rubber type that hammer to made sound and does drive the nails. I remembered 2 occasions when HDB wanted to build a flat for the elder at Toh Yi, our sick PM listen to objection and made a merry-go-round and still built at the same occasion. Another I think is in AMK where the resident complaints and worries of traffic congestion and in the end the project continue. When his father Saint LKY made a descision, the job is done no matter who object, and that is what a strong government for, like Suharto, Mahatia and Macos all great rulers of LKY times.
        When a PM goes to FB to get ideas to rule, he in fact rules by his own cabinet and when a good leader is to rule TOP Down, now it is the other way Bottoms Up. So this boat of the sick PM will sink soon???

  6. Guaranteed Pass

    NOE is going to set up a new junior college where every student is guaranteed to pass. Every student comes in sure graduates with 4 Cs. I think every Singaporean will send his children there, right? Guaranteed sure to pass. This college is call Confirmed Pass Final. RI will close shop, no?

  7. Roy - If You Want To Change the World

    “If You Want To Change The World – Life Lessons from Navy SEAL Training”
    – Commencement Speech by Admiral McRaven to the graduating class of 2014 at the University of Texas

    The main points;
    1. If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.
    2. If you want to change the world, find someone to help you paddle.
    3. If you want to change the world, measure a person by the size of their heart, not the size of their flippers.
    4. f you want to change the world get over being a sugar cookie and keep moving forward.
    5. If you want to change the world, don’t be afraid of the circuses
    6. If you want to change the world sometimes you have to slide down the obstacle head first.
    7. If you want to change the world, don’t back down from the sharks.
    8. If you want to change the world, you must be your very best in the darkest moment.
    9.If you want to change the world, start singing when you’re up to your neck in mud.
    10. If you want to change the world don’t ever, ever ring the bell.

    The full text of the speech and video link below:

    “If I have learned anything in my time traveling the world, it is the power of hope.
    The power of one person—Washington, Lincoln, King, Mandela and even a young girl from Pakistan—Malala
    —one person can change the world by giving people hope.”
    Admiral McRaven

    May this speech give you the courage to continue.

  8. Daniel Ngo (My daugther's email)

    Roy, I am a businessman. I don’t have a facebook and don’t intent to have one.
    I would like to get intouch with you to offer you a 3 folds plan.
    – a offer you a job based on your talent that I read on a Yahoo article about you
    – to support you on the legal fund
    – a plan that I know it will work that the people will win and not the PAP in 2016.
    I want to avoid the PAP dogs from knowing my propsals for you.
    May I have your Email or Phone contact. I went to your father’s stall 3 times on Sunday but the stall was not open. I ask some helper there but they said the stall has not been operating for quite numbers of days.

      • landragon123

        Not all businessman are rich. If you wanted to help Roy do not hide or you are afraid to be another HO KOK CHEONG? Most businessman are like any TOM, DICK or HARRY and off course not our OLD Harry who give up his nickname use his real one.

    • Eddie

      Yes, Roy just set up an e-mail box where others can e-mail you. It need not be the e-mail address that you use with your close friends.

      And you can delete all those spam mail. There are some here who can give you financial help… a job, some cash, etc. You are fully entitled to collect donations. And it is tax-free too.

      You are not a Marxist, a terrorist, a jihadist, anything of those labels. You are true Son of Singapore. This lawsuit has launched you into fame. I never heard of your name before but now I hope you can handle the crises well.

      Singapore needs more people like you to speak up. When I saw you make those speeches, even the veins on your neck bulged up as you spoke with vigor. It is a learning curve for you. And in time you will make an even greater orator.

      Keep doing your research and raising issues. Spore has the space for vocals like you.

      • choofrfreoer

        “You are fully entitled to collect donations. And it is tax-free too”

        You are wrong about the latter part. Stop giving wrong advice.

    • landragon123

      If a man of today tells you he have no FB and hides behind her daughter, we knows who you are, so no need to voice your opinion here as the be effective is to talk by yourself with your own identity, that is call MAN, and to be a man, give Roy all the monies he needs for this case, if he wins maybe you will made money as Ravi can countersue and if SUCCESSFUL, PM will have to pay for LIBEL making wrong accusation against a GOOD young man who is able to standup for Singapore and lets sing it on our 50th NPD as 49 is too near to celebrate now??? Ravi, do it and the world is yours to celebrate like no Others!!!

