If PAP Wants Singapore to be Clean, then Have the “Character” to Take Care of Singaporeans

Both prime minister Lee Hsien Loong and ex-prime minister Goh Chok Tong commented on how Singapore is becoming dirtier. I thought to comment on it as well.

Lee Hsien Loong Facebook@Lee Hsien Loong

Lee Hsien Loong: “Last November, Myanmar sports fans were seen picking up litter at the National Stadium, after their team lost to Singapore at an AFF Suzuki Cup match (right pic).

Last Saturday, the 2015 Laneway Festival was held at the Meadow at Gardens by the Bay. The left pic shows what the 13,000 festival goers left behind.

It takes continuous effort to keep Singapore clean. We need to progress from being a cleaned city to a truly clean city.”

Goh Chok Tong Facebook@Goh Chok Tong

Goh Chok Tong: “Singapore is likely to become a “garbage city”. Cleanliness is a character thing. It shows who you really are.”

James K. Boyce

Prof James K. Boyce: “Well, if you think about why we get variations in the extent of environmental problems around the country and around the world, one of the relationships that we can often see is that where there are wider inequalities of wealth, inequalities in the distribution of power, we’re likely to get more environmental degradation.

And what we found again was the degree of environmental degradation, pollution, resource depletion, had a lot to do with the extent of inequalities of wealth and power. Where income inequalities were greater, where educational inequalities were greater, where the fairness of fiscal policy in terms of both the tax system and access to services like Medicaid was better, you tended to find differences in environmental degradation. More equal distributions of wealth and power as proxied by these measures were associated with better environmental policies.”

Carmen Lawrence

Prof Carmen Lawrence and Jaqueline Haupt: “Environmental degradation appears to be another side effect of economic inequality and analyses show there is a negative correlation between income inequality and environmental sustainability: the higher the income inequality the worse the environmental indicators such as waste production, meat and water consumption, biodiversity loss and environmental composite indices (e.g. ecological footprint).

Boyce et al (2007) have proposed that the unequal distribution of wealth and power within countries leads to greater environmental damage by undermining the collective action required for environmental protection. Likewise, it has been shown that more equal societies are more socially cohesive and have higher levels of trust which foster public-spiritedness (Wilkinson & Pickett, 2010). Similar findings have been reported on the relationship between social capital and environmental outcomes (Dulal et al., 2011), presumably because lack of trust and poorer social capital erode the capacity for collaborative action.”

Roy Ngerng smiling edited

photo credit: Channel NewAsia

If you ask me, the willingness to take care of your people is a character thing. It shows who you really are (in reference to Goh Chok Tong).

In fact, it takes continuous effort to keep Singapore together.

We need to progress from being an artificially-developed city to one where our city is truly developed, not only economically but psychologically and socially, and where our people are able to grow with respect and dignity (in reference to Lee Hsien Loong).

When that happens, the level of trust and collaborative action will improve and the people will naturally take care of one another, and of the environment.

On the one hand, Mr Goh’s remark, “Cleanliness is a character thing. It shows who you really are,” seemed to be taking a swipe at Mr Lee’s comment before his, but on the other, if the duo would so care about the environment, then maybe the PAP should start sculpting policies to take care of the people. There are already several studies, as has been shown here, that income inequality that is too high has a negative impact on the environment, and Singapore already has the highest income inequality among the developed countries.

It is embarrassing that when Singapore has an estimated poverty rate of 30% where 30% of Singaporeans cannot earn enough to spend even for basic necessities and where the next 30% cannot earn enough to save, that the PAP would still dare to chide Singaporeans when it is the PAP government that has been unwilling to define a poverty level and implement a minimum wage to that level to protect Singaporeans.

If Mr Lee and Mr Goh, and if the PAP truly care about Singapore and its environment, then start taking care of Singaporeans – increase our wages, subsidies etc, so that the people will be protected and so that our environment will be protected.

