Hello everyone, my lawyer attended my pre-trial conference today. It was a short affair. Was done in just less than half an hour.

What happened was we were given the following timelines from the courts:

We were told to submit our Affidavit by 1 August. The prime minister will then submit his reply (if any) by 22 August.

An Affidavit is a written declaration or statement of facts, under oath.
We are to also file our written submissions (from both sides) of the evidence we have by 4 September and our subsequent replies to these on 11 September.

The hearing for the summary judgment will be held on 18 September. It will be a full-day hearing which will be held closed-door in the Chambers.

My lawyer, M Ravi, will fight to resist the summary judgment. We hope for a favourable outcome where we would be able to go on trial to defend my position. Please pray for us, and for Singapore, for the truth to be known.

A second Pre-trial Conference will be held on 26 September at 2.30pm.

Thank you to friends, old and new, who had turned up to support today even though you couldn’t enter the Chambers. (I couldn’t too!) I very much appreciate you and everyone for keeping watch on this and making sure that things are fine on my side.

I am doing well and am taking things positively. There is strength in knowing that you’ve done your best to speak for what is right, and in knowing that we are standing in solidarity together in this. Our fight for justice and truth will prevail.

I will continue to speak up for our CPF. By May this year, the government deleted all evidence that I’ve traced of how our CPF is invested in the GIC and Temasek Holdings from the government websites. But by June this year, the government suddenly did an about turn and finally admitted the truth – that our CPF is indeed invested in the GIC.

By May this year, the GIC still told us that they do not know if they use our CPF to invest. But by June this year, they also did an about turn and admitted the truth – that they do use our CPF to invest.

When you find out that the Board of Directors on the GIC are made up of the prime minister, deputy prime ministers and other ministers, or actually, the government, then you question – why was it the government never told us the truth that our CPF is invested in the GIC and still even told us that they don’t know about this all the way until May this year?

Why did they suddenly admit to the truth in June this year?

In June this year, the Temasek Holdings also claimed that they do not invest using our CPF. But does this mean that they used to? Indeed, a book by an ex-director of the Ministry of Finance exposed the truth – Temasek Holdings did use our CPF. Then when did they stop? Will they or the government tell us the truth?

The facts of the matter is that things are getting murkier and murkier. Over these past two months, many truths are finally revealed. The government is finally admitting to the truths. For a long time, we asked for answers and they never wanted to give them to us.

Finally, in June this year, we now know our CPF is invested in the GIC.

Finally, in July this year, the government revealed information for the first time which allows us to estimate that 85% of Singaporeans cannot even meet the CPF Minimum Sum in cash, and that we have to use 55% of our CPF Ordinary Account to pay for the HDB flats.

许文远也第一次揭露,政府控制建屋局建设施工进度和政府组屋的价格。从2008年到去年,每年土地的成本增加了18%,政府组屋的转售价每年长幅9.1%。但是, 我们的收入增长只有5.3%。
In Parliament, Khaw Boon Wan also revealed for the first time that the government controls the construction programme and they also control the prices of the HDB flats. From 2008 to last year, land costs grew by 18.2% every year and HDB resale flats grew by 9.1% every year, but our incomes grew by only 5.3%.

I hope you can see what’s terribly wrong by now. The government takes our CPF to invest in the GIC and Temasek Holdings and pays us low returns then makes us buy public flats with our own CPF, and charge a higher interest on it.

Since they give us low interests on our CPF, controls the prices of flats and make them high, then charge a higher interest to make us buy the flats with our CPF, if we are losing our CPF, then what is really going on here?

If the government indeed uses our CPF to invest in the GIC and Temasek Holdings, then how much exactly did they take, how much did they earn from us which they did not return? It’s time they return us our money now!

今天85% 的新加坡人无法达到最低存款额的要求。新加坡人是世界上人民没有足够的退休金退休的国家之一。许多新加坡人是无法退休的。他们必须去当临时工和清洁工人之类的低微工作。
Today, 85% of Singaporeans cannot meet the CPF Minimum Sum, Singaporeans have one of the least adequate retirement funds in the world and many Singaporeans cannot retire, and have to work in odd-jobs and as menial labour, as cleaners etc.

Singapore is the most expensive country in the world today. Yet Singaporeans earn one of the lowest wages among the developed countries and earn the lowest CPF interest rates in the world.

Something is not quite right, my friends. Something is very, very wrong.