  9. makes no sense

    I like this quote:
    “As long as this information is not revealed to Singaporeans, Singaporeans will keep having difficulties saving enough in our CPF and will not be able to retire. We need the transparent information, so that Singaporeans can tell the government what to do with our CPF, and not the other way round.”

    So, if all is revealed, u will have more savings? Good for you!

    You want the people of singapore to tell government what to do? Just get a group of 5 people and ask them what they wish to eat. See if you can get a concensus. I cannot imagine living in a country whose leaders wait for millions of people to tell them what to do.

    You are delusional. But I like, because you are entertaining.

    • Eddie

      Makes No Sense at all. It is this kind of superficial rebuttals that degrades a healthy debate.
      Trying to quiet down Roy? You must be working for someone…

      • makes no sense

        What is healthy debate? Healthy debate is when I see opinions, and viable solutions being offered on table.

        If no solution, then it is cheap talk only. Anyone can question, but not everyone has solutions. If no solution, keep thinking and working on getting one. Making statements such as 20%+ people are making considered poor with no real stats to prove, just stinks of sensationalizing to me.

        Comparing ourselves against Norway just shows ignorance in understanding economics.

        And you guys lap it up hungrily. That’s healthy debate in your opinion. To me, it’s cheap talk. Just like every single comment here, including mine.

      • Ivan

        And may I know what’s your idea of healthy debate? That Roy is never wrong and we can’t question what he says?

        It is the superficial thinking of certain people that there are only two political opponents in Singapore (Roy Ngerng and PAP) that is getting ridiculous. There is more to the opposition than Roy Ngerng. He is not deserving and does not represent the entire opposition faction against PAP.

      • Chris

        Maybe u have not read all the comments in Roy’s different postings.
        All his points were rebutted by various ppl.
        Like I always said, ppl need to read everything. If not, dun look stupid by making false accusations. Since Roy wants to look stupid, no one can help him.

      • Ding hua

        Hi Chris, I saw your chopstick still at the hospital. Why you never attached it back? Are you a sheman now?

    • landragon123

      My job is to entertain those fastrated people who worries that their CPF is gone. It will never be GONE but just loss as in all investment there are loss and gain. I AM very sure that our sick PM and his ABLE cabinet is losing money, many of them in the wrong investments oversea and especially CHINA. If he father can be cheaped by China and lost there, you think his son and he able wife who gets promoted when she lost monies can made money for us? A sickman like to daydream and his dream is to be god and rules Singapore 4ever, Can he do it? Ask yourself, what treatment you receive to get going or CARE to tell us the Royal Citizens of the Little Red Dot, we are always warm but you made us HOT and that is why the mosquitos never forgive you for wanting to KILL ALL Try getting the Rent-to-Kill and there may be able to do it for YOU after you are gone for worst or for GOOD!

  10. Xmen

    “Also, why did the Temasek Holdings tell Singaporeans that they do not invest our CPF, when I had found evidence that previously, they did?”

    IMHO, the reason that they choose GIC now is because of its lower returns. This is to lower public expectation for a higher CPF interest rate.

    In any case, money is fungible. they are free to make whatever claim they want now (e.g. GIC manages CPF money and Temasek never managed CPF money) because they have never been transparent about the CPF money.

    My guess is that CPF money, budget surpluses and reserves are all commingled. No one, not even LKY, has any idea or cares about proper (separate) accounting of these funds.

    For a third world country, this may be a norm. But for a first world country, it is a disaster waiting to happen – if it hasn’t happened already.

    • landragon123

      I have wrote often that we are now in the drain let by a sick and cancel man who job is to pay allot of non portfolio cabinet ministers and hope there will ran the show for him while he attended to open ceremonies, visiting his ward and writes FB and answers them when he fancy but never answer those he have not answer to, just sweep under his carpet and hoping everything goes well until the next election and put his name up to be re elected as PM again as he have said that he intended to run until 80 but after having a relapse now wanted to ran until 70. If he is GOD his wish will be granted but I AM sure our next GE will be in 2015 without HIM?

    • Shocking

      “IMHO, the reason that they choose GIC now is because of its lower returns. ”

      This raises very serious issues. Very very serious issues.

