PAP Says WP’s Actions are Unlawful and Dishonest but the PAP’s Management of the CPF is Worse

The People’s Action Party (PAP) government has launched an attack on the Worker’s Party over the management of its funds at the Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East Town Council (AHPETC).

The Today newspaper drew a chart and said that “AHPETC’s key officers had ownership interests in two companies engaged by the town council for estate services — FM Solutions & Integrated Services (FMSI) and FM Solutions & Services (FMSS)” and that there was no “proper disclosures of the interests of the related parties” and that there were “conflicts of interest”. It also said that there were “Lapses in governance of related party transactions”. AHPETC was also criticised for “Inadequacies in record management and accounting system”.


However, when you look at the PAP’s government fund management of Singaporeans’  Central Provident Fund (CPF) pension funds and “ownership interests”, you see a somewhat similar structure.

PAP-GIC-Temasek Holdings-Web__

Below, I replaced what the PAP ministers and members of parliament had said about the AHPETC with what can also be said about the PAP’s management of our CPF. The hypocrisy of what the PAP has said will then be revealed. (The change of words are in italics.)

National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan:

Khaw Boon Wan

GIC and Temasek Holding receive large sums of CPF monies from Singaporeans. These are all public monies. As stewards of public funds, GIC and Temasek Holdings must keep proper accounts and records, and maintain adequate control over their assets. Who has paid and who has not? How is the money spent? Is it properly used? Is anybody doing anything wrong? … These and many other questions directly affect the interests and safety of the Singaporeans. They are not trivial technical issues raised merely to satisfy the accountants or the auditors, or to meet financial regulations. Unfortunately, … (there are) serious questions about the reliability and accuracy of their financial and accounting systems.

There is always the temptation, when the GIC and Temasek Holdings are financially strapped, to postpone saving, and say it will make up the shortfall later, or worse, to put its hand into the cookie jar, to draw from the savings to satisfy immediate needs. Just spend, use the savings first. Sounds appealing, but the GIC and Temasek Holdings will then be simply running down the reserves and mortgaging the future of Singaporeans away.

GIC and Temasek Holdings did not adequately manage the conflicts of interests of related parties arising from ownership interests of their key officers”.”

The related parties were two companies, GIC and Temasek Holdings, engaged by the PAP government to invest Singaporeans’ CPF. GIC and Temasek Holdings are owned by the PAP government. The chairman and directors of the GIC are the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers, Ministers, ex-Ministers and members of parliament of the PAP government. The Chairman of GIC and CEO of Temasek Holdings are, by the way, husband and wife.

The key officers of the PAP government (i.e. Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers, Ministers, ex-Ministers and members of parliament) who have ownership interests in the GIC and at the same time performed a role (for the PAP government) in approving transfer of the CPF to GIC were in clear conflicts of interests.

“Taken in totality, the PAP government cannot possibly adequately manage the conflicts of interest involved in related party transactions”. This means that the PAP government may not have obtained the best value for the moneys paid to these related parties. Or worse, there could be opportunities of wrong-doing or unethical practices which the PAP government may not be able to detect or prevent.

Singaporeans and taxpayers need to know that their monies are properly spent and they are getting best value for money. When these contracts are awarded to parties related to the PAP government, the PAP government needs to be upfront with Singaporeans as well as with taxpayers at large, so that there is transparency and proper scrutiny.

Each year, the PAP government collects about $30 billion in CPF contributions from Singaporeans. The PAP government also manages a reserve of about $1 trillion, accumulated from Singaporeans’ CPF monies and government grants… There is also no assurance that the CPF monies, which are taxpayers’ monies disbursed to the GIC and Temasek Holdings, are being safeguarded and channelled to the purpose for which they are given. And most fundamental of all, there is no safeguard against potential mischief and loss of public monies.

The PAP government has no proper system to safeguard important documents, and had weak accounting procedures. It did not provide key information requested by President Ong Teng Cheong on the reserves. Without access to proper records, President Ong was unable to make a proper assessment of the GIC and Temasek Holding’s financial situation.

We do not know the exact state of the GIC and Temasek Holding’s financial position.

Something is seriously wrong with the PAP government. They paint a picture of financial mismanagement, incompetence and negligence in corporate governance.

If an auditor makes such a finding on a listed company, it will immediately cause consternation among the shareholders, and a call for the removal of the CEO and the Board of Directors. In Japan, the president or CEO will call a press conference and take a deep bow; in the good old days, they may even commit hara-kiri. Where there are breaches of the Companies Act, both the company as well as the individuals responsible could be charged, and if found guilty, punished with fines and/or jail terms for the individuals.

Even for charities, if their auditor makes such a damning finding, the Commissioner of Charities will haul up the Governing Board and key officers for a full inquiry. They will be suspended and eventually removed from their duties. If the findings are borne out, they can also be charged and punished for any breaches of the Charities Act.

Unfortunately, throughout this saga, we have found the PAP MPs running the PAP government to be evasive, unresponsive and misleading. In response to legitimate queries from Singaporeans, they stone-walled, deflected the queries, made false or dishonest claims, raised irrelevant excuses and sought to confuse the public with a flurry of red-herrings.

First, their lack of transparency – they failed to disclose things on time; they failed to submit reports they should be submitting. Every time we reminded them, again and again, they came up with yet another excuse.

The government need competent, honest people and proper systems to serve Singaporeans well. Good intentions and bland assurances alone are not sufficient. Elected MPs need to supervise the work of the government, GIC and Temasek Holdings. While they enjoy wide autonomy, they also have huge responsibility. And they are accountable to Singaporeans. They have statutory duties but they are also subject to national laws.

Running a government requires elected MPs to govern, not just politick. Compared to the sound and fury of politicking, governing is long, tedious and unglamorous work. But good government is what secures a good life for Singaporeans, on a long-term, sustainable basis. Conversely, neglect of government ultimately compromises Singaporeans’ well-being. It may not show up immediately, but it will eventually.

Foreign Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam:


What concerns me is that the PAP government’s actions are clearly unlawful.

