Your CPF is Not Your Money. This is How.

The PAP keeps telling Singaporeans that the CPF is your money. Actually, it is not. Here’s how.

















  1. Mai la mai la

    Only 63% of your pay is “Rest of Income”? Come on lah. Don’t bullshit. Your first graph is already dead wrong. Trying to con people again by not providing correct numbers. You didn’t let your audience understand that employer contribution of 17% is on top of your 100%? It’s more accurate to say 37% and 80%.

    You also didn’t mention those people who has gone above the cap. Is it still 20% (own) and 17% (employer)? No, it is not. But of course, you once again conveniently left it out, because you love to sensationalise and make people think all Singaporeans are being abused and cheated.

    Don’t pattern pattern lah bro. Want to be credible, at least tell stories where people cannot expose you. Else, you look stupid.

    • Josh

      Your slogan should be change “To mislead Singaporeans”.
      Understand you are marketing schooled good at sensationalising matters to get more viewers for your blogspot. Too bad your not banking or finance trained as I think your knowledge of the accrued interest is very laughable. You think the vast majority of us don’t know how to count mehs? Just look at number of HDB owners. You nutwit

  2. PAP Selection and Scapegoat

    Corrupt Phey Yew Kok is the figurehead of the PAP MPs and Minsters. Now he is being used as a scapegoat. They are above the law, greedy, corrupt, embezzle your money without you knowing it, and can evade capture for 35 years! Wow. Superbeings.

  3. Norman Wee

    If Singapore is bankrupt when any of those clowns Roy loves so much is in power, then the figures in each of our accounts will remain figures only, regardless of how many zeros following…

  4. jackfruit

    Support is diminishing probably will get much more support by playing the pink dot card. I am expecting you to do so soon…hahahhahahahaha!

  5. Nex

    Have you not heard. ..the idiots are wrong. ..true. ..but you are also wrong. ..two wrongs don’t right a wrong. offer them two wrongs. ..most will follow their prickheads or the prickheads

  6. roybomb

    An atomic bomb dropped on Singapore, the entire place will be void of living things. Then no more CPF exists.

  7. Mark

    the is the first time im reading this blog.

    i stop after reading this rubbish for 1 min. so many incorrect information, and i wonder y there r ppl believing your bullshit.

    hey roy, y apologize n cry in court if all these r the truth? dont be so despicable to make use of small kids n con those lazy n guilable singaporean who believe. u r just a useless bum with a twisted mind

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  9. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

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