      • landragon123

        Jasmine, no way. those HK people are just trouble maker start long ago during the British time they want an independent HK. Only when you can made China give up 1 party rule and then it is China breaking up.

    • Chris

      Great insight.
      Now Roy and Ravi will have one point to raise to the court the following:
      “Also, why did the Temasek Holdings tell Singaporeans that they do not invest our CPF, when I had found evidence that previously, they did?”
      Wow, I hope the court will have a juicy time. With PM’s lawyer presenting the reasons why?
      Wow…. I wonder how did Roy find out something so “high level, secretive, confidential”? Maybe Roy did a google online. Wow, I wonder if he’s blocked by mda. Maybe he googled overseas to bypass mda screenings. That’s so “smart”.
      Or did someone blow the whistle?

  11. Eddie

    I hope Roy continues to research the CPF and publish whatever he finds. My questions:

    A. How much CPF have been collected and exists in the system?

    B. Full details of investments, annual returns.

    C. An audited financial report.

    Is that too much to ask of the government?

    • landragon123

      No too much to ask, for he have no answers. The jams at all ministries are common knowledge for agents who need to deal with them to renew their license. We have to attend nonsence classes just to waste our time to pay the government agencies or agencies appointed by them. As a property agent who only does only private properties, we are force to attend those that we are not dealing in and no interest but have to take as it is his way of getting the maximum from us, and to contribute to medisave when we have already more than the maximum of $40,000. It is just telling us if you don’t pay medisave, leave Singapore?

    • choofrfreoer

      I hope Roy Ngerng actually shuts up about this fiasco so he won’t have to pay aggravated damages. Every subsequent post is just making his case worse, by the way.

      Either M Ravi isn’t advising him properly, or Roy Ngerng is just too headstrong to take good advice.

      • Professor X

        “Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.”
        Martin Luther King Jr

    • Alan

      And the way the Govt makes it out that if these type of information is make public, Spore will be subject to speculative attacks? Is that not a convenient excuse to side track the issue? Just like when LKY was asked an awkward question by some bright student, he will sidetrack the issue by asking what school she comes from as if which school she comes from will affect the answer he is going to give. It is so similar to the question “What do you think?” when our DPM Teo was posed with another awkward question.

      There is really no excuse for GIC or Temasek not subject to the highest accounting standards when public monies are being used as capital unless they really have a lot of things to hide from the public. It should overwrite any other particular concerns which are at best speculative only.

      • landragon123

        Of cause what our PM do is legal to sue a KID for doing a good job for Singaporean. If your are good join the PAP as he thinks only GOOD people are in the PAP. Why so there have so many scholars that went to courts in the last 2 years. These never happened in his father’s time as his father knows how to cover BUT our sick PM wanted to be popular by charging innocent people in court for underage SEX when a prostitute was under 18. I think to help him made more money this way is to increase 18 to 21 as that is our adult who can go to the polls or if you are a gambler goes to the pools which GCT sets up for gamblers who like to POOL? His was the PM who suggested Casinos 1st but was hammer down by LKY as he have said, over my dead body. He is now DEAD as his son is the one who build the casinos without HIS Approval, the real person who approve the CASINOS was Mrs. LEE of Lee & Lee??? If I am wrong, please correct me for man made mistakes and if this is not a mistake, PLEASE Saint Lee Kuan Yew, tells US??? Your son sacked you as a cabinet minister but keeps GCT for he shared the same liking, to GAMBLE and gamble the life of many away and it was reported that 11 killed themselves at Bedok Reserviours, AM I right bout these? There maybe many more but since the press is under PAP control, more killing reports are stop, that is only my guess.

  12. jasmine

    Hey Roy, keep writing. For every article you write, I will transfer $50 to your POSB account. Actions are louder than words. Everyone please contribute to Roy. Thanks.

    Also, Roy, the current president is ex-Director at GIC. Do you think there is a conflict of interest?

    • auntie ng

      So if Roy Ngerng continues to publish one post a day, you will donate a total of $6000 in one month?

      • jasmine

        @auntie ng

        $1500 is not a lot of money to me. Moreover, Roy is a man of integrity unlike some auntie who is trying hard at character assasination.