The rhetoric from the PAP is always about helping the poor man, the reality is that the PAP took CPF money from the man in the street to give to their friends in the GIC and Temasek Holdings.

The PAP keep saying there’s been no loss (of CPF monies from the more than $100 billion that the GIC and Temasek Holdings lost in 2008). Maybe there was no one taking money through the back door in the dark of the night, there was no need because the money was taken from the front door in broad daylight through all this overcharging.

The second major problem arising from the facts is lack of transparency, lack of disclosure. First, the facts do not seem to have been fully disclosed to all Singaporeans. And second, there seems to have been no proper discussion of the conflicts at all.

Active, persistent non-disclosure. Obviously, deliberate. And the consequence of all of this? Of the billions that were paid to the GIC and Temasek Holdings, who knows how much was justifiable?

The PAP have been quick to say that despite all the problems, no CPF monies have been lost. Can the PAP honestly say that no CPF monies have been lost? When the PAP ministers and members of parliament act in breach of their fiduciary duties; and pay the GIC and Temasek Holdings billions of dollars? Overpayment to a related party is not a loss?

It is a really strange statement from the PAP. The House is burning – and they are standing in front of it and says – you know, there has been no “loss”. Is it possible that the PAP does not recognise loss even when it is staring before their face?

Let us put this in layman terms: You have a business, with cash, valuables belonging to other people. You don’t know exactly what you have. You put a friend in charge. They take what they want of the cash. You overpay them several billion dollars. You don’t check. Auditors say your accounts are in a mess, the accounts are unreliable. In fact you say yourself that you can’t produce the accounts. Auditors say you have no clear idea of what has happened to the cash.

And you come and you say: no money is lost. One can only wonder at such a statement.

And the money was lost not through accident. The structure was approved by at least some in the PAP government for your party to form a company and do all of this.

This is not just a question of negligence, or inexperience. You don’t need many years of experience to know that you shouldn’t let your friends do what they like with public funds.

The big questions remain unanswered. Why did you hide information from your own President, Ong Teng Cheong? What are you going to do to recover monies that have been lost? Those are questions, because these are people’s monies. There will have to be consequences; we have to see what they do to recover lost money.

So why set up the GIC and Temasek Holdings? It was a convenient vehicle to which billions of dollars went from the Town Council. And another obvious question: money that went to the GIC and Temasek Holdings – where did it actually go? What happened to it?

This process is unacceptable. It is also unlawful. In all these 25 years, in no other government except the PAP government are the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers, Ministers, ex-Ministers and members of parliament of the PAP government not just part of the GIC, but also directors of the GIC. Their ownership interest and control of the GIC is what distinguishes the PAP government from all other governments.

Why doesn’t the PAP government give proper answers instead of playing hide and seek? What are you hiding? This is not negligence. It is an active decision to suppress information. It raises the issue of integrity.

Any honest PAP member of parliament will admit that all this is unacceptable, and will want to set right what has gone wrong, which means coming clean on the facts, relooking at all the contracts and payments, and recovering all the excesses, the overpayments, and the payments made in breach of fiduciary duties. Which means taking legal action where necessary. Will the PAP members of parliament do that?

What concerns me is that the actions are clearly unlawful, … we were inundated with minutiae about how the safekeeping is going to be made better, how there are going to be two locks and so on. The big questions remain unanswered: Why did you hide info from Singaporeans? …What are you going to do to recover monies that have been lost?

If you were a listed company, by now your shareholders would have sued you. Because you collect public funds every month, and you have a duty to account to Singaporeans. Basically, the PAP government is in shambles. It is quite amazing to hear you stand up and say everything is okay. If you were a listed company, by now your shareholders would have sued you because you collect public funds every month and you have a duty to account to Singaporeans.

There has been a complete dereliction of duties and this is in addition to the gross breach of fiduciary duties, in relation to the GIC and Temasek Holdings. You made a conscious decision to appoint your ministers to run the GIC… What does this say of your integrity? In conclusion, I say this to the PAP government: Each of you appear to have seriously breached your fiduciary duties.

On behalf of the residents of Singaporeans, more than 3.5 million of them, hard-working, honest people, we have to ask the PAP to come clean and explain yourselves to the public. Singaporeans deserve some real, honest answers.

Education Minister Heng Swee Keat:

Heng Swee Keat

I am concerned about the well-being and interests of all Singaporeans. Elected MPs are expected to be clean, honest and to act with integrity.

So I am sad to observe that the elected members of parliament of the PAP have betrayed the people’s trust. They betrayed the people’s trust in three ways:

  • One, they betrayed the people’s trust by failing to act in the best interests of the Singaporeans.
  • Two, they betrayed the people’s with a consistent pattern of evasive behaviour.
  • Third, they betrayed the people’s trust by promising one thing and doing another.

First, the PAP government have betrayed the trust of Singaporeans.

Singaporeans cannot trust the PAP on several counts.

For a start, Singaporeans cannot trust the PAP to get them a good deal – in fact, the PAP has gotten them a raw deal.

The GIC and Temasek Holdings charge the highest rate in the world for their services.

Till now, after all the debate…, the public doesn’t know, none of us knows, the reasons why the GIC and Temasek Holdings’s rates are higher than everywhere else.

And sadly, this is precisely what we are seeing – short-term, opportunistic behaviour.

What we have is a structure (of how the CPF is channelled into the GIC and Temasek Holdings) that is quite convoluted. There were other options that could have been pursued.

Singaporeans cannot trust the elected PAP members of parliament to account honestly for where their CPF money is.

I’m also very concerned about the second way in which the PAP has betrayed the people’s trust. The pattern of behaviour. A consistent pattern of denial, deflection and protection of their managing agent, which suggests a serious rot is happening.

Why did the elected PAP members of parliament allow such a deeply flawed structure to be set up in the very first place? We have not heard any good answer.

But the PAP government told us in this House that they are professional and experienced! So who is telling us the accurate version? And you are talking about experience. How much experience do you need to know that you cannot be handing money to the GIC and Temasek Holdings, at the expense of overcharging Singaporeans? How much experience do you need to truthfully disclose information to your President?

