Lee Hsien Loong’s Reply to My Affidavit: Roy’s Affidavit is “Irrelevant” and “I Should Not Dignify the Defendant’s Abuse of the Process of this Court”

Lee Hsien Loong has replied to my affidavit.

He said that my affidavit “has not been properly filed and served”. He also said that “I have been advised by my solicitors and verily believe that many parts of (Roy Ngerng’s) 1st Affidavit are inadmissible, irrelevant and/or an abuse of the process of the Court because they deal with matters which are not relevant to the issues in this application for the determination of meaning and for summary judgment, … (and) are designed to advance (Roy Ngerng’s) political agenda, and contain legal arguments, which have no place in an affidavit.” Finally, he said, “I have also been advised by my solicitors and verily believe that I should not dignify (Roy Ngerng’s) abuse of the process of this Court by responding to matters which are inadmissible and irrelevant to the Application.”

You can read my affidavit here. In it, I had detailed the following evidence:

  1. The government has taken Singaporeans’ CPF to invest in the GIC since the 1980s but for at least the past 15 years, they have denied this. Lee Kuan Yew had denied this in 2001 and 2006 and Ng Eng Hen had denied this in 2007. It was only on 30 May 2014 this year that the government finally admitted to the truth.
  2. In two articles that I had written in 2012 and 2013, I had traced evidence on the government websites on how our CPF is taken to be invested in GIC and Temasek Holdings. However, the government later on deleted this information so that Singaporeans are unable to know that our CPF is borrowed into the reserves and managed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, GIC and Temasek Holdings.
  3. Temasek Holdings claim that they do not take our CPF to invest but I was able to trace that Temasek Holdings has taken our CPF to invest and Singaporeans still do not know if the interest earned by Temasek Holdings on our CPF was returned.
  4. Because of the government’s management of our CPF and the lack of transparency, today GIC and Temasek Holdings, on the strength of our CPF, are ranked the 8th and 10th richest sovereign wealth funds in the world but Singaporeans have one of the least adequate retirement funds in the world.
  5. The government and GIC claims that the government does not interfere in GIC but this is implausible as the government also sits on the Board of Directors of GIC. The Singapore prime minister Lee Hsien Loong, the two deputy prime ministers Teo Chee Hean and Tharman Shanmugaratnam, two ministers Lim Hng Kiang and Heng Swee Keat, and ex-minister Raymond Lim and the ex-prime minister Lee Kuan Yew are on the GIC’s Board of Directors.

You can read Lee Hsien Loong’s reply to my affidavit below:

Lee Hsien Loong’s Reply to Roy Ngerng’s Affidavit 21 August 2014


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  1. Tan Yan Ren

    the fact that the leaders in parliament had LIED!!!LIED!!! about their usage of our CPF funds makes them lIABLE FOR LEGAL actions from the AG chanbers i am sure because they had to make pledges before the Chief Justice before they take Office in Govt. AM I RIGHT??? Lawyers??? AG Chambers????

    • Jim

      Question is why Roy apologize and at the same time did not retract his apology in his defense. So how still innocent?

  2. Jesper

    這李家人的祖傳秘方就是告人民, 面子是做出來的,不是告出來的。 全世界都知道新加坡法院是李家的奶媽, 可憐的李小龍只有法院才是他最後一根稻草。

    1, 他首先要卸下总理的职务再回來控告人民,這樣法律才對等 。 李小龍利用人們赋予他的权力回來控告人民,是贪取职权便利的犯罪行为。

    2。CPF和GIC , 淡马锡控股的关系, 就是人民和李小龍的关系。 发起全面签名运动, 把他请下台以后,恐怖主義关系将會变成鱼儿离不开水的亲密关系。

    3。然后轮到到人民回來控告他, 剥夺Roy的工作,他侵犯了国民的谋生权, 他犯下侵犯罪。他没有建立工会保障失业者福来制度 , 他犯下渎职罪, 他挪用CPF未經主人同意, 他犯下欺詐罪。 他逼迫70,80岁老人去工作, 他犯下虐待公民罪。他没把淡馬錫控股的紅利还给人民, 他犯下贪得无厌罪。 他用职权影响法官每次判他赢, 他犯下涉嫌钱权交易收买罪。他從未做過一次淡馬錫控股國家財政報告, 他犯下替老婆庇护罪, 他不接受Roy 最初給他5000新幣並道歉的第一步, 他犯下新加坡總理荣获共计24次, 用纳税人的钱反过来控告人民次数最多的奥利匹克最大侮辱国记录大奖。

