How Many Singaporeans are Willing to Acknowledge that There are Poor People in Singapore Who Need Help?

Singapore's Poor

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I had a discussion on a Facebook thread and thought to share the commentary here:

How Many Rich Singaporeans are Willing to Acknowledge that There are Poor People in Singapore Who Need Help

I think at the end of the day, how many of us who have the opportunity to visit other countries and who have the luxury to come online to lavish praise on the PAP government actually earns $800 or $1,000 a month? How many of us can actually understand their plight and know how tough life it is for them?

Or how many of us know families who have to survive on a household income of less than $2,000?

Of course for many of us who are in the (ad)vantage point of earning high incomes, or being born into families with high incomes, who can then travel widely and talk about how we still think the PAP is good, but what about the 30% of the poor who cannot even earn enough to spend, or the next 30% who cannot earn enough to save and for the majority of Singaporeans who thus can never retire?

Of course it’s very easy for us who earn enough to shower praise on the PAP and think that Singapore is great, but what about the rest of us who cannot earn enough to have a decent living?

I used to earn $4,000 for just a while, even then I would have difficulty understanding the lives of those who are poor. But I’ve heard many, many stories, I’ve spoken to some of them and I know people who work with them. When I was working at the hospital, there were many who simply cannot afford to pay for their healthcare and choose to drop out of the system. Even if they were to apply for Medifund, they have to climb through so many hoops to get it and on top of that, when they are poor, they also have to apply for many other financial assistance. It is very demeaning and demoralising. It is not that they do not want to work. I know some of them work several jobs just to try to make ends meet, and they still don’t get paid enough.

For these people, do we blame them? Do we blame them for not getting a job that pays enough, when they have tried so hard but cannot find one? The government doesn’t want to define a poverty line or implement a minimum wage. The poor and lower middle income in Singapore simply do not have a chance. But how many of us are willing, or able to understand that?

It’s very easy for us to say things are good but of course, it is, if we earn enough and belong to the richer tier. But how many of us are willing to actually try to understand the lives of the poor around us, and how many us are willing to acknowledge their plight and not pretend that they don’t exist?

They are many of them in Singapore, many who cannot pay for their healthcare bills, their homes and some who have to sell their homes to pay for their healthcare bills?

I am in Norway now and even in Norway, they are of course things to critique. But in Singapore, we don’t have the luxury to critique the way Norwegians have. Also, we do not have the luxury of critiquing things which are of a more sophisticated level. Now, we are still fighting over survival, whereas in Norway, they have gone into deeper issues such as equality.

But didn’t we say that Singapore is a developed country? Then why do we still have to talk about the so many of the poor who cannot earn a decent living?

No, really, search our souls and ask ourselves – how many of us are willing to look at the lives of the poor in Singapore to understand them, to acknowledge that they exist and to reach out to them? How many of have the conscience to do that?

How many of us are willing to look beyond ourselves to realise the existence of the poor and their difficult lives and to the advocate to the government for change.

Yes, Singapore (could) have many things going for us but when the government cannot do the simple thing of taking care of the health, education and housing of the poorest in Singapore, I am very embarrassed.

But how many of us are willing to see that? You know, I don’t have to do this. There are much better things to do in life, like get a job I love and spend time with someone I love, I want to do that. But I don’t have a choice – I was thrust into the spotlight because the prime minister sued me. If he drops the suit, if I can get a job, do you think it’s so fun to do this?

Moreover, if none of us bother to speak up, then who will help the poor who have become so powerless?

No, really, you can critique me. You can even tear my reputation or character to bits. That is all fine.

But where there are many poor people in Singapore who are living difficult lives, how many of us are willing to see it? Only Singaporeans can help Singaporeans, but if even we turn a blind eye to it, then who will speak up for them? Who will acknowledge them and help them?

At the end of the day, for some of us, maybe a few of us, our lives are good, sure. But for the many whose lives are not, dare we acknowledge that they exist? Dare we speak up for them? Would we sympathise with them, empathise with them and do something about it?

This is not about me. If every Singaporean would speak up about it and do something about it, and ask the government to do something, I wouldn’t have to do this. I will be more than happy to stop doing what I am doing.

The question is – how many people are willing to look beyond ourselves? How many of us who are well-to-do would do so, and empathise with the poor and lower middle income in Singapore?

How many?


  1. iop

    The truth is majority if Sgreans fall into middleclass. And middleclass always lose out and mostly unsatisfied and want more. Where then got the time for lower income? So much focus already done for lower income and now we have to demand more middle income focus instead. At least a car, private condo. Good paying jobs. This is at least what middle income are after. So please make lower income pay zero tax and heavy subsidy for car. This not too much to ask. In europe and norway, car is basic. At least our reserve can help and use. Which party promise this i vote for this party next year!

    • landragon123

      iop, you are ask for the SUN when it rain and ask for water when the drought hits Singapore a few months ago. Sinagporean have no poor people as PAP looks after us from Womb to Tomb. LKY started to ball rolling and started 3 famous projects.

      1) Build HBD house for your HOME.

      2) Started CPF to finances it.

      3) Converted CPF to Medi……something which I do not understand?

      Building HDB cheap in the 60’s and sold a 3 rooms for $5,700.00 and you can use your CPF to pay. At that price many can afford. With a 10 years loan, everything is paid without any top-up.

      Than 40 years later, his SICK son took over and make HDB affordable at prices starting form $200K and above. Than the help to make is affordable by extending the loan to 30 years. Now every buyer have to top-up their monthly installment as their CPF is not enough.

      Than Minimum sum is increased every year so the same for Medisave.

      Now all your earning goes into buying a Pigeon Home for your future and Investment.

      Prices keeps going up, not because of building cost, but LAND price or Prize?

      To show supplous every, the land price keeps going up to take care of inflation and devaluation,

      Now we have the Richest Government in the WORLD with the poorest Citizens of the WORLD.

      Many are in debt to the PAP government for there are so good at bluffing and Cheaping it citizen.

      • RealCS

        I’m not sure which side you are supporting landragon123 but from which source did you find the part about having the richest government and the poorest citizens? What about Africa? It’s either you are exaggerating or just trolling.

      • To RealCS

        You and your greedy playboy Prime Minister, with all the money go, go, go ! go to Africa !!!!
        Pests do not come back, never come back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • this “ RealCS " is the infamous 『The Oracle 』

        this “ RealCS ” is the infamous 『The Oracle 』,

      • Xmen


        Singapore has one of the world’s highest, if not the highest, state wealth on a per capita basis. The high GINI index also shows that the poor are not sharing the wealth in Singapore. Let’s compare apples to apples, okay? Africa? Are you serious? How about London, New York, Paris, Tokyo? It’s either you are in denial or just trolling.

  2. vote for new leader

    是不是他们的罪行多到 36500天,每天24小时连续, 写100年都写不完啊 ?

    看到照片,心酸不已。新加坡老人家没有一个体面的生活. 请問 一國之首长,老人是不是你們自己的國民, 他是不是新加坡公民 ?
    如果是,他有和你一樣分享國有資源財政盈餘的權利, 你把國民的钱和财富拿在手中, 你分享最大最多, 但至少給每個老人留一份, 即便是最低最少的一份。你做了沒有 ? 你每個月給你辦公室負責製造國家危機的幾個三八婆女性巨款薪資,這些在你辦公室範圍看不到的男人,老人,婦女,單親媽媽。。。。。他們的一份去哪裡啦 ??

    看到这样惨不忍睹的图片,你作為一國領袖, 不照顧人民,不保護他們, 與其活著, 不如死去。

    证据显示,李顯龍身邊高薪供養的女精英Jim, 在昨天一页改用tan 名義與 ISIS精密合作, 專門製造恐怖威脅,昨日登场, 並發布的恐怖警報如下:

    ” Very soon ISIS will come and chop off your head even if dont go middle east. They might kidnap you and your family when you are on holiday. ”

    國人看到了,這種掃廁所水平的女發言人竟然是一個暗藏在總理辦公室的一個特務, 被當局選中 ?负责向正處於男性老年更年期的李顯龍催眠的一條毒蛇 。难怪李氏老人一直走错路。一敗塗地 。

    不过,毒蛇和抓蛇人斗, 怎么斗呢 ? 以抓蛇人的年龄与阅历, 积累很多方法, 如何认识毒蛇。
    再说, 吃雞肉的人怎麼綁得動吃牛肉的人 ?喝魚粥的人怎麼有力砍斷吃奶酪的頭 ? 螞蟻怎麼砍巨人 ?

    最后, 希望新加坡反恐怖局調查她, 有一天總統府被轟炸,不要忘記個私底下拿了 ISIS 好處費的女精英,不但李顯龍要聽她的, 連 ISIS 頭目都聽她的, 這個埋在政府裡面的女特務。與 ISIS精密合作, 裡通外合, 砍頭, 殺人,綁架,她都有一份計畫。

    • Detective Agency

      ” Jim ” or ” Jg ” or ” Royisloser” or ” tan ” or …… is just one person , she is Miss YEO Lim, second Private Secretary to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong .

      Unexpectedly, Prime Minister Lee use such dirty means the threat of chaos confuse people’s lives.
      Such old man, has own wife, likes collusion well with this woman working hand in glove, hurt innocent, really shameless.

      • RealCS

        Meanwhile you pretend that you are a “Detective Agency” by saying bullshit about the PM using dirty means. What, he hired a bunch of gangsters to spray paint at your door? Roy knew the consequences of bullshitting, yet, he continued. This is why giving to much freedom is not always a good thing, because you know there would be this minority of idiots that wants more freedom when they have the freedom.