The elected PAP members of parliament have acted in the best interests of the GIC and Temasek Holdings. They have neglected the interests of Singaporeans. Can Singaporeans trust that the PAP is acting in their interests? Why are they so protective of the GIC and Temasek Holdings that messed up the CPF Board’s work?

The PAP rejected the suggestion that the arrangement was to benefit the GIC and Temasek Holdings. So may I ask: … Did they benefit? Yes, richly so. The structure that the PAP set up allowed this to happen – you awarded the contracts at these exorbitant rates and allowed them to get away with it. What other conclusions can be drawn?

All the PAP MPs have said that they would take collective responsibility… One would have expected:

  • That they will conduct a forensic audit;
  • That they will take legal action against the GIC and Temasek Holdings;
  • That they will file accounts immediately, on time, as required by the law, and any administrative action;
  • That they will put in the checks and balances where there is a severe conflict of interest.

And Singaporeans deserve to know what had happened. Is the PAP prepared to come clean, and explain, and answer all the questions that have been raised in this House? How exactly will you safeguard the interests of Singaporeans?

The third way that the PAP had betrayed the trust of our people is they promise one thing, and do another, quite the opposite. They said something in one forum, and in another forum, they said something else.

We have seen clearly how they have created a system where there is no check, no balance. You can’t even check yourselves! Or you are not willing to check yourself.

They have been entrusted with running a government. Where is the First World government that they should be delivering? Instead, we have a government which cannot account where the resources go to.

The PAP also spoke vigorously about accountability – but surely you would agree that the most basic aspect of accountability is to be able to keep proper accounts of the money that have been entrusted to you. I can understand if you are keeping accounts for the first time, but you are not – you have told Singaporeans of your experience in running Singapore. So till today, we do not know the true state of the accounts of the GIC and Temasek Holdings.

We saw a big wayang in this house. Ordinarily, such a wayang would have seemed comical. But in the context of how important integrity and trust is in how we govern our little red dot, I am so disappointed and so saddened by this entire sorry saga.

What we are seeing are not isolated lapses or behaviours. What we are seeing is a troubling pattern of dishonest and misleading behaviour – to say one thing but to do the opposite, to say one thing that suits them to Singaporeans, but to say a different thing in Parliament or elsewhere when it suits them better.

And these are very serious lapses. What has been troubling is the pattern of denial and the pattern of deflection of these very serious lapses. And therefore, it was necessary to have this debate in Parliament. So it is not about partisan politics. It is really about how we must work as elected Members of Parliament to serve Singaporeans and to serve Singaporeans sincerely, wholeheartedly.

Won’t answer President Ong Teng Cheong. Won’t answer Parliament. Won’t answer Singaporeans. Who is left in Singapore that the PAP think is worthy of an answer?

This is wrong. This is a serious problem of integrity.

It costs the PAP nothing to promise the world. But there is a real cost to Singaporeans – real lives are affected – when they break their promises.

We have seen how, in many countries, when elected officials engage in self-serving practices, when they put their own interests ahead of the public interest, when they do not act with integrity and when they put the interests of their cronies first, the country fails. And it is the man in the street, the young, and the future generation who suffer the most.

As a little red dot, good governance is critical to Singapore’s future. Elected public officials must act with integrity and a deep sense of responsibility, and serve our people whole-heartedly. In the many decisions we take, there may be errors – human or system, but what matters most is that elected officials act with integrity and do our very best to serve the public interest.

A government requires elected MPs to govern, and not just politick. It is easy to shout campaign slogans and make all sorts of promises. But do you really believe in what you say wholeheartedly, and walk the talk? Running a government in a clean, competent and accountable way is a test of the integrity of the MP and his sense of responsibility and accountability. In other words, can we trust him or her?

This is not about partisan politics – I have no joy pointing out the many failings and questionable practices of the PAP. This is important for all Singaporeans because it is about our long-term future. Unless elected MPs act with integrity and a deep sense of responsibility, and take the trust of the people seriously, we will not be able to maintain a system of good governance – clean, honest, accountable, competent, and pass this on to our future generations. We must not betray the trust of Singaporeans. Singaporean deserve better. Let us all honour the trust that Singaporeans have placed in us.

It is about integrity, trust, our conviction that as elected MPs, we are here to serve the people of Singapore, not our friends.

It is a broader issue of how elected MPs must act with integrity and act to serve the interests of Singaporeans so it is of greater interest than just a CPF issue.

Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC MP Hri Kumar Nair:

Hri Kumar Nair

That would not be a satisfactory solution or outcome because that means the CPF is deprived of funds and ultimately the people who suffer will be Singaporeans because their CPF would not have sufficient funds to allow them to retire.

So why should the PAP be let off easy just because they are the government? And why should Singaporeans be forced to accept anything less than full accountability? This cannot be the right way forward.

By any standard – any standard – of corporate governance, the engagement of GIC and Temasek Holdings involves a conflict of interest.

The PAP team should also procure an undertaking from the GIC and Temasek Holdings that they will make all their papers and staff available for investigation. That is the only way to put this matter to rest. And I really hope for the sake of Singaporeans, that the GIC and Temasek Holdings has suffered no loss or will be able to recover the loss. That is good for Singaporeans. But we need to do that investigation to find out. But if the PAP is not willing to do it, then that says everything.

The PAP has not answered all the questions that have been posed to them, and they are certainly not answering the questions they don’t want to answer.

That CPF money is not going to come back. This is something we still have not heard any explanation for.

Minister of State in Prime Minister’s Office and for Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth Sam Tan:

Sam Tan

The PAP MPs and candidates sounded very eloquent and righteous over this matter.

Holland-Bukit Timah GRC MP Liang Eng Hwa:

Liang Eng Hwa

These are practices that would not even find their place in a Third-World Parliament.

We must not let any errant practices erode the public confidence, trust and integrity of the finances of town councils.