    • 岳飞

      That’s true. Actions louder than words. I will donate $100 to support Roy’s champion for transparency. This government is totally opaque and there are many dubious appointments at GLCs that reek of cronyism. Cronyism is a form of corruption. Singaporeans should support transparency instead of cronyism. Those who voice out against Roy’s push for transparency are true traitors of the country.

      • Steve

        Oh yes cos Roy is our saviour and martyr who can do no wrong. He is always right, has never lied or conceal the truth. In short he is not a normal human since to err is human.

        All the other oppositions such as LTK can just retire and let Roy lead us, his devoted and patriotic supporters to fight against PAP for a better future of high salary and low cost of living and free from the control of PAP.

        For no opposition has managed to do what Roy has done which is to stand up for us ordinary poor Singaporeans who did not know how to think before Roy taught us how to.

      • landragon123

        Singapore’s corruption is call POWER Corruption and there is not law against as his parents were lawyers and made many famous laws which many countries follows, Like the section 55 and the CPF which Malaysian Govt follows and China Sochow also use. There are many who follows but there mondifiied it to suit their country but Malaysia follows almost completely and use their EPF to gamble away by investing in projects that their ministers fancy.

  13. Deaf Frog's toothpick

    i think it’s not meaningful to ask for details of SWF’s investment details, it’s either classified as secret, or even if it declassified, Roy does not have the means and resources to check whether the information is correct.

    a government should be allowed some wiggle room to preform it’s job, more practical to just make sure that the CPF is consistent and gives good return rates(failure to beat inflation at the current 2.5% is not considered good return as far as i am concerned) to fulfil it’s fundamental objective which is to safeguard the retirement of the ppl.

    my suggestions,

    1. since minimum sum is pegged to inflation, be consistent, peg interest rates to inflation. not 2 sets of rules in 1 system.

    2.introduce term limit for cabinet appointment holders & president. no one shall serve more than 20 years in total, continuously or discontinuously, as a cabinet minister or president. 20 years is a long time, more than enough to make an impact, if it’s not enough to make an impact, you r probably not good enough, better let someone else have a go.

    3. introduce local elections for electing residential committee (RC) members. not by appointment.

    4. set maximum age for member of parliament, max age shall be 80.

    5. abolish pegging ministerial pay to top earners in private sector, since no former minister has ever proven that they can get the same pay(or more) when they move on to the private sector, it’s not meaningful to have the peg. by private sector i mean “real” private sector job like what George Yeo is doing now at Kerry Logistics, not a job at a GLC or SWF.

    6. cut full time NS to 1.5 years, those who choose to be commissioned officers can serve for 2years or 2.5years. pay the officers a competitive pay for the whole NS period.

    7. ballot COEs, those who should enjoy priority should enjoy priority, no more stupid arguments like cannot figure out whether a millionaire’s son’s 2nd car should enjoy more priority than a family of 4’s car.

    8. replace flat GST with variable GST. no more stupid arguments like cannot figure out whether 8k handbag should be classified together with healthcare services or not. flat GST is a regressive tax, goodness.

    9. incentivise improving TFR as a priority vs promoting immigration, not the other way round. peg government salary bonus to improving TFR instead.

    • auntie ng

      Yeah we can only rely on our champion blogger to assess the details of SWF’s investment details because he has years of training in the financial sector.

      • Deaf Frog's toothpick

        @ auntie ng

        don’t get me wrong, i just don’t find auditing by anyone or any agency to be meaningful, predictably, “anyone” happens to include Roy.

    • The Oracle


      Investment details of Temasek Holdings are not a secret. Wikipedia lists the investments made by Temasek up to end of last year – it is very informative. The Wikipedia entry for GIC is not as comprehensive although there is more info available if you do a simple search on the web.

