1. wallansaini

    Hi Roy
    Your perseverance in bringing the truth to the people is commendable.
    Every time you write such an article the IB becomes busy attacking you.
    Yet you never give up.
    You have that sense of righteousness that only a few individuals in the past have shown despite all the obstacles.
    People like you who have graced this world have made great strides towards freedom, like Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Martin Luther King and others.
    One day, I hope, you will be recognised as the man who single headedly turned the tables on the goliath known as the PAP.
    I hope that a future government, and the people of Singapore, will one day realise that they have a person amongst their midst worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize.
    Keep it up, mate

    Hardeep Saini

    • Norman Wee

      Thanks Allah, this writer is Australian. He may have been influenced by Roy’s convoluted logic and reasonings that he accused me of being discriminatory and called on me to apology to Roy when I call a spade, a spade.
      Talking of Nelson Mandala he alluded to, a man of substance lile him went on to become a President despite decades in an island prison. In Singapore incarcerated Lim chin seong wanted to commit suicide in prison.I am curious what Roy would do in prison… shit in his pants?

      • Norman Wee

        I don’t think this Australian is equipped enough to participate in foray like this. At earlier post when I was sarcastic he said I was discriminatory. I have to point out to him his lingua wrong. When I was poking fun at those talking of bananas, he said l must apologize to Roy. Aiyah now I rest my case.

    • james

      I din’t know Roy has another name call Hardeep, beside Looney fringe. Probably Roy likes to have it Hard and Deep into him.
      My toes laughing when he talks about Nobel award.
      Roy, stop letting your imagination run wilds. I suggest that you seriously look for a job and settle with your boyfriend. And by the way, you still avoid to account for money donated to you for legal fees. We are still waiting for your answer or refund it. You won’t like it when we take further action.

    • Singaporeans

      Attacking? Why you would think so? It’s more of a correction.

      Hey, what make you think that Roy presents an article with with a lot of charts, numbers and long words is equal to the truth? You better do your homework too to validate every information, facts and cross check with the reality. Unless you are an ignorance and swallow every single thing he throw at you or his blind follower or intellectualy challenge.

      Btw, Roy needs a supporter like you. Please continue supporting him. Don’t give up on him !

    • Siew Tin

      Well said Hardeep Saini! Well done Roy! Keep up your good work. The 39.9% appreciates your effort! Forget the 60.1%. They are simply too greedy like our govt to care about fellow Singaporeans. As long as you are doing work for citizens, you can expect fixing at every step of your way. You are at the bottom and you can’t go any lower. Just ignore those useless voices and continue your good work for fellow Singaporeans. Thank you Roy!

      • Looney

        The 39.9% may vote for opposition, but none of them remotely trust or likes roy at all. Just go read any forum and you will see everyone, including pap and opposition supporters, scorning him. Roy is a disgrace and a liar. Making up lies to achieve objective is most despicable and shameless, whether you are for or against a government. Please don’t degrade our opposition party to have anything to do with Roy the liar.

      • wallansaini

        Hi Siew Tin.
        Thanks for the support.
        Much appreciated.
        I have never liked bullies.
        These people attacking Roy without putting forth any constructive ideas is the reason why I have decided to support Roy in the first place.
        Roy maintaining that perseverance despite being attacked by these mindless individuals is proof enough of the inner strength of Roy.
        I told Norman that he was wrong in attacking Roy because he is gay.
        This chap just doesn’t get it.
        This is the 21st Century.
        There are laws against such discriminatory behaviour.
        It’s sad that, despite all the education and knowledge these people have attained, they remain biased and convoluted in their thinking.

      • Singaporeans

        Hardeep – go a check the facts yourself, in this blog site itself. Roy had been publishing articles way since last year and years before. Check yourself how many people has been providing constructive arguments, proof him otherwise and with more solid data and facts. But he keeps spread half truth and lies.

        In fact for this topic he takes the matter out of proportion. Take an example of bread talk case misusing LKY name to sell bun. Later they apologize. That’s the fact.

        But Roy stirs that government wants to make LKY as a cult. That’s not the purpose nor LKY nor gov wants to be this way.

        Anyway, go and continue support him.

        Have you ever ask yourself, which party wants to be associated with him? Why none? They also need no nonsense MP candidate.