Yet, it has also now been exposed that Mr Lee did not do a proper fact-find on how the littering at the Gardens by the Bay actually took place but was quick to “call on Singaporeans to pick up their own litter”, as The Straits Times reported.

Littering at Gardens by the Bay

Perhaps Mr Lee refuses to acknowledge this but where the PAP government itself would treat Singaporeans as second-class citizens worthy of being lambasted and derided every so often by their very own government, foreigners would as well take the PAP’s cue and similarly treat Singapore and Singaporeans with the same respect that the PAP government would accord to Singaporeans, or the lack thereof.

It is perhaps worrying that Mr Lee would see nothing wrong in criticising Singaporeans but would be unabashed in speaking well of foreigners. One wonders if Mr Lee is the prime minister of a nation of Singaporeans or if he is the prime minister of the United Nations. Make no mistake, we have to treat everyone who resides in Singapore with fairness, justice and respect, but where the prime minister himself would practice double-standards and place foreigners on the pedestal while constantly looking down on Singaporeans, then is this the kind of government and prime minister we want in Singapore?

Was it not Mr Lee who (in)famously said that, “crime rates (of foreign workers) are, in fact, lower than Singaporeans in general”?

What equality can we speak of when the very government which is supposed to enshrine it in practice is itself guilty of being prejudiced and discriminatory against Singaporeans?

Where the PAP is in a position to act to protect Singaporeans, but has instead chosen to make snide remarks on Facebook, this is incorrigible. Where it has chosen to instead push the blame onto Singaporeans instead of take a careful look at the situation, shows the small-mindedness and lack of socio-philosophical understanding of things, and of its governance of the country.

And yet Mr Goh would compare Singapore with Japan and remarked about how “Tokyo is a fine city without “fine” signs. That is why it is a clean city with no foreign workers.” But Mr Goh’s comment disregards how the Japanese government also spends much more on health – 85% of total health expenditure as compared to the PAP’s miserly spending of 35%. Also, elderly Japanese are able to retire with dignity, while our elderly Singaporeans still have to work in menial jobs as cleaners, odd-job labourers and cardboard collectors.

In other words, the Japanese government would protect its citizens. And that is why its people are also willing to work hand-in-hand to take care of the country, because they are proud of their country. But the same cannot be said of Singapore where the PAP has neglected Singaporeans and where increasingly, many Singaporeans no longer feel proud of the country.

To want to really protect our environment, then protect our people, and this is what the experience in other countries have shown. The PAP government cannot expect our society to flourish when it simply refuses to provide Singaporeans with the means and social infrastructure to do so, and then continues to look down on Singaporeans with disdain.

The PAP government today spends the least on social protection among the developed countries, and also the least on healthcare and education, as a percentage of GDP. Singaporeans also earn one of the lowest wages among the developed countries, have the lowest purchasing power and yet have to pay the most out-of-pocket for healthcare and possibly pay the most expensive university tuition fees and childcare fees in the world.

If Mr Lee and Mr Goh really want our environment and our people’s lives to improve, then start increasing the wages of Singaporeans and increasing government spending on these public goods, and if not, reduce their costs; and stop putting down Singaporeans at every opportunity that arises.

But it is unlikely that the PAP will do so. Its track record speaks for itself.


  1. christopher deSouza

    This PAP OUT OF TOUCH individuals only now the filth that they had openly and indiscriminately imported here have overturned the worlds garbage bins here making this island the world standard garbage pile.

  2. 注他殺慘案, 挽救每條生命.

