[Video] Roy Ngerng’s Candlelight Vigil: Singaporeans Coming Together and Standing Up for Ourselves

Some Singaporeans held a candlelight vigil for me on Wednesday night. You can watch a short video of the vigil and a short speech I made at the vigil.

Thank you, my friends and Singaporeans for making this vigil happen.

I had posted this thank you message on my Facebook:

Hello everyone, thank you for coming to the Candlelight Vigil tonight.

It was a beautiful event. I was very touched by everyone who came and who added your special touch to the event, by bringing your own homemade candle decorations, and most importantly, just by being there.

What made me most happy was how everyone just came together and decided to do what we felt was right. Some of us sang songs, gave short speeches, said prayers and affirmed one another. It was unplanned but it felt so real.

It felt like we were truly part of a village where we came together, and made the event came to life magically.

Thank you to Patrick Low and Soh Lung Teo for organising the vigil, for letting us have this opportunity to come together, and share in tonight’s simple but meaningful event.

You know, in the eventuality, it’s just being there, taking a stand for ourselves and for one another that made this event so special.

The vigil might be held for me, but it’s more than that. It’s about our coming together, our being there, taking a stand and deciding that for our rights, we will stand up and we will speak up.

And most importantly, it is about us coming out with ideas, feeling a sense of togetherness, feeling that we have a voice and that we can do what we believe in and make things happen.

That to me, is what today was about and most beautiful. Our coming together and bringing our spirit back again.

Thank you, my friends. Thank you, Singaporeans. Onward, Singapore.

Photos taken by Tan Yunyou:

Candlelight Vigil for Roy Ngerng Photo 1

Candlelight Vigil for Roy Ngerng Photo 2

Candlelight Vigil for Roy Ngerng Photo 3

Candlelight Vigil for Roy Ngerng Photo 4

Candlelight Vigil for Roy Ngerng Photo 5

Candlelight Vigil for Roy Ngerng Photo 6

Candlelight Vigil for Roy Ngerng Photo 7

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  1. Why mother cry

    Why do human cry?
    A new reading of the old sob story
    We all cry, but what biological function does it serve, and why are humans the only species to shed tears of sorrow and joy ?

    a clear visual signal in other words that someone is in pain or danger and needs help.
    “Tears are highly symbolic,” especially during childhood when humans are at their most vulnerable.”

    tears are mother to the emotion rather than the other way round. As the pious tears shed by monks in contemplation of God attest, we can also shed tears for distant . What counts, is the feeling that our helplessness is being acknowledged.

  2. Archie

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    Above one-column, notice to frog that
    Similar Singapore Prime Minister’s libel case, not suited to a place outside Singapore.

    Singapore ‘s frog can look at this movie:
    Hitler – The Rise of Evil (Full Film)
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  3. viewer

    诽谤案成立, 还是不成立,要看下面3个事实:

    1。 李光耀,李显龙到底有没有挪用公积金,作为淡马锡控股的本钱去投资 ?

    2。 淡马锡老板到是不是李显龙的老婆 ?李光耀的儿媳妇, 一个政党主席的老婆,凭什么排名世界第一有钱女人 ? 她的钱是不是来自公积金的口袋 ?

    3。 过去50年, 李光耀有没有做过一次国家财政报告 ?过去10年, 李显龙有没有做过一次国家财政报告 ?什么是财政报告 ?是国家执政者每年一次向国人报告,钱去哪里了 ? 怎么花掉了, 花在哪里了 ?

    --根据以上3点重要事实,如果李氏家族没有挪用公积金,作为淡马锡控股的本钱去投资 ?淡马锡老板到也不是李显龙的老婆, 何晶的钱与公积金无关, 过去50年李氏父子每年都有向国人做财政报告。

    这样,诽谤案成立, 全体国人无话说。

    反之, 诽谤案不但不成立, 而是贼喊做贼,猪八戒倒打一耙, 欺人太甚。

    Libel case established or not established, depending on the following three facts:

    1. Lee Kuan Yew & Lee Hsien Loong , in the end did they divert people’s CPF into Temasek’s capital for invest ?

    2. Temasek’s boss is Lee Hsien Loong’s wife or not ?
    being a political party leader’s wife, for what, she is ranking first wealthy woman in the World ? is that her money is not related with people’s CPF ?

