The PAP has Abused the Law to Persecute Amos Yee but Protect its Own Members

Over the last one and a half months, 16-year-old Amos Yee was arrested and charged, and has now been held in remand for 17 days in total now.

All because he said something about Lee Kuan Yew. You can read more about his persecution here.

The Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC), or the government’s lawyers, charged Amos and said that he drew something obscene and wanted to intentionally wound the feelings of Christians.

Have you seen the image that Amos drew? You can Google it under “Lee Kuan Yew buttfucking”. To be considered obscene legally, the image must make you feel tempted to act out your sexual fantasies and want to have sex. Go take a look at the photo and see if you would actually want to do so.

Then you will know why Amos needs to be released.

Not only that, government-controlled companies, such as Mediacorp, have even created TV shows which would rightfully be classified as “obscene” but they have never been charged.

Will AGC Charge Mediacorp for Obscenity 1

Will AGC Charge Mediacorp for Obscenity 2

In fact, Mediacorp’s FHM magazine would be considered even more “obscene”. If they need not be charged, surely there are simply no grounds for Amos to be charged, isn’t it?

Will AGC Charge Mediacorp for Obscenity 4

Will AGC Charge Mediacorp for Obscenity 3

Will AGC Charge Mediacorp for Obscenity 5

Then why was Amos charged? If Amos was charged, then it is clear that it is not the image that he did that is the issue, isn’t it? Clearly, he PAP wanted to persecute Amos because of what he said about Lee Kuan Yew.

But Amos is a 16-year-old boy, for goodness sake. Even if the PAP feels insecure about its own power, a 16-year-old, really? The PAP would persecute a mere child because it is scared?

On the charge of wanting to intentionally wound the feelings of Christians, many Christians have spoken up for Amos.

Amos’s own bailer, Vincent Law, said that he is Christian but not offended by what Amos said. 65-year-old John Loh also told Reuters that he is not offended too.

Unjust Amos Charged 5

In fact, a petition set up a Christian Singaporean has now garnered more than 4,000 signatories where many Christians have also spoken up in support of Amos.

Unjust Amos Charged 6

Unjust Amos Charged 7

Unjust Amos Charged 8

Unjust Amos Charged 9

Moreover,  even though there were 32 people who made police reports against Amos, the AGC did not call up any of them to stand as witnesses in court.

In fact, even the police reports that were made against Amos were not revealed. Then how can we verify the veracity of these reports?

Amos’s lawyers also pointed out that of the two reports that they were able to access, two of them reported against Amos because they were upset with what Amos had said about their “founding father” or Lee Kuan Yew.


In fact, two of the people who made police reports were Lionel de Souza and Chia Boon Teck, and they have been found to be affiliated to the People’s Action Party (PAP).

Lionel de Souza is a PAP member.


And Chia Boon Teck is also related to the PAP and had written into The Straits Times Forum Page and said that he does not tolerate those who make “disrespectful comments” about Lee Kuan Yew.

Chia Boon Teck Amos Yee

Clearly, the persecution of Amos is because he had spoken about Lee Kuan Yew. The persecution of Amos is political.

In truth, it was not because he wounded the feelings of Christians. It was because he wounded the feelings of the PAP members or supporters.

Who do the PAP members think they are? God?

Do they think Singapore belongs only to the PAP and other Singaporeans who do not side them should be subjected to being second class and bullied by them?

The PAP supporters keep claiming that Amos should be persecuted because he spoke about Christianity.

But when PAP members have also made insensitive remarks about religion or ethnicity, nothing happened to them.

Unjust Amos Charged 2

The PAP supporters keep saying that Amos should be persecuted but they would keep quiet when it is their own members who said the same things.

If the PAP supporters keep saying that what Amos said is a crime, shouldn’t many of the PAP members be thrown into jail? Why didn’t this happen?

In fact, when an ordinary Singaporean made a police report on one of the PAP members and tried to follow up on it, the PAP used the government agencies and police to intimidate him instead. You can read more about Abdul Salim Harun’s persecution here and here.