Change needs to come to Singapore. It’s no longer enough for us to be angry and hope that things will change. Things will not change, unless we make change happen.

My friends, if we want to live in a fairer and more equal society where we will be protected and taken care of, then it’s time we do something about it. We know what we want – a society where our young and old can flourish, and where we can live happy lives, knowing that we are protected by our government.

If you realise now what the problem is, it’s time to be brave, it’s time to be strong. It’s take to have courage, take pride and stand up. For if we truly want to be free and protected, then for our rights and our freedom, it’s time we stand up and fight, together.

It’s time for us to join hands and make things happen. To make change happen, by being the change we want to see.

Thank you, my friends. I will continue to fight, and I will continue to fight with you, and you with me, in our own ways. Together, we will see this through, and see change come, for the better, for ourselves, our families and our children.

朋友们 ,团结起来,让我们共同努力实现改变。
Together, my friends. Let’s do it.



  1. may lin

    I agree. This is murkier than muddy waters. I hope somebody will come in and investigate what’s going on. It certainly doesn’t sound right that these SWFs are made private limited. Who are the shareholders of these companies? What if the companies lost our funds and declare bankrupt? Will we get back our CPF money?

  2. Happy Singaporean

    Didn’t Tharman Shanmugaratnam & Lee Swee Say assure Singaporeans that our CPFs are safe ?
    Can anyone cite ONE case where someone’s CPF went missing ?

    All of you sound like paranoid maniacs who’d rather listen to a pervert gay blogger trying to act like a lame hero rather than the ministers.

    • Head or Tail We Lose

      If it is so safe, why they need to store our RA in CPF life and make it into law to stop payment if insolvent? They cant even guarantee the monthly amount. Heads they win, tails we lose. This type of scheme who to subscribe if given a choice?

  3. Zadin

    Safe means everyone can get back their money at 55.
    Unsafe because drawdown age keep pushing back, means many people unable to get back their money when they need it for their retirement.

  4. The Oracle

    Lies, damned lies, and statistics. Roy, you just keep quoting half truths, not heart truths.

    Just one example: “From 2008 to last year, land costs grew by 18.2% every year and HDB resale flats grew by 9.1% every year, but our incomes grew by only 5.3%”
    1) HDB resale prices would have risen much more except for the rounds of cooling measures the government introduced – specifically designed to significantly reduce speculation and foreign buying.
    2) Asset price inflation is being driven by abnormally low interest rates which is a US solution to the credit crisis and to reflate their economy. The rest of the world has to deal with the fallout, not just Singapore. Blaming the Singapore government for this is like blaming them for the sun rising!
    3) You ONLY picked the part of the resale flats index that rose fastest – you deliberately ignored the earlier years when the index didn’t rise as quickly and also excluded this year when the index is actually dropping every month since February.
    4) The index is also likely to continue dropping through this year and next based on the cooling measures, the increased supply of new units, and the tighter rules regarding foreign workers (less rental demand => dropping rents => lower prices).

    I’m not denying property prices are too high – but neither is the government. It suits your purposes to keep drawing up conspiracy theories but try to be a bit less selective with the facts!

      • The Oracle

        Thanks for proving to any casual reader of this blog what kind of person supports Roy.

    • Mohammed

      I think you are an idiot. Can’t even differentiate what is a lie. What Roy wrote is fact + opinions. What you wrote is pure opinion without supporting facts. Who is the real lier? YOU! The fact that you are using the name Oracle suggest that you are trying to predict some truth which in itself is an outright deception. Very cunning person you are.

      • The Oracle

        Am I an idiot or very cunning? Make up your mind! Roy is very selective with his facts and I’ve proven this fact again and again. Roy’s blog really should be renamed The Half Truths!

        Roy clearly has political ambitions (fact: he already stated in a previous post that he applied to be a NMP). At the end of the day though, I believe the majority of Singaporeans are intelligent enough to see through Roy’s half truths. It doesn’t mean they will go vote PAP but hopefully they will question and examine the statements and promises of whoever they will vote for. As a nation we should be very careful who we select because making the wrong choice could be disastrous. Roy simply isn’t up to the mark in my opinion.

    • Deaf Frog's Toothpick

      @ The Oracle

      just a quick touch on point 2, low interest rate is a result of SG’s monetary policy, the policy choses not set the interest rates, not every country has made the same choice, so it’s not acceptable as an excuse.