      • To RealCS

        listen, that fact is Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong used his office woman smear the reputation of Roy and Hanhuihui on local paper, he used his second private secretary Miss YEO Lim connected with ISIS and terror threaten to us , also he used you, here spread terror threaten Roy .

        Its consequences more serious than spray paint at our door?

        Please see below, we specifically write an epigram for you and Roy .

      • RealCS

        You are actually comparing Miss Yeo Lim to ISIS? Then can I compare you to a dog? Are they spreading terror? No, they are not spreading terror. Please do not try to exaggerate facts into fantasy, the PM does not “use”, your vocabulary is horrible. The PM has much more things to do, and minor(Minor because it’s just an idiot talking trash) things are given to Miss Yeo Lim to handle. You can say that I’m the idiot, I’m the liar, and confine yourself to your own reality for as long as you want.
        P.S I’ve seen some of my comments trolled by you, just remember that until you give an intelligent answer with trustworthy sources I am no longer replying to your BS.

      • To " RealCS " or " The Oracle " ?

        ” RealCS ” or ” The Oracle ” ?

        1 ) ” You are actually comparing Miss Yeo Lim to ISIS? ”
        ———– comparing ? Ask herself ! also ask PM Lee come out to answer our question .
        list a fact publically ,how come people’s appeal letter address and wrote to PM Lee, but LEE never got it ? how come she take over ? Who is the Prime Minister of Singapore ? Is He or She ?

        She connected with ISIS what shocking us !

        2 ) ” Then can I compare you to a dog? ”

        —- you just proved that PM’s team are black, what else ?

        3) ” Are they spreading terror? ”
        —– yes, included you !

        4 ) ” No, they are not spreading terror. ”
        —- then they spreading what ? an Olive branch ? very impossible .

        5 ) ” Please do not try to exaggerate facts into fantasy,”

        —- yesterday you applaud for punish Roy, no one try to exaggerate you , no fantasy, you cruel heart was well known.

        6) ” the PM does not “use”, your vocabulary is horrible. ”
        —- who “use” ? is PM does not authorize her, who authorize her ?
        who bring her into PM’s room ? PM’s team implement series persecution of people, that action horrible than vocabulary horrible.

        7 ) ” The PM has much more things to do ”

        —– then, why no honestly announcement that PM have no time ?
        just good for save our time and privacy. if he does not on the position, why still place his real name in real official contact publically , cheating !

        8) “and minor(Minor because it’s just an idiot talking trash) things are given to Miss Yeo Lim to handle.”

        ———– what ? No political discipline ? Singapore PM hire an idiot work for him & conduct the idiot national cases ? he treat the people are really like an idiot ? so he think this idiot worthy government wage ? in the end, his idiot destroy him.

        9) ” You can say that I’m the idiot, I’m the liar, and confine yourself to your own reality for as long as you want. P.S I’ve seen some of my comments trolled by you, just remember that until you give an intelligent answer with trustworthy sources I am no longer replying to your BS.”

        ———— no one interest on you, we said before, we were in different channel. different values.
        You and Roy, Huihui and others common Singaporeans do not never have intersection point.

        go away .

      • Xmen


        Lee knows the utility of lawsuits against local critics. If he is so RIGHT, ask he to go after Gopalan Nair in the USA. Otherwise, he is just a schoolyard bully using dirty means locally. Right?

  3. landragon123

    M Ravi can he a new leader to lead the opposition when the Election date is announce soon. Our Sick PM will step down after his operation for CANCEL whether successful or not. His days are up when during the press conference he admitted he is unable as a PM. He said he was good at single task only and PM are to much for him, that is why he got his latest Cancel. These are truth and if I am wrong Please correct me.

    • Raymond

      M Ravi can be a PM ? Either you really need a brain scan, or you are just another one who oppose for the sake of opposing.

      • landragon123

        I never said he can be PM but lead an opposition to the next Election and if there are enough seats won, help to organize to form the next government. The chances are remote but putting in a good fight will let PAP knows that nothing is forever.

    • Amp

      M Ravi goes in and out of mental hospital and he is suffering from multiple personalities, if he becomes pm we become the joke of the world, not the envy of the world as it is now.

      • landragon123

        Do you know that the great war PM was Sir Winston Churchill for England. The Billionair, Sir Richard Benson, the late Steve Jobs, the famous movie maker Jackie Chan are all Bipolar like Ravi.
        In Singapore we have Kit Chan the singer, actress and stage actress and the only singer to sing Twice for the National Day. There is Miss Singapore 2011 Ris Low and a woman author Chu Kay Yin who have an austatic son.

      • RealCS

        Meanwhile, did you also know that Lee Hsien Loong has an autistic son? You can’t even spell autistic. Please do not take examples from so far back, the situation is different now. If you want a new leader, he must be both capable and willing to serve the country. I do not know why Ravi wasted his rep helping a moron like Roy. You people are just opposing for the sake of opposing.

      • To " RealCS " or " The Oracle " ?

        Lee Hsien Loong has son, Roy’s father also has son, Ravi — if today he is fail, but he also is his parents’s son.
        because they birth in different family , you discriminated your own Singapore people , you give them classify, you want discord, you want conflict, you want haters…that was terrible LHL’s policy influenced you and lead to social deterioration.

        in his team, there is no one with good moral…..

      • Xmen


        Your kind of “leaders” are all related, huh? As if by suing others CRONYISM will go away. How can he be capable when productivity has not improved in all his 10 years in the office? How about comparing productivity of Seoul vs Singapore? Hahaha.

        Ravi did not waste his rep helping Roy. If everyone thinks like you, why do we even need defense lawyer? You have NO IDEA what you are talking about. So DON’T TALK.

  4. I hope SIN PM die

    local elderly survived by begging, the so-called first world countries Prime Minister is really shameless.I hope he dies soon.

    • A nobody

      @RC, I dun know why you even bother to answer to them.
      Let these critics or crickets be. They just know how to rub their legs together to make noise.
      If they think it’s so easy to be PM and earn so much, let them run for the office and donate all their earnings to support the very poor.
      There are support networks for the very poor. The thing to do if you want to help them is to get them the help they need. Help them navigate the mess of paperwork. Not come here to make noise.
      ….Maybe I should look into the mirror first. Anyone interested in forming a charity to assist the poorest? I will sign up. Err… we can call it Paperwork to Assist the Poor (PAP).

  5. will

    Face it. Just look at how many volunteers are there. We would rather spend our remaining money and time going eateries and movies. Blogging and talking for change and going holiday in the context of trip study.. than real action. PAP is flawed so do us who talks talks talks too and no action to extend our arms to do real help. We are all selfish who cares for himself. This is reality even if you deny.

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    • jackfruit

      Yes there are poor countries because they don’t have a hero like Roy who could be their saviour. Singaporeans are so lucky to have someone like Roy who can BLOG so much about life’s problems.

      • RealCS

        Roy is a hero? Hahahahahahha…. it’s not even funny bro. Besides, whoever said that other country doesn’t have people who help the poor? except North Korea lol.

      • To RealCS

        is Roy is not here, then you bastard greedy scums is hero ?
        at least Roy did not hurt us or others, but your scums are the enemy of Singaporeans
        You are not in North Korea family successor, but you copy them very well.
        All who oppose the inheritance system, are your opponents

      • Xmen

        LHL is your hero? Hahahahahahha…. it’s not even funny bro. Besides, whoever said that other country doesn’t have father, son, daughter in law running the country? check out North Korea lol.

  7. landragon123

    I have FB LHL for almost 1 year and yesterday I got his 1st reply. It is a miracle to me but it is for him, as he is too busy to understands what I wrote. But at least at the Hospital, he is now sober enough to learn my reasons for writing almost everyday to him, blog his father’s blog in Wordspress.

  8. notsostraittimes

    The arrest of the two students is fishy. They were arrested for “assumed damages”. I think the biggest damage done is culling independent thinking and allowing nature to work things out. This religious execution to subjugate the people is two faced. Though it makes sense to deploy state power against evil doers, evil doers can also be framed by those with absolute power and means.

    In this case, a molehill has been painted to look like a mountain AGAIN to justify the use of a sword to severe the heads of citizens – a rather successful devious method of perpetuating unfettered power and self benefits and still look like an angel of light to her worshippers?

    Take a leaf from Glen Ong and Nichols Lee spat.

    Even though the local futuristic production/drama is shit, the spirit of this nation forbids you to bad mouth it or be brutally honest and call it bad and why? Because many have put in tons of sweat and hard work to make it happen( read : lots of money to elites or the successful at stake here).

    And that’s the general attitude of Sin people. Can’t face the truth or they will suffer severe mental and ego break down

    A stratified society who rather live in LIES and perpetuate mediocracy and hypocrisy of the rich bandits.

    • Aiyoyo

      best part?…the male student asked…how yew know it was me huh huh huh?…since they were anonymous…tsk tsk tsk…don’t you know they have been entering into the bedrooms of couples watching them with watery eyes??

  9. Utopia Singapore

    So where is your promised solutions to achieve the utopia that all ordinary Singaporeans want?

    You said you would come out with it soon after your previous trip to Norway, and this is your second trip and I have yet to see the solutions.

    By the way, I guess your remaining $5000 savings will have been used up for this holiday. So that means you will continue to have no money to see the doctor, or eat any other food in cafes except plain rice etc.