    园景路夫妻双亡命案 男死者发遗书给媒体
    2015年01月30日 1537




    《联合早报》是在上午8时11分接到自称是案件中丈夫的男子所发出的电邮,他在电邮的标题上用英文写这“裕廊谋杀”,电邮内的标题写着”Final Note”(遗言)。




    See more at: http://www.zaobao.com.sg/realtime/singapore/story20150130-441328#sthash.kZvXZLJu.dpuf

    ———– 表面上, 微觀上, 自殺謀殺是某個體的精神出了問題, 關我們什麼事。實際上, 宏觀上有個黑手在神不知鬼不覺中,潛移默化地把國人推向生存受威脅的精神分裂邊緣,他們有說不出的巨痛, 意志力不夠大的人,熬不下去,唯有自殺,解除痛苦, 別無他路 。

    這隻黑手就是92年前根本不該出世, 從不管人們死活,不提供就業,不給予福利, 不回覆求救, 冷血麻木的李光耀制度。


    霸佔橫財,揮霍無度,自娛自樂, 高枕無憂, 唱獨角戲的李光耀制度, 是小島裡面每月發生自殺慘案的一把他殺之手。

  3. KPKB

    It is F.U.C.K.I.N.G. DISGRACEFUL to have ministers like LHL and GCT. In USA these deadwoods would have been kicked out of the parliament even before they step inside. I can only say that the 60% sinkies deserve these shet.

  4. SinCity

    And yet Mr Goh would compare Singapore with Japan and remarked about how “Tokyo is a fine city without “fine” signs.

    I think you will have more success, as a people, in a homogenous society – with the exception of third world country. In South Korea, the people are generally civilized, polite and clean.

    Taiwan not bad too.

    Singapore is just repressed and rojak(no real identity and constantly have to adapt end up being half pass six at everything). They also try too hard and fail at it because the people are as superficial as their leaders.

    • Huihui

      when their leader talk…everybody understands…when Sin leaders talk…I no understand their england….aunties uncles…boy girl say..hah?…what version England?….so spit here spit there everywhere spit spit…where got respect

  5. sojournexx

    honestly, your writing sounds forced. i am not allergic to citizens critical of the government, but i find your claim that elected officials have no right to chide the people for littering (just because they have implemented imperfect social safety nets) quite preposterous.

    no doubt rising income levels could very well lead to a generally more civilised population, but to solve the littering problem in the short run, one can hardly expect the government to reform economic policies and then wait for a half decade for the benefits of these policy changes to be realised. Meanwhile, should we be content to live in filth?

    chiding the people and reminding them of their civic responsibility is a short term measure that should go hand in hand with longer term solutions, one of which could be the economic and social reform you alluded to.

    just my 2 cents’ worth!

  6. John Smith

    Amazing! People don’t clear their own litter also can turn around to blame government!

    Keep it up! Next time, people don’t live for 100 years also can blame government!

    • Jane Smith

      From the photos put up by the organizer bandwagon, it is freaking clear that most of the participants at lameway are ang mohs like myself. I am pretty ashame and at the same time amazed by the antics of Singaporean PM and SM to blame their own people for things they have not done. Uniquely Singapore. I like it!

  7. Drifted far

    Many people who voted for PAP the last election have regretted it. They are lamenting in hardship right now. They realize that LHL’s policy has drifted far from his father’s and there are lots of mess for the next generation to clear up.

  8. Interim Army Chief

    Chan Chun Sing led the army as army chief for only a miserable year. His time as army chief is shorter than the time he spent in school studying. And now he is a full rank minister , in charge of NTUC , without going through the proper baptism of election.


    Environmental degradation is the deterioration of the environment through depletion of resources such as air, water and soil; the destruction of ecosystems and the extinction of wildlife. It is defined as any change or disturbance to the environment perceived to be deleterious or undesirable.

    Littering is
    a. Carelessly discarded refuse, such as wastepaper: the litter in the streets after a parade, a mass event.
    b. A disorderly accumulation of objects; a pile.

    Littering is NOT environmental degradation. PAP record – clean rivers, absence of swamps, clean air

    What talking you?

  10. SIMPLE

    We use to depend on Malaysia for water. Now we have NEWATER and we export water-purification technology to other countries. Did PAP deplete our precious water resource? Did the rivers became so polluted that we cannot use it any more?