    他用自己老婆掌管国家财富的淡馬錫。他犯下家族涉嫌掠奪罪。他从未解决过一个具体民众的困难, 他犯下冷血玩弄執政罪,統統是他立刻, 現在非下台不可有力罪證。

  3. def

    I think Roy is either very stubborn or his lawyer is kenna sai.

    His original affidavit was just asking to be ignored. He forgot the irrefutable fact that he already admitted to defamation, so who can blame Davinder for ignoring Roy’s affidavit, which went out of point?

    • JayF

      No, his lawyer isn’t a bad one.

      Just one with political agenda. If playing the victim is your goal, go to M RAvi.

      If not getting found guilty is your goal,. go find someone else.

  4. meifen

    Since he ignore your addidavit, then similarly, I think you should also ignore his. Just let him kick up a fuss in court. He is a public figure. As a civil servant, he should know it is your every right to criticize his government. Especially when it has not been upfront and honest with the people on the issue of CPF. Disgraceful to have such a narrow-minded leader.

      • wtf

        deaf a bloody idiot talk like troubles stay away from u.. prepare popcorn & watch others on fire.. soon u yourself will on fire..
        ignorance idiot dont turn up court will teach yourself a lesson only.. warrant simply issue..

        if u have the intelligent u should know whichever move u make they will still checkmate

  5. TerryC

    @ DEF
    He is right.
    Roy had already admitted liability and offered a compensation.
    In law, that is all the Judge needs to ignore Roy’s Affidavit
    Roy needs to turn to social and international news media (forget the local news) and MAKE the Judge to cannot ignore the argument.
    This is the only excuse to have to act “”impartial””
    Delay this till after the Elections – let the Singapore electorate be the Judge

  6. Ivan Ho

    Hi Roy, they are trying to throw you off to go for summary judgement so as to avoid being cross-examined. Be rock steady! Don’t give in! Your points are all valid which has great repercussions on the CPF status that affects the state and call for transparency and accountability of the govt in question! It is not for LHL to decide! Let the court decides its relevance as this concerns the CPF – the nation’s mandatory savings!
    Take care! God bless you!

  7. RoyWanShui

    CLAIM TRIAL! He is all out to prevent you from opening up all the cans of worms in COURT! See all the trolls, they so scare kekeke

  8. Alan

    Anyway as much as all of u want to suck up to Pussy Roy, he’s screwed! So either he keep his mouth shut and ready to have plain white rice for meal for bankruptcy or he can have some fun listening to the suggestions of his clowns here to worsen it!

    Coke and popcorn ready for me! Getting comfy!

    • def

      @Alan, don’t give him wrong advise leh. Roy should not shut up. He should go into court ready to challenge all. And criticise LHL more.

      Roy, prepare long speech. Then post here ok? Talk about education lah, lack of jobs, minimum wage, etc. What the hell, talk about any f**k that the government is doing. They confirm wrong, and we sapport you!

      • Alan

        Give him a break lah! He’s going bankrupt soon!

        But I have my popcorn and beer all prepared…dilemma leh!

  9. Prime Minister Lee's crime summary

    It’s a weapon ancestral of Lee family. the world has been witnessed that Singapore Court is Lee’s a wet nurse. is Lee’s the last straw.

    Equality before the law ! That’s the best testimony in prior the death of Lee Kuan Yew ! Thus, it is great event !