    3. Over the past 50 years, whether Lee Kuan Yew did once national financial reporting?

    and over the past 10 years, whether Lee has not done a national financial reporting?

    What is the financial report?

    State rulers report annually to the people, where the money gone? How spent, spent where?

    – Based on the above 3 important facts, if the Lee family did not misappropriate funds, as Temasek’s capital to invest? Temasek is not a boss to Lee Hsien Loong’s wife, Ho Ching’s money has nothing related with the fund of CPF.

    also, over the past 50 years, Lee and his son have made ​​financial report annually to the people every year.

    based on above, This libel was established.

    if not ,
    definately , the libel case not be established.
    And, It is a case of a thief crying ‘stop thief “. we can see that , it put the blame on one’s victim, That’s going too far, drive people to the wall.

    from the case, we understood that how Singaporeans live without sense of security.

  4. ken

    You expect your CPF to be stuffed in a freaking mattress and still make the 2.5 and 4% for you? Are you a special kind of stupid? Dumb asses

  5. Audit Temasek !

    有人要全民把钱存放入“公积金” ,至少30年之内不能动。

    在不能动的期间, 有人从“公积金”里提款,为他儿子与儿媳的私人公司做启动资金 。
    这是一种什么行为 ?这种行为侵犯了全体公积金业主的利益, 得罪了人民。

    还有脸麻烦法官吗 ?

    阅读诽谤案来龙去脉,不但李显龙的一只腿越来越蹩脚,就是世界上的大法官, 全部加起来, 一起扶他一只腿, 帮他站起来,在众目睽睽下, 全过程苍白无力,谁都不忍心对提供线索的, 有一个天生的悟性年轻小伙下狠手。

    Facts have been put on the table:
    Someone want Singaporeans put their 36% money into “CPF” account, at least 30 years can not withdraw.

    But, During the account is frozen period,
    someone withdrawals a sum of money , into a private company.
    And, the private company boss is his daughter-in-law .

    What kind of the behavior?
    This behavior violated the interests of all CPF owners, offended the people.

    we wonder if PM Lee has the cheek to see judge ?
    if he dare show his face to ask an apology ?

    Read the whole story of the background .
    PM Lee was more like a lame man. lamely.

    Even all the judges in the world together helped him a leg, to help him stand up, But the whole process, under the watchful eyes, but still is extraordinarily feeble, lacking physical strength,

    at such moment , no one be willing to use the ruthless hand towards this natural aptitude young guy.

  6. Audit Temasek !

    母亲们不忍心, 孩子们不愿意,女人们害怕。男人们悲哀, 老人家无奈,连狗都静悄悄, 历经过恐怖岁月的人。

    悲伤的夜晚, 一颗星星格外的明亮,穷人有穷人的活法, 穷人有穷人的宝贝。


    未经磨砺的富家儿子, 被送去留学, 回来接班做总理,
    我们的穷孩子, 有哪一个班可以接呢 ?


    新加坡大司法还会犹豫不决吗 ?

    新加坡司法的依据是什么 ?
    依据他是谁吗 ?他有权吗 ?他是谁的儿子吗 ? 他的钱最大吗 ?他曾害人有办法吗 ?因为他每次都获得告人第一名吗 ?

    蔑视并低估人民的智慧,把人民呼叫为“狗”,loser等等, 都是自侮行为,必然被文明进步的时代淘汰。

    Mothers would not bear. Children are unwilling,
    Women are afraid. Men are sorrow.
    Elderly are helpless, Even the dogs are quiet.
    People underwent the the horror calendar years by years

    In that sad night, there was an exceptionally bright star,
    Poor people have poor ways to live,
    Poor have their own treasure & sweethearts.

    Thank Lee Kuan Yew’s paying audience, giving us the opportunity to re-recognize Singapore.