      • jasmine

        Let’s not waste time debating this fella. He is here to throw mud only. Smart Singaporeans can see through his tactics of using deception and distortion to deceive the weak minds.

      • The Oracle

        Hahahahaha! That’s exactly what I think of Roy – he is throwing mud but smart Singaporeans can see through HIS tactics!

      • Deaf Frog's Toothpick

        @ jasmine

        our exchange rate-based policy gives up control over domestic interest rates, basically we inherit the low interest rates that our main trading partners are setting.

        if this is a tradeoff which has to be managed, the question is not whether any attempt has been made to manage it, but whether the attempts were effective.

        low interest rates & aggressive immigration cause property prices to raise, rising property prices seep into the cost structure and workers need higher wages so that they can afford to buy homes.

        when we have high cost structure as compare to our international competitors, it’s not our worker’s fault, we should stop demonising our workers and asking for unrealistic things like “cheaper faster better”.

        u know who wanted cheaper better faster?

      • The Oracle


        Singapore is a small open economy and doesn’t have the luxury of just going its own way when it comes to interest rate policy. If we followed a higher interest rate policy then, in simple terms, our currency would have appreciated massively while our economy would have crashed as we became uncompetitive. There would be a lot more screaming about lost jobs and economic mismanagement in that case.

        The biggest problem with using super-low interest rates to stimulate an economy as the Americans have been doing is that it leads to asset price inflation (most obviously rising property prices). If left unchecked, it will lead to the same bubbles that caused the 2008 credit crisis in the first place. The Americans can decide when to turn off the tap to try to prevent this in their economy but unfortunately that is later than many other economies need. Singapore’s answer therefore has been to increase supply (sell more sites and build more HDB apartments) and reduce demand (reduce foreigner inflow, reduce speculation with the property cooling measures, etc.).

        And yes, even though it is a different topic, I know who extolled “cheaper better faster” here. It has been deliberately misinterpreted by the opposition to mean “pay workers less and make them work harder” when that is not what Lim Swee Say said or meant. It is primarily about companies adopting better processes and NOT relying on cheap labour.

      • jasmine

        How can better processes be cheaper? He must have mean workers. The proof is in the pudding. The salary of cleaners never got higher than inflation for the past 10 years.

      • Deaf Frog's Toothpick

        @ The Oracle

        our exchange rate-based policy uses currency appreciation as an anti-inflation tool, in a doomsday scenario like the one you painstakingly conjured, the results would be the same.

        no need to keep pointing finger back at US, I am not saying monetary policy A is better than monetary policy B, i am just pointing out that u are selective with the facts by pretending that our monetary policy has nothing to do with the outcomes.

        to put it mildly, the remedy action you have cited merely says that what was done before needs to be remedied. which might explain why some of the “track record” boasting had disappeared.

        i happen to know the history of CBF very well, you are not the first one to attempt to reinterpret it, i must say your’s is a very creative interpretation. You attempt convinces me that you are willing to go to any extent to defend anything, which might include voting for a monkey wearing human clothes.

        Cheaper Better Faster is a trilemma in itself, only two out of the three objectives can be mutually consistent at any one time, lets not act dumb here, if u can defend “Cheaper Better Faster” why do u need to introduce: “adopting better processes and NOT relying on cheap labour” ?

        precisely because you cannot defend the original idea, you are introducing something else, then you pretend that you are defending the original idea.

        [adopting better processes and NOT relying on cheap labour] is not [cheaper better faster] it does not translate.

        ok, do your homework and come back again. great thing abt u is, you always finish the homework i assign to you.

      • Deaf Frog's Toothpick

        @ jasmine

        “better processes” is a red herring, don’t waste time on it.

      • Savant

        Agreed with Oracle.
        Roy puts out half-truths (which by the way, is a lie. Half-truths are not truths). His blog posts are peppered with it. Want another example?
        Go read the post on “How much money do you need to survive in Singapore?”
        – There, he made up an example of a person’s income, but conveniently did not factor in Employer’s contribution to CPF
        – There, he also made an example of a young couple buying HDB flat, but conveniently left out the part where both of them are co-paying for the flat. He “conveniently” only accounted for 1 party paying for it.

      • The Oracle

        Agreed – thanks for pointing out yet another and typical example of Roy’s numbers.