      In response to the points you raised:
      1) The average inflation rate over the last 30 years (1984-2013) is 1.85% per year or a bit higher at 2.75% over the past 10 years(got from Singstat website). Given the base CPF rate has been maintained at 2.5%, even when we are experiencing record low interest rates globally (thank the Americans for that), Singaporeans have done pretty well in their CPF accounts. We could move to a “pay inflation” model going forward but will you be happy with 1% when inflation is 1%?
      2) Term limits can backfire badly – what if the person is doing a great job and is loved by the people? So long as elections are help then that is the true test of whether someone should be kept in their job. In America, term limits mean there is a new president at least every 8 years. Look at the time and money spend there on getting elected rather than doing the job – it is hard to say their system is actually better.
      3) RC is mostly volunteer, has no real power so why hold elections?
      4) Like driver’s license, a person should be able to drive as long as they are competent to do so – setting an upper age limit would be ageist. So long as people elect, the MP is entitled to sit.
      5) Pay peanuts and you will get monkeys. That is what happens in other countries and you only have to see how badly run most of them are to understand this – most are near bankrupt! Singapore, for its size, is one of the richest countries in the world and that did not happen by accident. You might say the US president is paid less but he is guaranteed to make millions also from speaking engagements, books, endorsements, directorships, etc. Only LKY makes any money off his books and that goes to charity.
      6) I mostly agree with this suggestion. I would propose 1.5 years basic NS with up to 3.5 years more at enhanced rate for officers/specialists. Officer/specialist could get a degree paid through NS in return for future call-ups. More can be done to make NS more beneficial for all.
      7) I agree a family with children under say 7 or 10 should get a priority/discounted COE. This is just like parent leave – the government only has to order it – and it can be managed. There would be minor questions around what if the family then wants to sell the car – must sell only to another family with young children? Better maybe to give say a 50% COE rebate each year (on one car only) if a family has a child under 10? This might also help TFR (your last point).
      8) I agree GST is regressive. Healthcare and food should be excluded.
      9) Government bonus is currently based on 4 equal parts: increase low wage, increase median wage, keep inflation low, improve GDP. The first two parts are actually anti-immigration while the last is pro-immigration. I think it is still important to have a GDP component but adding TFR so there are 5 equal parts may be good.

      OMG, I actually agree with half of what you said!

      • Deaf Frog's toothpick

        @The Oracle

        wikipedia is good for many things, but not to be taken too seriously since it is open to edit by the public, i am disappointed that you actually recommend wikipedia for such information when u say u work in the finance sector.

        2013, Temasek Holdings was audited by KPMG LLP, Temasek is an exempt private company and is not required to publish its audited statutory consolidated financial statements, end of story. like i said, i don’t find audits meaningful.

      • Deaf Frog's toothpick

        1) theres no such thing as happy or not happy, if i have to choose between
        a) inflation is 1% and CPF interest is 1.1%
        b) inflation 10% and CPF interest is 9%

        then i choose (a). These are disputes over technicalities, not meaningful, main thing is CPF policy have to be consistent, not one rule for 1 aspect, another rule for another.

        2) 8years and 20years is a apple-orange comparison, u cannot expect me to waste time on this. why don’t u state a backfiring example?

        3) I do not see why not, having elections is in line with democratic principles. if you do not want elections, then maybe you can change the name, how can someone be in a “Resident’s” committee when the residents did not approve of him/her being there? might as well change the name to Appointed committee. RC members may or may not have real power, those who appoint them do have some power, any power carries risk of abuse, better transfer the power to the resident at large rather than to let it stay in the hands of a limited few.

        4) beyond a certain age, a MP’s energy will fade and his/her ability to serve the ppl will be diminished, that is a fact of life, rather than allow this person to become a burden to his/her parliamentary colleagues it’s better to let this person leave. alternative suggestion is, an Mp will have to demonstrate his/her ability to perform basic duties of a MP, if the parliament attendance rate is low and MPS attendance rate is also low, then this person cannot be allowed to stand for election. Nobody is should be entitled to a position of public office by virtue of past glories and popularity, including Mr Chiam.

        our constitution already disqualifies ppl from being an MP if he/she is incapacitated by blindness or other physical cause, my reasoning is the same, if you cannot even take care of yourself properly, u can’t take care of others. MP’s job is to serve the ppl, lets take this seriously.

        5) i am disappointed that you tried the straw-man argument yet again without seeking clarification. removing the peg does not mean lower pay, they can set any pay they want(higher or lower than now), just allow the government to declare any arbitrary number, if they can win election, it’s good enough, we pay them this amount.

        pegging to me is to try to look for a justification to do something, no justification required, there is no equivalent job in the private sector, any peg will be contested until face red red and a waste of time in parliament.

      • The Oracle


        I quoted Wikipedia but also pointed out you can search further – there is a lot of info available and it is not as opaque as Roy would have people believe.

