Poor Singaporeans Have to Work for 272 Years to Earn What the Singapore Prime Minister Earns in One Year

Do you know that even though the Singapore prime minister is paid $2.2 million, he is able to earn a lot more than that?

According to the Public Service Division, the total annual salaries for ministers at MR4 “comprise(s) fixed pay and a variable pay of 1 month Annual Variable Component, 3 months Performance Bonus and 3 months National Bonus“, or a total of 19 months worth of pay that he is entitled to. (Most Singaporeans don’t even see 14 months.) The breakdown of the prime minister’s salary is similar assumed, unless the government would like to otherwise explain.

But do you know that the prime minister is able to earn up to 26.5 months of pay?

This is what he gets to earn:

  • 12-month pay
  • 13th month bonus
  • Up to 1.5 months Annual Variable Component
  • Up to 12 months national bonus


But note that “In years of exceptional economic performance, a one-off Special Variable Payment can also be made,” which in theory means there are no limits to how much the prime minister and ministers get to earn – there are sky-high limits to their salaries!

How many ordinary Singaporeans get to earn more than another year’s worth of pay? And which ordinary Singaporean gets to have an unlimited “Special Variable Payment” built into our pay which allows our wages to multiply? Sure, some bankers do. But are ministers bankers? Should they profit from the money of Singaporeans? These are hard-earned tax-payers’ money and CPF monies – and as a government, the first priority should always be to redistribute the money back to Singaporeans for our livelihoods and not to their own salaries.

But if the PAP sees it fit to operate themselves as bankers, then they are in the wrong job or they have the wrong priorities and the PAP is sorely what Singapore does not need.

The Singapore Prime Minister Gets to Earn More than $3 Million Every Year and Another $192,500 in MP Allowance

Anyway – thus if the prime minister is able to earn all of the 26.5 months of his pay, he would actually be earning $3,068,421!

But note that “the Prime Minister, Speaker, Deputy Speaker and political appointment holders will also receive Member of Parliament allowances as they have the dual roles of being MPs”. The MP annual allowance is $192,500, which means that the prime minister can potentially earn $3,260,921 (not yet including the Special Variable Payment).


Of course, if you include the Special Variable Payment, which has no stated limits, it is possible that the prime minister can even earn $4 million or $5 million or even more!

The Singapore Prime Minister Could Be the Among One of the Top 50 Richest CEOs in Singapore

Now, when you put the $3,260,921 million that the prime minister is able fully earn, this would easily put him as one of the top 40 or 50 highest paid CEOs in Singapore!

Take a look at how much the top 30 highest paid CEOs in Singapore are paid.

Remuneration disclosures of top 30 corporate chiefs-page-001

According to the government, the $2.2 million that the Singapore prime minister earns today is a “28% discount” that Singaporeans are getting.

However, when you look at the full amount of $3,260,921 that the prime minister can potentially earn today (not yet including the Special Variable Payment), this is actually more than what the prime minister was getting during the last salary adjustment in 2007!

In 2007, the prime minister could earn $3,091,200.

In 2008, this rose to $3,870,000.

In 2011, SDP calculated that the prime minister would have earned $4.23 million.


This would have put the Singapore prime minister firmly within the ranks of the top 30 highest paid CEOs in Singapore!

Singaporeans Pay $50 Million Every Year to the PAP Ministers in Salaries

In 2007, Singaporeans would need to pay $46 million to the pay for the salaries of the ministers!

To put this into a bit of perspective, last year, “$102 million of social assistance payments was given to 72,000 needy Singaporeans and their families,” or an average of only $118 every month to each Singaporean who received assistance. The salaries paid to the ministers would account for nearly half of this amount!


Now, pray tell, why the PAP believes that they should be paid extravagant tens of millions in salaries when they are so resistant towards giving our needy Singaporean families more financial assistance?

If they can so easily decide to pay themselves tens of millions, is it that difficult to find the money or rather, the heart, to help needy Singaporeans get by, or even just to survive?

From another perspective, why does the PAP believe that low-income Singaporeans should deserve so little in assistance, when the PAP has no qualms paying themselves such high salaries?

The question is – if the government is elected to take care of Singaporeans, then why would the PAP be so resistant to actually do what they are mandated to do – to take care of Singaporeans, but would instead pay themselves such extravagant salaries?