    1. the first, must remove LHL as prime minister from office and then, He must use his own money just sue anyone as he likes. otherwise, he has committed of convenience to take powers crimes.

    2. Relationship between CPF owner with GIC & Temasek, is the relationship between people with Lee family . Singaporeans should initiate a comprehensive signature campaign and let Lee step down. only after Lee stepped down, Singapore government terrorist imaging will change into a new relation like fish needs water such intimacy relationship .

    3. Then, It’s people’s turn to sue him !
    the first, LHL deprived Roy’s job, he violated the right of citizens to earn a living, he committed the crime of Violation sin.

    The second, He did not come to establish trade unions to protect the unemployed welfare system in 50 years, he committed the crime of dereliction of duty,

    Third, he misappropriated CPF without owner consent, he committed scam sin.
    Fourth, he forced above 70 to 80 elderly still work , he committed the crime of abuse of citizens.
    Fifth, he did not put Temasek dividends back to the CPF owners , he committed the crime of greed.
    Sixth, he used powers to influence the judge sentenced him to win every time he committed the crime alleged bribe money trading.

    Seventh, he never done a Temasek state financial reports, he committed the crime for asylum his wife.
    Eighth, he didn’t accept the first step in Roy initially gave him 5000 SGD as apologize, He asked more huge money from an unemployed , he committed the crime of kidnap extortion .

    Ninth, he committed Singapore Prime Minister took taxpayers’ money, in turn,he broken the record as country leader sued his citizen , shamed his national, ranking number one in the World record.

    Tenth, he used his wife in charge of the national wealth Temasek. His family suspected of committing the crime of plunder.

    Eleventh, he led his wife to buy worthless of in Thailand’s Thaksin family’s telecommunications company , he committed treason refuge in foreign forces, the crime of betraying Singaporeans sin.

    He manipulated his wife become the state-assets owner, bought throughout the United States, he violated the wealth of the country , and our CPF moved to outside, careerist crime.

    He never solved the difficulties of a specific people, closed the Dialogue door with Roy, He vigorously extravagance, ignoring the sufferings of the people, he committed the crime of cold-blooded ruthless .

    • Alan

      One funny thing about all this Roy clown here is they like to talk big and cock without evidence and proof and they have nothing they can do about it!


      Feeling sad for you people!

      • Ming kit

        If citizens need to provide proof, then what is CPIB and CAD for? Only deal with peanut sex for grade case?

      • Alan

        @Ming Kit

        If every fart from you w/o proof have to be investigated then it’ll only be stinks only!

        Seem that you are farting again! Why don’t u use your brain instead of your ass?

      • Alan

        That’s why stop mixing with Roy! He’ll give you an upset stomach!

        But u don’t seem to have much of a brain too!

      • Ming kit

        Nah, my brain is only visible to intelligent human beings.
        You couldn’t detect it because you are an asshole.

    • Jackfruit

      if u have guts, say all these accusations in hong lim park..and have the guts to bear tge responsibility. .hahahahaga!

  10. AlanJiakSeow

    Alan, spare us your cock sucking BS & go suck your master’s CORK and please don’t forget to swallow k. POR LUM PAR…..MOH LUN YONG!

    • Alan

      Why should I spare fuckers like you when you can’t spare us your nonsense?

      You are really Cock head! Better keep sucking your Pussy Roy as he won’t be around long!

      Sept is few days away!

      • Is Alan Full Of Hate For Singaporeans ??

        I think I better vote Opposition to protect myself from such hate filled people.
        + I don’t know what he will do me when he becomes an elite.

      • Referendum On CPF

        What do you think General Elections are?
        General Elections are a referendum on the leadership and policies (including CPF) of a country.

        Will GE 2016 be our national referendum on CPF?
        What do you think?

      • Alan

        Nah…don’t overwhelmed me! Only you bastard stirring our country only please!

        I’m not that great a person!