      • Norman Wee

        If anyone care to revisit all my comments in this blog, less than 5% touched on the issue of gay.
        In fact when he first started I was full of admiration for him. When I realized he has such tendency, I, being “bugis street king” even advised him not to be carried away by his popularity and engaged in indiscriminate shootings. Two case studies on such peril were provided to him…

  2. Norman Wee

    We must protect and defend any thing worth protecting and defending. Singapore is definitely worth protecting and defending. By the same token the man who made Singapore worth its salt must also be worth protecting, unless of course heckler Roy via his convoluted logic thinks otherwise. Then maybe Singapore is no more worth depending and protecting. And Roy like the sinking South Korean ship captain is the first to jump ship in pyjamas.

  3. to PM

    hopes one day Roy will be the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Singapore needs Roy .

    btw, I have something to PM LHL, very soon you may move out Istana . all credit due to your female private secretary , overall in the path from the dangerous vixen level, not match your leadership agenda.

  4. Forrest Gump of Singapore

    Look at all the PAP supporters, let me tell you with a kid’s logic, whoever can go to jail for Singapore means he/she loves Singapore. Roy was sued, Dr. Chee went to jail, and WP is under siege in court. So tell me, who loves Singapore?

    • james

      Wow, I never know that all criminals love Singapore. So much love that they committed crime and go to jail. What a dumpass logic.
      I don’t see chiam goes to prison, I don’t see Low goes to prison. Neither do I see them abusing company funds/time and get themselve sacked from their jobs.

      • Forrest Gump of Singapore

        Apparently, some people only read what the state media tells them, But I think we should let them educate themselves further on the topic and not spoon feed them with information. After all, when they see the information that was withheld from them, they might become dumbass-ed.

  5. Norman Wee

    Roy I was about to ask you why the deafrning silence from your expletive laden supporters when this forest grump emerged.. I will let others have their go before I take my dig…

  6. wahlaneh

    I hope they put both Amos and this retard in the same cell. Will be good to see them start sodomizing one another. I hope LHL hit Roy with. 10$m in damages…

    • Singaporeans

      Absolutely fine though. But, whoever replace PAP must be from the better party. Is there any now?

  7. You asked for it

    Article reeks of desperation from a man who after one year asks himself why the overwhelming slamming majority of Singaporeans aren’t heeding his “calls” at all. You do wonder what he’ll be and resort to after the GE when the pap retains majority vote, as is widely expected, despite his despairing and futile clutches at hoping Opposition will sweep in.

    Roy, your time, thankfully, is coming to an end.

    And you know it too, with the silence you face from Singaporeans other than your acutely small numbered fanatics.

    Au revoir.

    • @ You asked for it

      Hi, are you Roy’s employer or grandmother ? if not, why you and your Office gangs here like slaveholders ?
      you gangs really low IQ. no capable , bad moral, just threatens , people fed up your dad, why don’t retire ?

  8. Looney

    Roy’s time is surely coming to an end, very soon after his bankruptcy he will fade into nothing and forgotten. This is his own doing. In a civil society, a liar will get his due. If pap is so evil, they would have lost power and sentenced to jail like chen shui bian long ago. Facts speak for themselves. Roy, last only a year. lol.

    • Looney菠萝蜜

      why you like in charge Roy, in charge him to bankrupt, in charge he fade into nothing and forgotten, did Roy owe you office bitch a dime or you fear his voice , hahahahaha…………

      • Siew Tin

        Hi wallansaini n hardeep saini
        bridges and walls are built from cement. we all have choices. we can build a bridge to cross or a wall to block. bad attitude is like a flat tire, you can’t go anywhere unless it is fixed. so we make our choices and ignore the voices. stupidity has no cure. birds who are caged too long, may feel that freedom is a crime!

    • james

      Roy’s days won’t come to an end. After bankruptcy, he can take over his dad’s ah long business (according to Roy’s lawyer, Ravi). Afterall, he has passed part of the donated money to his dad as said by Ravi.

  9. PAP fate to retire

    this time let PAP retire is good thing, otherwise they have no time in life do self-reflection. they shall think that it is most happiest time after retire. do understand always sue people is a sin.

  10. vote out PAP !

    Well said Roy !

    PAP are sinking, like “Titanic” ! soon PAP’s memory only kept alive by numerous books, folk songs, films, exhibits, and memorials…

  11. LKY 上梁不正,LHL 下梁歪

    LKY 上梁不正,LHL 下梁歪

    Time for PAP votes to tumble towards hell, based on decades of trend

  12. Hardeep Saini

    Just as I expected.
    Say some positive things about Roy and all these WORMS come out from their holes overnight.
    Notice that none of them has attempted to prove that Roy is incorrect in his analysis.
    By embarking on personal attacks, and attacking anyone on his side, it clearly indicates to me that they are just people of a very low intellect who are unable to discuss any issue intelligently.
    These are the product of “Singapore’s best education system”.
    Norman Wee likes to make discriminatory remarks about Roy.
    I tried to explain to him why he should not do so and should apologise.
    Alas, it has had no effect.
    I did not tell him that all actions have consequences.
    He needs to know that once he goes to visit LKY, wherever he is now, the bad karma that he is accumulating on this Earth will be used to judge him.
    LKYs deeds would have made him into a cockroach by now.
    I wonder what Norman will be?
    A worm sounds about right.