A Low-Income Singaporean Who Earns $1,000 Every Month Will Take 272 Years to Earn What the Singapore Prime Minister Earns in One Year

Or, if you look at it from another perspective, for a Singaporean who earns $1,000 a month in Singapore (or the de facto minimum wage given to cleaners), it would take him or her 272 years to earn what the prime minister can fully earn in a year today.


And if you look at the median income earner who earns $3,705 (when including for employer CPF), he/she would need to take 73 years to earn what the prime minister gets to earn in a year.


Of course, seeing  that our CPF is as good as gone, if you take the median income of $3,250 (without including employer CPF), an average Singaporean would need to take 84 years to earn what the prime minister gets to earn in a year – which means that if Singaporeans were to start working once we are given birth to, even if we work our whole lives until we die, we would still never earn as much as what the prime minister can potentially earn today.


In 10 years, the prime minister would have easily earned $30 million. For a low-income Singaporean who earns $1,000, it would take them 2,500 years to earn what the prime minister would easily earn in 10 years!


To give you a bit of perspective, if you look at another country, say Norway, which has a similar level of wealth and GDP per capita, and prices as Singapore, but where its workers are paid much fairer wages, for the lowest-income workers who earn $5,000 every month ($60,000 in a year), it will only take them 5 years to earn what their prime minister earns ($300,000 in a year). And by the way, they already consider what they pay to their prime minister “a lot of money”.


And for the median income earner in Norway who earns about $8,000, it will take about 3 years.


This is in comparison to the 272 years and 84 years that it would take low-income and median income Singaporeans to earn.

I don’t know about you, but this is not just obscene what the PAP is today. It is downright selfish, despicable and nasty – I don’t have a right word for it (a vulgar word comes into my mind).

Last week, I wrote that every time the PAP increased their own salaries in 1984, 1994, 2000 and 2007, this also caused the income inequality to increase, and the share of income that went to the rich also went upwards – because of the PAP’s unilateral want to increase their own salaries. But this has not only caused the income inequality to widen, it has also resulted in dangerous social effects, such as the highest prisoner rates, reduced levels of trust and social mobility. The PAP’s greed and their want to enrich themselves, at the expense of Singaporeans, puts Singapore and our future in a tenuous position.

You simply do not go into government, claim to care for Singaporeans and then increase your own salaries by leaps and bounds to the tens of millions and tell Singaporeans that it is because you deserve it, when you pay them a miserly $1,000 a month and tell them that if they can get another $100 on social assistance, that is more than enough already.

You don’t sting on your own citizens but when it comes to your own salaries, come out with all sorts of justification, so that you can make people pay you more. No, you don’t take advantage of government and the citizens to do that. Such behaviour is dishonourable and shows a lack of integrity.

It is not just despicable, it is beyond incorrigible.

And to think that they have the cheek to tell us they need to earn high salaries to remain aboveboard and we have allowed them to bamboozle us for the past 30 years now (Lee Kuan Yew first mooted the extravagant increase in salaries to millions in 1984).

The PAP has run its course for us. It is no longer what Singapore and Singaporeans need. It is clear that they have hijacked government for their own purposes and if we do not rid our government of this scourge that is the PAP, our country and the survival of Singaporeans is at stake.

It is up to Singaporeans to wise up to the reality, to realise the implications and to do what’s right for ourselves.

Come down to the #ReturnOurCPF 4 protest on 27 September 2014 at 4pm at Hong Lim Park. You can join the Facebook event page here.

 Return Our CPF 4 Poster 2

#ReturnOurCPF 4 Poster We Want Minimum Wage

#ReturnOurCPF 4 Poster We Want Independent Labour Unions

#ReturnOurCPF 4 Poster We Want Labour Protection Laws

#ReturnOurCPF 4 Poster We Want Equal Job Opportunities

#ReturnOurCPF 4 Poster 3 text


  1. reply to Jim

    2014年09月24日 1011
    (联合早报网讯)根据英国天空新闻台(Sky News)报道,新加坡政府投资公司(GIC)正在与英国道路援救公司RAC进行谈判,计划以超过20亿英镑(约41.6亿新元)的价格,从私募基金凯雷投资集团(Carlyle Group)手中收购这家公司。


    报道还说,风险投资公司CVC Capital Partners也对收购RAC表示兴趣。


    新加坡政府投资公司、CVC Capital Partners和凯雷投资集团都尚未就此消息置评。(本报记者:周文龙)

    ——————————— ????????????????????????