    • Roy Nergn

      I like to clarify here. There is some remaining and some people out of goodwill still made some donations to me. These excess fund I utilise for the good of my Norway trip. I needed the time to get out of Singapore and refresh my mind so I may get fresh ideas. Please rest assured that I will come back with more substantial ammunition to fight for you. Watch out for my next planned speech at Hong Lim.

      • Utopia Singapore

        You forgot to add in travelling to UK to mediate and offer another prayer at the many churches in UK to relieve us poor ordinary Singaporeans of the fascist government who has committed so many atrocities. So apparently the evil PAP are now comparable to the Nazis.

        Roy must be so lucky he still have $5000 in his account to allow him escape to Norway and UK albeit a temporary escape to avoid the murderous clutches of the PAP.

        Roy, can you tell us which dissidents have the PAP murdered or have you or any of the looney fringe group been tortured in prison?

      • Slayer

        Why don’t you donate the money to the poor if you are so concern for them, but you choose to go Norway to refresh your mind ?

      • Roy Nergn

        Dont you see that you have been blinded by the evil PAP? Hopefully my retentless work will open you eyes one day.

      • Utopia Singapore

        Yes you are right, Roy Ngerng No.2 aka Roy Nergn, the evil PAP are everywhere and have super powers we can only dream of such as brain washing, time travel and precognition. Whereas all Roy can do is pray helplessly to God to deliver us from the evil clutches of PAP while in the comfort of Norway and UK.

      • Roy Ngern

        I call you myopic n ungrateful. Without my fervent push, do you think there will be changes to CPF now? My full time commitment to this topic didnt bring any benefits to myself. Who am I doing all these for then?

      • Alan

        Fucking shameless prick you are! Using hard earned money from the supporters for holiday in Norway and UK and you still fucking had the cheek to declare like it is your fucking entitlement?!

        What a fucking twisted bastard you are!

  10. Vote Lee Out

    1) Remember, last year an old man who have no food, no clothes , no shoes, so graffiti vent their dissatisfaction, PAP caught the old man into their prison, and claimed because the old man was over 60 years old, so exempt whipping ….. Imagine, this old man is a native of Singapore, but his whole life has not had a good day ……. we are very sad for him…….And believe the number more than thousand ….. it proved that the dictator set up the law to just simply jail people. His logic is that only murder ( forcing misfortune people jump off and suicide ), arrests, bankrupt others, is the way solve the problem.

    2 ) autocrat ‘s heart is black, why wear white shirt, white trousers? he tarnished moral color, Mislead the national generations

    3 ) On the way of struggle for Singapore equal security livelihood, Dr. Chee Soon Juan has done very hard sacrifice while face LKY’s jail and hell, he underwent for a long and arduous struggle for our people well-being, the dignity and the equality.

    Dr. Chee Soon Juan 徐顺全 is a Singaporean politician. He is currently the leader of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP).

    Chee get his Ph.D. in 1990 from the University of Georgia, USA, to participate in the political front as a neuropsychologist. And the career at department of Psychology at the National University of Singapore.

    2001,Dr. Chee Lee Kuan Yew hide from parliament and provide to former Indonesian President Suharto a total value of S $ 100 million loans. And sued for libel.

    in January 2005, the court required to compensate Lee Kuan Yew five hundred thousand dollars (about NT $ 11.2 million, 2.57 million yuan).

    In the same year in November Dr. Chee was unable to pay a huge fine, and together with the other two members of the Democratic Party was jailed for five weeks.

    during the jail life, Dr. Chee felt dizziness, nausea, and other symptoms difficult to sleep in prison, caused the outside guess that Dr. Chee was poisoned speculations.

    after four days of health announced , December 3, the doctor found Dr. Chee have bloody urine then was sent to Changi General Hospital for treatment.

    Later, Lee Kuan Yew claimed that Dr Chee ‘s prison poisoning complaints , was damage the image of theFirst World Prison…….

    4 ) Ladies and gentlemen, Dear fellow Singaporeans,

    follow your hearts when the election coming . they are talking, people are waiting, no one making , they still talking, people still waiting . still no one making … your life wasting … so, your voting is only chance to change for your your elder, your children and family . because all resources ( Military, police, defense, GIC, Temasek) are owned by the state, rather than a political party.

    5 ) After LGK gave the huge loan to Suharto, next he again corrupt collusion with Thailand’s Thaksin family, many …. collusion and lost , those money never have chance to get back, so they stop our CPF return , but their own huge wage never less a coin

    6 ) Please put your valuable vote, vote for the Singapore Democratic Party, the Workers’ Party and other opposition parties,
    No more PAP .

    • landragon123

      Relay on any one but that PHD (People with Head Damages) as he is a nut and when you try to hard to crack the nut, it gets Damaged. Let me make a guess, Employer have to pay CPF if not there cannot gets Employee as the head count is a way to cheat, for without cheating, you will close down.
      On the other hand, Government company or link company, few jobs are offer. Many are put on contract to reduce CPF for the Government as there have no quota to follow. It is said there have to be equality for all but what quality is the Government giving now. The quae get longed when the price is increase as there afraid there will be increase soon.
      I believe why the SMRT is called as such for there are more than 90% of employee are Malay. There said workplace honorly .

      • SIMPLE

        There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is a proof against all argument, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance – that principle is condemnation before investigation.
        Herbert Spencer

    • RealCS

      You must understand that just by voting the PAP out does not solve the problem. You must understand that the people they sued have done bad things and deserve to be punished. So what if the PAP is out? Do you think WP and SDP can also do the same? Do you think that a sudden change in government can provide big changes with positive effects. Look at Austrailia, from Julia Gillard to Tony Abbott. Tony Abbott was popular initially but look at him now, most of the Austrailians doesn’t want to vote for him.

      Big changes might not be positive. If you want the PAP out, first you need an equally competitive, equally able opposition in order to win more seats in Parliament.

      • To RealCS

        1. vote PAP out, terminated a family inheritance system, the first step to eradicate gangs scums that like you.
        2. he bad things maker who divert our CPF and deny the fact , rather then the blogger who writing the true to the World
        3. PAP is a person, not a national .
        4. WP and SDP can work with the people together make different
        5. until person family out, an equally competitive will be back Singapore

      • jackfruit

        RealCS, I agree fully with u. But there are haters who hate without reason, or probably the reason being they blame the govt for things that didn’t go the way they like it. So it is not about logic.

        Haters, flame me if you want. But whatever curses that u throw at me, you will get double of that. I’ve seen it too many times.

      • GetReal

        The father of this nation possesses the slithering wisdom of the father who fathered him. Under his reign, he has cleverly rigged the system so that no man can ascend to the throne without kissing the hand of his father.
        You need to kiss his boss’s hands if you want to taste power you know.

      • to jackfruit,


        we are still waiting for your idea for prove that PM is a good chief of the national , can you just list down 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 … example , place here or local news paper for open a public discussion this subject. no jumping off , no one interests on you .

      • Xmen


        You should know these people have abused their power to sue and lock up people in the past. Their record is worst than apartheid South Africa. They have ruined the lives of many good intention and innocent people and there are records to prove just that!

        So what if the PAP is out? PAP is not even competent in my book. Since they are no good to start with, why should I support the same incompetent and leeching party? Do you have the battered spouse syndrome? Why are you so afraid of change?

      • Prof X


        Hey bro, I am still awaiting for your answer as to which opposition party can promise us that the changes that will most definitely occur are that GINI index will narrow, press freedom will improve, immigration will be significantly cut back?

        Don’t tell me you are emulating your beloved hero Roy Ngerng’s behaviour of ignoring questions you have no answers to?

      • Xmen

        Dear, you are not really interested in the answers. Have you heard of the country Norway? Or are you just another troll who likes to compare Singapore to African and North Korea? LOL.

      • Prof X

        Dear Xmen

        If that is a reply to me, then bravo, it is the best non-answer I have ever seen.

        Either way, the fact that I am still asking you after a period of time, means that I am very interested in your answer for the identity of the opposition in Singapore that promise those three improvements will definitely occur.

      • Xmen

        @Prof X,

        Why do you care which opposition parties I endorse? I can tell you that PAP is the culprit that causes GINI index to rise, press freedom to deteriorate, and immigration to expand. My advise is to remove your stage III cancer now before it becomes terminal.

      • Prof X

        Dear Xmen

        I am interested as you said that once the PAP is voted out, the three improvements that will definitely occur would be that GINI index will narrow, press freedom will improve, immigration will be significantly cut back.

        So please stop hedging and answer the question as to which opposition promise those three scenarios would definitely occur or are you just bullshitting?

      • Prof X

        Dear Xmen

        Oh and by the way, I have never ask, am never interested and never care as to which opposition party you support. That is your own business, not mine.

        All I want to know is which opposition party in Singapore guarantee us the three improvements which you have stated out. This question is completely different from asking you which opposition party you support.

        So stop pretending to misunderstand or ignore my question.

      • Xmen

        @Prof X,

        Hmm.. why is it so hard for you to believe that things will improve? Among the 4 Asian tigers, all of them are better off than Singapore in the three measures – (highest) GINI index, (worst) press freedom index, and (out-of-control) immigration policy. I assume you believe the PAP government is the “competent” one, but the facts show otherwise. I would even throw in productivity index from last 10 years – another EPIC FAIL. Now tell me which country has the WORST government?