    • Norman Wee

      It’s sarcasm not discrimination. Please get your lingua correct before coming into this forays exposing your inadequacy.
      Men are really selfish…the Buddhists doing good in this world want good karma instead of being reincarnated into a pig or some lowly creatures… the Christians doing good and very forgiving because they are booking a cosy place up there.
      If you know who I am, I wanted to help LKY stay longer in this earth, but alas no taker.
      I am an avid reader of research papers on senescence and as an output, I have designed a quality longevity program targeting a quality lifespan of120.
      Now back to Roy.Now that Roy has shown his true color…his preoccupation is politics and ensuing MP status and not so much CPF. His popularity soared only after Lee Hsien Loong sued him. As such he must kiss Hsien Loong’s behind first before moving on to politics. With popularity at peak then, what he got were expletive-laden supporters, donations and some boyfriends. With CPF not such rousing issue after government twitching, heckler Roys days ahead are fraught with Dr Chees debacle. At least Dr Chee can lecture… Roy?…massage?

      • Norman Wee

        Further to my offer to give LKY extra years on earth, it would seem that not only the opposition wanted LKY to expire fast, PAP including his kids also wanted that…

  13. R

    “I din’t know Roy has another name call Hardeep, beside Looney fringe. Probably Roy likes to have it Hard and Deep into him.
    My toes laughing when he talks about Nobel award.
    Roy, stop letting your imagination run wilds. I suggest that you seriously look for a job and settle with your boyfriend. And by the way, you still avoid to account for money donated to you for legal fees. We are still waiting for your answer or refund it. You won’t like it when we take further action.”UNQUOTE

    Roy summarising???

  14. ComicStrip

    Anyone read the mental state times? Go check out the professions of your gods. From animal activist to chemist,surgeon,architect,food supplier, lawyer and businessman etc etc… all coveting for the political prize money and power just to serve you.

    Hell has no limits when comes to the supply of deluded animal activist.

  15. Roy has no transparency and acccountability.

    One year on, there is no account of the donation money. That is money from the public that you sought for a very specific purpose. Where are they now? What other “purpose” have they been spent on?

    Talk about transparency.

  16. LitmusTest

    The true test of a true politician is: what will they do if we strip their pants down, have them stand on two stools and split their legs as wide as possible so as to allow their balls to hang loose. Then treat their balls like punching bag for an hour. Will their cock still stand up for Singapore?

    If their cock can stand after that, they can collect millions of dollars for serving the people. What do you think?

  17. Obigump Kenobub

    I’m not a smart man, but folks like Dr. Chee gets called a “political hooligan”, JBJ gets called a “publicity poseur”, and decade down the road, Singaporeans now know they are heroes.

    So now M. Ravi is a “crazy” lawyer with mental problems, and Roy is “no transparency homosexual”, and Han Hui Hui is a “looney fringe”, and one decade down the road… we will know… I think we all know the answer.

    Don’t make the same mistake again, protect the human rights activists and political activists of Singapore, they are young, and our hope for the future. Don’t execute Order 66 again.

  18. 国家需要李总理退休


    1, 前几年很多人向他们反映,请不要安排议员在晚上时间接见选民,选民第二天要起早做工讨生活,晚上需要休息。 没先到,李总理星期四还在讲“ 我们的议员每个周末、很多个夜晚,都在基层工作到很晚,接见有困难的选民…… ”

    说明在过去几年里,李总理没有在总理位子的工作状态,他与民众脱节, 。

    2, 李显龙总理星期四接受亚细安媒体访问时指出,行动党长期执政没有秘诀,关键是让民众感受到政府关怀他们,竭力为他们服务。

    他一边这么讲,一边派办公室人员修理 投诉者,从去年打小民官司打到今年, 李总理说一套,做一套两面脸影响很坏,不适合担任下届总理。

    3 , 李总理退休对新加坡发展是一件好事。每个人都盼望着退休回家享福,不要在因为国家需要李总理回家休息,而委托助手在这里吵吵闹闹, 到处树敌。

  19. 有话对李总理说

    如果你不退休,很多在你身边靠你混饭吃的乌合之众,她们为了搭分享国家财富的顺风车,仗势欺人, 相信起诉Roy也不是你本身的愿望,而是你身边的害虫。

    自从你聘请了蛀虫,国家日无安宁,她们一边骂外来人才滚出去,,一般骂本地人loser,要本地人破产活该, 只有她们一朵花,她们是PAP 祸源。为了清理她们, 请你尽快退休,带走她们, 还新加坡人民一个清白, 安宁。