    (联合早报网讯)根据英国天空新闻台(Sky News)报道,新加坡政府投资公司(GIC)正在与英国道路援救公司RAC进行谈判,计划以超过20亿英镑(约41.6亿新元)的价格,从私募基金凯雷投资集团(Carlyle Group)手中收购这家公司。

    --------- 新加坡這麼有錢,到處炫耀自己最有錢, 而且是借錢炫耀,當每個老人55歲以後的錢, 被他們逼著要拿去搞投資炫耀, 而不是幫助自己的國人 ? 不給老人家福利,跑去買英國 ?沒有一個國人受惠,除了李顯龍家族以外。


    ----------- 股份比新加坡人民的性命更重要嗎 ?按常理, 應該照顧好每個人民的福利的前提下, 如果有多餘的錢, 才來玩股票,而不是拿人民的公積金,去玩股票。

    你們的人民, 從未被保障,你們不該拿走人民的公積金, 要人民勒緊腰帶, 為你們的股票存錢。

    一個國家,生存是第一位, 老人是第一位,
    而你們李顯龍呢 ? 股票第一位 ?
    世界各國都看你們的笑話,偏離軌道啦 !

  2. Simpson

    I only want PAP to be voted out. I don’t really care about CPF, minimum wage, whatever. I just want PAP out. Can it be done?

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  4. reply to Jim

    要拼命擠牛奶,又不給牛吃草,李氏家族, 先掐死民主,再橫行霸道。
    前幾天看到聯合早報,一個老人殺死了兒媳婦,今天又看到媽媽殺了孩子,這種悲劇每天都發生在新加坡,好像都不關政府什麼事,給他們拿天價是來製造貧富差距悲劇的。每個死去的人,真正的殺手不是親人, 而是執政者李光耀父子。

    真恨不得把老李扶到國會外面,在眾目睽睽下向他吐口水,澆糞便, 然後在李顯龍夫婦的見證下,活活掐死他,讓他們看看害到國人無極限的憤怒 !

    是他造成國家對婦女兒童老人沒有保障, 冰凍三尺,非一日之寒。人民的苦難超過忍受的極限,苦到互相殘殺。

    新加坡最該死的人是他, 而不是無辜的人民。

    To desperately milking, not give cattle grazing,

    the Lee family, first strangled democracy, then tyranny. A few days ago saw an old man killed his daughter-in-law.

    and today saw a mother killed her child, such tragedies have occurred in Singapore every day,

    but seems not the government’s business

    what happened to PM LEE who taken the huge salary , work or not ? He created that wealth gap tragedy.

    Each dead person, the real killer is not a father-in-law or a mother, Is the long term ruler — Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong.

    Really can not wait to see someone carry Lee Kuan Yew to the outside parliament, People spat on him, pouring dung on him, and then strangled him under the testimony of Lee Hsien Loong. let them see what is the maximum harm limit of Singaporeans.

    Both LEE, did not cause the country to protect women and children, the elderly, Rome was not built in a day. Endure the suffering of the people over the limit, by extremely painful ending each other.

    Singapore’s damn man is not innocent people.
    Is Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong.

  5. reply to Jim

    民主是什麼 ?

    等於為老鼠進出米倉, 打開大門。

    李光耀是誰 ?
    即是拿人民的公積金建造最大機場, 最大賭場的男人

    所以, 從50年前, 他就開始了殺貓行動。


    不能人人喊打,要鼓掌歡迎, 並送到國外去登台領獎。

    What is the democracy ?
    Is the cat catches mice.

    If all cats were killed
    that open the door for mice coming and going the rice warehouse
    Yonekura equal to the mice out,

    Who is Lee Kuan Yew ?
    He is the man who took people’s CPF to build the airport & the casino . He is also a mouse shift our rice warehouse into his home.

    Mice are naturally afraid of cats
    So, from 50 years ago, he began killing the cats action.

    till there is no single cat in Singapore so far.

    To cope with mice roam freely,
    Singapore laws regulations
    Only Singapore’s rat scampering in the streets was permitted.
    Not allowed shouting,
    instead, given an applause,
    And sent abroad stage to accept the award.

