The Singapore Prime Minister Earns Enough to Govern China and India!

How much do you think ministers and members of parliament (MPs) earn, when compared to Singaporeans? Take this test.

And a last question.

Now, what did you answer and how does it compare with what is really happening in Singapore?

First, do you know that the lowest-paid Singaporean earns only S$1,000 a month? For cleaners, they earn a entry-level basic wage of S$1,000.


But actually, what the lowest-paid Singaporean earns is lower – many Singaporeans still earn below S$1,000.

For instance, last year, there were still 180,000 Singaporeans who still earned less than S$1,000 every month.

In fact, do you know that there were 627,600 Singaporeans who still earned less than S$2,000 every month?

This means there were more than 30% of Singaporeans who were living on less than S$2,000 every month.


When I conducted a survey on my blog two years ago to ask Singaporeans how much in minimum wage they think Singapore needs to have, nearly 60% of the respondents said that the minimum wage should be S$10 or S$15. This would give an average of about S$2,000.

Today, Singapore still does not have a minimum wage, cleaners still earn only S$1,000 and 30% of Singaporeans still earn less than S$2,000.

Now, let’s take a look at how much you the MPs and prime minister actually earn, in comparison with the lowest-paid Singaporean.

You would know that MPs are given an allowance of S$15,000.

As compared to the S$1,000 that cleaners earn, this mean that MPs are earning 15 times more than a cleaner, or 1,500% more! How does this compare with your answer above?


And how about the prime minister? He earns a stated salary of S$2.2 million, which is about S$183,000 every month.

And how does this compare to a cleaner who earns S$1,000?

This means that the prime minister actually earns 183 times more than a cleaner, or 18,300% more!

And note, this is only with the declared salary of the prime minister of S$2.2 million. Theoretically, there is no cap as to how much the prime minister can earn. It can go up to the tens of millions or even more!


But do you think this is right?

Now, let’s compare this with another country which has a similar level of national income as Singapore – Norway.

In Norway, the prime minister earns S$25,000 every month while the lowest-paid Norwegian earns S$5,000. This means that the prime minister only earns 5 times more or 500%.


It would only take 5 years for the lowest-paid Norwegian to earn what the Norwegian prime minister earns in one year.


But for the lowest-paid Singapore however, it would take him or her 272 years to earn what the Singapore prime minister earns in one year!


Of course, everyone in the world knows that the Singapore prime minister and the ministers in Singapore earn the highest salary in the world.

In fact, according to the Business Insider, what the Singapore prime minister earns is enough to cover the total of what the heads of states of the United States, Canada, Germany, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Japan, Turkey, France, Russia, Italy, Brazil and India earn, or a total population of more than 2.5 billion people.

In other words, the Singapore prime minister earns enough to govern the whole populations of China and India.

Or to look at it in another way, the Singapore prime minister actually earns enough to govern 35% of the population in the world.

But the reality?

The Singapore prime minister only governs 0.05% of the population the world.

But he earns a salary that can pay the leaders which govern 35% of the population in the world.

Do you think this is extravagant? Wasteful?

Do you think this is even right?

To put it into perspective, if the Singapore prime minister earns enough to govern 2.5 billion people but he is only governing 3.5 million Singaporeans, then proportionately, he should only be paid about S$3,100, which by the way is about the median income for Singaporeans.

(The S$3,100 is derived from dividing the S$2.2 million that the Singapore prime minister earns with the 2.5 billion people, and multiplying it with the 3.5 million Singaporeans.)

Not only that, do you know that the average earns one of the lowest wages among the highest-income countries?

In fact, the lowest-paid Singaporeans also earn the lowest wages among the highest-income countries.

2 How the PAP Government Restricted Singaporeans’ Labour Rights @ Lowest Wages

This is even though the prime minister and ministers earn the highest salaries in the world.

8 How the PAP Government Restricted Singaporeans’ Labour Rights @ Highest Prime Minister Salary

Is this even right?

Now, let’s get back to the question above. Now that you know how much the Norwegian prime minister earns vis-à-vis its citizens and how the Singapore prime minister actually earns enough to govern 2.5 billion people in the world, how much do you think the MPs and prime minister should actually earn in Singapore?

Let’s take the test again.

And finally, now that you also know how much the lowest-paid Norwegians earn and how much the PAP ministers and MPs earn,

I don’t think I need to say any much else, except that the PAP prime minister, ministers and members of parliament are paid TOO MUCH.

Not only that, they would keep increasing their own salaries to millions of dollars but would make Singaporeans earn one of the lowest salaries among the highest-income countries. And this is even though Singapore is the most expensive country in the world.