Our politics must not be about accepting mediocre performance and substandard practices. Singaporeans deserve better.

What we are concerned about is public money and that the PAP is bullying Singaporeans.

Later, Mr Khaw concluded:

Institutions that collect and spend public money must always ensure a high standard of transparency and accountability. Institutions are not perfect and there is always scope to improve and occasionally, they may even make mistakes. Where there is criminal intent, the law will take its course. When mistakes are made, we expect the leaders in charge to take ownership and admit them and to promptly institute changes to avoid any repeat.

As MPs, we set the tone and the standard of corporate governance in Singapore. As the Chinese saying goes: “上梁不正下梁歪” (if the top beam is not straight, the lower beams are bound to be crooked). If the leader sets a bad example, or condones bad behaviour by his senior staff, the other subordinates will likely follow suit.

This consistent pattern of evasive behaviour gives us cause to doubt the sincerity of the PAP MPs.

I would urge that the PAP come out of denial and see the gravity of the situation for what it is… The lapses are symptomatic of a systemic failure: the failure to have proper controls and a reliable record and accounting system. This is the staple that every government must have in order to operate. How else can you safeguard public monies? The PAP government cannot safeguard public monies; its accounts are inaccurate and unreliable.

All political parties, we assume, must aspire to eventually run the Singapore Government. Now, if they cannot even run the GIC and Temasek Holdings well, how can they be entrusted with the even more critical responsibility of running the whole country?

At the core of this tragic saga is the incompetence of the GIC and Temasek Holdings, and the PAP government.

The PAP government, GIC and Temasek Holdings are very highly paid. It cannot even deliver a competent reliable system and administration of accounts and records. Without a reliable accounting and financial management system, there will be financial and accounting lapses, and opportunities for fraud, abuse and wrong-doing. And in such a setting, when wrong-doers dip their fingers into the pie, the acts may not be discovered for a long time. If I may quote another Chinese saying: “混水摸鱼” (when the water is murky, it is easier to fish). In other words, opacity creates opportunities for crooks to make money. Eventually the financial health of the government will be placed at risk. This can only be at the expense of Singaporeans.

I bet the GIC and Temasek Holdings are one of those rare companies which is profitable from year one. If my guess is correct, we can safely assume where the husband-and-wife team places their priority.

The structure is downright unlawful, and that it is a serious breach of fiduciary duties for any PAP member of parliament to have approved such a process. Inflated fees were paid to the GIC and Temasek Holdings, in return for gross incompetence, placing the government’s financial health at risk… In short, the GIC and Temasek Holdings and their board who de facto run the CPF have milked it, and Singaporeans’ money and public funds have in this manner been abused.

The systemic failure at the PAP government resides in the arrangement that they have allowed – the de facto management of the PAP government being also the board of the GIC, resulting in the adverse outcome of over-charging and the obvious ineffectiveness of any oversight by them. The result is the deteriorating financial health of the CPF, with all signs suggesting it is only going to get worse this year and the next.

If a listed company has such an auditor’s report, the Chairman of the company will be duty bound to investigate and to satisfy himself and his shareholders whether fraud or criminal conduct was involved. In this instance, the ball is in the PAP’s court.

Regardless, we must not allow the PAP to profiteer from their incompetence, all the more when it is at the expense of Singaporeans and public monies. Even if it was not illegal, it is morally wrong. The Prime Minister should not condone this. He should hold his government accountable. I expect him to take action against the GIC and Temasek Holdings for their monumental incompetence. That would be the right thing to do.

It cannot be just lip service, a convenient way of sliding past this debacle, to live and fight another day. Demonstrate your sincerity through real actions. There is another Chinese saying for this: “听其言,观其行” (watch his actions, even as you are listening to his words). How to show sincerity?

It is not about PAP versus the opposition. It is about Singaporeans. Let us do our very best to uphold high standards of governance, transparency and accountability so that we can protect their interests. Let us do our best to protect, safeguard all the public monies that have been entrusted to the government.

Mr Khaw said that the Ministry of National Development will censure the AHPETC in the following ways: 

Clearly, this state of affairs is unacceptable. MND will follow up in three ways.

  1. But MND expects them to submit an unqualified set of their FY2013 financial statements to MND by 30 Jun this year, and FY2014 financial reports by 31 Aug this year. These must be tabled to Parliament, just like the financial reports from all the other TCs.
  2. Second, because of these serious problems, MND has withheld this year, FY2014 S&CC grant from the AHPETC. The money has been put aside in a separate deposit account, and will be paid out after the problems are fixed… Anyway, the earlier the AHPETC cleans up the mess, the earlier we could resume payment of the S&CC grants. So the ball is in the TC’s court.
  3. Regardless of which party is running the TC, there is a need to ensure proper systems, accountability and governance, to safeguard residents’ interests… We will strengthen TCs’ corporate governance and financial accountability, to ensure that TCs plan and use their finances in a sustainable way. This will take reference from best practices in companies and other organisations, and include spelling out the duties and responsibilities of the town councillors and elected MPs, and the penalties if they fail to perform those duties.

If so, should Singaporeans also censure the PAP government on the use of our CPF funds in the following ways?

  1. The CPF Board, GIC and Temasek Holdings have to submit their full financial reports.
  2. Singaporeans should withhold their CPF monies from the CPF Board, GIC and Temasek Holdings until after the problems are fixed.
  3. We should ensure proper systems, accountability and government from the CPF Board, GIC and Temasek Holdings, and spell out penalties if they fail to perform their duties.

What the PAP is playing against the WP is severely hypocritical. As Mr Heng had said to the WP, will the PAP then take legal action against the GIC and Temasek Holdings? The PAP would attack the WP for the relatively minor lapses but which the WP has no choice of – if it trusts someone else who might be affiliated to the PAP to do the job for them, this might place them in a worse situation. 

However, the PAP has every opportunity to be transparent and accountable to Singaporeans on our CPF. Yet, the PAP has refused to provide full reports and would drag its feet instead of answer to Singaporeans on how the CPF monies have been used. The PAP would then attack the WP for the very lapses and dishonesty that it has done with our CPF.