    • bah chor mee

      If lhl wants to have his name clean, why did he shun open discussion with Roy on CPF? If that discussion is aired, it will certainly boost viewership from the pap-controlled media, which is in the slumps now.

      Less companies are even putting their commercial ads on the slumpy pap-controlled media nowadays…

    • to SIMPLE

      the hypocrisy is Lee Hsien Loong unilateral breach the commit ! owed our above 55 age debts ! Condemns Lee’s greedy, grab state-owned assets, grab out our hard-earned money !

      WE ask Lee Hsien Loong fully refund above 55 age owe cash immediately

    • lea xian loon

      singaporeans cannot earn enough for retirement — failure ?
      pap ministers paying themselves highest salaries in this part of solar system — success ?

  11. lea xian loon

    To pap smear brigade,

    Sometimes people need to be blunt to you because you surprise yourself and every civilized person that you cannot hold your argument sound and well. Like pm lee, you seem to hide behind govt bodies that have prostituted to serve pm lee’s cause, and can barely hold yourself against data presented by Roy.

    Do you dare to say–to your honest heart and to your own parents and family–that you don’t receive money or benefits of any kind, by prostituting your own family members and descendants to lee’s childish tyranny by making such posts on behalf of pap smear?

  12. condemn Lee regime

    50th birthday coming , Singaporeans voice out with each family tragedy , condemn him, why he persecuted Singaporeans age more and more small, small enough to 20s ?

    Lee Kuan Yew ‘s regime not only occupy a fortune of Singapore, but also take away our hard-earned money from each a living household, resulting we can not afford to buy any nutritious food, not afford birthday gifts to children, only afford compromises or suicide.

    On the microscopic suicide is the individual’s problem,

    but In fact, there is a black hand mysteriously, subtly push people to the edge of a schizophrenic existence threatened, they can not tell the throes, willpower is not big enough , only suicide, relieve pain, there was no alternative.

    Lee’s numb cold-blooded system is the black Hand that caused many family suicide.

    • viewer

      Lee family ruled longer , suicide rate goes higher, unemployment rate goes greater , Even if PAP defeated or vilify Roy and Huihui, We Singaporeans still want a new Prime Minister. LHL must step down .hand over Temasek back to the people of Singapore.

  13. UNB

    在以往的竞选中,PAP总是这么说,谁谁谁不可以做总理,因为他过去有案底,谁谁谁鼻子里面曾经很脏,也不可以做总理 ……

    那么,且不提PAP首领曾经害过一大批人, 今日的PAP案底更多,鼻子里面更脏,命案层出不穷, 接二连三, PAP已经到了非下台不可得地步了。

    期待已久的第一世界新加坡的大选要来临了,这是一场国人争取摆脱持续地受到恐怖威胁的战役,包括经济威胁,饭碗威胁,尊严威胁,生命威胁. 只要PAP下台,把威脅減到最低.

    无论谁做总理,都是新加坡共和国人民开天辟地, 史无前例, 光宗耀祖的一宗大事. 安撫還早早死去的一批亡靈, 慰籍白髮蒼蒼的一代窮苦老人, 還來得及為新加坡人的後代重建誠信。

    全民配合新总理上任,投他一票, 只有一届4年,给他做4年,天不会塌下来 。

    在竞选中,为集中智慧与力量,化各党派为统一战线, 联合对付PAP的抓扑,定罪, 破产等手段。要警惕PAP在众目睽睽之下玩臭, 自焚, 做最后挣扎与破坏活动 。邀请英美等国, 與联合国安理会出面做中間見證人, 确保国人选民的安全不受攻击。为和平交接权力,做好各方面最大的应变准备, 新加坡人民期待在野党領袖接班 , 建立一個正真意義上的新加坡共和國。


  14. why

    Stupid. Does it mean you throw rubbish Roy. Many sgrean are downright rude too. Dangerous cut in front of you when driving. I lived in UK for sometime and people dont do such.. although i much dislike the “white thinking they are superior” but this polite behavior we are lacking in masses.