  20. 有话对李总理说

    我朋友 曾經在困境時候,多次寫信向李總理求助,並沒有被理睬, 去年六月,在李总理開始起诉Roy的时候,我朋友意外地被李總理的私人秘書在這裡『相認』, 她主動過來“打招呼”,並詛咒我朋友話該, 要我朋友滾出去….

    哎呀,不三不四的意外『相逢』,突然揭示了一個真相,原來 李總理團隊住在這裡 , 她們有的叫波羅蜜, 有的叫殺手…..總之沒有良家婦女之善行啊 ,既然团队都公开这么黑了 , 還有正面意義嗎 ?

  21. 有话对李总理说

    我朋友曾经在几年前向李总理反映过一位马来族小女孩在晚上9点, 等在车站乞讨2元新币吃晚餐的经历, 这个低层国民的状况并没有被引起李总理的理睬。

    为了对最高层黑手再作证实, 朋友在不久前给政府的信中透露最近自己身体患有疾病, 很可能拿不回公积金便过世的信息,4天后诱饵上钩, 果然信息又被送到了一直在Roy博客裏 “辦公”的黑手那里.

    當我朋友在Roy这里再次提及马来族小孩的凄惨情景时, 她立刻跟贴, 说“对不起,保重哦。”


    她的中计, 再一次证明了我们的怀疑, 政府被她取而代之, 新加坡总理办公室是當前發佈恐怖危險的中心。是市面上一切謠言和迫害動作的源頭。

    李總理如果不剷除內奸, 將為不再被信任的一切後果負最大責任。

  22. To toro

    They should spent more time protecting children with their complacent systems. Just look at the Sabah school trip disaster…a lot of issues there.

    When we put a government in power for half a century, we get complacency.

    6 Singapore school children were killed! 2 teachers as well. Basic questions to ask.

    Why did the principal of tanjung katong approved 11-12 years old children to climb SEA highest mountain when they are 2 months away from PSLE? What kind of critical decision is this at this time? They are going to sec 1 next year, why train now?

    Malaysia is prone to earthquakes. East peninsular Malaysia especially prone as sabah is part of the belt of the ring of fire. When a quake occurs in the Asian belt, why was the climb not discontinued for safety reasons? MOE’s RAM system is ineffective as they don’t bother to include nor train students for natural disasters but assumes it will all be OK. Mind you, east peninsular Malaysia has a history of earthquakes especially in the last 8 years. The principal approved the program at a horrible time without fully checking. Unbelievable. Expect more deaths.

    In 1 week, there are 2 disasters. One was the fire of overseas trip in pahang from a school in the north where 2 students suffered 2nd degree burned. And 14 others burnt when the school did not check properly and negligence caused a fire . Principals are not checking. All overseas trip must be discontinued until MOE has gotten its processes fully in place and updated. We are risking our children with their complacency.

    Mind you, a riskier route was chosen to climb the mountain. Why was a shortcut used? Unfucking believable , MOE.

    • CockCanTalk

      No foresight, no higher predictive abilities. You can’t learn that from the highest institution. However, you can have your cocks polished in higher institutions.

      • LooselawCun

        Polish cok very very tasty..nice suckie suckie yah? all parents send children suck suck yes? Grow up…all big coks and loose CB yes?

  23. Norman Wee

    Now that this post seems to have subsided to the extent that Roy even hideaway the post proper, please allow me to give my view on commentators Hardeep Saini and wallansaini.
    Of course both are the same and some of you have insinuated they could even be Roy homself.
    In my case I would like to think aloud why chose names like Hard Deep and wallan (my cock) when they are millions of names around…unless…

  24. Norman Wee

    Q. Why demise of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew at 91, could be considered premature?

    A. Being super conscious of nutrition and exercise, he should have taken advantage of the advances in the field of senescence to add more years to his life. (scientific research on mice and monkeys suggest a Lifespan of 120 in humans)

    Explanation: Human Fitness depends 80% on nutrition and 20% exercise. Observational study of him based on senescence research indicated his exercise was wrong for his age when he swapped golf for jogging. Jogging produces excessive fatigue-causing lactic acid in the body.