Unjust Amos Charged 1

What happened to the rule of law? Is Singapore now a lawless place where only the PAP’s law matters?

Must you be a PAP member to be safe in Singapore, and if you are not, will you, your children and their children never be safe? All because we don’t support the PAP?

Not only that, look at what Lee Kuan Yew had said before.

Unjust Amos Charged 3

If Lee Kuan Yew had said things much worse than what Amos had said, shouldn’t Lee Kuan Yew have been thrown into jail?

Unjust Amos Charged 4

Why was Lee Kuan Yew allowed to walk around freely? Why was he not punished, jailed and caned like many of the PAP supporters want to be done to Amos?

In fact, why did the PAP supporters not smack Lee Kuan Yew in the face, like how some of them cheered when a man physically assaulted Amos and smacked him in the face.

What are the PAP supporters trying to say? If you say something against Lee Kuan Yew or the PAP, you are a criminal. And if you do not support the PAP, physical violence can be meted out on you and the PAP supporters will think is acceptable?

Meanwhile, Amos has been remanded in prison for a total of 17 days now and has been handcuffed in chains and shackles, which have eaten into his legs and caused him to be in much pain.

Not only that, when Amos appeared in court, he wore a shirt with the words, “Prisoner”, on the back to humiliate him.

Amos Yee Court

All because he said something about Lee Kuan Yew.

Has Singapore become PAP? Is it now illegal to give your opinions about Lee Kuan Yew or the PAP? Does the PAP think this is North Korea?

Why is the PAP taking over the country as if Singapore belongs to the PAP?

If you are a PAP member or supporter and you say something, you will never be charged. You will be allowed to go scot free.

But if you are not a PAP supporter, the PAP will not even wait to charge you. The PAP will charge you immediately.

Amos was charged within a day of being arrested. This is how the PAP treat Singaporeans.

If we don’t support the PAP, they will “fix” us. It is no longer about fixing the opposition. All Singaporeans who do not support the PAP now will be fixed.

But is this the kind of Singapore you want? Is this the kind of government you want?

If you are a PAP member or supporter…

The PAP no longer cares for Singaporeans. It only cares for itself.

It is scary that Singaporeans would still allow the PAP to be in government.

If I were you, I will vote to kick the PAP out of government. They have abused their power for too long and now, even turned against Singaporeans.

In fact, after Lee Kuan Yew died, the PAP has now attacked Singaporeans even more. Not only did it attack Amos, it is trying to shut down the “alternative” online news sites to prevent Singaporeans from being able to read “alternative” news.

Within a month after Lee Kuan Yew died...

The PAP wants us to only read its propaganda, to only read the “right thing”, as Yaacob Ibrahim said before.

What is happened in Singapore now is terrible. Do you want Singapore to go down this road, where the PAP is king and where they make Singaporeans second class citizens and bully Singaporeans?

Does this worry you?

But it is clear that Singaporeans are not happy. Within a month after Lee Kuan Yew died, there have already been several acts of civil disobedience.

Within a month after Lee Kuan Yew died... 2

But the question is, Singaporeans, when will we rise together?


But it is not just that. Even when we know that the PAP is taking our Central Provident Fund (CPF) pension funds to use while it denies it, why do we tolerate it? Lee Kuan Yew said in 2001 and 2006 that “GIC does not use CPF funds”. But last year, the PAP finally admitted that it does. Why didn’t Singaporeans fight back?

Why wasn’t Lee Kuan Yew charged?

2 How the PAP Government Tried to Hide the Truth about the CPF @ 2001 2006 2007

Also, when we know that the PAP also puts itself on the board of directors of the GIC, which takes our CPF money to use and earn from, but yet claim that the PAP-run government does not interfere in the GIC, why do we still allow them to whitewash us? Why do we allow them to bully us? Why, Singaporeans? Why don’t you fight back?

4 How the PAP Government Tried to Hide the Truth about the CPF @ GIC Board of Directors

Which is why I am doing this for Amos. And which is why many of us are doing this for him. Amos spoke up about the truth in Singapore and the PAP decided to persecute him for it. He spoke up about the income inequality and how he wanted a better Singapore.