    • landragon123

      If you do not know what is good and what is bad, YOU do not have the right to write. You have the right to scold the SICK PM and not the OLD ex PM as our Singapore was built my him with our 1st group of cabinet ministers to make what we are today.

      Look around, are there any better place than Singapore TODAY. So do not scold for the shake of doing it. We today are still better off than most of our neighbors who are rich countries but poor governments, and most government are corrupted from the day they gets into Parliament. LKY is not such a person, he give his life for what is Singapore, respected by most all over the Globe.

      You must know what is black and what is white. All our problems now is cause a SICK PM with the help of some of his CABINET who are as birds of a feather. When PM retires or past on very soon, a new man will take over and hopefully another ethic group to bring us back to glory again to the GOOD OLD DAYS when PAP is the pillar of our societies.

      You can never get your CPF back as it is their tools to use and lost our monies which only new able men can do it to re gain what were lost by husband & wife team, both army officers. When a peace loving country is rules by ARMY man who responsible to catch Terrorists but never catch ONE only let OFF one. All machinery are directed in that direction to can WHAT, by spending our good monies to the WINDS?

      • outerspace

        The sick man is the son of the father of this nation. He carries his DNA and a close mirror image of the one who raised and taught him. He is also building on the foundation of the ones who raised and taught him. It is a continuation of the one and the same – the man of Sin. You can’t vilify one and not the other.

      • landragon123

        LHL have his mother’s DNA too and all his doings are from his mother’s side and If you want can contact me by email as I also does Numerology , Feng-shui, Palm reading and Bazi as a hobby. At $5.00 you get a full print out of your life story at my shop visit http://www.idragon111.com

  6. Ivan Ho

    Calvin Coolidge:
    Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery.
    Let me add:
    Ministers paying themselves more money than is absolutely necessary is legalized

  7. Interpretation of Lee Hsien Loong today's message in his facebook

    Congrats to Temasek on your anniversary!

    For 40 years, Temasek has overseen government-linked companies like SIA, DBS, Keppel and Sembcorp. It has established an international reputation for prudence and excellence. It has grown its portfolio of Singapore companies and overseas investments into a sizeable nest egg that forms part of our reserves.

    ——– 這小子在唱獨角戲吧,自己是政府, 老婆是淡马锡, 弟弟是SIA , 都是他們一家人, 向自己人謝來謝去,好像和人民貢獻的公積金一點關係也沒有 ?

    从转移到私有化, 他們李家自己人吃利息,分紅利,帐目都不敢公开, 偷窃嘛 !

    is that guy singing in one-man monodrama ?
    He is government, his wife is Temasek, his brother is SIA, all are his family there, He appreciated his wife and his brother , their own family appreciate each other. no related with Singaporeans ? no related with Singaporeans CPF ‘s contribution ?

    From transferred to privatize,their own family occupied the interest, dividends. they are afraid to open Temasek accounts ,

    thief !


    A big thank you to all the people who’ve worked in Temasek all these years. Long may you continue to build companies and invest for future generations of Singaporeans. – LHL

    ————- 為後代 ?50年都沒有照顧人民的後代,過去不照顧, 現在不照顧,搞到現代人都活不下去了,還有後代嗎 ?是他們李家幾個孫子的後代吧 ?

    For future generations?
    50 years, did not take care of our people
    in the past, he did not care,
    Today,he did not care,
    will he care our people in the future ?
    No, he caused the modern people can not survive,
    who still has descendants ?

    Only Lee’s grandchildren , right ?

    CPF is people’s Money, your PM must fully return by age in 55 !!!!!!!

  8. landragon123

    Yes, for sure your CPF will be return in 2 installments, when your retires, a monthly pocket money so you will not go to BATAM. The rest you get when you kick the basket and whether your children gets it nobody knows?

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  10. Jim

    Norway citizens are all millionaire thank to the oil fund.

    The financial position of the Norwegian government is astonishingly strong. While most other national governments in Europe and North America, especially in recent years, have been posting sizable annual budget deficits and accumulating additional debt, Norwegians have seen their government post sizable annual budget surpluses and add to a rapidly growing fiscal reserve – popularly known as the oil fund – that now has a market value (almost $850 billion) more than 1.5 times larger than Norway’s GDP! “We are all millionaires now,” declared a Norwegian acquaintance, noting that the market value of the oil fund has risen beyond five trillion krone – for the five million Norwegians.
    Too bad Singapore do not have oil reserves. How fortunate Singapore is now comparing to Norway.
    A generation ago we are some way near Philippines. That is before you are born.