    Hypothesis : Lactic acid accumulation in the body may be just as destructive as free radicals and oxidative stress.

  25. Norman Wee

    Roy, wake up.someone extoll the virtues of climbing Mt Kinabalu at a time when the parents are in wailing grief and Mr Lee Hsien Loong shared it…

      • Norman Wee

        Roy, are you there? By way of a suggestion since your popularity is waning…make this an issue as mdm Lohs extol is akin to government propoganda in getting the people into national service and other projectd. mdm Lohs extol just happened to…
        I dare not say more… but if you were to say them like in your CPF stuff, then you may be sued again and your popularity will soar again. How’s that as food for thoughts…parents wailing grief v. CPF members wailing over…

  26. Jaccob

    It is a good thing that the Sabah earthquake has helped to eradicate some of the young boys and girls, so that in future, lesser competition for jobs, and more foreigners are needed.

  27. The Oracle

    Like a leopard that can’t change his spots, Roy continues to spout half truths and lies. I haven’t looked at this site in months but I clearly didn’t miss anything!

    • Norman Wee

      Roy these people have a point. But given this proavtive government, soon that would be rectify as well. My 2 cts worth keep feretting and the the people will kiss your belakang…

  28. Tombstone

    If that’s the level of opposition, you might as well commit suicide. Either way, not good at all.

  29. Lee's legacy – steal

    Lee Hsien Loong is chairman of the GIC , funny how he did not mention in the GIC lost $59billion while Temasek lost $68billion, $127billion out of $151billion of our CPF was lost in a year, what he has done such a bad gamble. the justice should want him disposing of the benefit of the national creditors (CPF owners ) and step down.

  30. Shit load of Crap from IB

    Though I am no supporter of Roy and happened to read this posting by chance, but the non stop replies from Norman Wee, James are just a major turnoff, and brazenly obvious its the PAP IB, why don’t you just shut the fuck up. Enough of your rubbish low level no intellectual rambling on and on and on and on and on, spewing your hate and spite, jeez…. really enough of your moronic nonsense, hogging the bandwidth with your vomit.

    • Norman Wee

      What is toilet for…shitting. What is blog for… commenting. What are you good for…spewing expletive, name calling. Why are you hiding under some stupid names…to blow exepletives and call names. Why can’t you be like self identifying Normam Wee…coward? Why are you a coward when you have so much intellect…Answer:? Why can’t you tolerate exchange of comments in a democracy…Answer?

      • @ we support Roy

        pretty sad, To date nobody interested in answer you of ill repute ” office
        time proved you have spoilt no shelf life, pls prepare to move out of Istana !four “.

    • Siew Tin

      IBs are paid to spew rubbish and smear others with dirt and filth. Best to ignore as they have no shame, no intergity and no morals. Their souls were sold for cash! You cannot reason with prawns, they are spineless and eat shit!

  31. about the MOE

    before send these 12-year-old children to the mountain, whether the Ministry of Education have given them any insurance?

    since children cannot make their own dicision , parents basically are very submissive to school, then, the minister of MOE is clearly wrong, he is that main party which in absence of guidance to both school and children.

    if he is the member of WP. then WP must fire him !
    if he is from PAP, how ? just pay visiting ? no fire ? no accountability ? still got astronomical salaries ?

    still join next election until next accident happen ? then pay visiting again ?

    No wonder, everyone is struggling for the job that to not take responsibility, but also got overpaid – high to sky level income while most of the local people are poor and poorer !

    no leaders felt shame ?

    those who believed, that dead children’s fate decided by the weather ?
    They are absurd Party .
    wildly unreasonable Party !

    • Norman Wee

      Well said. Let’s why I suggested Roy take up this issue and be sued again so that his popularity will soar and win him more supporters, donations and boyfriends including yours truly…

      • to Norman Wee

        normal day do not cultivate goodwill,

        in the last minutes of election year ,you want to sue people again , seem never stop to sue
        who loves this Party ?

        like you It is becoming more and more crazy, such a mad officer how to assist PAP to lead the country ?

        if you want to win the next game, you must stop to sue any of Singapoeans who did not owe you a dime actually .

        you shall learn from WP, who never sue anyone when lot of injustice happened to them, they are humble people, they are not the same as you very aggressive.

  32. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Scribd.com PDF document:

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    Targeted Individual
    5 July 2015 Sunday Singapore Time

    Random Number Generator:

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