The CPF is Not about My Fight, It is about the Future of What Singaporeans Want


photos credit: Tan Yunyou

I know some people don’t agree with what I say, or some of what I say. Some people don’t agree with what I do or my actions as well.

But I hope you understand that this is besides the point. You don’t have to agree with me. In fact, I don’t want you to agree with me. It is not about me.

We should all do our own research and readings, so that we know what’s really going on in Singapore, so that we can rely on our own knowledge and analysis to make up our minds on what’s really happening and decide what to do about it.

Don’t listen to me, or the PAP, and take what we say as the truth. It’s up to you to read and decide for yourselves.

And when we have read up and realise for ourselves what’s really going on, we can then decide what we want to do about it.

When I first started writing and speaking up, I didn’t do so by echoing what others said or did. I have been doing my own research and readings, and that was when I got into a shock at what the PAP was doing with the country. The PAP government was pretty much taking the money of Singaporeans, not only from the CPF, but also from taxes and the money we pay into the government-linked companies, to earn money for themselves.

When I saw all that, that was when I realised how the PAP government was corrupting the lives of Singaporeans. That was when I realise we need to speak up and fight back, in order to save ourselves, in order to save Singaporeans.

So, please understand, you don’t have to agree with me. You shouldn’t. You should make up your own minds and decide for yourself what’s best for you, and how best we can get there.

For me, the answer is clear. The PAP government has been taking the money of Singaporeans to enrich itself for at least 30 years now and we cannot allow this to go on.

At the rate that they are doing this, more and more Singaporeans will earn low wages and more Singaporeans will go into poverty. Already, poverty has increased from about 15% in 2000 to 30% today.

But you have to decide for yourselves what’s important for you and what you will want to do.

You also have to understand that for some of us, our lives might be relatively ok. We are still able to get by and so we might not want to acknowledge the lives of other Singaporeans who live with lower incomes and have to struggle to survive – it’s real, by the way. There are 30% of Singaporeans who simply cannot earn enough to even spend on basic necessities, and so they go into perpetual debt.

But you see, the sum of our country is the total of everyone who is here. As long as someone else’s lives do not get better, at some point, it will affect us. We might only want to focus on our lives now and pretend that atrocities that the PAP has done to Singaporeans do not exist, but when the effects spill over, what are we going to do? Or when we are the ones who get hit, who will help us if we’ve never reached out to help another?

And the reality is that more and more people are getting hit, when they lose their jobs, their CPF, or cannot pay for their homes or hospital bills, and that’s when they realise that they need to do something. But do you want to wait until you get hit before you do something?

So, you see, it is not about me. It is not about my fight. What I do doesn’t matter. It shouldn’t. But what we, as people living in Singapore, want to do, this is what really matters. Whether our country survives into the future, it depends on what we are willing to do, to acknowledge the truth and to work together to make things better.

Or we can be like an ostrich and pretend that things are fine, but look at what this has done to the PAP.

Do your own research, think up your own ideas, and then we can see how we can come together to make our country tick.


One day, I will be nobody but the people in Singapore will still be around, if our country remains, and the people here will be the ones who will have to decide how they want to fight to keep their country alive.

If we sit and do nothing, our country is not going to change, or it will just be pulled down by the PAP. So it’s really up to you now.

I know that when the PAP attacked me and when they set me up and said I “heckled” the children, some people were willing to withdraw. There appeared a reason to step back and justify that I was wrong, and there became a reason to disagree with me. It became safer to do so, some people reasoned. They thought that by doing so, the government won’t go after them.

Yes, you can do so. But if you decide to draw back, please still continue fighting. If withdrawing was only an excuse to stop fighting, then why do we allow fear to guide us? Why do we allow ourselves to criticise some people who help us fight, because we fear?

At the end of the day, where this country will go is up to you and what you are willing to do.

No, don’t agree with everything I say. No, don’t go for personalities to “save” us.

Read up for ourselves, find out more for ourselves and decide for ourselves what we want to do and how we can change things, so that at the end of the day, we can protect ourselves.

Really, this is all that matters.

What I am saying is we have one chance to take a stand and to change things. So it’s up to you now.