  11. roy is our hero

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  12. 在线跟踪

    Alan你這只狗就是改不了吃屎 !为害人作孽敲锣打鼓, 你小心走路被雷电击死, 。

    我们全世界华人支持Roy,他李显龙不敢出庭, 希望Roy你一定要出庭,君子坦荡荡, 潇洒地陪李显龙走一段他颜面丢尽的见证。在华丽装饰下的法院房子里面,有些是被收买的鬼, 像黎嘉才(Lai Kew Chai)法官一样为李家出气,故意判错很多人, 因此黎法官早早地被鬼招去啦,因为他为李家违背司法正义,他是李家借刀杀人的一个替死鬼样板。

    李家每次控告,尤其对一个民愤极大的案列,李家都害到法官良心扭曲一次, 背叛道义的平衡。 每一个庭审,都是李家害人记录的黑档案。

    有谁能在这里告诉我们, 谁是这场世纪大戏的法官 ? 他们的联络方式 ?地址 ?为了及时传达人民的心声, 我们将全力以赴陪在Roy的身边。把民意送进新加坡法庭。

    这场戏拉开了李光耀走入坟墓, 李显龙倒台的序幕。新加坡人民站起来了,不止一个Roy, 10万个, 100万个Roy, 一直到见证他们一个死,一个把权力还给人民为止 !

    • Alan

      老子在这行得正,坐得稳! 不像你们这种不分黑白,助纣为虐,良心己经被狗吃掉的小人,迟早才会遭到天遣!

    • Alan

      Don’t have to. My mum and dad is very happy as she has taught me well. You however may not have a mum and dad to teach you that’s why you turn to an idiot and a bastard. You can’t even have a fix and proper name to start with like the others!

      I hope you could find them soon to give you a good lesson!

      • to Alan

        Alan, compare u & Roy , Roy is always upright image & forever in the annals , & you’r tiny reptile, you man spineless, your parents only taught you eat shit , you smelly body & halitosis… when LKY die, you have to be buried with him together la, show how you loyalty to his damnable dictatorship…Congratulations in advance ,the devil is getting old, soon the bastard dictatorship will be turned into a dust..

      • Alan

        You must have a very bad childhood when your parent teached u to eat shit! Poor boy! That’s why u uses different avatars to comment rather than using 1 name. U must be ashamed bout your parent.

        My parent taught me never to suck up to liar n be upright! You are so shameless without their guidance!

        Damn your parent!

  13. Roy has won

    Congratulations !
    Compare the Plaintiff 63 year old , He die first than everyone !
    the first Congratulations !!
    Roy has won! We firmly believe that this time PM lost badly, losing credibility, like a dandy, well known his notorious , bad deed.
    the second Congratulations !!!
    Roy has won the love of people around the World !
    Cheers !!!

  14. My Favourite Quote For Pigs

    “There’s a storm coming, Mr. Wayne. You and your friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits, you’re all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.”
    Selina Kyle/Catwoman.

  15. Power for people

    He took away our land, he deprive our work, he put our clothes stripped naked !

    nothing afraid for a penniless man !

    the most afraid man is LHL, the man have everything, is real fear,
    he doesn’t dare to face the young man who nakedly only left over a shell of himself. he is afraid to see Roy’s innocent bright eyes, he is afraid of his power suddenly gone naught, He is afraid of losing wealth’s deadline approaching, he is afraid of forcing people to rebel force, tooth for tooth, one day he or his family were arrested and shot.

  16. Anatomy Singapore court

    Why even PAP’s Ministers are also afraid of LKY. According to the analysis, Originally, under Lee Kuan Yew’s dictatorship of Singapore , never have justice, And Singapore court, is Lee family borrowed the name of ” Court ” to loot the wealth of the people, included bank account, saving, house , home , everything were looted by big slaughterhouse.

    According to records, the role of judges in Singapore, not only full wholeheartedly serve Lee family committed to persecute the people , but also for looted large amount, each sub-earned money of the people, meantime input variety inhuman physical and mental torture. In the hands of judges in Singapore, each hands are covered with murderous blood .
    No wonder, before the hearing one month ago,The answer is revealed in advance by PAP ‘s devil series.
    Unfortunately, Today the people deal with the looting robber, sadistic killer, here are many ways, in the most accurate of the times, Also take a murderous act !