    And behaviour like HHH is utterly uncultured too. There are people with low education dont behaving such way.

    Its not a matter of poor or rich, its a matter of your own civil mindedness and principles. You dont dirty your own home you stay no matter if it is a 2 room HDB or a GCB.

  15. WP

    Roy, I remember you posted a chart about adequacy of retirement fund and Philippines top the chart while SG is at the bottom. Please go read today’s article about the plight of about 250000 kids in manila street. So what if they top that chart?

    • appeal LHL step down

      how much Filipino pay their leader or how much Singaporeans pay LHL ?

      compare with Philippine ?
      first compare their wage of both Prime Minister’s ?

      obviously Philippine obtain less salary, his annual salary of $ 40,000 only, Philippine Cabinet members salary of $ 9600, of course, they additionally enjoy a number of national subsidies.

      Let us look at Singapore Prime Minister ‘s wage ?

      Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s annual salary is increased from $ 1.62 million to about $ 2.05 million, 25.5% increased
      while he stop increasing Singapore common people’s wage for last 10 years

      Political sense, the head of the civil service should not take so huge money.

      the worse of further more , that an inhuman value person taking huge money, do nothing for people, do nothing for welfare , do nothing for jobless and homeless, do nothing for single mother, do nothing for accountability, still sucking above 55 age hard earn cash, no plan fully repay . that is shameless leadership .

      • WP

        You apparently do not know how much really is the leader of that country is getting…. What a fool you are!

  16. Peter

    It has already been very clear that Roy’s blog is just rubbish, made up with pieces of information from different context to make up his own agenda. It is people who are disgruntled in life that choose to support whatever he says blindly, for the sake of supporting. But Roy will fade into nothing when he gets his due soon. Jobless, bankrupt, no credibility , no love only a bad name.

    • to Peter

      Prime Minister’s gangs control all newspapers & TV media of Singapore. they are the ownership of all local medias. In order to beautify themselves, suppress the voice of the people, For a long time they throw the common people’s true sorrows into dustbin,

      therefor hundreds of thousand people in helpless, desperate. those people share their sadness here , but not welcome you if you think here is ” rubbish “.

      by the way, who result Roy jobless , Did Roy borrow money from Prime Minister ? Did Roy owe Prime Minister a dime ?
      Obviously, Singapore Prime Minister Lee is a designer and manufacturer of bankruptcy for Singaporeans.

      Which judge in the World will help this gangs complete the persecution ?

      the last, Roy and Huihui will find their love , they deserved . the first let Prime Minister step down , people’s happiness will coming .
      We believed that Roy’s future wife and Huihui’s future husband’s candidates are surely from civilized countries.

      God bless them
      God bless Singaporeans

  17. President Teo En Ming, Federation of the Universe

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  18. President Teo En Ming, Federation of the Universe

    Dear Fabrications About The PAP and other Facebook Users,

    Roy Ngerng Yi Ling DID NOT flee Singapore and abscond with the donated money. There is very clearly a mis-understanding between M Ravi and Roy Ngerng, as explained to me by Leslie Chew and various quarters. We are trying to patch things up between M Ravi and Roy Ngerng. We sincerely hope M Ravi and Roy Ngerng could still remain as friends. The Singapore Government is apparently trying to sow discord between M Ravi and Roy Ngerng. Please delete and stop circulating my video. This video is my intellectual property, I filmed it and it cannot be used without my express permission. Again, I request you to delete and stop circulating my video as soon as possible. I have also taken down my Original Youtube video. Thank you very much.

    Yours sincerely,

    Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
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    Filmed by Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    8 Feb 2015 Sunday Singapore Time GMT+8


    SINGAPORE +65-9117-5902

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