We can either continue to sit and wait on a ticking time bomb, believing that all is sundry and well, or we can take a clear look at what is going on in Singapore, to recognise it and to decide to do something about it.

We cannot just hold on to what worked in the past and hope that things will remain the same in future. We are already seeing how things are falling apart and how the PAP government is going downhill with its policies, if you can even call them that. But why do many of us still pretend it’s ok?

What are we holding out for? For a hope that’s based on the past, even as we see things get worse in Singapore? We are waiting for the government to something even as we know the PAP is no longer equipped to do so, and yet we wait.

But you know, this is no longer just about you. It is also about your family, your children and their children. If things don’t change in Singapore, we can easily go back to becoming a developing country again, as some Singaporeans believe we already have. When that comes, your children and their children will have difficulties and it will be because we didn’t dare to do the right thing today when it matters.

So, it’s really up to us now. How many of us are willing to acknowledge what is going on, and to stop pretending? How many of us are willing to say enough is enough, and take the decisive step of doing what’s right to help ourselves, and to save Singapore?

How many of us will decide to step out of our comfort zone and once and for all, be firm, be clear, accept things for what they are, and do what is right to protect ourselves?

So, it’s really up to you now.

What would you do? What you decide to do will determine the fate of our nation, and the inhabitants here, as well as their children and theirs after them.

It sounds cliché, but it’s all in your hands now, the future of this country, our home.


  1. we want a new leader

    we like the second picture, look at these simplicity Singaporeans, the youngest only 20-something, but they are sued by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong ? they are persecuted by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong,

    they makes us sad tears…..

    • 把老招牌送下台

      都不能为上面这位一普通的新加坡先生遮风挡雨, 请问执政党, 你到底打算与几个人共创未来啊 ? 靠花言巧语吹牛骗过几代人, 忘记时代进入了21世纪, 骗现代人很难得逞。

  2. 把老招牌送下台

    为增加新加坡在野党的力量, 強烈建議第二張圖片上的人,可以代表新加坡老百姓, 組建新加坡人民黨, 與其他各在野黨携手商榷,分头合作,选出一个总理,副总理候选人,其他角色有每个党派出代表, 为带领新加坡,必须放弃异见, 树立远大胸怀,
    开诚布公, 团结就是力量, 百萬雙眼睛看著你們代表新加坡人民去打胜仗。 而且需要你們非打赢不可,因为在你们的背后,有百万新加坡人民作坚实的后盾。

    面對挑戰一個半個世界的老招牌,如果各黨派,各幹各的,不抱成一團, 獲勝機率有很大風險, 如果只為了打進國會,這並不夠拯救新加坡。你们團結在一起, 将拿下除了行動黨黨員以外的全部選民的每一票。 以此,我們建議各在野黨派領袖,一定要有任重道遠的使命感,必須凝成一股力量, 现在国家需要要你站出来, 你们的当之无愧, 決定新加坡人民的命運.

    在新加坡人民生死存亡的時刻, 全民行动起来,支持在野党. 把老招牌送下台

  3. smartass

    “So, you see, it is not about me. It is not about my fight.” Damn right you are. It was never about you… Some ppl in the PAP just irks me – Chang Chun Sing leading the charge. But the thought of someone like you leading Singapore (although you aren’t running, thank god), I would rather give my vote to the ignorant and stuck-up know-it-all’s (Chan Chun Sing) gang.

    • Anne

      Yo “smartass” don’t have to be such a douchebag. If you cannot understand the frustrations in his blog pls don’t take his words out of context. If you have such disdain for Roy why bother to read at all…You r most welcomed to support “ignorant and stuck up know it alls”…And just that u know…nobody cares about the opinion of an ass…smartasses included

    • William

      Talking about Kee Chiu, saw him wayanging at fish market today. Trying to act qing Ming. But his body language cannot hide the false pretence. Obviously just to create fake news, can see all the sar kar rc people and the doggie reporters milling around.