    為什麼新加坡PAP的部長也害怕得要死。 据分析,原來在李光耀獨裁下的新加坡, 從來都没有司法正義,而新加坡法院, 是李光耀家族借法院的名義, 对人民进行大洗劫的一所屠宰场 .

    根据记录, 新加坡法官的作用, 不僅全力为李光耀家族迫害人民而效劳, 而且对人民的财富进行大洗劫, 对人民的身心进行惨无人道的摧残。在新加坡的法官手上, 每個都沾满杀人不眨眼的血迹。

    怪不得,PAP之徒在開庭之前一個月, 就提前替法官把答案揭曉。

    可惜,今天人民對付洗劫狂,虐待狂,殺人狂, 有很多辦法,在最精準的時代,也來個殺人不眨眼行動。

  17. kootuckee

    IF there are any idiots hereon, IS NOT ALAN, NOT THE ORACLE BUT THOSE who are still engaging them in conversation! these scumbag dogs need not attention and SADLY TO SAY, many comments here engaged them partaking of their bastardize voices to be heard and seen com’on guys leave these bastardize father mother fckers ‘alone’ AND LET THEM RANT here or jerk out here for they are born this way, their fore fathers did so and so is there future generations and generations, WHY FOR ALL CHRIST SAKE AND GOD SAKE, mix with these lowest creature ever to be evolved, right?!! and taint your own Good Spirit, dirty it and say, and play their game along…those comments in SUPPORT OF THIS BLOG AND ROY, you have better brain cells than THESE BASTARDIZE CREATURE SO, PLEASE HOR…if you want dignity … DO NOT MIX, TALK OR EVEN BE NEAR TO THESE PROSTITUES OF SINGAPORE AND EVEN SO…while their members of family keep legs open and let their Line Leader shaft bananas into every hole THERE AFTER REWARD THEM with some crumbs from the table with their sperm!

  18. Alan

    Tomorrow is Sept! Countdown to Pussy Roy demise is starting soon!

    He is going to waste your hard earned money! And he’s going to make Slime Ravi rich! All your $110k donation will be in the sewer!

    My heartache to all of you idiots!

  19. Deaf Frog's Toothpick


    LOL, cannot even figure out this simple thing still trying to laugh at other ppl.

    no wonder ppl say the spurs are not stuck into your hide and u r daft.

  20. Keith

    Hi Roy

    What’s the latest in regards to your funds especially since Han Hui Hui asked people to contribute a monthly sum of $5000 for your expenditure?

    A new update regarding any incoming donations and expenditures would be good as it been weeks since your last update.

    That way PAP supporters can’t accuse you of not being transparent in managing the donations by not disclosing any donations and expenditures.

    • Alan

      The money is warmly tuck in his pocket even though it was public funds supposedly for the trial! He didn’t even offer when a poor old man kenna jailed and fine because of supporting him.

      So you can tell how wonderful he’s as a dog!

      And there are retards donating to him! Pure suckers!

  21. kootuckee

    @keith, did han hui hui asked people to donate Roy $5000 per month OR $5000 for Roy per month from ALL PEOPLE? ie…meaning that Roy shall need ONLY $5000 per month for ‘surviving’ expenditures…
    about being ‘transparent’…crowd funding NEED NO ‘exposure’ nor the so call ‘transparency and if there is a need, SURELY IT SHOULD BE GLC, GIC AND TEMASEK INSTEAD!!
    to show all cards on the table on poker game with LHL is indeed stupid…frankly, crowd funding if any now should be done in ‘secrecy’ and since when crowd funding needs to be REPORTED!?

    • Alan

      Better give the hood to you so that no one can recognise you, the Great Roy’s Ass Licker! What a shameless bastard you are!

      He’s getting public money so why can’t the public questioned him on how he spend? Please!

      What so special about him? Just because you suck him?