        1) It is worth noting that the base rate for our ordinary and other CPF accounts follow a formula based on bank deposit rates and government bonds respectively – it is clear and published. The government has maintained CPF rates at 2.5% and 4% despite the fact the base rates are much lower – ensuring Singaporeans get a steady return that is better than inflation overall. Also, Minimum Sum linking to CPF rates is BS – they are not the same thing (one is a cost, the other is an investment return).

        2) Examples will be subjective: Clinton, Bush (Sr. and Jr.), Obama in America may all have been elected for a third term, accomplished more, and have taken a longer term view on the economy, etc. rather than trying to establish their “legacy” within 8 years. One thing Singapore has done well is long term planning.

        3) I really don’t care if RC is elected or not. No power = doesn’t really matter.

        4) We all know you are really referring to LKY so let’s call it what it is. You talk about democratic principles in your last point but then want to deny the electorate the right to decide who represents them. LKY can still run circles around Roy when it comes to critical reasoning and many other measures so who are you to decide what the cut-off criteria should be? The electorate can decide for itself.

        5) WHAT YOU ASK FOR ALREADY EXISTS! The WP can declare they will drastically cut MP pay if elected and the people can decide or not to elect them for this reason.

      • Deaf Frog's toothpick

        @The Oracle

        1) i must give credit to you that one thing you do excel at is regurgitating official literature, can you think deeper rather that parroting information? anyone can parrot information, what is your value-add to a conversation when u tell me something i already know n i can can read for free somewhere else?

        call it anything u like, minimum sum have to increase because savings cannot keep up with inflation(at this point if you are a thinking person, u will ask why savings cannot keep up with inflation, if u did not, then nobody can help u), to say that minimum sum is pegged to inflation is already being generous on my part, in fact it’s always adjusted upwards but when inflation rate falls it’s not adjusted downwards . more accurately, it’s pegged to inflation increases ONLY. (at this point if you are a thinking person, u will ask why – only)

        one of the objectives of the CPF is to secure retirement of the ppl, when minimum sum moves like a moving goalpost and interest rates stay the same, are we moving closer to the objective or further away?

        2) u did not answer my question, i am talking abt 20, u want to change my value to 8 – twice. u having problems with the english language?

        3) since u don’t care, why u making so much noise, just let me have my way.

        which reminds me of a joke, a relative of mine, when we ask him whether he prefers mutton or chicken for dinner, he’ll say he “don’t care”, when we serve chicken, he makes a lot of noise, when we serve mutton, he wants chicken.

        4) Mr Lee Kuan Yew just happens to be one of those who are affected by my suggestion, I don’t see what is so special about him to make myself craft a special rule specifically targeted at him, he’s just another politician.

        our constitution disqualifies ppl from being an MP if he/she is incapacitated by blindness or other physical cause, and there are other restrictions on who can or cannot stand for election, are you saying our constitution contradicts democratic principles?

        if you cannot even take care of yourself properly, u can’t take care of others. if u can’t perform basic duties of a MP, you can’t be an MP.

        Stephen Hawking can also run circles around Roy including some of our MPs in terms of critical reasoning, does it mean Stephen Hawking makes a better MP then them?

        as we can see, you have no argument.

        5) i said REMOVE peg, let them declare. WP can remove peg? come on, surely your english is not that bad?

        I’ll just add something else that i had already suggested before, set a minimum sum for the salary that political parties can declare, this will prevent opportunists from setting unrealistic salaries as an election gimmick.

        the minimum sum for salary of ministers shall be pegged to the average salary of all the current term MPs(excluding ministers), since ministers are selected from MPs, this is a reasonable base to draw reference from.

      • The Oracle

        I rest my case – your arguments above are getting more and more tenuous and clearly show that your entrenched position on many subjects is based on your anti-PAP mindset rather than objective thinking.

      • Deaf Frog's toothpick

        @ The Oracle

        in my bag I have a hatchet, and a very sharp one. you take me on, i take my hatchet, we meet in the cul-de-sac. that’s the way I had to survive in the past.

  14. The Power Of One To Change The World

    ““If I have learned anything in my time traveling the world, it is the power of hope.
    The power of one person—Washington, Lincoln, King, Mandela and even a young girl from Pakistan—Malala
    —one person can change the world by giving people hope.”
    Admiral McRaven

    • Beer Drinkers Against PAPigs

      Forward the above link to all your beer drinking friends and family who voted PAP.