  4. 把老招牌送下台

    英国人走了,留给新加坡民主选举的制度,为什么不用呢 ?看见他们把老汉抓起来,看见过他们曾今救老汉吗 ?他們搞到大批國人排隊在自殺的邊緣,使得新加坡成為自殺島. 如果继续选他们,就是直接把新加坡人民送入地狱。

  5. 把老招牌送下台


    1. 徐顺全博士 Dr。 Chee Soon Juan - 经历过李光耀破产,坐牢等地域折磨的人,慢慢地撑起被打断的骨头 ,又站起来的岛国曼德拉。他不屈不饶的精神,象征着争取新加坡人民平等自由的一只和平鸽。

    2. 刘程强先生 Low Thia Khiang - 看看这段录像 : 在四面楚歌的国会辩论中只有刘程强先生站起来 :“ 希望政府给予80岁以上无依无靠的老人每日基本食量….. ”, 坐在一边的李显龙总理,一脸不屑,表情冷漠, 虽然刘程强先生的提议被管钱的李总理拒绝。 但是刘程强先生胸中装有人民, 是深受人民喜爱的领袖, 他与徐顺全博士 Dr. Chee Soon Juan 都是众心所向的下届国家领导人.

    3. 林瑞莲女士 Sylvia Lim - 在一窝蜂追随李光耀队伍的当下,她放弃原本的一份警职, 卸下身份,不随波逐流,实为难得。她有为寻求真理牺牲自我, 并顾全大局的超凡气概,她美丽大方出污泥而不染, 是新加坡儿女的骄傲, 她的诚实与对国家的效忠,符合掌管
    淡马锡, 并主管国家财政部人选。

    4. Leong Sze Hian – 他来自人民,不傲慢,不张扬,不势力,他爱他的国家, 他爱他的人民,他有分寸,有毅力,有主见,有耐心,有品德。尤其,在国家的大是大非的问题上, 他没有违背良知,而是坚持原则。他是一块品质好的奠基石,这个基石才是建设大厦中最不可缺少的力量。他是一位很好的工会领袖或者劳工部长。

    在大选后,希望Roy和慧慧暂时离开新加坡,你们还很年轻,要去学本事, 去西方留学念书, 并在那里成家结婚, 你们值得拥有。你们一定会拥有幸福。

  6. 把老招牌送下台

    上帝在文明西方等待你们,把最好的人分别配给Roy和慧慧,待你们将来把他们带回新加坡,孝顺老人家 。

  7. Messiah complex

    The messiah complex in the posts is too damn strong!

    You really think you know best what is good for the people, that you are almost treating them like children.

    • 把老招牌送下台

      1. we are not sorry if our comments irritated you , in Europe university , Master or Phd. student’s age is from 28 to 40, Roy and Huihui, their age are the same generation as our children.

      2. in the next government, New Prime Minister can not serve as the Finance minister at the same time, Temasek ’s CEO of course may change, bear in mind that this is a country , not a family . Otherwise, what’s point we conduct a general election after per four years ?

      3. Replace the new leadership, is the inevitable trend of the times. As long as voters have the determination, the will, will be able to achieve it

      4. PAP has many problem :
      — used our pension cash to set up a bank for PM’s wife , let her got a banker’s annual wage. future more our cash become permanent treasury, that is terribly cheating

      — reject our above 55 age withdraw our own cash, stop the chance of our survival , They are the enemies of the people

      — Continuous lie, say one thing and do another, cheat bully Singaporeans

      — Greedy, ignorant people, Without good role model leadership

      — Selfishness, squandering the nation’s wealth, Causing unemployment rate, marriage rate, fertility rate, the suicide rate. Are the world’s worst model

      good night ( we will write more tomorrow )

  8. 把老招牌送下台

    BTW, in early 2008, Barack Obama decided to participate in election, we remembered that time Lee Kuan Yew had said in an interview, he does not hope Obama to be elected…. the results of it,… surprising…

    Barack Obama was elected US president in early 2008, and in 2012 re-election.
    What does this show ?
    that shows that the people, only people are the driving force to push the historical development .

  9. Singaporeans

    Thanks for the reminder for what to choose for future. We all know we don’t like salesman who always hard sell ya, saying other products are bad but mine is the best. And try to confuse by saying it’s for your own good. Sounds like similar.