    • reply to Jim

      是啊,挪威這麼富有, 他們的總理完全可以拿天價薪水, 不幸的是,他們總理的薪水和人民相差無幾, 即使他們皇宮的外面也是沙土地, 如此節儉自己,確保人民必須豐衣足食。宪法规定, 没有大贫,没有大富。

      他們的領袖沒有應為國家有錢,安排自己家人到世界各地處去買貨。 他們的皇室也非常低調。 出国访问也不是坐国家专机, 而是某个航班的头等舱。

      这是一个价值观的问题,欧洲的价值观, 是把有生命意义的放在优先。

      而你們呢 ?你們的領袖,有了一點錢,一切为自己为先.

      既然新加坡因為沒有錢 ?為什麼拿錢到處去投資,買英國 ? 就是不願意拿錢安頓國人的基本生活 ?

      你的總理知道這些,他不應該裝無知! 国际上议论他只是不当他的面罢了。

      Yeah, Norway is an rich country , according to the logic of Singapore , of course, their prime minister can take astronomical salary.

      unfortunately, their prime minister did not,
      his salary and people’s salary are almost the same.

      even though, Outside the palace square is paved by sand and mud ground. So thrifty themselves to ensure that their people have ample food and clothing, carefree life.

      their Constitution that built the no large wealth gap society .

      Their leaders did not because the country had money, so put his families shopping around the world to buy goods .

      Their royal family is also very low-pitched ,
      State visits abroad not by special plane or chartered plane, instead the they take the first class of other airline

      This is an question of values​​, European’s values​​, there is the meaning of life as a first priority.

      Rather than competition, show off.

      What about singapore Leaders ?
      Your leaders, got money, And against people.
      Do not give the elderly the basic living expenses,
      unstable social situation.

      If Singapore Leader said, because of no money?

      Why you carry the money around the World to invest ?
      to buy British , buy thailand ? buy China, Buy USA ?

      after 50 years efforts, your PM have everything, But still
      not willing to settle people’s basic living cost first ?

      Your prime minister Lee knows, he should not pretend ignorance !
      Internationally just talking about his greedy character, may not in front of him.

  11. Liew Chin Fu

    The largest mosquito in Singapore stays in the Istana and his designated title is called Prime Mosquito (PM).And yes there are also the Sickening Mosquito (SM),Mosquito Man (MM) and Evil Sickening Mosquito (ESM).

  12. landragon123

    Please for God shake, call the sick a mosquito as he wanted to kills MOSQUITOS to prevent Dengue and the Whole Cabinet is netted in to do it. Only a Sickman and his Sick Doctor Minister will believe that killing mosquitos will prevent any diseases. It that is so, many countries will be doing it, NO place for our PM. Killing is a SIN and he Killed trees when his father plant 1 a year. Now still trying to kill MOSQUITO and before the mosquitos are killed HE will have killed himself, Sin pay by SINS and Cancer is a payments for Sin and suffering it Twice is no JOKE as try to kill Mosquitos is a BIGGER JOKE to made the World LAUGH???

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  16. teoenming

    Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong Want Teo En Ming Dead

    Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong want Teo En Ming dead. Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong want Teo En Ming to die young.

    Teo En Ming has filed an official complaint against the Singapore Government at the United Nations Human Rights Council Branch and the International Criminal Court. Read the letter here:

    Teo En Ming’s Open Letter (Plea for Medical Help/Assistance) to World Leaders dated 27 Aug 2010. Read the letter here:


    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    Republic of Singapore

  17. J Straw

    PAP has known long time ago that you can control Singaporeans through FEAR. Singaporeans are ruled by FEAR. LKY and his genetically engineered minions have always believed that you need ‘smart’ people to run the government. That makes most Singaporeans ineligible. PAP also believes that if you do not pay themselves top salaries they may leave the country and go elsewhere to work. Ah! Are they truly patriotic? LSL and his ministers pay themselves large sums of money but they still have to other world leaders of the free world.

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  20. Summer Snow

    I’d much rather pay our ministers millions but in exchange demand zero tolerance on corruption and clear accountability. Look at Malaysia, China and even US, their leader earn less, much less, but they get much more eventually through other means. In the long run, tax payers are better served by Singapore’s model.

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