If the PAP is to be as brazen as this to accuse the WP of wrongdoings, then isn’t what the PAP has done to our CPF of graver deeds? If so, should Singaporeans not take legal action against the PAP? Should the whole PAP government not be removed? And should the PAP not be charged, sentenced and jailed? 

Singaporeans, you know what to do. This is no joking matter. If the PAP has the awareness to understand what wrongdoing is but has continued to act in dishonest ways, then it is time we eradicate the PAP from government. It’s time to stand up and fight, to safeguard our own future. 


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    after he finished his delicious meal, had enjoy enough sightseeing , he came back and distribute red envelopes, and he will sent to whom? depends on the person if he like or dislike, he used our national money to engage in his own relationships

    5) 15 Feb 2015 ,he want his office making a big announcement reported that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was diagnosed with prostate cancer. 2月15日,他要他的办公室向全部報館媒體做一个大公告报道说,总理李显龙被诊断出患有前列腺癌。

    6) 24 hours later, 16 Feb 2015, he want his officer making a big announcement again, reported that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong prostate surgery successfully completed and fully recover 24小时后,2015年2月16日,他要他的辦公室向全部媒體再次做出一个大的公告,报道说,总理李显龙前列腺手术成功完成,并且完全恢复。

    按道理說,當國人有事,自殺,滅絕,失業, 他10年來,又不關人家的死活,所以他的死活也不關國人什麼事嘛。 你們看他是不是很像台灣的陳水扁呢 ?Logically, when people suffering , suicide, extermination, unemployment, in his ruling 10 years, he never care about people’s life or death, so he’s not worth the people think of him…You see, he looks the same like Chen Shui-bian in Taiwan

    7) 再說一遍,前列腺不是癌, 也不是病,只是射精時受阻而已。Again, prostate is not cancer , nor is a disease, but it is blocked ejaculation.

    8) vote him out, WP and people’s life will start a new era


    把寶貴的一票投給工人黨,民主黨,和其他在野黨, 只有這樣,人民幸福生活的新紀元才會開始。

  2. vote for new leader

    1) 前列腺(英文: prostate)是男性特有的性腺器官.

    前列腺是雄性哺乳動物生殖系統中的一個器官,前列腺液可與精子混合成精液。一個健康的人類男性其前列腺的大小較核桃略大一點,位于骨盆腔的底部——膀胱下,尿道上;耻骨后,直肠前。人類男性的尿道除了供排泄尿液之外,另一個 功能是射精時精液的出口。精液包含精子和液狀物,此液狀物約有10%-30%是來自前列腺所製造,前列腺體也包含平滑肌組織,可幫助射精。前列腺实质内有尿道和两条射精管穿过,当射精时,前列腺和精囊腺的肌肉收缩,可将输精管和精囊腺中的内容物经射精管压入后尿道,进而排出体外。综上所述,前列腺重要的功能,在人体内发挥了重要作用。

    2 ) 大多数超过60的男人,都患有潜在的前列腺疾病,如早期发现,这种病更本不是病, 因为没有不舒适的生理反应。因为没有疼痛感觉,所以很多带病原的病人,在早期无法发现。他们对预防性检查一无所知, 即使去做了检查,医院也只做常规部分,最深处的精细微细胞部分检查医院不会免费提供。

    3 ) 要长命百岁的人, 在有事没事, 开开心心的时候,在健康的时候, 也最好去做一下为未来要长命百岁做一次确保。 随时拿自己的一点点细胞, 或者一点点血出来检验, 看看有没有问题, 一般医院不会为普通病人愁眉苦脸地的时候做非常细致到每根细胞浓度的检查,验血也是这样,医院只验几个标准指数, 凡是涉及到精细的, 最深处每个血管的质量指标检查时, 医院不推荐。因为这种微细胞检查的费用很贵。

    4 ) 因此对有钱的人,对潜在病源做早期预防性治疗,是确保活到120岁的奢侈消费。依靠昂贵代价, 比如胰岛素,球蛋白维持新陈代谢 。 对没有钱的人,做不起早期预防治疗, 不可能確保長命百歲。

    为什么一邊拿了人家的錢,一邊罵人家是 Losers, 廝殺無辜, 犬養婊子,種植黑幫,打發過年, 還要把人分成三六九等……

    投徐順全,劉程強,林瑞蓮,等等他們的人,只要他們執政, 國家和國人的財產才能從一個家族首領那裡拿回來

    你手上的一票有機會改變你的命運, 投票是秘密的,投票是神聖的。

    • lea xian loon

      Lier or not, some of us may not be sure.

      But it is a fact that people with prostate gland removed, can suffer painful and bloody urine (pun intended) unhappily ever after… even if he stops being the pm to oppress people

  3. Limpeh Warned Singaporeans A Long Time Ago

    Lee Kuan Yew Quotes
    “The party would withdraw services to the two opposition-held seats of Anson and Potong Pasir, and if all of Singapore votes us out, we withdraw all services everywhere and entirely.”
    – On Potong Pasir and Anson electing non-PAP MPs

    “Please do not assume that you can change governments. Young people don’t understand this”
    – MM Lee Kuan Yew on the results of the 2006 election


    It’s not as if the old f*ck never warned Singaporeans about what he will do if PAP gets voted out.
    We just didn’t believe him because we thought he was such a nice man.
    He’s not our typical grandfather that’s for sure.

    • lea xian loon

      Great photo! LOL!

      Maybe it may be more appropriate, if the sheep should be in background of cc and rc centres?