    A wealthy son without sharpening , sent to abroad study , used taxes payer’s Money and come back, taken over that top large money’s job — Prime Minister

    in the other side,
    A poor family’s son, no chance, no thinking, no sense of security . surely take over the jobless, penniless ?

    if Ong Teng Cheong’s son took away CPF
    if Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam’s son divert the CPF
    if PAP’s Teo Chee Hean’s wife occupied CPF, and therfore ranking the first richest lady in the earth,

    Will Great Singapore judiciary be so hesitate ?
    What is the basis of the Singapore judiciary ?

    Based on who he is? Based on how powerful ? Based on he is someone’s son ?
    Based on his had the large sum of money ? Based on he had an variety of ways to harm opponents ?
    Based on he always won first prize ?

    Contempt or underestimate the wisdom of the people, respond people are the “dogs”, loser etc. all are the behavior of PAP’s self-humiliation , Necessarily be eliminated era of civilization and progress.

  7. The Hidden Truth

    Read Macchiavelli: A Dissection by Anglo Sydney. It explains the reality in Singapore clearly. The bit about political reality, political morality and the morality of the masses and how are they to be manipulated. Be careful with the knowledge.

  8. 李显龙是笼子里养大的一只鸟




    他在回答咨询公司麦肯锡(McKinsey)亚洲主席史尼德(Kevin Sneader)关于亚洲领导人应如何解决收入不均的问题时提醒说:“如果你寻求的是理论性的方案,你可能会认为我们应该实行全球财产税(global wealth tax)或全球所得税(global income tax),或甚至不允许人们累积巨额财富,但我不觉得这些会发生,也不觉得这么做能让大家满意。”

    法国经济学家皮凯蒂(Thomas Piketty)今年面世的著作《21世纪的资本论》风靡全球,书里头其中一项建议就是要推行全球财产税,以解决贫富差距问题。然而,李总理不认同这个做法,并且也认为贫富差距问题成为当下“时髦的话题”,一定程度上也因皮凯蒂这本畅销书。(本报记者:黄伟曼)

    ———————————– ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1。 李显龙是笼子里养大的一只鸟, 根本不是人。他讲的话,没有一句是食人间烟火的, 不是人说的话。他不是一个有器官的人。 他是谁家养的鸟 ?

    2。 尽管乌云密布,秋叶飘落,仿佛都与这只名贵的金丝鸟无关,他只管自己昂头歌唱, 歌声微带颤音,叫声远不如雌鸟动听。玩鸟者大多听不懂他的鸟语, 因为最名贵,所以最无法听懂。

    3。 据知,养育这只金丝鸟的代价, 是每分钟人类的7600倍。他产地名贵,数量相当稀少,居住筑巢于人间隔绝,只要越昂贵的地方就有他的活动范围。

    4。金丝鸟的饲养费很高。 养鸟者认为, 新加坡人越来越养不起这只名贵金丝鸟。经过近几年的实验表明:在温饱达不到40%的情况下。 不适合圈养这类名贵的金丝鸟。

    5。 金丝鸟的食物很复杂, 供养他的代价, 每天要超过人类7600倍的蛋白质、碳水化合物、脂肪、维生素、矿物质等 , 要单独供给。这些营养成分在饲料中以每天牺牲 7600个人命为代价。

    6。 他听不懂人语, 人类也听不懂他的鸟语。 人类不想饿着肚子听这一只金丝鸟独自地蹲在树枝唱鸟语. 打算杀掉他, 或者把他关在其他鸟类的笼子里,没有人听他唱歌,原来昂贵的鸟都是养鸟人叫喊出来的, 根本分文不值。

  9. 李光耀和李显龙家族统治对新加坡作为一个国家的10大危害

    李光耀和李显龙, 长期的家族统治对新加坡作为一个国家的10大危害:

    1。 从生理周期看, 长达半个世纪的家族统治,到达智商疲劳的极限, 无法新陈代谢, 阻挡进步的绊脚石。成长在愚民社会的人, 被逐步灭亡。

    2。 从家族利益看,半个世纪的时间足可以把国家的一切变相为, 自己自己家族的私有制财产。国家机器和财富被理所当然地被一个家族掌控,公然掠夺变成合法化。 整个新加坡人的CPF储蓄被一个家族霸占,其数额的巨大,给新加坡未来埋下战争的契机。