        There is no guarantee in life. That said, a coalition of SDP/SFP/WP/NSP/RP/SPP will all do a better job than PAP in improving the 3 measures you mentioned, and more! People will also be happier (Have I forgetten about the happiness index – LOL)

      • Prof X


        Please make up your mind. First you say “Here are three areas that will definitely get better – GINI index will narrow, press freedom will improve, immigration will be significantly cut back.” , now when I ask you specifically as to which opposition GUARANTEE that these three areas will improve, you say “There is no guarantee in life” meaning there is an equal chance that these areas may become worse isn’t it? Since these three areas actually depends on the type of policies implemented by the future political party and the success of these policies and is not a change that will immediately occur without any actions once there is a new political party in power.

        Furthermore, did I say I do not believe that things will improve? As mentioned ad nauseam, I just want to know the opposition party who guarantee such a thing since you stated that there three areas will DEFINITELY improve once the PAP lose the election. It has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with my belief of whether things will improve, whether I think PAP government is competent or whether which country has the worst government.

      • Xmen

        @Prof X,

        This is a waste of time. There are no contradictions in what I wrote. It’s like me telling an alcoholic that stop drinking will improve his/her well being. Life is wonderful if everything can be guaranteed, isn’t it?

  11. Yourmothersayso

    They own you or earned that right to own you therefore can take full advantage of the rule of laws to maintain that ownenership. Like in religion, you have been conditioned to be eternally grateful and unquestioning towards the supreme white owners. Any rebellion to usurp the gods shall be mercilessly punished and banished to the dungeon of bankcrupcy.

    And the owned shall not say to the owners, why you can do it and I can’t.

  12. open letter to reply LHL new year honey words

    1) Chinese New Year Message 2015 “Our Family”
    Chinese New Year is a time to celebrate with our families. It is a time to reflect on the blessings of having a family – to thank our elders for what they have done for us, to appreciate our spouses, to shower love on our children. It is a time to enjoy the simple goodness of family.

    ———— Mr. Lee, please note that as the leader of Singapore, under your ruling period , you destroy our value of life, you disregards our hardship , you did not solve a single problem , resulting uncountable life suicide, lost job, bankruptcy, broken up, displaced….. our money you took, our home you snatched ,our safety you threatened. from the day you sued Roy, your each piece of speech just show that you are a big liar. here nobody blessing you. we appeal you step down.

    2 )

    So even if we may be busy, travelling or living in far flung lands, unable to come together physically for the New Year reunion, let us make the effort to connect with one another. On this most important festival in the lunar calendar, let us pause and remind ourselves of what truly matters in life, of what it means to belong to a family.

    ————– Mr. Lee , you reject our voice. we reject your leadership , that is the time we remind you, you are just the horrible liar. we urge you step down.


    The Government is doing all it can to help people build strong families. We are encouraging couples to have more children. The Marriage and Parenthood Package will support them, as will more affordable childcare and pre-schools. This year, we look forward to celebrating the birth of many Jubilee babies. We are encouraging three-generation families to stay close-knit, and making it e4) Beyond our immediate family and relatives, we should also strengthen our larger national family. Singaporeans need to take care of one another, and especially of fellow citizens who are vulnerable or less fortunate. We are strengthening our social safety nets. We have made it easier for low-income families to own their homes, introduced MediShield Life to give more protection against large hospital bills, reviewed CPF Life to help families better prepare for retirement, and expanded Workfare to support low-income workers and their families. The state and the community are bearing more risk on behalf of individuals, to give those who need help more peace of mind. We are all in this together.

    —————- No, too late , we want a new leader to replace you ! when you sued Roy and asked the huge money from our society fundraiser , that moment you ruin yourself , you are just a greedy liar ! let us together to vote the greedy liar out .

    4) Beyond our immediate family and relatives, we should also strengthen our larger national family. Singaporeans need to take care of one another, and especially of fellow citizens who are vulnerable or less fortunate. We are strengthening our social safety nets. We have made it easier for low-income families to own their homes, introduced MediShield Life to give more protection against large hospital bills, reviewed CPF Life to help families better prepare for retirement, and expanded Workfare to support low-income workers and their families. The state and the community are bearing more risk on behalf of individuals, to give those who need help more peace of mind. We are all in this together.

    ——————– no worry. we want a new leader take over from you, will take over in charge our CPF and GIC. we will unite together, you have been a liar for 10 years, you think you are the king of Singapore ? in our view, you are the bastard . let’s together vote the bastard out

    5) We are doing all this to help our families stay together, not to supplant the role that families play. Our family ties must not weaken, unlike what we have seen in other societies where the state has taken on more responsibility. We must not let this happen in Singapore – either to our individual families, or to our larger national family.

    —————– You say one thing and do another thing, you wasted our generations life limited time , we want you out !
    Singapore have man, but is not you !

    6) Strong families are the bedrock of our society. Family members not only take care of each other. They laugh and cry together. Every member is shaped by every other. Our families inspire us to be better, not just for ourselves but for each other. Our families are always there for us, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse.

    —————- in last 10 years, your right hand appeal family bedrock, in your left hand, sent your gangs destroyed our family, our life, your bedrock price of destroy Roy , Hanhuihui and elderly , single mother … two options, either you step down, or die. as long as you out, Singaporeans will have future , health, family, love, peace……

    7 ) Generous social policies and grants by themselves do not grow strong or happy families. A family is not just about whom we are related to, but how we relate to each other. Therefore, let us make the effort to build strong families – to spend time with each other, nurture our children, respect and care for our elderly parents, and through our deeds help those in greater need.
    If each of us plays our part, Singapore will continue to prosper and do well, not just economically, but as a harmonious and cohesive national family, diverse yet one.
    Happy Chinese New Year! – LHL

    ———————– You deceived a generation of people with honey words, that it is a poison , we fed up you, no interest in you, You do not deserve. just return our CPF.

  13. President Teo En Ming, Federation of the Universe

    Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore Want Teo En Ming Dead

    Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore want Teo En Ming dead. Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong want Teo En Ming to die young. I am only 36 years old. I do not want to die young. I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!! I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!! I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!! I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!! I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!!

    In fact, I want to live forever!!! I want to be an immortal!!!

    In fact, I want to live forever!!! I want to be an immortal!!!

    In fact, I want to live forever!!! I want to be an immortal!!!

    In fact, I want to live forever!!! I want to be an immortal!!!

    In fact, I want to live forever!!! I want to be an immortal!!!

    Teo En Ming has filed an official complaint against the Singapore Government at the United Nations Human Rights Council Branch and the International Criminal Court. Read the letter here:


    Mr. Teo En Ming’s Open Letter (Plea for Medical Help/Assistance) to World Leaders dated 27 August 2010. The letter dated 27 August 2010 is the most recent letter! Read the letter here:

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    Republic of Singapore
    19th Feb 2015 Thursday Singapore Time

  14. Slayer

    Roy, if you are truly so concern about the poor in Singapore, why didn’t you donate your money to the poor instead of going to Norway for holiday ?

  15. ephraim

    Maybe we should stop saying Sinkieland is a developed country. We are just a developing country of ppl with a bit of education and not much money. Thus the poor will always be with us.

    • RealCS

      Which country does not have poor people. We provide one of the highest form of subsidised education recognised internationally and yet poor people still exists. In a meritocratic, capitalistic society, there will always be rich and poor. You must understand it and accept it, there are no countries without poor people. Communism is the only way to do that, and even then, if that was the case, why did the Soviet Union collapse?

      • To RealCS

        1. 50% local poor nothing furniture at home, such so called of first World country Singapore without poor ?.
        2. a few second ago, you claim you even so small and short but PM still provide you bomb to destroy us , how you scum suddently claim ” We provide one of the highest form of subsidised education …” ????????????

        you are liar !
        you’re just a fox !!!!!

      • Xmen


        Running out of substance and resorting to sound bites? I can do that too. LOL.

        Btw, what country does not have at least 2 parties? North Korea – I know that one!

    • landragon123

      Our Sick PM live in Sins that is why he have 3rd time Cancel. His recent operation is ‘successful’ but for how long? When his 2nd Cancel is in him, how can he overcomes the 3rd? He opened 2 Casinos – 2 Floods in Orchard Road. He try to kill all Mosquitos in Singapore, he got 3rd Cancel. He cuts down hundreds of Trees when a tree kills a woman to take revenge. When citizens lost their pants, there go to Bedok Reservior to kill themselves as this is the only man make reservoir in our country.

      • Utopia Singapore

        That is why Roy is the winner!!!

        Enjoying himself in Norway and UK while we ordinary Singaporeans suffer under the evil PAP with no hopes of ever earning enough money to go to Norway and UK.

      • RealCS

        As much as you guys poke fun about Roy, I still have no idea why you refer to the PAP as evil when you should look at the fat bastards in North Korea and Africa.

      • To RealCS

        then you go to North Korea and Africa la !!!!!
        Roy did not have power, did not divert your GIC or Temasek , he did not have job ….he and us just want our owe money back on time !
        you and your Prime Minioster so afraid of Roy? becuase fox fear of hunters !!! and we are here are the witness .

        Prime Lee must pay the price for all the evil action he did against Roy and Han Huihui …

      • Xmen


        Why do you keep comparing Singapore to North Korea and Africa??? Oh I see, can’t use London, can’t use New York, can’t use Tokyo, can’t use Seoul, can’t use Paris. Singapore DOES NOT COMPARE! Hahaha.