  5. Deaf Frog's Toothpick

    food for thought, is setting 6.9m population target a wise decision?

    if we start building infrastructure for 6.9m in advance, doesn’t it become a fulfilling prophecy?

    will it become a case where we hold ourselves to ransom to either allow more immigrants to come in or risk oversupply of infrastructure?

    when u are confronted with either

    1. u accept more immigrants
    2. prices of house go down and u go into negative equity.

    what will u choose?

    • Deaf Frog's Toothpick

      typo correction,

      if we start building infrastructure for 6.9m in advance, doesn’t it become a self-fulfilling prophecy?

  6. Alan

    Agreed with Jasmine! Smart Singaporeans can see through his tactics of using deception and distortion to deceive the weak minds especially when the flipper Roy speaks!

    Never been so true!

  7. jasmine

    Just like the PAP Oracle, SIA misleadingly claims that it does not fly over Ukraine. In actual fact, its plane was 25km away from MH17 when it got shot down. o O


    I hope PM will sue Roy’s ass off and make him a bankrupt and make him close down this blog. I don’t care, I’m still the top blogger and best blogger. No one can replace me. I’m the best the most awesome talented one, the beautiful plastic hottest blogger. SPONSORS pleaaase come to me. I need sponsorships badly. I will suck your cock for anything. Please send me all you best SPONSORSHIPs to my address… Blk 128 Lorong Ah Soo # 02-302. Eagerly waiting outside my door.

  9. Even A Cry Baby Can Be Prime Minister

    Does LKY look ready or willing to be Prime Minister?
    Source Video:

    It’s not really that difficult to manage a small country like Singapore
    – Just PAP propaganda to justify their high salaries and their membership recruitment from the civil service and the military
    – and to scare Silly-poreans to vote PAP.

  10. Keith

    Any updates regarding donations towards your court case? How about including expenditure as well? That way nobody can accuse you of not being open and transparent.

  11. GIC = great company

    GIC must be a fantastic awesome company with great management, a super team and wonderful sterling performance. No wonder everyone here is so envious and wants to share in GIC’s fabulous achievements.

  12. Roy

    The very fact that LKY promised us the full return of our CPF by age 55, but doesn’t materialise it, suggests some negativities in his integrity. No doubt that life expectancy is now longer, but wouldn’t him- an exceptionally wise and intelligent LSE-graduate PM not being able to foresee such a trajectory at that time before making the promise? And even with this lack of foresight, any honourable person should keep strong to his promises to earn his respect. Not withstanding this, even should the life expectancy increases, the benchmark age of 55 could be pushed backwards- a simple extrapolation of the original structure- instead of a complicated and confusing current structure attached with the many T&Cs that many ordinary, especially uneducated older folks not being able to fully comprehend.

    • Johnnie

      If plans are subjected to amendments, we would have a hard time keeping up to changes.

      Sure, you may get your full returns by age 55. But what happens if you live till 85? Are you going to whine more?

      • Alan

        Roy is a opportunist! He is riling the ignorance for his own gain without regards for any sensibility in the future.

        Probably he may not be around in the future. But the mess he creates will be feel by the people left behind!

  13. The Oracle

    I saw CPF was on the 9.30pm news today and Roy even got shown (briefly) asking a question. All the answers given seemed reasonable with the promise of further considered changes to come – I’d be interested to know what Roy has to say about this.

  14. Deaf Frog's Toothpick

    if the changes to CPF do take place, those clowns who not so long ago fanatically argued as if the current system is the gold standard in the entire history of human civilisation will pretend that it was their dog who was using their computer when they were not looking.

    then these clowns will change their position faster than a well paid prostitute.

    • Stop The Wayang

      @ DFT
      There is “no change in CPF policy.”
      We are just “communicating better” with these “tweaks”.
      It is a “measured and calibrated” response to feedback from Singaporeans.
      I think I’ll apply for a job as government spokeperson yah?

      Actually hor … no need all this drama lah.
      1. Return our CPF back to us at 55.
      2. Keep healthcare and housing affordable.
      3. Reduce defence spending.
      4. Eliminate white elephant projects.
      5. Close down GIC & Temasek.
      Buy Berkshire Hathaway shares and get Warren Buffet as our investment manager for free.

      6. If our CPF system is so good.
      Why not make it compulsory for all FTs to keep their money in CPF until 85 years old.
      If like that … even the real Swiss citizens will want to come to Singapore to enjoy our Swiss standard of living.

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