“It is by how he creates a place where people are able to live happily and prosper, based on their own unique attributes,” Amos said, when explaining what a great leader should be.

I have thus started a campaign to support Amos and demand for the release for Amos.

You can take a picture of yourself holding a message of support and send it to me at I started this campaign on Saturday evening and in just less than 2 days, more than 40 people have sent in their photos. You can see my previous post for them.

Roy Ngerng

Please send your photos to me by tonight (Singapore time). Amos’s judgment will be given tomorrow. I hope to compile the photos into a video to show support for him.

Amos did not do anything wrong. He has to be freed.

This evening at 7.30pm, the Community Action Network will also be holding a candlelight vigil for Amos at the Hong Lim Park. If you would like to come and show your support for Amos, please come.

I will be going as well.

You can go to the Facebook event page here.

What is happening to Amos is wrong. And how the PAP is taking over government to protect its own interests is also wrong. We cannot allow this to keep going on.

Amos is innocent. He has to be freed.


Candlelight Prayer for Amos Yee Short 2-1


  1. @ jackfruit ( Pot, Viper )

    let’s go back to the first day of his blog, the logo of ” jackfruit ” who work as PM Secretary’s toilet cleaner, she has been involved in a series of activities of persecuting nationals, their victims included Roy, Hanhuihi and other five Singaporeans, though her role is secondary,in charge of jumping, clapping. but she and other 3 partners formed an uninformed criminal, they are the potential terrorist in Singapore !

  2. Rizzy Khaos

    No one should be charged for saying something stupid – Amos Yee.

    And I’ll tell you why Singaporeans are afraid to protest, I’ve had it said to me so many times.
    1960s racial riots.
    We’ve been reading the “right thing” according to Yacob indeed we have, it’s put the fear in the people.
    They’re making examples out of You, Amos, Hui Hui, Chee Soon Juan and everyone in the Barisan Sosialis

    This tyranny needs to stop

    • PAPer Tiger

      This shows that Some PAP people can be worst than animals, and their hearts and minds are impermeable to correct reason and education

      • Rizzy Khaos

        That’s unfair to animals, all animals live by instinct.

        PAP is a different breed of people, they live by fear.
        They instill fear into their subordinates and they fear being overthrown.
        Their fear might become a reality.

  3. You asked for it

    Do you think your obtrusive style is gaining mainstream Singaporeans on your side or are you alienating yourself to the island of the crazy fringe with your hardcore supporters?

    • to ( You asked for it )

      Back to inform you father, until today he owed the debts of the nationals through the extortion of unwarranted defamation , must repay within a limited period.

    • lea xian loon

      Mainstream singaporeans want their cpf $ back in SG50, or whatever the gahmen call it. Can LHL return them?

  4. Hardeep Saini

    Hi You asked for it

    I believe that Roy “is gaining mainstream Singaporeans on his side”.
    You can say that he is alienating himself but the truth is that his following is increasing BECAUSE he is doing an excellent job in informing Singaporeans through his research and analysis of the available data.
    Even if one out of ten of his new readers is persuaded it would translate into a big swing against the PAP.
    Your negative remarks about Roy is not going to change these facts.

  5. FalseAccusation

    In Cantonese,  there is a saying. …force dead cat into someone’s mouth. ..or falsely incriminate someone for a crime he she did not commit.

    Why was Amos charged? If Amos was charged, then it is clear that it is not the image that he did that is the issue, isn’t it? Clearly, he PAP wanted to persecute Amos because of what he said about Lee Kuan Yew(and LHL).   The above is the real reason(they call it fixing) why Amos was persecuted.   So did the law or legal people “tamper” with evidence? If so,isn’t that a criminal act?