      • Utopia Singapore


        Yes you are right as like the almighty intelligent Roy said, the PAP commit atrocities and are fascist like the Nazis. We must never forget the sacrifice of the hundreds and thousands and possibly millions of ordinary Singapore dissidents that the PAP has murdered to silent the voice of the opposition.

        We must keep up the fight while Roy is in Norway(again) and UK for a much needed vacation before coming back to Singapore to join us to continue the fight against the evil PAP.

      • Xmen

        Dear, why are you making up the obvious FALSEHOOD – “the PAP commit atrocities and are fascist like the Nazis. We must never forget the sacrifice of the hundreds and thousands and possibly millions of ordinary Singapore dissidents that the PAP has murdered to silent the voice of the opposition.”

        What PAP has committed to date is generations of unthinking people like you. Without independent thoughts. People who “don’t-know-what-to-say”, obviously people who can’t think, are everywhere and are in the Parliament too! Just visit a classroom in Singapore and the West, the different is as STARK as night and day!!

        If you are not up to task, don’t even try to troll here, and not against me….

      • Utopia Singapore

        Our dear Roy Ngerng is the one who called the PAP a fascist government who committed atrocities.

        Now what examples would you think of when the words fascist and atrocities are mentioned? One example would be the Nazis of course, and what atrocities have the Nazis committed? The murder of millions of Jews.

        So what atrocities have the PAP committed? Since when we speak of atrocities committed by a government, it usually means various crimes against humanity such as genocide, dehumanisation, massacres, human experimentation etc.

      • Xmen

        Fascism ( – (sometimes initial capital letter) a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism

        Atrocious ( – extremely or shockingly wicked, cruel, or brutal: “an atrocious crime.”

        Is PAP a fascist government? Why not?

        I personally won’t use the word atrocity on PAP in general. But people who had been jailed for as long as 26 years (world’s longest!), thrown into bankruptcies (likely world’s record), or forced into exile (probably a democracy record) might think otherwise. YMMV.

      • Nazi PAP

        Singapore dictator throughout their own control Court, sue their common people extort large sums of money, resulting in a large number of suicide and homicide. their people have no way of making a living, In this cases, they transferred CPF to his wife control , ranked her the first prize everywhere which they did more progress than Nazi Hitler .

  16. 死到临头,心还是黑黑 ?

    李总理:加强社会安全网 是要协助维系家庭向心力

    -------我们来解释一下, 新年第一天总理他有两点:第一,国人有困难, 政府绝不会管, 绝不会像其他第一世界国家那样照顾到你每个家庭,绝不会让这种情况发生在新加坡。 第二点, 国人如果在网上发表不满, 他以“社会安全网”名义,要捉人了。

    看到了吧,死到临头,心还是黑黑 ? 还指望他什么呢 ? 呼吁拿回被他控制每个家庭的钱,国人的恐怖分子就是他,只有要他滚蛋下台, 国人才有安全。千万不要投给他的党。

  17. 死到临头,心还是黑黑 ?

    联合早报网讯)由于刊登有关大宝森节的报道疑触犯《煽动法令》(Sedition Act),时政网站The Real Singapore的一名工作人员今天凌晨被警方逮捕。 该网站今天凌晨表示,另有与报道有关的四人也被逮捕。The Real Singapore网站写道:“负责网站内容的一名编辑,以及另四人一同被警方叫去问话。警方是针对一则有关大宝森节的报道展开调查。”另据《新报》报道,在这起事件中,有一名26岁的新加坡人和22岁的澳大利亚女子被逮捕。警方在2月5日接获通报,说网络上流传一则有煽动性的文章。被逮捕的这新加坡人和澳洲女子因涉嫌刊登或造成种族间恶意的言论,而被警方逮捕。内政部2月13日曾表示,大宝森节庆祝活动上三名男子涉嫌闹事而遭逮捕后引起热议,坊间和网络都有关于大宝森节游行的错误陈述(misrepresentations)和谣言。若发现这样的言论造成种族及社群间的敌意,警方将介入调查并对造谣者采取行动。(联合早报网编辑:孙伟伦 )- See more at:

    ——————————– 刚出院, 新年第一天,就杀气腾腾, 开杀戒抓人,而且抓的是全世界都在保护言论自由的网络人。主要原因不在大宝森节, 和几个月前芳龄公园抓人事件一样, 哪里是为残疾儿童, 其根本就是李总理的团队本身修理Roy的导火线。

    而这次被警方叫去问话主要原因是,在他宣布癌症这天,成千上万的国人欢呼雀跃,纷纷在网络留言,感谢老天爷替天行道,希望害人的领导人被收拾, 因为到了不是他死,就是国人死的紧急地步。而且国人死的人数正在上升。

    相信警察也不明真相,蒙在鼓里,对他10多年来无所事事,游手好闲, 吃喝玩乐,转手将国人的投诉卖给恐怖分子操纵, 并控制报馆,堵截国人的一切投诉, 只有网络这一页途径,为国人讲真话。

    如果他害了一个人,也就算了,可是他害的人数数以万计, 怎么能算了呢。

  18. 死到临头,心还是黑黑 ?

    你杀气腾腾的行动, 怎么证明医生帮你调整以后的细胞是健康的 ? 你砍死一个,千万个又站起来, 人头是杀不完, 抓不完的, 国人看清你搞两面派,昨天讲要家庭基石, 今天大年初一下令抓人, 怎能让人民不憎恨你 ?


    你喜欢把年轻的女人,放到你的房子窃取国人的资料,卖给ISIS, 然后要 “ ISIS come and chop off your head even if dont go middle east. They might kidnap you and your family when you are on holiday. ”

    她是你的女儿,还是你的情妇 ? 一个言论比扫政府厕所文化层次都不如的女人,你看中她什么 ? 因为她年轻,所以ISIS喜欢她, 还是你自己本身喜欢她 ? 你是有老婆的男人,你到在底干什么 ? 就凭这一点, 你将与我们在国家法庭见面,并作出天价赔偿。

    同时希望新加坡警方总统,各部长调查李显龙的房间里面的这个和ISIS联络的女秘书。 因为 她联络恐怖ISIS攻击我们计划已经出台。 我们正处在恐慌不安之中。

    你是一个坏人,一个很坏人,不配称为男人, 更不配做新加坡的领导人,非常缺乏道德教养的人, 你喜欢领奖,可是那是国人的功劳啊,里面的苦力都有没有你一份, 你只是享受成果而已。 你领了奖, 不但不答谢国人, 反而关起门自己谢自己人。你喜欢被崇拜, 但是你不但无能,无才,无德,无作为,反过来威胁并出卖国人安危. 人家崇拜你什么?

    把国人都送入法庭,或者让警察修理。在年除夕这一天还要向韩慧慧发信, 把这个小女孩送入法庭。搞到人家年都过不好, 你却在那里,空谈什么感谢自己的父亲给你的孩子孙子在国外享受的钱都准备好了。并告诫国人, 只要把新加坡给你经营,你确保国人得不到政府的照顾。李显龙,你太不懂事了 !

  19. 李显龙新春献词從不兌現的證據

    1)“ 2015年李显龙总理新春献词 “家”

    ----- “ 家 ” , 谁的家 ? 你的家还是“他们”的家 ? 他们的家都被你夺走了。 十几天前,你成功通过失业的国人, 向社会募捐要钱,每张5块钱, 10块钱。。。你已经不要脸地拿走了每个募捐人家里的钱 。你拿光了他们,再向不开心, 也没有家园的他们炫耀你沉浸在腰缠万贯幸福中, 你生于腰缠万贯,你终身腰缠万贯,这一切都是靠欺骗与打抢获得的。

    2) “正因为这个节日背后的深刻意义,即使我们工作忙碌、正在远行或是人在他乡,无法与家人一起吃团圆饭,我们也要尽力设法与家人保持联系。在这华人一年之中最重要的节日,我们不妨花点时间思考,生命中最重要,最珍贵的东西究竟是什么?家,对你而言又有着怎样的意义?”

    -------- 远行的人, 家被你夺走了,留下的人,跳楼的, 自杀的,被抓的,他杀的,所剩无几。 你把自己当成人上人,你一年讲2次甜言蜜语做双面人,抓几个人坐牢,害几个人破产,把国人搞到失业,把老汉关进监狱, 把慧慧送入法庭,让同胞被外人骂穷鬼,你拿国人血汗钱不还,等等罪恶, 你还有资格讲意义, 谈珍贵吗 ?

    3)“ 政府正竭尽所能协助国人建立温馨和乐,同时凝聚力强的家庭。我们通过“结婚与生育配套”,鼓励已婚夫妇生儿育女,并为家长们提供可负担得起的托儿和学前教育服务。我们希望今年新加坡会迎来很多金禧宝宝!为了鼓励多代家庭同住一个屋檐下,在生活中互相扶持,我们推出了三代同堂家庭组屋单位。我们也通过具有针对性的住屋津贴,鼓励年轻夫妇住靠近父母。另外,我们也透过建国一代配套、乐龄补贴计划和终身健保计划,来协助需照顾年长父母的子女减轻负担。”

    -------- “政府正在……” , 10年前,你讲 “政府正在……” , 10 年后, 你还在讲“ 政府正在…… ”, 用这个进行时态的语法演讲骗人很有效,那么10年中间,你什么都没有做,你凭什么拿巨款年薪, 而且數目是 = 美国总统 + 英国首相 + 德国总理 + 俄罗斯普京 + 日本首相 + 中国主席 + 韩国总理 + 西班牙 国王 + 加拿大總理 + 法國元首 + 義大利總理 + 烏干達總統 + 被擊斃的薩達姆政權 = 统统加起来的总数之上 ?