    Anyway, ask yourself. Do you think the current oppositions are up to the job for next government? See how they run their TC. Imagine they run the country.

    Okay say PAP lost. The next 5 years is still questionable, it may put the country stagnant or backwards. Too risky. Singapore cannot afford the risky future.

    The ideal way is to get opposition MP to taste how they can be a minister, just like Indonesia where minister can be from opposition parties.

    Roy, if you really care about Singapore, think thoroughly.

    I hope in future there will be joint forces government of winning party and losers. That will train opposition MP to be ready for future government and make transition smooth.

    But Roy, there is no shortcut for your current situation. Please be a gentleman and face it with credibility. Stop saying you’ve been trapped by PAP on HLP incident. You’re there you can make wise decision back then. But video evidence show otherwise, you enjoyed shouting in front of the kids.

    Good luck.

  10. lea xian loon

    There’s no way LKY can fully shirk off his responsibility in making racist remarks again Muslims. Pap tried to get Yaacob Ibrahim to speak on behalf of LKY to Muslim community “think of what he(LKY) has done for Singapore”.

    Does it mean that because LKY is part of the ruling party and has worked in Singapore before, he can be puffed by hubris, go around ripping up your mum’s arse of PAP internet brigades, and yet be immune to objective social justice? And after his open mistake was spotlighted with evidences, just get Yaacob Ibrahim to speak on behalf of LKY to Muslim community “think of what he(LKY) has done for Singapore”?

  11. littleboat

    Hi Roy, as much as we hope to be living more comfortably, we began as an island country with no natural resources. Despite such odds, it is fortunate we were saved from illiteracy through compulsory (basic) primary education , nurturing the ability to read and write in two of the most commonly used language, as compared to many resourceful Third World countries still struggling with slums, high crime rates, poor air and public infrastructure, uneducated poor with no social safety net.

    The trade-off to a resource-less country is high dependence of people, in hope of breeding strong talents to manufacture global goods or services to counter our heavy imports of basic goods, which otherwise need a financially strong country to build our food and material reserves.

    Innovations and talents take years to nurture and requires an ecosystem of free knowledge and creative exchanges, with people prizing skill mastery ahead of materialism, and a higher chance of succeeding helped by a “critical mass” population. Until we show global leadership through high-value local manufactures in areas of technology, agriculture, machinery, arts or culture, think of leading aircraft engines (Volvo), home appliances (Borsch) , designs (LVMH, Gucci) , mobile phones (Samsung, Apple) or culture (The British Monarchy, Windsor Castle), we have to maintain minimal living expectations of a stable, educated population with affordable homes, before our aspirations of global innovators to counterbalance imports. However, to have affordable food and resources, we depend on a strong currency and adequate financial reserves for favourable imports.

    Local public housing might be expensive, cars are heavily taxed, but without which, we will have no financial resources to stock food reserves, preserve national security, or even invest in foreign lands to increase the value of our currency and reserves against increasingly complex financial systems.

    Without affordable housing for the majority, financial and social problems will arise which calls for the government to balance income and housing. However, inevitably, the “market” will initiate balancing if necessary and government has a national interests to promote home ownership and family nucleus for population growth. With no product breakthroughs or a large population market to serve us, we can only hope to contribute as much as we can to our very own economy, where in exchange we have a clean, safe environment and access to higher education opportunities. Eventually, our life satisfaction lies beyond materialistic advancement, especially when we are still a young nation and yet could afford bread, coffee and eggs for all income levels.

    There are many children deprived of basic food and shelter and we can easily reverse our 50 years of fortunes to widespread poverty and social unrest, not forgetting we remain vulnerable to pirates as an island state. We live in peace every day because we are protected with our very own soldiers at borders, giving us our cherished freedom today.

    To cope with life adversities, it helps spiritually to have a faith preparing for life unexpected turns. Sometimes, it may happen when we are young, healthy and most alive, before we take a hit and realise life is cut short suddenly. A good faith provides meaning and direction to life with right values. It will give life a new perspective and happiness.