Not only that, the PAP would make Singaporean earn one of the lowest wages in the most expensive country, while also making Singaporeans pay the most out of our own pockets to pay for healthcare, for university tuition fees, and pay one of the most expensive housing in the world, while also leaving us with one of the least adequate retirement funds in the world.

And then the PAP pays themselves the highest salaries in the world and the lowest tax among the developed countries.

Welcome to Singapore, my friends. And this, Singaporeans, if this does not wake you up, I do not know what else will.

The PAP obviously does not care about Singaporeans. In fact, the PAP does not treat itself as the government. It keeps taking the money of Singaporeans to use, but give very little back.

The PAP does not want to protect Singaporeans. This is the government that (some of) you voted for.

At the next general election, if you still vote in the PAP, then I don’t know what to say.


  1. COE

    The PAP government should abolish their “what is wrong with collecting more money” attitude as portrayed by LKY. They should in similar sense abolish the COE. If a car functions well, let the owner drive it to the very end instead of forcing them to scrap their vehicle after 10 years, or pay an exorbitant amount to renew the paper COE. This is an absurd Singapore-only policy!

  2. Xmen

    There is no justification for PM’s exorbitant salary. He spends far too much time on photo-ops than any other first world leaders to promote himself. There needs to be a 90% tax on his salary to bring it in line with his peers.


    李光耀的弟弟在回憶中說,有一次弟弟借穿李光耀的皮鞋, 當他把搞髒的皮鞋還給李光耀的時候, 被李光耀大怒。

    這個細節反映李光耀困境的少年时代, 他生長在一個中下等的家庭裡,幾個兄弟只有一雙皮鞋,这与后面治國路途中, 在国会里面对手人数较弱的情况下,他狮子大开口, 要每月拿花红价格的個性不无关联 。此外, 他为他的女儿建立医院, 安排女儿做院长, 按排儿子做总裁, 他们分别拿院长总裁的高薪, 他把他的家人照顾的很好。

    但是说到李光耀把小渔村打造成大都市,言过其实. 当前把超过130多年的植物园申请世界遗产的例子, 说明了在李光耀出生以前,新加坡就有模有样了。

    这次克林頓等國際人士出席葬禮, 因为新加坡還有民主选举制度, 他們朝著民主制度而來,民主选举之前的电视辩论很重要,新加坡媒体要给反对党一次机会 , 上电视演讲 。

    希望通过大选更换新領導人, 这对未来新加坡帶來以下3大重要影响:

    1。儘快阻止國有財富向某家族私有制轉移所帶來的巨大潜在危害 ( 包括首脑以诽谤罪控告国民, 导致国民失去健康财富自由等代价, 种植黑势力包下媒体等危害 )。

    2。 及时审查国有资产放在淡马锡控股的账目, 为后代纪念国父的廉政足迹拿出证据。如果不换领导人,这一步不能实现。

    3。 给旧领导人珍惜, 休息,反省,学习的机会, 给新领导人脚踏实地为国效力4年的一次机会。

  4. Jeff Dickey

    With respect to the apparent guest comment at #4 left by “THE SIXTEN”, a surprising-to-depressingly-many Singaporeans are not literate in Simplified Chinese.

    Google translates his/her/its remarks as follows. Does anyone have a better translation?

    Lee Kuan Yew’s brother in the memories that once Lee’s younger brother by wearing shoes, when he engaged in dirty shoes back when Lee Kuan Yew, Lee Kuan Yew was furious.

    This detail reflects Lee’s plight boyhood, he grew up in a lower, such as family, several brothers and only one pair of shoes, which is behind the rule of the road, in the Congress, the number of which is weak opponent, he have a big opening To get a monthly bonus price of personality is not without relevance. In addition, he built for his daughter’s Hospital, Dean made arrangements for her daughter, son, do arrange president, they were paying to take dean president, he put his family to take care of very well.

    But when it comes to the little fishing village of Lee Kuan Yew fight metropolis, exaggerated. The current of the more than 130 years of botanical gardens in the world heritage application examples illustrate born before Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore will have a kind of mold.

    The Clinton and other international figures attending the funeral, as well as the democratic election system in Singapore, they came toward democracy, democratic elections before a televised debate is important, the Singapore media to give the opposition a chance on a televised speech.

    Hopes the election to replace the new leader, which brings the following three major important impact on the future of Singapore:

    1. As soon as possible to prevent state-owned wealth brought by private ownership transferred to a family of great potential hazards (including the heads of the national sue for libel, resulting in the loss of national wealth, freedom, health cost, planting the dark forces under the package media and other hazards).