    3。 从财富数字看,大大超过英国以及各大皇室,从权利掌控看,不是皇室,而是皇室的上帝,要搞死几条人命,易如反掌, 希特勒的集中营在新加坡的再现。

    4。 从社会层面看,从婴孩出世开始,被教育自杀,破产,低头, 人心惶惶,一代奴役, 没完没了, 人民没有平安的人生。 今天有家,不等于明天还有家。

    凡是李光耀家族不喜欢的人, 一辈子回不了家,见不到母亲, 精神被虐待, 一代又一代, 只为了取悦一个家族。 宁可装傻子,迎合李氏家族的每一个排名第一世界。

    5。 从法律角度看,法官们也有不做法官的儿子和孙子,以后他们的儿子和孙子们的家园是否稳定, 取决于李氏家族的一个脸色。 看脸色, 讨生活 -- 不是一个国家的法律, 它害国害民。

    如果今日阻碍潮流, 就是断绝自己孙子的未来

    6。 从教育层面看,为金钱开门,造花园。为文明关门, 建地狱。一个拿着天价的金丝鸟,要求喂鸟人每天不必进食, 习惯性吃人的逻辑在新加坡不被愤怒, 并以鼓掌取代, 习以为常 。

    7。 从人民利益看,没有利益。 每家的CPF储蓄,被强迫拿出来贡献李氏家族, 建F1搞炫耀, 劳民伤财。 95%的华族女人们从生到死,未曾恋爱结婚, 80%的男人们结不起婚。99%的老人们不长寿。 李家要人民自消自灭, 断子绝孙 。

    8。 从发展学看,凡是有钱人,都拿来做新移民,这样,历史见证者断层, 淡马锡控股与CPF的关系, 永远没人知晓。 偷梁换柱,移花接木,变戏法使得原本一个行动党的小眼睛,摇身一变, 世界级顶尖大亨的家族。新加坡历史被改写, 把一个小鼻子小眼睛的丑男子, 变成一个巨款银行家的魔术大师。

    9。 从文明角度看,不断惹怒了地球人, 放下餐桌上的刀叉,打开通向新加坡的网络,收寻李显龙的好处, 几乎根本找不到。文明绝种, 贪得无厌合法,假象蒙骗了世界。

    10。 把洗钱写入宪法方面看, 危害深远极大, 把人民的CPF钱, 洗一洗,变成既是李家族的钱,李光耀豁出去了,命令写入宪法, 后代不要再问我们啦,宪法是我们李家洗钱的美白霜。


    李氏家族把洗钱写入宪法,即视国人的无知,禁止国人获知,没收公民权利, 偷偷地,把人民的公积金的钱, 拿到李家口袋,大胆地公然羞辱“宪法”二字, 把他本家族的洗钱偷钱活动写入宪法。

    影响力大到要孩子们学骗, 年轻人学赌, 争抢做坏事的本事。宪法是李家把人民的CPF骗入口袋大骗法。



    从政者, 不再为累积财富而引人注目。


    Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong,the Singapore’s long-ruling family ‘s 10 key hazards:

    1. From the physiological cycle, up to half a century of family rule, reached the limit IQ fatigue, unable metabolism, blocking the progress of society . people grew up in the foolish community, was gradually destroyed.

    2. From Lee family interests, the much enough of half-century time put all the country ‘s asset as their private ownership , All State machines and wealth is controlled by Lee family for granted.

    The amount is huge, potentially planted the war opportunity towards Singapore next generation.

    3. From the wealth figures, much higher than the UK royal family, Lee’s power are abused, was exceed the above of national ‘s interests . He thought he was God. therefore, He killed people more easier than prohibitively.

    Hitler’s concentration camps reproduction in Singapore.

    4. From the social perspective, from the beginning of the infant born, was educated no enough food, misfortune , hopeless, Courts, lawsuit, helpless, suicide, bankruptcy, panicky , generations of slavery, endless hardship, never have a peace . invisible war. people’s home, tomorrow is gone .

    but Lee family are very hard to please.
    Lee Kuan Yew want those different views people to exile, Lifetime are not allowed to return to their homes, Are not allowed to visit their mother and child, many spirit was brutally abused.