    As I thought Singaporeans are unusually apathetic to our nation building policies, it remains a good sign that young locals are showing participation and empathy to our nation, as this is the only place we are left with.

    • 把老招牌送下台

      1. as usual. If people want him to step down, alwasy emphasized no resources.

      because of no resources , so the ruler dare to ask the huge money to his job ? dare to divert our cash to benefit his wife ? dare to arrest people , shamed people ,bankrupt people , broken people’s bone, Put people out of their homes…..without apology ?

      2. before PAP , Singaporeans have their own peaceful life, they have family Shipping, freight, Traders trading freely, they open their own school , they had their own bank, car dealers , fishermen rely on fishing for a living, their women at home care for children, their children are carefree … After PAP landed , children lost father , women lost husband , mother lost son , fishermen lost brother, car dealer lost home, school teacher be arrested ,school be closed , traders died in the jail….. because no resources , that price must be cost ?

      3. since then, Since then, honest and kind Singaporeans live under the White Terror , suicide again and again. They all died in the hands of Lee Kuan Yew who got sadistic illness. and this Lee Kuan Yew is the chief of PAP. those did see the darkest side of this man, does not mean there is no most brutal incidents in Singapore.

      4. In respect of each building is the people who built up in Singapore, each flower is carefully watered it with the people’s money, is the cost of establishing Singapore. Therefore, it belongs to the people.

  12. President Teo En Ming, Federation of the Universe

    Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore Want Teo En Ming Dead

    Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore want Teo En Ming dead. Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong want Teo En Ming to die young. I am only 36 years old. I do not want to die young. I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!! I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!! I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!! I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!! I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!!

    In fact, I want to live forever!!! I want to be an immortal!!!

    In fact, I want to live forever!!! I want to be an immortal!!!

    In fact, I want to live forever!!! I want to be an immortal!!!

    In fact, I want to live forever!!! I want to be an immortal!!!

    In fact, I want to live forever!!! I want to be an immortal!!!

    Teo En Ming has filed an official complaint against the Singapore Government at the United Nations Human Rights Council Branch and the International Criminal Court. Read the letter here:


    Mr. Teo En Ming’s Open Letter (Plea for Medical Help/Assistance) to World Leaders dated 27 August 2010. The letter dated 27 August 2010 is the most recent letter! Read the letter here:

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    Republic of Singapore
    4 Feb 2015 Wednesday Singapore Time

  13. President Teo En Ming, Federation of the Universe

    Dear Fabrications About The PAP and other Facebook Users,

    Roy Ngerng Yi Ling DID NOT flee Singapore and abscond with the donated money. There is very clearly a mis-understanding between M Ravi and Roy Ngerng, as explained to me by Leslie Chew and various quarters. We are trying to patch things up between M Ravi and Roy Ngerng. We sincerely hope M Ravi and Roy Ngerng could still remain as friends. The Singapore Government is apparently trying to sow discord between M Ravi and Roy Ngerng. Please delete and stop circulating my video. This video is my intellectual property, I filmed it and it cannot be used without my express permission. Again, I request you to delete and stop circulating my video as soon as possible. I have also taken down my Original Youtube video. Thank you very much.

    Yours sincerely,

    Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    8 Feb 2015

  14. President Teo En Ming, Federation of the Universe

    [YOUTUBE VIDEO] Launch of the Singapore Democratic Party Economic Policy Paper by Dr. Chee Soon Juan on 7 Feb 2015 Saturday

    Dear Citizens of the World,

    I have just completed uploading my video coverage of the presentation by Dr. Chee Soon Juan to Youtube at 6:25 PM SGT. Video rendering on my Intel Core i5 4430 desktop computer took a solid 4 hours for a 2 hr video. Youtube may take another 10 hours to process my video before it becomes online. Please wait patiently for my Youtube video. The presentation by Dr. Chee Soon Juan started at 2:00 PM SGT on 7 Feb 2015 Sat. I was late for the presentation by 45 minutes due to another important matter that I had taken up. I am very very sorry for being late.

    Filmed by Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    8 Feb 2015 Sunday Singapore Time


    SINGAPORE +65-9117-5902

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