    他们的领袖有起诉国人家破人亡吗 ? 你憑什麼要被你起訴, 被你迫害的國人, 用一生的屈辱, 早逝,不吃不喝的代價,天價高薪供養你 ? 騙人的把戲騙第一年可以,騙第二年僥倖,騙10年,你當國人是傻子+ 奴隸 . 現在他們被你騙,心不甘,情不願。

    4 ) ” 除了我们的家人和亲属,我们也应该加强新加坡这个大家庭的凝聚力。国人应该互相照顾,并向社会上的不幸人士和弱势群体伸出援手。我们正努力加强社会安全网,这包括协助低收入家庭拥有自己的房子。另外,今年底终身健保计划推行后,国人在面对庞大医院帐单时将不必担心付不起医药费。政府也检讨了公积金终身入息计划,协助各个家庭更好地规划退休生活。我们也扩大了就业补助计划,为低收入工友和他们的家人提供更多的支持。政府和社会人士将为需要援助的国人承担更多风险,让这些人士能更安心生活。我们会齐心协力,确保这些人不被抛在后头。”

    -------- 齐心协力 ? 你和誰齐心协力啊 ?你們搞幾個黑幫齐心协力把韓慧慧的律師都”掐死”了,現在沒有人替她上法庭了申辯,國人再也聽不到慧慧有文化思考的聲音了,凝聚力 ? 你和你辦公室的女祕書齐心协力與ISIS合作, 並向我們發布恐怖威脅, 現在你在這裡談你與她的猥褻關係凝聚力吧 ?

    關於醫療帳面 ? 我們不要拿你的醫療了,請把錢全部還給我們。

    你說 “确保这些人不被抛在后头 ” , 具體怎麼 “確保 ” ? 比如我們現在已經在 “後頭 “。我們要去找誰索賠 ? 如果你的 “確保 ” 沒有做到, 有哪家保險公司負責兌現你沒有做到承諾之後的一切賠償呢 ?

    當國人寫信向你求助,你先交給女祕書聯絡ISIS威脅國人。國人被逼沒辦法, 只好網上求助, 因為從網上你拿不到錢,於是你起訴法院敲詐天價。 這就是你。

    因此,你必須找一家保險公司, 君子一言駟馬難追,為你今天自己說的 “确保这些人不被抛在后头 ” 的言詞,做個法律責任的擔保。

    做不到,請你退出之前被你侵吞的天價薪水,並破腹自殺, 以此謝罪。

    5) “ 这些政策不是要取代家庭扮演的角色,而是为了协助维系家庭的向心力。我们不希望看到家庭关系变得薄弱;在其他一些社会,由于政府为家庭承担起更多责任,反而削弱了家庭关系。我们绝不能让这种情况发生在新加坡——不论是个别的小家庭乃至我们的新加坡大家庭。”

    --------- 你做不到,沒有人逼你, 趕快退還巨薪, 回家吃自己,新加坡人民有人才, 取代你。

    6 ) ” 凝聚力强的家庭是我国社会的基石。家庭成员之间互相照顾、互相影响、同甘共苦。家,激励我们向上向善,为自己也为家人谋取幸福。不论我们健康或病弱,不论我们处在顺境或逆境,我们的家会一直守护着我们,关心着我们。”

    ------- 你在自說自話吧 ? 國民的錢都進入了你家人的口袋了,你要國人關心你,為你谋取幸福, 你是新加坡的累贅 。

    7)” 单凭慷慨的社会政策或津贴,并不能打造幸福美满的家庭。家,不仅仅是我们和亲人之间关系的代名词,它更深层的意义在于我们如何维系亲情。因此,让我们用心经营我们的家:多抽空陪伴家人、教育孩子、尊敬和照顾年长的父母,以及积极帮助身边的人。
    只要我们各尽本分,新加坡必将继续昌盛繁荣,不仅是取得经济上的繁荣,也能在这个多元社会,共筑一个和乐融融,和谐温馨的大家庭。。最后,祝大家新年快乐!- 李显龙(Photo by me) ‪#‎CNY‬ ‪#‎ChineseNewYear‬ ”

    ------- 慷慨的社会政策或津贴 ? 在哪裡 ? 誰拿到了 ? 去哪裡拿 ?黑心人, 聽好啦,你不但拿走了我們的家園,也霸佔我們的公積金不還,在你欠我們的還沒有償還以前, 是我們在福利你,供養你 。

  20. GoodNews

    These days, people like to take photos of group gatherings, like one time event each year before they return to being dogs in a dog eat dog society, and publish it for their friends to see( see, hehe haha hoho hehe haha) but nobody can tell the real or true stories behind those smiles and twinkie eyes.

    That’s Sin politics!

    • DisintegrationVirus

      They need to show their PAP masters they can get along with their families and relatives laaah
      If they cant keep their family together or maintain religion how to keep Sin together neh? tio bo tio bo?

  21. Very urgent notice to Roy


    pls take note, if you were now still in norway, please listen carefully, do not go back Singapore !
    before Lee Hsien Loong and his gangs step down, you do not return to Singapore !!

    this is for your safety consideration

    we just read PM’s gangs at FEBRUARY 22, 2015 – 11:40 used ” RealCS” left message : he hinted.

    ” …..Roy knew the consequences of bullshitting, yet, he continued. This is why giving to much freedom is not always a good thing, because you know there would be this minority of idiots that wants more freedom when they have the freedom…….”

    the reasons are:

    1. They are threatening to destroy you until you die !!
    2. In a place where you can breathe freely, can also help the democratic progress in Singapore !!!
    3. they used gangs, Prosecutor General, and ” judge ” …. many named of evil system , They tortured people, beyond the human’s instinct physical limits !!!!!

    4.if you go back they have second turn bombing against you , no one can stand such inhuman defiled from Prime Minister’s office anymore

    DO NOT Go Back Singapore before PAP step down !!!!!!

  22. Very urgent notice to Roy

    You must immediately forward Lee’s gang terrorist threat messages to the relevant national authorities
    do everything possible protect you , where you can study.

    greetings to your parents
    We are in your side as always

  23. Vote a new leader

    1) PM Lee Hsien Loong and Roy Ngerng Yi Ling are two classes Ideological person, They represent two society of Singapore,
    terminate Lee Hsien Loong which represents a corrupt class ‘s fate will eventually end .

    李显龙和 鄞义林, 代表了新加坡现存的两个社会阶层, 李显龙下台代表一个腐败阶层终将结束的宿命。

    2) Look at what he Lee Hsien Loong did today :

    ” Went for a walk with my family on Valentine’s Day, before my operation. The night was quiet and calm, no city noises or lights, but just bright enough for us to see our way forward without torches, and for me to take this picture without a tripod. Will go back there again, once I am healed. ‪#‎GuessWhere‬? – LHL ”

    3 ) look at what Roy Ngerng Yi Ling’s writing today :

    “People of my father’s generation came to Singapore becase they expected secure and Constitutionally protected lives, a life of freedom and democracy and rule of law, where every citizen’s rights are protected against being trampled upon as in any third world dictatorship or in Communist China of today.

    But Singapore’s problems today of a disappearing local population is entirely of his own making. Which person who has even a modicum of self respect would want to live in a society where every single Constitutional protection is denied, no freedom of speech, no freedom of expression, no right to peaceful assembly, no free press thanks to their Newspaper and Printing Act and where the entire judiciary is packed with compliant judges who accept their appointments on condition that they would abuse the law to satisfy the Lee regime and destroy political opponents.

    Naturally in a society such as this, where one has to take leave of their common sense and principles entirely and walk in tandem with government edicts, no matter how unreasonable is simply obnoxious to anyone with a thinking head on his shoulders. As a result as early as the 1970s up till now, there has been a relentless brain drain of anyone able to leave the country to the West which continues to this day.”

    4 ) … What is the difference of twothe state of mind ?

    Former ( Lee Hsien Loong ) is huge super wealthy, his doing nothing, feel free play with people guess his riddles
    The latter ( Roy Ngerng Yi Ling ) , concern for the fate of Singapore, Singapore in trouble, everyone has responsibility

    兩種心态有什么不同 ?

    前者(李显龙)是巨大的超级豪门,胸无大志,吃穿不愁,闲着没事, 跑出来要人们猜谜语。
    后者 ( 鄞义林) ,回忆父亲一代新加坡几代人做苦力, 终日抬不起头,他关注新加坡的命运,国家有难,匹夫有责。

    5 ) Through elections, the fate of these two men exchanged, two classes of society become one society close, for the nation more benefit than harm. Is a campaign to defend every household ‘s children and grandchildren, To defend the dignity, to defend the homeland, to defend our life.

    通过大选,把这两个阶层的命运互相交换一下,对民族利大于弊。 是一场保卫每家每户子子孙孙的战役, 捍卫尊严,捍卫家园,捍卫生命。

    6) Put your precious vote to those never threaten people’s Democratic Party and Workers’ Party, made them form a coalition government, to achieve the dream of generations of changes

    把宝贵的一票投給从来不威胁国人的民主党,工人党,由他们组成联合政府. 实现几代人梦寐以求的改变.