      • Feline

        As a voluntary public donor, I do not need Roy to report to me what he do with his money. He can use it for any purpose because it is a donation with no strings attached. But to the CPF board, I need to know exactly how you handle my money because the money is still my money. So, to Lee Hsien Loong, listen up, we hold you accountable. Don’t ever lie to us.

      • Alan

        Wow! Sound really feline huh!

        Don’t pretend to talk like u are the only one donating! There are others to donating too! And whether they agreed or not is a different story!

        As for Cpf, the majority collectively endorse LHL for whatever decision he made as we majority voted for him!

        Not happy u can go and scream in HLP if we ever care!

      • Feline

        It is obvious that you never donate a single cent. That’s why you don’t know the spirit of donation.

      • Alan

        Spirit of donation is to share your money with well deserved people and community that groom and nurture u.

        This Bitch screwed his own life upside down n wanted the public to pick up his tab. Stirring the community with his one sided lies! Everything is about him and himself only.

        But I guess u are as screwed with a screwed logic too!

        I’ll rather throw all my money down the sewer than to benefit him and his dogs…n cats!

  22. Your PM humiliated his own.

    Even he bring the lawsuit went to hell, even he dug out the heart of the young guy, even he looted out all money, in the end, his folly drew on his disgrace.

    He humiliated his own.
    Similarly all are Singaporeans, he got ten million fortune, but the people got a zero, he became an insatiable greedy leader, He let the people see this old head are shameless.

    So, even if he won in September, His humanity was lost forever!
    Look, This time he seemed to take part in a game of Olympic disgrace, And he drank an hormone before the game starting, of course, he foul..

    This winner of the worldwide disgrace head that depends on drinking hormone in the competition, He won the championship on disgrace project. Oh, He lived what does that mean?

    The same things happened in South Korea or Japan, this 63-year-old PM had been already committed suicide as an apology, he has to !

    即便把官司打到地獄, 即便把年輕人的心脏挖了,即便再趁机把人家的钱洗劫光光, 他的臉也找不回啦 !
    怎么找呢 ? 同样是新加坡人,自己拿千万财富,给人家吃零蛋,为了贪得无厌的霸占, 让新加坡人看到这张老脸都不要啦,找不回啦 !

    所以,即便他赢了9月,他永远输了脸皮 ! 你看嘛, 这一次他好像参加一场奥林匹克丢脸比赛, 双方不都在同一个起跑线上, 而且他比赛前喝了激素, 当然喝激素的人犯规了。这种靠喝激素赢得全球首长的丢脸比赛, 他拿到丢脸比赛冠军,哎哟, 他活着还有意思吗 ? 同样的事情, 曾经发生在韩国或日本,这个63岁的首长早就自杀谢罪啦 !

    • Alan

      Regardless whatever shit u posted and how much u glorified this Pussy Roy his fate is sealed. He screwed himself and in no way he can redeemed whatever he had done with all other shit he posted. Do u think we’ll as the majority fxxking care?

      For someone who’s all out to stir the nation for his own gain deserve no sympathy from us.

      Personally, I hope he suffer hard to repay the damages he has done to us and the country!

      He deserves every bit of it!

      • Mr. Goh

        Roy damaged the greedy appetite, good job ! For someone who try depriving the first World country citizens livelihood for his own gain deserve no worth the representatives of us.

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  24. teoenming

    Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong Want Teo En Ming Dead

    Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong want Teo En Ming dead. Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong want Teo En Ming to die young. I am only 36 years old. I do not want to die young. I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!!

    Teo En Ming has filed an official complaint against the Singapore Government at the United Nations Human Rights Council Branch and the International Criminal Court. Read the letter here:


    Teo En Ming’s Open Letter (Plea for Medical Help/Assistance) to World Leaders dated 27 Aug 2010. Read the letter here:


    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    Republic of Singapore

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  26. Pingback: The Singapore Prime Minister Takes Issue with 9 More of My Blog Articles to Pay His Lawyers $50,000 | The Heart Truths

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