  4. joh

    As you showed it.. birds of same feathers flock together. WP supporter husband and wife. Both made profit together out of TC with blessings from WP. Mr Lee and wife both in power and establish the other spouse based on string and earn good money . Both Roy and HHH both the same too, both equally made sacrifices for sgrean. I should thank both roy and Mr. Lee. Roy without him the CPF would not be a big issue and now a lot of chat for imorovements. Mr Lee. Without the govt attracting my company to come here, i would never have got this good paying job. WP not sure what contributions. But thank goodness i am not staying in Aljunied or maybe i should because it seems you can get away without paying conservancy. If this is the case, i would go for WP. Very clear.. whoever can bring me benefits most and can make my pocket fatter i support the one most. This is absolutely human and very realistic. So roy at his own accord wants to relentless fight for CPF changes and we can get more out of it. I support. But my investment can be worthwhile. If i put in $1 and get back $100. I will. But if i put in $10 i get back only $2. Fat chance. So i will make a calculation to invest based on returns.

  5. John Koh

    you still need people to understand for you! your comparision is out of proportion! it show how much you understand
    the CPF for a start.

  6. AHPETC Broke No Laws

    If AHPETC is so unlawful, why PAP government never make police report??
    AHPETC is so honest, even the PAPigs are not able to charge them in court.
    Therefore we can confidently vote WP in GE 2016.


    “So why set up the GIC and Temasek Holdings? It was a convenient vehicle to which billions of dollars went from the Town Council. And another obvious question: money that went to the GIC and Temasek Holdings – where did it actually go? What happened to it?”

    You are complaining that GIC who earns 6 % and TH earns 1x% – only give back 2.5% , 3.5, 4% that shortchange Singaporeans. You have done research and is a expert in GIC and TH. Now, you have discover a new finding.
    GIC and TH money is from town council?

  8. vote for new leader

    10天前, 他一邊在西班牙遊山玩水,10天后說患癌症,24小時候說癌症治好了。
    根本不是癌,非要驚動媒體,考驗他的副手, 神經病嘛。
    現在他的 『 癌症』 一夜之間治好了, 他又回來打架搞迫害了,這一次, 他還是和以前一樣, 借他人之手。 因為他的斂財生意還沒有做完。 執政10年, 依靠 『我們一切為人民 』這個大謊言賺錢, 吃飯,控告,敲詐,毀滅他人的生活。

    以後,要理解他的演講,先把他的句子倒轉過來,按反義詞理解,當他說『我們是以人民利益為先』的時候,他私底下的真實意思是,我要人民一切以我為先。當他要工人黨問責制時,他私底下的真實意思是,『我要你工人黨永遠矮我一截,做二等公民, 誰敢問我的問責制 ?我先用橡皮擦塗塗改改, 刪除證據, 接下來,我用我辦公室的掃地工, 擦桌公, 三八婆, 一起來主導媒體, 八卦你, 爆料你,搞得滿城風雨來收拾你,秋後算帳,我告你破產啊。』


    • Threat To Singaporeans Welfare - ISIS or PAP?

      Which is a bigger threat to Singaporeans financial well being?
      PAP’s refusal to return all our money back to us at age 55 years old?
      Or PAP government sending Singaporeans to the Middle East to fight ISIS?
      In both cases, do you think PAP is putting Singaporeans in harm’s way?

      • vote for new leader

        YES, well said ! 100% are correct comments.
        when we begging they stop to hurt common people ,
        When we begged them to allow people breathe,
        the heartless leader refused us, Instead, he wants his woman in his office, order us get out
        when we appeal for help, he let this official women informed us give up citizenship as soon as possible
        many miserable experiences prove that PAP ‘s head office is the People’s terrorist
        The cruel extent was no different compared with terrorists.

    • tan

      Very soon ISIS will come and chop off your head even if dont go middle east. They might kidnap you and your family when you are on holiday. Then you know.

      • vote for new leader

        The above is Lee Hsien Loong’s specialties , Lee Hsien Loong wants chop off our head, they provided the evidence of the terror crime , so we put this down screenshots, and immediately report to the relevant government.

        李顯龍辦公室的女人要斬我們的頭, 為他們自己提供了計劃恐怖犯罪的證據,讓我們把這段先截屏下來,立刻報告各相關政府。

  9. landragon123

    The whole Cabinet to bring down WP with Lapses reported by the AG against WP. It is the PAP duty to ask the AG what Lapses are going on now at the 5 reported ministries.

    If the AG were to release the report on the lapses by the PAP, the situation will be different.

  10. Fully Return our CPF


    我们不能允许他们夺走了我们的寿命和健康与太平,因而坚持别无选择的生存观, 拿回我们的公积金。

    现在我们需要站在一起,凝聚我们的力量。坚信我们的信念。我们正在做的,聚集在这里。我们肩并肩。穆斯林教,观音教,基督徒。不同的信念的人。我们站在一起,请独裁者听好啦,新加坡人在55岁无条件的拿回我们的公积金 。

    一只手, 是微不足道的,千万双手,我们握住彼此的手, 我们将变得更加强大 。

  11. James Lie

    Good if everyone out of job and eat grass. I just take my retirement while all of you just sat here and squabble while i watch.
    . Why not take a knife and stab each other since both sides so unhappy? It will be damm interesting to watch.

  12. papa

    It is the time of the year to celebrate the dead. A time of gossip and reluctance and of forced engagement and awkwardness. For some, it’s a happy occasion. For many, they can’t escape.
    When the dead passes on, the living shall move on.

  13. lea xian loon

    Side effects of Prostate Gland Removal:
    Erection problems (impotence)
    Leakage of urine

    Civil servants (or slaves) like some of us can quietly rejoice now, that they may not need to sit through the long period of ostentatious Budget 2015 talk, due to PM Lee’s new prostate surgery side effects.

    That is unless PM Lee comes on stage dressed like a pregnant sumo wrestler: Urinary incontinence, for example, requires the use of pads that add considerable bulkiness to clothing and create concern about leakage and odor.

    • RealCS

      So what if Lee Hsien Loong dies? Vote Roy ngerng for PM? I bet the first thing he do is give free $1M to the poor, then suddenly Singapore’s credit rating from AAA to F9.

  14. lea xian loon

    PM Lee, we hope that your personal experience through this, will awaken you to needs of others in a similar condition like yours, only without media enhancement, effective medical coverage, and job protection.