    • To " RealCS " or " The Oracle " ?

      for those wages and CPF is government paid ,government is their rice , boss, God or the Buddha.
      for those non-government wage and CPF, government is not their rice , boss , God or Buddha.

      • SIMPLE

        Then go for a holiday just like Roy. Don’t need to work. Don’t need any CPF. All Singapore support Roy…. He want to be your savior but he can’t save himself

      • to SIMPLE

        savior ?
        Miss, although until now, you have not used PAP elite’s classic rude verbal abuse, but as a Singapore elite, you are not ordinary people already, your job and your education no allow you behave so ignorant.

        such as ” go for a holiday just like Roy ” – – Roy has right to whatever he wants , if you miss him, do something to protect ” him.Don’t need to work ” — you knew him well , his job was terminated by your leader, who dare to hire him now ?

        ” Don’t need any CPF ” ? —- we wondering, how come a childish little girl = PAP ‘s elite ? so easy got this job in government , why smart girl Hanhuihui in different fate ? tomorrow your leader sent her to the Court, and alone …We pray for her to almighty God, help this unique girl in safe and sound

        ” All Singapore support Roy ” — not all, only non-PAP.

        ” He want to be your savior ” —- we underwent the same experience, from beginning admire you elite, but your elite always first curse us, that is reason led we together. we follow up elite’s step together. never give up. our savior is unite people together.

        ” but he can’t save himself ” — Precisely ! that is why in order to save a life, even just one or two life, Singapore urgent needs a new leader

        God blessing you little girl, God blessing Roy and Huihui, and all Singaporeans

  24. to jackfruit,

    Haters ?

    1.when the Rulers arrested an old man into jail just because of he was hunger or angry ?

    2. when Rulers fix a blogger like fix an ant , jobless him, smear him publically , no allow his voice on local paper, and further more asked for 250,000.00 SGD from social fundraisers ?

    3. threat Han huihui’s supporter , locked this little girl for more than 5 hours
    ? cut her throat, put her to the court alone , without any legal help her

    who did this ? is Rulers. who created Haters ? is Rulers .

    1. when order us get out of Singapore after snatched our home .

    2. when our appeal letter privately to PM Lee, only wrote to the chief of the country privately , surprise us that Singapore Prime Minister sold us to his office woman. allow her used logo like “Jim ” or “tan ” and so on here terrorist threats us.

    she first time she said she knew us, she is on behalf of PM wants us : get out
    second time, she works with ISIS task want come and chop off our head , kidnap our family ….

    Therefore, Haters was from Singapore Prime Minister Lee’s office.
    we follow up and never give up !

  25. to jackfruit,

    you would see , under PM Lee’s team,so called elite even open mouth never spelling a normal positive sentence
    Their elite is vulgar person. their most often words is plan to bombing us, kill us, chop off us, or mock us ” let government help me out ” and cetera …

    would not see they have a little cultural upbringing or basic Integrity of intellectual content,
    their footprint evidence that they are a double-sided man team, dressed in white on stage, under the stage they used black hand. Where are blackhand ? inside the Prime Minister’s office !!!

    They took the huge money for politics, but doing the gang’s business. They threatened the people of Singapore still exist.

    證據顯示他們是一個雙面人團隊,台上穿白衣,台下下黑手。黑手在哪裡, 就在李總理的團隊裡.
    他們拿著從政的錢,從事黑幫的事業。 他們對國人的威脅時刻存在。

  26. Daff

    Cosmetic changes, basically crumbs, will soon be razed by the greed of the elites. Ah….but greed is good haha talk cock sing song again

  27. sigh

    Dear Roy,

    If I didn’t have to put money in CPF, I would put the same amount of money in a bank account as savings. I already save money, on top of what is deducted from CPF.

    Maybe those people who want their CPF are those who are broke. The irony is, they probably don’t have much CPF to begin with.

    Just saying

    • agreed

      yeah , Just saying , the irony that PM plan to have this small woman as his second wife ? she is still single, her income by offers her dirty ass to please PM, the law available to those who are broke , but there is no law for polygamy. so how for this bitch ? no man wants her.

    • shameless Singapore Prime Minister office !

      how much other’s money in CPF is not your question 你只要做好一个良家婦女
      solve the bitch out of office first , PAP must step down !
      such young age, good for seduce old man in his office,
      shameless Singapore Prime Minister office !

  28. agreed

    in Singapore, many woman no man, so election coming,
    bitch queued for elected to become PM’s alternate wife candidate
    the young bitch is the second private secretary, her special function to smear his family and her stinking ass.

  29. 《征途》


    2015年2月21日,羊年农历初三,近400名前左翼、职工会、学生文化艺术团体的领导、干部和成员在千禧楼举行了一场具有重大意义的《老友春茗》聚餐会。 《老友春茗》聚餐会是上个世纪由左翼组织的杰出领导人,已故林清祥同志发起于90年代。这个活动已经进行了25年.


    尽管在上个世纪60年代李光耀法西斯政权利用英国殖民主义者残酷镇压左翼组织后已经无法恢复。但是,因为这股力量是在为实现争取祖国的独立、自由、民主和平等的烽火中诞生和成长起来的, 是历经了英国殖民主义者和李光耀法西斯政权的残酷镇压、无限期、不经审讯的监禁后有幸活过下的.

    2013年出版的《1963年新加坡的冷藏行动50周年纪念》一书出版所揭露的历史确凿证据后,深知当年李光耀的法西斯镇压的历史事实!他们是被李光耀法西斯政权捏造莫须有罪名下的长期监禁起来的!他们是在李光耀为了自己掌控而被全部被封闭监禁的. 就是这个巨大动力吹响了‘集结号’把我们的老同志重新集结起来!


    我们近500-600名的老同志于2013 年12月出席了在牙笼举行的《1963年新加坡的冷藏行动50周纪念》新书发布会。


















  30. TOsingapore

    Wages in Singapore are low because the PAP government has depressed wages by using cheap labour substitution ?

    ————– 当局在征地过程中获取了过多的收益,後來意囤積以抬高價格,

    比如, 用国民个体的公积金建起来淡马锡属下的嘉德置業,那麼在这块地皮做生意要比私人公司贵很多。简单的说,用每个国人的血汗钱拿出来买一整块地,分别切成几小块, 把价格从草地变成金刚钻,再租给业主 。 這樣一來,各行各業業主成本大幅度升高,並佔有總利潤的50%以上,业主为了生存也只好做相应的涨价, 导致两种后果,一是不得不起价,这样,零售价很贵. 二是, 降低員工薪水。这样,劳工薪水最低,處於不發達國家水平. 这个环节中,受害者是劳工阶层。

    获利最多的是待在『總理』辦公室裡面作孽的女人。它们一边享受国人的无私奉公, 一边滅口慧慧,敲詐Roy,操縱媒體,合作ISIS抓捕網絡人, 它们骂国人是 losers, haters ……. and ” chop off your head ” ….”. kidnap you and your family” …….or ” I hope your house gets bombed one day ….. ” ” … This is why giving to much freedom is not always a good thing… “….

    它们提醒人们, 李显龙對黑暗的授權 , 當承擔一切責任, 要他下台的呼籲浪潮水到渠成.

  31. Save her Hanhuihui

    記得去年7月, 第一次聽到她的聲音,像一隻蝴蝶飛進我的窗口,她向一個天使,感覺我的疼痛,她又像一個醫生,安撫我的傷口,小小年紀,擔當起長輩沉甸甸的夢想, 走在前頭, 面對大人的手槍枪和牢獄威脅,她面不改色,她是南洋的唯一 , 希望日後在新加坡為她樹立一座豐碑。

    這種是一種與邪惡勢力作鬥爭的大無畏精神, 她是23歲的韓慧慧.

    明天下午2點半 ( 25 Feb 2015 ) ,韓慧慧一個人將被送入法庭,我們為她祈禱, 請新加坡法官保護她。很多孩子在慧慧的年紀,受到長輩的一路呵護,希望新加坡長輩, 保護好你們每個晚輩。即便不同的價值觀.

    ” 前进吧,新加坡!来吧,新加坡人民,

    I remember last year in July, the first time I heard her voice, like a butterfly flew into our window, she is an angel, she feel our pains, she also likes a doctor, appease our wounds, little girl, in such young age, taking on elders heavy dreams, go ahead when face of the threat of an adult’s guns and prison, and she without blinking an eye, her discovery is a spiritual inspiration, she is unique girl .

    we hope future Singapore will establish a monument special for her.

    This is a struggle against the forces of evil , she indomitable spirit, — 23-year-old Han Huihui.

    Tomorrow 14:30, Han Huihui will be sent to the Court, will be alone , without lawyer. we pray for her, hope Singapore justice protect her.

    Many children in her age, all the way have a senior ‘s taking care , the elders Singaporeans protect each of young child . Even different values. If someone want to punish her, please first singing the national anthem . Because of your national anthem is: ONWARD SINGAPORE

    Come, fellow Singaporeans
    Let us progress towards happiness together
    May our noble aspiration bring
    Singapore success

    Come, let us unite
    In a new spirit
    Let our voices soar as one
    Onward Singapore
    Onward Singapore

      • SIMPLE is a whore

        em…….. ” SIMPLE ” ?? …… she has been played fool here for long …. she has been play idiot her everyday…. interest her record …. and clue….. suddenly turned …she is the “chicken” …… how many prostitute inside the OFFICE ? ? ….em….how much Office paid those young bitches ?…. need to be explored…. later news coming soon ….