    2. Temasek timely review of state-owned assets in the accounts, for future generations to commemorate the founding father of the Independent footprint to produce evidence. If the leaders do not change, this step can not be achieved.

    3. To the old leaders of the treasure, rest, reflection, learning opportunities for new leaders to serve their country four years down to earth a chance.

  5. R

    “To put it into perspective, if the Singapore prime minister earns enough to govern 2.5 billion people but he is only governing 3.5 million Singaporeans, then proportionately, he should only be paid about S$3,100, which by the way is about the median income for Singaporeans.”

    So the PM should earn as much as Roy what he get by writing to TRS. But did the TRS get 3.5 million readers every month.

  6. R

    View from Economist Knut Anton Mork

    When the oil is no longer around to finance Norwegians’ salary level, people’s wages may have to be reduced by as much as 25 percent, predicts economist Knut Anton Mork.

    The high demand for Norwegian oil and gas is what has given the nation’s salary level such a steep increase, says Mork.

    Between 2003 and 2012 the Norwegian wage level was 38 percent above the average in the Nordic countries, and 64 percent above the average in the Euro zone.

    Mork tells Finansavisen that Norwegians will have to get used to significant wage cuts, on par with the other Nordic countries, and prepare for the day when the Norwegian oil investments can no longer finance the high salaries.

    “Norway is a boomtown. It’s what we have. It’s what we are. We should not fool ourselves to believe that our prosperity comes from us being any smarter or more responsible than anyone else,” Mork says.

    It is better to prepare and assume that it will happen, rather than claiming that it will not, Mork concludes.
    On the other hand Singapore’s continued prosperity will depend on whether they continue to be smarter and more competitive. Look around Singapore, what do we have, Oil no, People yes.
    Compare to Norway, four seasons, Singapore sunny throughout.

  7. R

    Singapore has no oil, but we have oil refinery plants. Value-added.
    Not enough water, but we have NEWATER. Technology.
    Dream that we can be like Norway, no,
    Vision that Singapore can succeed like Norway, yes.
    LKY and his team start the Singapore’s Story,
    we must continue the Singapore story – to survive and write in this blog

    • PAPer Tiger

      @R I didn’t know you and lky’s family relish the shit-water so much. Now w e know where the big demand is coming from 🙂

  8. kampongchicken

    “ASEAN is working towards creating a single market with zero-tariffs and free movement of goods and services across the region.

    Mr Lee said that this will reap “significant benefits”.

    “So we must press on to implement what we have committed together,” he said.”

    His thirst for “benefits” knows no boundaries.

    • Omen

      Sang Nila Utama was a prince of Palembang, which was then the capital of the Sriwijaya Empire. Wanting to find a suitable place for a new city, he decided to visit the islands off the coast of Palembang, South Sumatra. He set sail in a number of ships as in a fleet. He and his men reached the Riau Islands and were welcomed by the queen. A few days later, Sang Nila Utama went to a nearby island on a hunting trip.

      While hunting, he spotted a deer or stag and started chasing it up a small hill but, when he reached the top, the deer or stag vanished. He then came to a very large rock and decided to climb it. When he stood on top of the rock, he looked across the sea and saw another island with a white sandy beach which had the appearance of a white sheet of cloth.

      Asking his chief minister what land it was, he was told that it was the island of Temasek. He then decided to visit Temasek. However, when his ship was out on the sea, a great storm erupted and the ship was tossed about in the huge waves. The ship began to take on water.

      To prevent it from sinking, his men threw all the heavy things on board into the sea to lighten the ship. But still water kept entering the ship. On the advice of the ship’s captain, he threw his crown overboard as a gift to the sea. At once, the storm died down and he reached Temasek safely. (Another version of the legend states that his crown was too heavy for his ship.)

      He landed at the mouth of the present-day Singapore River and went inland to hunt wild animals. Suddenly, he saw a strange animal with an orange body, black head and a white neck breast. It was a fine-looking animal and moved with great speed as it disappeared into the jungle.

      He asked his chief minister what animal it was and was told that it was a lion. He was pleased with this as he believed it to be a good omen—a sign of good fortune coming his way. Thus, he decided to build his new city in Temasek. He and his men stayed on the island and founded a city in 1324.

      He renamed this city Singapura. Singa is a Malay word for lion[4] which is itself derived from the Sanskrit word singha (सिंह) (singam in Tamil with the same meaning). Pura (पुर) means “temple” in Malay or “town” in Sanskrit (puram in Tamil).[5][6] The name thus means the “Lion City”. He established diplomatic ties with China and was officially recognised as the ruler of Singapore by an envoy of the Chinese emperor in 1366. Sang Nila Utama ruled Singapura for 48 years and was buried at the foot of Bukit Larangan (present-day Fort Canning Hill). It is said that he was buried beside his wife, but the tombs and remains of him and his wife have not been located. Some believe that his body was actually the body that belongs in Paradise. He is also believed to be an incarnation of Svayam Bhagavan, the Lord Himself.

      Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour

    • GettingExciting

      He fucked the PM. Now women want to…errr…expose the truth about Singapore too HAHAHAHA

      The dead cannot tahan….will soon rise liao lah HAHAHA


    LKY’s young brother in remembering Lee Kuan Yew, he talked a little-known of LKY private things : the younger brother borrowed LKY shoes without his permission, LKY was irritated to see his brother return shoes to him, he get mad at his brother over such trifle.

    a little things reflected his unique fingerprint :

    1. a lower Intermediate family background, a few brothers have no a pair of new shoes , family financially straitened circumstances, at that time LKY had no fame and wealth.

    2. he had come to believe that best way to succeed is to change himself . he went all out for his family , that has been confirmed in the years after his ruling. He really knows how to take care his daughter , sons, brothers, grandchildren , every members in his family gain huge fame and wealth.

    3. However, he was extremely stingy , self motives man. he thinking first of he’s own interests, needs, etc without concern for other common Singaporeans, the elderly , the single mothers, the children, the unemployed,etc. He denied the ordinary Singaporeans should have the rights to share the GDP ‘s interests.

    4, he has been exaggerated , this is misleading history, LKY copied British parliament design and law to Singapore, but inside the core he moved over from Communist country. he did not allow Singapore medias give the opposition party a chance on a televised speech, he even arrested them. he forced them to go bankrupt, become homeless.

    5, he enjoy a dominating one-party benefit, he resorted to trickery win a democracy award abroad. thus former America President Clinton and other international figures and those who praise of democracy. all of them were deceived .

    There are many benefits to Singaporeans if elect a new leader to replace .

    1. prevent they quietly changes of national utilities, telecommunications, Temasek,etc., almost state-owned assets transferred to privatization. if they did that successful , the future Singaporeans’s posterity will become their slaver, are likely to be arrested , be bankrupted, be homeless if they talking not the same tone .

    2. the old leaders were in charge Temasek , no chance to get the evidences about LKY was a model of clean-living and honest virtues, or LKY had set up an incorrupt government ? everytime they won the lawsuit by power , but always lack of the paper evidences.

    3. the opportunities for new leaders to serve Singaporeans for next four years,heaven won’t fall . giving Dr. Chee Soon Juan , Mr. Low Thia Khiang, Sylvia Lim a chance better than none chance.

  10. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

  11. PAPer Tiger

    No wonder LKY wanted his Oxley Rd house to be torn down after his death–it is symbolic of removing PAP so that the party doesn’t continue to make an international shame and scandal of itself and the country

  12. Rotten PAPayas

    “I worked less than two years before I got married and had kids. Obviously what I have in the CPF or medi whatever is very little. I receive CPF statement I have 50K but all this is untouchable. Even if I need an operation I cannot use it most of it. What is the point of this? Does that mean i need to die first before the money gets transferred to my kids’ CPF account? And my kids need to die before it is transferred to their kids? Does it just go on forever? Pls enlighten me I don’t really understand where my CPF money will go? Or materialize…in exact words. I’m sure the govt doesn’t write a cheque out to the next beneficiary when I die…right?”

  13. Fabian

    Lowest paying $1000 per month job is that of starting out degree holders’ pay in neighbouring Malaysia. It also comes with additional 17 percent CPF and benefits like annual leaves and bonuses.

  14. sixfab

    According to , the average Norwegian salary after tax is S$4,558.36 which is not too different from Singaporeans’ S$4,082.25 average. Also which public sector elite would want to continue running the country if the pay is too low; he would definitely join state related companies like SIA, Singtel, SMRT, DBS and others whereby the CEO is also paid a minimum of 1 million dollars. THE MP’s salary does not seem too high too (if the position holder commits full-time to the job); it is high enough to attract competent people to serve the country and people. The salary compares favourably with US senators who are paid US$174,000 (S$235,000) per year.

  15. Sham

    First ,MPs salary are pegged to the top 5% of Singapore’s pay .Since SG economy is doing well , MP are highly paid accordingly. This also enforces anti-corruption practices.
    Second , SG is a social economic country . U voted for your MP so they make the decision for u … If not leave SG and don’t come back.
    Lastly , the salary of MP are supported by opposition parties via NMP & NCMP , so the bill is passed . I bet no one will run for MP if the pay is low as these MP are capable of making huge amount of money in private sector (eg. George Yeo)…

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