    Listen to the words of this wise writer…a Christian of many decades. The PAP seem to think that by prosecuting Amos for offending Christians, that ALL Christians will support them at the next elections !. A few dumb PAP members think they are doing us Christians or even God a favour If Christians are offended, they would have the WISDOM and good sense to leave God to be the judge….believing in that scriptural verse… “vengeance is mine ” saith the Lord. *CHRISTIANS certainly DO NOT need the PAP to defend them or their faith. Unlike the* *fanatics of the Islamic faith, Christians and / or their leaders do not go about declaring a Fatwa on unbelievers or Infidels ! Why ? Answer….we do NOT live in the * *STONE AGE and do not have Stone Age mentality….unlike some members of our society who are quite proud to display the fact that they have yet to emerge out of the Middle Ages !!*…. To these juvenile members…..

  7. Evil faith

    Justification for obeying authority, paying taxes(from wiki)

    Some read the phrase “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s” as unambiguous at least to the extent that it commands people to respect state authority and to pay the taxes it demands of them. Paul the Apostle also states in Romans 13 that Christians are obliged to obey all earthly authorities, stating that as they were introduced by God, disobedience to them equates to disobedience to God, however many scholars and theologians have often noted the drastic difference in teachings between Paul and Jesus.

    In this interpretation, Jesus asked his interrogators to produce a coin in order to demonstrate to them that by using his coinage they had already admitted the de facto rule of the emperor, and that therefore they should submit to that rule.[9]

    For example, one Mennonite explained why he was not a war tax resister this way:

    We are against war and do not wish to aid the war effort by conscription or by paying war taxes to the government. Doing so only helps to strengthen and perpetuate the war machine. Matthew 22:21 Jesus said “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.” Romans 13:1 “Let every person be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God and those which exist are established by God.” If the law of the land is that everyone must pay war taxes then that is what we must do. It is the law! We should however, work and pray extremely hard to change the law. The ideal situation would be to have the law abolished. The alternative would be to have a choice of designating our portion of the war tax towards efforts of peacemaking. This route would be a more lawful, constructive, and positive effort.[10]


    Christianity is blind or have no idea to the story of the coin. The coin is a symbol of the power of mammon(there is much more to it) and not surrender your money and brains to Caesar lah. That is only the tip of an iceberg of pure idiocy with that fucked up religion that is causing so much division and bloodshed in the world.

  8. 討論發行債券

    ——————————————————- 一般而言, 政府在没有钱的情況下會發行债券,向社會集資。 然後再通過通貨膨脹,在幾年後償還,國內債是這樣解決的。

    換句話說,發行債券是解決國內財務困難的途徑之一。 難道新加坡政府缺錢了嗎 ?

    不是說不可以發行債卷,總要把財務向國人公布, 前幾天政府要收購巴西醫院,還有英國電信 ? 公積金都被扣在哪裡多10年還不夠嗎?那麼多錢不見啦 ? 希望借機討論。

  9. 討論發行債券





    —————————————————————————— 發行债卷,就是向民間老百姓借錢。

    通常一個國家在地震或者被自然災害損害以後,國家百廢待興之時,選擇發行债卷, 把大眾手上的閒錢集中起來搞建設。

    不過,一向聲稱世界上排名第三的有錢國家,也不是處在百廢待興之時,總理拿世界最高峰的薪水, 總理周圍人拿排名第二等級世界最高峰的薪水, 這麼有錢的GIC, Temasek,現在突然要向社會借錢 ?

    到底是他們謊報GDP, 還是。。。。。 ?
    為什麼這麼有錢的政府, 突然要借錢 ?


    U cheebyekia, he go jail only u put some edit his face with fading borders next to a bunch of candles. Nabey he havent die u know!

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  13. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    3rd June 2015 Wed

  14. Jonathan

    Roy, how would you rule Singapore if you are in power? How many supporters do you have out of the population now? What plans do you have for our CPF contributions? If you ever come to power, would you give us back our CPF? Would you eliminate CPF, COE, ERP and make Singapore a better place to live? Can we have free medical consultations, free public parking like Greece……You have been going against what PAP has done, just like anyone working in a corporation and the management would called you in to the office one day and asked you, what solution do you have? Please share your thoughts.

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