  15. lea xian loon

    You’ve used media, court and all govt bodies (including NParks) to bring down people who voice out against oppression. Is sickness the only few ways you have availed yourself for God to speak to you, after you have surrounded and imbibed yourself with Hubris?

    • RealCS

      Oppression? Where is the oppression? If the oppression is there, your comment would not be here, my comment would not be here, and both of us would be in a concentration camp eating dirt.

  16. vote for new leader

    @yug or jim ?
    1) 1) we have more pressing issue and threats.

    ——- You are responsible for your actions hurt the people, you have become the people’s threats already. you threat Roy, HanHuihui, Xmen , and many unknown names, almost are non- political people, included me and my family . hope new power team will fire you.

    2) You are no exceptions.

    —– it is, i am also received threatened by you, you are the one of terrorist who sneaky inside the head office.
    we explained about 30 times that why you must not hurt Roy and others , the first you did wrong of occupy our cash no return. the second, trasfer to Temasek , you gave us idea. this is a country, is not your slaver, but how dare you put yourself as the grandmother of us , you forced us for obey you, hello, Miss, who are you, you just because you are the woman of the head ?

    but we dont think about that way, so you threatened us. we consider you led the action trend on behalf of PM, you done the sin , you may pay . … you are bad woman leader inside the office, not suitable working in political line.

    3) Better thank you are still safe but who knows in future.

    ——— wrong, help Singapore democracy progress is not safe to us, ….. you see , the head officer — PM Lee has sent his girl pcome and kidnap us soon and have to hand over us to ISIS to chop off our head , so we are very scared , we forward this report to all related authority, be aware this terrorist — Lee Hsien Loong and his girls …. ok. because his girls, females officer threatened us that Singapore is a demon country .

    about future ? at moment we think if Roy and Hanhuihui and other 6 people will be in peace , that is our dream future .

  17. vote for new leader

    在我的餘生,什麼都有了, 只有一件事還沒有, 就是要幫新加坡 不幸的人伸張正義。 今天我們大罵的人, 如果明天他救了被他害過的人,那麼,他還值得繼續做。

    反之,如果我曾經敬佩的領袖, 要用身邊的女人跑出來揚言綁架我們,砍我們的頭 ? 搞笑! 吃雞肉的人怎麼綁得動吃牛肉的人 ?喝粥的人怎麼有力砍斷吃奶酪的頭 ?

    螞蟻怎麼砍巨人 ?混入國家精英裡面的女人是這種掃廁所的水平 ? 是李顯龍放她出來丟臉.


  18. President Teo En Ming, Federation of the Universe

    Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore Want Teo En Ming Dead

    Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore want Teo En Ming dead. Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong want Teo En Ming to die young. I am only 36 years old. I do not want to die young. I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!! I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!! I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!! I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!! I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!!

    In fact, I want to live forever!!! I want to be an immortal!!!

    In fact, I want to live forever!!! I want to be an immortal!!!

    In fact, I want to live forever!!! I want to be an immortal!!!

    In fact, I want to live forever!!! I want to be an immortal!!!

    In fact, I want to live forever!!! I want to be an immortal!!!

    Teo En Ming has filed an official complaint against the Singapore Government at the United Nations Human Rights Council Branch and the International Criminal Court. Read the letter here:


    Mr. Teo En Ming’s Open Letter (Plea for Medical Help/Assistance) to World Leaders dated 27 August 2010. The letter dated 27 August 2010 is the most recent letter! Read the letter here:

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    Republic of Singapore
    19th Feb 2015 Thursday Singapore Time

  19. landragon123

    A new leader is confirmed and I think our Finance Minister is the best choice. Come June or July, we will have new Cabinet and hopefully no Generals are in it as there are army train, Singapore is not on a war footing so using General are just the wrong soup for Singapore .
    Soon after the election, a President Election must be call too, for we needs a President to look after our CPF money

  20. Youth

    Frankly, many of friends and I would have rather served NS and reservist in another country than here because we get nothing but get milked here to sustain the million-dollar lifestyles of our MIW. When you go overseas to inform the international community what Singaporeans cant say here, you turn the PAP on their heads.

    • RealCS

      1- Name me another country with National Service
      2- Name me one thing what Singaporeans can’t say here. (Please don’t say bullshit like “Lee Kuan Yew sucks” because I hear that a lot of time and nobodies head gets chopped in the end)

  21. teoenming3

    Dear National Heart Centre Singapore, Dr. Lim Tiong Keng, Dr. Jack
    Tan, Changi General Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore General
    Hospital, United Nations Human Rights Council, UN Special Rapporteur on
    Torture, United Nations Human Rights Treaty Bodies, Doctors without
    Borders, Reporters without Borders, Human Rights Watch, the
    International Criminal Court, European Court of Human Rights, Court of
    Justice of the European Union, General Court of the European Union, and
    Wong Siew Wah @ Pinnacle Credit Services Pte Ltd,

    FILE NO: PA9104228
    BILL NO: H114056756D0001

    Could you tell Dr. Lim Tiong Keng at the National Heart Centre
    Singapore that I want to do a FULL Chest MRI to find out the cause of my
    intermittent mild chest pain? My intermittent mild chest pain is
    occurring randomly. On some days, I may not notice the chest pain at
    all. However, on other days, my intermittent mild chest pain may occur
    more frequently. The location of the intermittent mild chest pain is
    somewhere near the center of the chest and slightly offset to the left.
    There was a sudden onset of intermittent mild chest pain since 2nd
    October 2014, which is almost six months already. I am still considering
    a 2nd CT coronary angiogram as I fear it may cause CANCER. I have
    already went through two CT scans in the past. The first one is a CT
    coronary angiogram done at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore in
    November 2011. Everything was NORMAL. Zero percent stenosis and zero
    calcium score in all tests. Perfect health report card!!! The second one
    is a CT brain scan without contrast agent done at Tan Tock Seng Hospital
    in Singapore recently. It was also NORMAL. Hence I have only done two CT
    scans so far. I am afraid to do another CT coronary angiogram as it may
    cause CANCER. Computed Tomography (CT) scans involve large amounts of
    harmful ionizing radiation.

