Tomorrow, My Hearing with the Singapore Prime Minister Begins for the Defamation Suit

Free Amos Yee Return Our CPF

Hello everyone, I will be busy with my defamation suit for the next 3 days.

I will be at the hearing with the Singapore prime minister Lee Hsien Loong, to decide how much I have to pay him.

(The prime minister has filed for the defamation suit in the High Court which oversees cases of more than S$250,000.)

The hearing will be held from 1 to 3 July, from Wednesday to Friday, from 10am everyday at Court 4D. It will be an open trial.

I won’t be able to post as many updates on Amos Yee due to this.

Do keep up with the advocacy.

There will be an event of solidarity for Amos tomorrow in Penang in Malaysia.

Earlier today, the people in Hong Kong held a protest outside the Consulate-General of the Republic of Singapore, and last Friday, the Taiwanese also did it outside the Singapore Trade office in Taipei.

They have submitted their protest to the official government overseas missions.

We must continue to speak up against the wrongful persecution of Amos Yee.

He has to be released.

And we must continue to speak up so that the citizens of Singapore can be protected.

Today, Singaporeans earn one of the lowest wages among the highest-income countries while the ministers earn the highest salaries in the world.

Yet, the Singapore government also spends the least on healthcare, education and social protection on Singaporeans among the developed countries, as a percentage of GDP.

The government also takes the CPF pension funds of Singaporeans to earn in the two government investment firms, GIC and Temasek Holdings.

But where the GIC and Temasek Holdings have become among the 11 richest sovereign wealth funds in the world on the back of Singaporeans’ pension funds, Singaporeans’ own pension funds have instead become one of the least adequate in the world.

So much so that Singaporeans have to pay the most in the world, for out-of-pocket expenditure for healthcare and for university tuition fees and it is estimated that 30% of Singaporeans are living in poverty today.

It is wrong that our elderly Singaporeans are unable to retire today, because they have not been paid enough in wages, and are not given back the returns on their pension funds.

It is wrong that low- and lower middle-income Singaporeans are unable to make ends meet today, because the government refuses to implement a minimum wage to increase their wages and allow them to have enough to use.

It is wrong that our children are unfairly persecuted just for criticising a man whom the government is trying to protect.

It is wrong when our children and ordinary citizens are being persecuted when those close to the ruling party are allowed to go scot-free.

We cannot allow such abuse of power to continue, to threaten the very lives of the citizens.

We cannot allow such unfairness and inequality to persist in our society.

We have to fight back and take a stand.

#FreeAmosYee #ReturnOurCPF

Lee Hsien Loong vs Roy Ngerng Yi Ling Defamation Suit Assessment of Damages


  1. Lee Boh Jee

    Roy, always remember no matter what injustice you suffer, Time is on your side whereas his is limited and heaven got eyes and watching…….

  2. roybomb

    Bankrupt is not the end of the world, come on.
    There are more that suffers more than you. Dont sound so glum. Anyway what have you given up?…… your rainbow life..

      • jackfruit

        Don’t worry..once the funds dry out, he will cook up something and stir up emotions, then the public will donate money to him.

      • LKY 上梁不正,LHL 下梁歪

        Not like PM Lee, who cooked up another Medisave Life after his CPF flopped saga.

        MediSCAM Life

  3. Concerned Human

    I wouldn’t call SG pretty progressive except for race, and this lawsuit proves that SG has a problem with basic human rights deeper than LGBT. I don’t think you said anything that comes across as deserving of judicial action, and at the most you should simply be faced with a fact-check from their PR.

    I support your right to rant against SG’s governance of public money, and I agree that a modern liberal country should enact socialist measures (similar to Europe) to ensure people who fall into harm are protected, but SG has achieved several things that I think Europe should copy, including your CPF and SWF.

    CPF is a wonderful method to force citizens to save for their own retirement, and if the money is managed as a bank and merged into a SWF, the citizens would benefit from larger pensions in addition to traditional pensions.

  4. uncle kuku

    very entertaining, this roy guy. neh mind, once u get back our cpf right, i go europe consperm bring u one.

  5. roybomb

    The amount has been announced. You owe …$666,666.66. Guys pls start transfering funds to my bank account so I can come back and continue to come back.

    Charity homes for children would like to Thank You for for your contributions because Mr. Lee donated this to us. Mr. Lee gain points with his religion and charity due to his good deeds while guys who gave to Roy gains points from one person Roy.

  6. Hui hui

    Roy is finally reaping what he sowed. Good for him. He pays his wrong with his whole future. Fully deserve it.

  7. R

    Judge: You want to establish the point that he (Prime Minister) has done nothing, other than suing you for defamation? Is that your point?


    Judge: So, (Mr Lee), you confirm that this is the only action (suing Roy) that you took?