    • The Oracle

      Are you willing to accept more people will die from liver failure, drink driving deaths, etc. Alcohol may be fun for some but it is a drug that has serious consequences for others. The tax on beer (and cigarettes) is not about stopping people having fun, it is about saving lives and the tax revenue pays for the consequences.

      • Why Not Ban Alcohol?

        @ The PMO’s Orifice … I mean Oracle
        First you overtax the beer drinkers on the beer.
        Then when the beer drinker seeks medical treatment … you again slap them with non-subsidized medical treatment.

        How does the PAP government help beer drinkers?
        As a beer drinker, how does it benefit me to vote PAP?

      • The Oracle

        Haha, nice logic trap!

        The government helps beer drinkers by discouraging them from drinking too much and ending up in hospital in the first place.

        If you really want to drink until you die then feel free to go to Vietnam – I’m not stopping you.

  15. BL@ACK

    Roy, I wish you will stop blogging about these issues at least until the court case is over. PM Lee & the SG Govt are not ones you play games with. You will never win and stop assuming that Singaporeans will pay everything for you. The court might even order the removal of your entire blog given your unrepentant arrogance and persistence. If there’s any truth in what you say, Low Thia Khiang & Sylvia Lim would have stood up for you. If you have nothing better to do, why not do some volunteer work instead…

  16. Pingback: Daily SG: 2 Jul 2014 | The Singapore Daily
  17. Chris

    90% of ur supporters r full of crap. The 10% r just advocating their own agenda while pushing u fwd to face the court.
    Then they’ll watch u entertain them with all ur charts, research findings (that even world classed economic/finance professors can’t figure out) and conspiracy theory in court.
    Wow, I’m sure looking fwd to it. R u? So, what’s Ravi and ur strategy? Cry, scream or hang yourself in court? Or u will show all ur blog’s information? Or u will present ur theory on how PM made off with ur cpf? Or u will wrap urself with explosive to go on to martyrdom? Protest in front of HLP on free speech before gg into court then show the judge that protest video on YouTube?
    Wow, so many different ways to go to court. Will u be praise to be the most innovative idiot in sg? Surpassing CSJ?
    The only question I have is, what do u think ur chance of winning is?

  18. Chris

    Btw, ur trial is becos u made allegations on PM. So, the court will be on the validity of ur allegations. Is that simple to understand? U did grad from Nus, right? Even my 5yo niece understands… U mean u can’t understand?
    Wow, how many yrs did u take to grad?
    So how? What r u gg to write tonight? Why dun I give u a topic?
    “My feelings before my trial. Why did PM take things so seriously? I’m just joking lah… “

    • landragon123

      Chris, if you are brave enough to talk about our sick and cancel PM do so now. Why care whether Roy takes how years in his UNI? You have a clever niece, so What?

      I have wrote that I AM better than Saint Lee Kuan Yew, why you did not challenge me? When we write facts and tell the truth and nothing but the TRUTH, who are we afraid of? LHL,TONY TAN, The Great Lawyer who is Foreign Minister who keep quiet when he was support to said something?

      These are what’s wrong with LNL cabinet, putting wrong people in the wrong ministry as LNL thinks all our Cabinets are Supper human being and can do anything there are in charge of. Sorry, many people in this world are mono intelligent not supper like LKY.

    • Chris

      I agree to ur statement:
      “When we write facts and tell the truth and nothing but the TRUTH, who are we afraid of?”
      If it’s the truth, then there’s nothing to fear.
      Do u understand what this trial is abt?
      So, Roy pls prove that u r right. We look fwd to the verdict. This is the first thing.
      Next, everything that Roy says here r not the entire truth. All these half truths r exposed over and over again. But he continues to repeat them. Thinking that by constantly repeating them here, will make them become “true”. Is that a behavior of a person with integrity?

      • landragon123

        The court is Government ran this time it is a little different as our Chief Justine is an Indian which was never had before. If I AM better than LKY, what if there is miracle happened when the PM lost his case or may not win and the court give a benefit of doubt to ROY?
        In our sick world when sick PM holds on to power when he is too weak to guild the cabinet, any thing can happened. When Singapore is a country or city our courts are renamed STATE court. This may be the reason, we never leaves Malaysia Officially as the crest still have the Lion & Tiger. Singapore is a LION whereas Malaya is a Tiger? So the Chief justice found this out and now renamed our court as STATE court as we are still part of MALAYSIA?