    Very recently (December 2014 I think) my 24-hour electrocardiogram
    Holter test and Cardiac MRI done at National Heart Center Singapore
    were also normal. But Dr. Lim Tiong Keng said that he cannot confirm
    whether I have blockages/narrowing in the coronary arteries without
    another CT coronary angiogram. Should I do another CT coronary
    angiogram in the view that it may cause cancer? Dr Lim Tiong Keng also
    told me that my cholesterol and triglycerides levels are very high. I
    took the cholesterol-lowering medicine atorvastatin every day without
    fail and it has brought my cholesterol and triglycerides levels under

    I have sudden onset of intermittent mild chest pain since early
    October 2014, which is almost six months already. I have been to
    hospital emergency departments in Singapore NUMEROUS times (I LOST COUNT
    ALREADY) complaining about intermittent mild chest pain but the
    emergency doctors in Singapore always tell me that my simple blood test
    and simple ECG are normal and they always sent me home without further
    investigations. The emergency doctors in Singapore are not interested in
    investigating the cause of my intermittent mild chest pain at all. They
    conveniently say it is a-typical chest pain and probably due to
    muscular-skeletal pain rather than coronary heart disease. All the
    Singapore doctors I have seen are not doing anything about my
    intermittent mild chest pain at all. A few Singapore doctors even wanted
    to prescribe me PANADOL/PARACETAMOL for my intermittent mild chest pain.
    What good is Panadol/Paracetamol in treating heart disease, if it is
    indeed heart disease which I am suffering from? These Singapore doctors
    simply don’t want to solve the ROOT CAUSE of my intermittent mild chest
    pain. How can Panadol treat heart disease? For God’s sake, it is for treating headaches and fevers

    I should be prescribed anticoagulants, also called blood thinners;
    aspirin and other anticlotting medicines; ACE inhibitors; beta blockers;
    calcium channel blockers; nitroglycerin; glycoprotein IIb-IIIa; statins;
    and fish oil and other supplements high in omega-3 fatty acids instead.

    If there are narrowed coronary arteries in my body, I should undergo
    angioplasty, stenting, and coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG).

    I have mentioned before a lot of times that I am being persecuted,
    targeted, blacklisted, and condemned by the Singapore Government for
    ***UNWITTINGLY*** offending Minister Mentor LEE KUAN YEW and Prime
    Minister LEE HSIEN LOONG in the year 2007 and 2009.

    Yes, I have access to health care in Singapore. The doctors in
    Singapore are willing to see me. Because I have been unemployed for
    more than one year, I get free medical consultation and free medical
    examination, all paid for by the Singapore Government.

    BUT all the Singapore doctors I have seen CONSISTENTLY REFUSE to
    certify/diagnose that I have coronary heart disease. So do I have
    heart disease or not? Having intermittent mild chest pain for five
    months or more is almost a sure sign that I have narrowing of the
    coronary arteries (angina). By refusing to certify that I have heart
    disease, the doctors in Singapore can avoid giving me the correct
    treatment for my medical condition. So the doctors in Singapore are
    willing to see me but give me the wrong diagnosis (that is,
    muscular-skeletal pain in the chest) and give me the wrong treatment
    (Panadol for chest pain!!!!!)


    ONLY 36 YEARS OLD. Come 5 March 2015, I will be 37 years old.






    It is known that the marine creature Jellyfish is biologically
    immortal. It simply refuses to die. If jellyfish can be biologically
    immortal, why can’t human beings be immortal as well? It is certainly
    not impossible and far-fetched to say that human beings will become
    biologically immortal in the near future. Who knows? Anything in the
    Universe is possible. As a scientist, you need to have an open mind.






    Please transmit my entire letter to Dr. Lim Tiong Keng and ask his
    secretary to call me to fix an appointment for Full Chest MRI. I would
    also like to consult Dr. Jack Tan at the National Heart Center Singapore
    as well. Dr. Jack Tan has been recommended to me by Pius Gilbert Louis,
    who is also targeted by the Singapore Government and the Secret Police
    in Singapore. Gilbert Louis says that the Secret Police in Singapore is trying to kill him. He has suffered five heart attacks and survived. He suspects that the Secret Police in Singapore has tainted his food with poison, which causes him to suffer heart attacks.

    I have visited the emergency departments in public hospitals in
    Singapore many many many times but no medical professional gives a
    damn about my intermittent mild chest pain. They simply don’t care. The
    doctors I have seen in Singapore don’t bother investigating the real
    cause of my intermittent mild chest pain. I am always discharged by the
    emergency doctors who always say that my blood test and ECG are normal.
    The American National Institute of Health website has already stated
    that chest pain is one of the symptoms of heart disease. It is also
    COMMON SENSE that if you have chest pain for a prolonged period of time
    like several months, it is very likely to be due to heart
    What is holding the doctors in Singapore back from certifying
    that I have coronary heart disease? Did Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong
    and Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew gave a call to all the doctors in
    Singapore telling them not to save my life??? Were all the doctors in
    Singapore warned, threatened, or bribed by the Singapore Government not
    to save my life?

    I have a very strong belief that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and
    Minister Lee Kuan Yew want me to be very complacent about my health and
    they want me to die young.

    I have a very strong belief that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and
    Minister Lee Kuan Yew want me to be very complacent about my health and
    they want me to die young.

    I have a very strong belief that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and
    Minister Lee Kuan Yew want me to be very complacent about my health and
    they want me to die young.

    I have a very strong belief that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and
    Minister Lee Kuan Yew want me to be very complacent about my health and
    they want me to die young.

    I have a very strong belief that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and
    Minister Lee Kuan Yew want me to be very complacent about my health and
    they want me to die young.

    They can live to a ripe old age but I can’t? By the way, both of my parents are already over 70 years old.

    Thank you very much for your kind attention.

    I am looking forward to your prompt reply.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    Mobile: +65 9117 5902
    Fax: +65 6725 0731
    Republic of Singapore

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