    Lee Shaping People become fool,to cater his every rank first in the world .

    So the longer time Lee family rules , the more fool and suicide.

    5. From a legal perspective, the judges also have children or grandchildren, they maybe not become the next judge, who will secure their son and grandchildren ‘s life stable ?

    our next generation’s fate depending on Lee family’s face color ?
    since Lee bought all newspapers and TV here.

    we must see Lee’s face to make a living ?
    that is not a law of the country, which harm the country harm the people.

    6. From the educational perspective, dwarfing the ordinary . Elevation wealth, Open the door for money, not for people,
    building garden for money, not for people. lock up civilization for Lee family benefits , built hell for people . Lee used to frighten the people said outside world was even worse than Singapore.

    not only so, Lee’s habits is vampire, he thought he was an extremely expensive Canary, asking people not have to eat every day, just please him,

    Lee’s eating human logic that Singaporeans have even not right to angry, whoever is angry, who was sent to prison.

    Instead, He wants people to applaud his man-eating action, this is current Singapore.

    7. From the view of the people’s interests , there is no benefit for Singaporeans. Each of CPF savings, being forced put into the Lee family’s account.

    therefore, money not for use in people’s rice, but for show off,
    favor Lee family’s private garden .

    built F1, national parade and so on, waste resources.
    95% Chinese ethnic women from birth to death, never dating , never in love , never marriage.

    85% of men can not afford marriage.

    99% older people are live shortly.
    Lee family designed the people of Singaporeans self-destructive

    8. from the views of development can see, Who the rich who are new immigrants, the benefit that new comer did not know that history of Temasek and CPF.

    A small eyes man Lee Kuan Yew, Perpetrating a fraud, deceitful, making the original conjure, suddenly, the man’s become of world-class top tycoon.

    Singapore’s history were rewritten by an very small nose and an very small eyes, an very ugly man.

    he become a great magician. became an huge sum of money’s magician for his own grandchildren.

    9. From the point of civilization, He constantly angered the people on the earth, he created a disturbance. People are from the World wide each places, Put down the knife and fork on the table, open the network access to Singapore , searching for the benefits of Lee Hsien Loong, almost impossible to find.
    He shown us that , Extinct civilization, Insatiable greed and deceived the world.

    10. The money laundering perspective into the Constitution, reaching great harm to people’s CPF owner.

    Lee family has been laundering into their family’s profit.
    Lee Kuan Yew fight it, he command written into the Constitution, assure that there is no offspring do ask.

    our friends, Since when , our Constitution had become Lee laundering money’s whitening cream.

    “Constitution” was originally the part of the democratic system of law, which defines the powers and duties of the government and other civil rights and obligations of citizens .

    Lee family hijack the constitution for his money laundering, he thought the people of Singapore are ignorance, only he studied In overseas. So , he ban people to be informed, he forfeiture of civil rights of Singaporeans.

    Secretly, he divert the CPF fund into the pockets of his family.
    he boldly openly humiliate “the Constitution” word,
    he stole people’s money, laundering activities , he wantonly raped the constitution.

    This is a family at the long-ruling hazards

    Large enough influence the children learn to lie,
    young people learn gambling,
    fighting for the ability to do bad things. cheating, dishonestly.

    thus, He put the constitution as the cheating CPF Act ‘s law.

    hopes Singaporeans to unite together whatever the situation could be, change it, to elect a new prime minister on behalf of the people’s interests as soon as possible.

    Politicians, no longer must not allow to accumulate wealth for show off or compelling.

  11. teoenming

    Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong Want Teo En Ming Dead

    Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong want Teo En Ming dead. Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong want Teo En Ming to die young. I am only 36 years old. I do not want to die young. I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!!

    Teo En Ming has filed an official complaint against the Singapore Government at the United Nations Human Rights Council Branch and the International Criminal Court. Read the letter here:


    Teo En Ming’s Open Letter (Plea for Medical Help/Assistance) to World Leaders dated 27 Aug 2010. Read the letter here:


    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    Republic of Singapore

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