      • Chris

        Although u have written so much. I have no idea what u t saying.
        Did u go to the same school as Roy? Same class? Who’s the teacher?

  19. lee xian loon

    Hi Roy,

    We know that since the courts in s’pore are under control by pap, we can’t insist on winning court cases even if we have all the facts and reasons on our side.

    But we are behind you in this cause to stop pap Tyranny. If pm lee charges and fines you via his prostituted puppets that he manipulates, he charges and fines many Singaporeans who donated to your cause.

    Case in point: The court case in the classic “To Kill a Mocking Bird”

    • Chris

      Wow, did u deduced that on ur own?
      Do u know that sg is one of the less corrupted and most transparent countries in the world? U can google. Not fabricated by me. Let me know if u dun know how to google. Please go to the right websites though…
      Judging by wat u say here, u will mean any country not better than sg will be having a worse judiciary than sg. Effectively, u have wiped out say 98% of the world..
      Thus as per ur thinking. My thinking will be: “Well, since 98% of the world’s court listens to their govt. may I ask what’s the problem?”
      Unless, u r wrong in ur thinking. Which I highly suspect…
      Again, ur supporter has talked crap. Or is that u hidding behind another moniker???

      • The Oracle

        lxl is a dumbass. He just impugned the integrity of the judiciary which is a serious criminal offence.

    • Chris - Your Daughter's a Great Little Fark

      Did she learn from watching your maid farking your brains out at home?

  20. Chris

    Wow, do u know what it means by “birds of a feather flock together”?
    Looking at the standard of ur fans, it really tells a lot about u.
    Or is it the other way around. Becos, ur calibre only attracts such fans?
    Or, u and ur fans r the same person?
    I really can’t tell.

    • Chris - Your Daughter Wants To Try Anal With Me

      Just so you know.
      So don’t get surprised if you see funny looking stains on her bedsheets.

  21. Kisiao

    i heard that because roy is no longer working, he has started using the donation for his lawsuit to support his extravagant lifestyle and there is no more money left. Where is the transparency and accountability?

  22. Jack

    You want the Truth ?

    But You can’t handle the truth, Actor Jack Nicholson on “Few good men movie”
    Here the SG GOV online Q & A and MOF Q & A Websites. I found it interesting !

    Lets heard from the mouth of the Horse itself ,then You decides whether its justify, how it explained.

    Just Type at search Yahoo for, Gross Debt Net Debt .

    All the best

    • The Real Heart Truth ??

      The heart truth?
      PAP likes its immigrants rich and its citizens poor.
      – And these includes its PAP lapdogs

      • The Oracle

        That is a Heart Truth?
        Any proof to back up this statement?
        I don’t think so.
        Just another Roy wannabe spouting untruths as though they are facts.

      • Oracle's Sexy Wife Does A Spit Roast

        I organized it for her.
        A big black Indian foreign talent took her from the rear.
        While a white talent was in her mouth.
        Here’s a picture.


  23. landragon123

    Most of you writers here are just a frog in the well as you all have not seen the world except the SKY. How high is the SKY you ask all the times? Asking if I went to Roy’s school show that you only writes and never read what and does understand what I wrote. I AM telling you all our PM is sick and cancelled.
    Many things are told to you all that Singapore is sick like our PM only went to school to learn IQ which cannot be taught but learn by yourself as we are born 97% faith and only 3% is made. EQ can be taught to all who are willing to learn the art of living.
    Most believe to be rich will be happy and only dream of money only. That is why our sinned setup by our PM attracted so many visitors to the Casinos.

  24. Joseph Lee

    You guys are so boring… *yawn*

    Arguing over this dick-brainless-ungrateful-petty motherfucker? nah. boring… *yawn*

  25. Sandy Lisa

    @The Oracle

    Can you tell me where is my cpf monies invested into ? Whats the actual profit returns ?
    Can you tell me the actual cost for building my BTO ?
    Can you tell me why do i have to overpaid my PM/Ministers whoever inside that cabinet ?

    If you cant tell me the UGLY TRUTH ANSWER , then can you please STFU .

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