    • Utopia Singapore

      While Roy her closest ally enjoy himself in Norway and UK, HHH suffer under the evil clutches of PAP.

      For after all he can afford to travel even though he has $5000 left in his savings since he receive $5200 in donations for his living expenses and $3000 salary from The Real Singapore every month. That’s a total of $8200 a month for his salary.

      • Addressed to you, a fake Roy

        Singapore PM office is the origin of led corrupt social atmosphere, thought they were emperor ‘s daughter or son, ( in fact, their statements and bitch or scum no different ), they spread gossip, they are proud of their selfish, shameless, no virtue, no education, no self-restraint, no political knowledge .

        above one is the one of the PM’s investment to hire them , they belong to Prime Minister office control , specializing in making trouble here , create a disturbance, that is one of the PAP’s characteristics, privately hired these vulgar team.

        They unravel themselves the veil of the so-called Singapore elite

  32. talkcock

    How much is this guy paid to blow up his AH?

    “Budget 2015’s vision of a Singapore full of opportunities and support for an empowered citizenry thus has great appeal, but also carries risks. These risks(you can’t survive from crumbs and die, your problem) can be managed only by Singaporeans.

    Can we retain our work ethic; sustain our drive and maintain our sense of unity? Singapore’s vision can be facilitated by sound policy and strong leadership, but it can only be realised by her people(please support and worship your anointed talents and pay them millions for their services to keep you beh beh beh).

    What we need is a gifted citizenry( they are all seated in ivory towers and ready to sue if you think they are daft gifted monkeys), not a citizenry always expecting gifts(oh, they are entitle or expected to receive millions or generous rewards otherwise they won’t serve and leave the country for greener pastures).”


    Devadas Krishnadas is chief executive of Future-Moves Group, an international strategic consultancy and executive education provider based in Singapore.

    And oppositions are different? Please!

  33. teoenming3

    Dear National Heart Centre Singapore, Dr. Lim Tiong Keng, Dr. Jack
    Tan, Changi General Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore General
    Hospital, United Nations Human Rights Council, UN Special Rapporteur on
    Torture, United Nations Human Rights Treaty Bodies, Doctors without
    Borders, Reporters without Borders, Human Rights Watch, the
    International Criminal Court, European Court of Human Rights, Court of
    Justice of the European Union, General Court of the European Union, and
    Wong Siew Wah @ Pinnacle Credit Services Pte Ltd,

    FILE NO: PA9104228
    BILL NO: H114056756D0001

    Could you tell Dr. Lim Tiong Keng at the National Heart Centre
    Singapore that I want to do a FULL Chest MRI to find out the cause of my
    intermittent mild chest pain? My intermittent mild chest pain is
    occurring randomly. On some days, I may not notice the chest pain at
    all. However, on other days, my intermittent mild chest pain may occur
    more frequently. The location of the intermittent mild chest pain is
    somewhere near the center of the chest and slightly offset to the left.
    There was a sudden onset of intermittent mild chest pain since 2nd
    October 2014, which is almost six months already. I am still considering
    a 2nd CT coronary angiogram as I fear it may cause CANCER. I have
    already went through two CT scans in the past. The first one is a CT
    coronary angiogram done at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore in
    November 2011. Everything was NORMAL. Zero percent stenosis and zero
    calcium score in all tests. Perfect health report card!!! The second one
    is a CT brain scan without contrast agent done at Tan Tock Seng Hospital
    in Singapore recently. It was also NORMAL. Hence I have only done two CT
    scans so far. I am afraid to do another CT coronary angiogram as it may
    cause CANCER. Computed Tomography (CT) scans involve large amounts of
    harmful ionizing radiation.

    Very recently (December 2014 I think) my 24-hour electrocardiogram
    Holter test and Cardiac MRI done at National Heart Center Singapore
    were also normal. But Dr. Lim Tiong Keng said that he cannot confirm
    whether I have blockages/narrowing in the coronary arteries without
    another CT coronary angiogram. Should I do another CT coronary
    angiogram in the view that it may cause cancer? Dr Lim Tiong Keng also
    told me that my cholesterol and triglycerides levels are very high. I
    took the cholesterol-lowering medicine atorvastatin every day without
    fail and it has brought my cholesterol and triglycerides levels under

    I have sudden onset of intermittent mild chest pain since early
    October 2014, which is almost six months already. I have been to
    hospital emergency departments in Singapore NUMEROUS times (I LOST COUNT
    ALREADY) complaining about intermittent mild chest pain but the
    emergency doctors in Singapore always tell me that my simple blood test
    and simple ECG are normal and they always sent me home without further
    investigations. The emergency doctors in Singapore are not interested in
    investigating the cause of my intermittent mild chest pain at all. They
    conveniently say it is a-typical chest pain and probably due to
    muscular-skeletal pain rather than coronary heart disease. All the
    Singapore doctors I have seen are not doing anything about my
    intermittent mild chest pain at all. A few Singapore doctors even wanted
    to prescribe me PANADOL/PARACETAMOL for my intermittent mild chest pain.
    What good is Panadol/Paracetamol in treating heart disease, if it is
    indeed heart disease which I am suffering from? These Singapore doctors
    simply don’t want to solve the ROOT CAUSE of my intermittent mild chest
    pain. How can Panadol treat heart disease? For God’s sake, it is for treating headaches and fevers

    I should be prescribed anticoagulants, also called blood thinners;
    aspirin and other anticlotting medicines; ACE inhibitors; beta blockers;
    calcium channel blockers; nitroglycerin; glycoprotein IIb-IIIa; statins;
    and fish oil and other supplements high in omega-3 fatty acids instead.

    If there are narrowed coronary arteries in my body, I should undergo
    angioplasty, stenting, and coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG).

    I have mentioned before a lot of times that I am being persecuted,
    targeted, blacklisted, and condemned by the Singapore Government for
    ***UNWITTINGLY*** offending Minister Mentor LEE KUAN YEW and Prime
    Minister LEE HSIEN LOONG in the year 2007 and 2009.

    Yes, I have access to health care in Singapore. The doctors in
    Singapore are willing to see me. Because I have been unemployed for
    more than one year, I get free medical consultation and free medical
    examination, all paid for by the Singapore Government.

    BUT all the Singapore doctors I have seen CONSISTENTLY REFUSE to
    certify/diagnose that I have coronary heart disease. So do I have
    heart disease or not? Having intermittent mild chest pain for five
    months or more is almost a sure sign that I have narrowing of the
    coronary arteries (angina). By refusing to certify that I have heart
    disease, the doctors in Singapore can avoid giving me the correct
    treatment for my medical condition. So the doctors in Singapore are
    willing to see me but give me the wrong diagnosis (that is,
    muscular-skeletal pain in the chest) and give me the wrong treatment
    (Panadol for chest pain!!!!!)


    ONLY 36 YEARS OLD. Come 5 March 2015, I will be 37 years old.






    It is known that the marine creature Jellyfish is biologically
    immortal. It simply refuses to die. If jellyfish can be biologically
    immortal, why can’t human beings be immortal as well? It is certainly
    not impossible and far-fetched to say that human beings will become
    biologically immortal in the near future. Who knows? Anything in the
    Universe is possible. As a scientist, you need to have an open mind.






    Please transmit my entire letter to Dr. Lim Tiong Keng and ask his
    secretary to call me to fix an appointment for Full Chest MRI. I would
    also like to consult Dr. Jack Tan at the National Heart Center Singapore
    as well. Dr. Jack Tan has been recommended to me by Pius Gilbert Louis,
    who is also targeted by the Singapore Government and the Secret Police
    in Singapore. Gilbert Louis says that the Secret Police in Singapore is trying to kill him. He has suffered five heart attacks and survived. He suspects that the Secret Police in Singapore has tainted his food with poison, which causes him to suffer heart attacks.

    I have visited the emergency departments in public hospitals in
    Singapore many many many times but no medical professional gives a
    damn about my intermittent mild chest pain. They simply don’t care. The
    doctors I have seen in Singapore don’t bother investigating the real
    cause of my intermittent mild chest pain. I am always discharged by the
    emergency doctors who always say that my blood test and ECG are normal.
    The American National Institute of Health website has already stated
    that chest pain is one of the symptoms of heart disease. It is also
    COMMON SENSE that if you have chest pain for a prolonged period of time
    like several months, it is very likely to be due to heart
    What is holding the doctors in Singapore back from certifying
    that I have coronary heart disease? Did Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong
    and Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew gave a call to all the doctors in
    Singapore telling them not to save my life??? Were all the doctors in
    Singapore warned, threatened, or bribed by the Singapore Government not
    to save my life?

    I have a very strong belief that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and
    Minister Lee Kuan Yew want me to be very complacent about my health and
    they want me to die young.

    I have a very strong belief that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and
    Minister Lee Kuan Yew want me to be very complacent about my health and
    they want me to die young.

    I have a very strong belief that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and
    Minister Lee Kuan Yew want me to be very complacent about my health and
    they want me to die young.

    I have a very strong belief that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and
    Minister Lee Kuan Yew want me to be very complacent about my health and
    they want me to die young.

    I have a very strong belief that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and
    Minister Lee Kuan Yew want me to be very complacent about my health and
    they want me to die young.

    They can live to a ripe old age but I can’t? By the way, both of my parents are already over 70 years old.

    Thank you very much for your kind attention.

    I am looking forward to your prompt reply.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    Mobile: +65 9117 5902
    Fax: +65 6725 0731
    Republic of Singapore

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