    So Roy you admit that PM did not use the civil service including his Press Secretary against you.? Is that right?

  8. roybomb

    Looks like you are going to cry. You should have known and now face the consequences. Very soon this site will be ordered to shut down. All keyboard warriors post here while you can because you can say you leave a mark in a part of Singapore history by your typing.

  9. jackfruit

    Roy..your gf HHH already went to HK to get funds from your supporters there.. not enough she will go Taiwan too. So don’t worry..

    All the way, Roy… you did so much on your blog defaming LHL but you say sorry today? Hahaha..anyway, do up a good show for limpeh. Friday is the final day so I’ll get my popcorn ready.

    • @ jackfruit

      jackfruit… here all are your secretary bf ‘s gf team…. in charge the market and law…. hahahahahaha …..
      together bully a person who has no PAP benefits , no PAP’s income ,no PAAP’s job
      spent 3 days cost want this poor guy paid ?

      shame on you !

  10. defendant got no lawyer ?

    In that critical moment, why Court not allow Roy has an experienced lawyer which will represent a number of innocent people and their interests .

  11. to Prime Minister

    1 ), if PM felt himself has been offended, but CPF is everybody’s issues, why PM felt that was offensive ?

    2 ) , Roy is not the CPF policy maker , but he is one of the CPF’s plan’s client . he opened discussion above issues shall have CPF ” bank ” protected, instead of punish him .

    3 ), Temasek lost billions , above 55 years old would not get CPF back which Singaporeans were ordered to adopt it. it has to deal on fact basis with horrific abuses against the people,

    4 ), This was not easy for a jobless guy over the past year, relentlessly frustrating from the series torture that revealed in last whole year, what could be more challenging than witness the justice , Prime Minister may regret his victory if like his lawyer, whole life is struggling for collect money.

    5 ) , Usually, people’s idea of humility means talking down one’s achievements and talents for fear of seeming proud. An effective leadership requires the exercise of virtue, and two virtues in particular: magnanimity and humility. is to unite humility with magnanimity and put them into action.

    This is why entrepreneurship ( if PAP is an entrepreneur ) has to do with magnanimity, magnanimity is a tendency towards great things, an extension of the soul towards great things.

    6 ), It’s important to remember that there are many strategies we can use in conflict situations, … . Compromising – dialogues – debates – conversations, and will work for resolve a solution . exchange position to think about each other.

    • someone

      my heart bleeds and ache for you roy.. thank you for what you do for singaporeans and sorry so many are ingrates. may god bless you through this ordeal

  12. Lauren Tan

    Whatever it is Roy Ngerng and he rest of his party if you don’t like Singapore policy then get out from here problem solved. PAP did the right thing about the CPF saving is for the good of all Singaporeans especially when they grow old. There are so many cases of the retired that have their CPF money given to them and look at what happen they go Batam and look for a 18 years old girl and married them and have sex they are old enough to be their father., they divorced their wife and abandon their family . When all their money has been swindled by the young girls they are left with nothing and come home begging their wife. And look at China town all the China lady flirting with the old man and this is where their money all gone and being cheat.
    Whether next election PAP win or loose more seat it is up to individual to vote and not for you this liar, troublesomemaker to create disharmony. Don’t think that you instigate Malaysia Taiwan or HongKong people to go against our government and create chaotic in Singapore to release Amos Yee. He is young so what be deserved to be punished with his arrogant attitude. His useless parents should bear the responsibility. Roy you need to be thrown out of Singapore. Lastly don’t talk so much to solved your damn problem get out from Singapore and get the Malaysia , Hong Kong and Taiwan government to give you a second class citizenship.

      • Newer

        In other countries , one gets thrown down the building like in Malaysia, or in Russia, like the pussy cat group, gets raped and thrown in jail for life. Roy is lucky he is in Singapore being asked to prove his accusation or apologies.

  13. to Prime Minister

    shall that law agree Prime Minister’s lawyer’s comparison with the previous generation extorting amount up to 400 thousands in Singapore currency ?

    the times are changing , the gap between the poor and rich become more and more cruel , uncomfortably, if the machine of the law constantly manufacturing the inequality , who shall help those unfortunate people suffering from bully.

    by the way, is there any emperor sue its poor people ?

    which law restricted the defendant smiling , remember, if you smiling to the World, the World smiling to you.

    here shall borrow above commentator ” Lauren Tan ” ‘s logic , not happy , don’t be emperor .

    • Newer

      Empires don’t sue. Emperor execute.

      If someone is to go to your home and falsely accuse you of adultery or to your work place accuse you of fraud, you won’t take action to clear your name ? Freedom of speech comes with responsibility and consequence.

  14. Newer

    No matter how good Singapore is compared to other countries, some people will oppose for the sake of opposing by looking at the small shade of grey instead of the big picture. They think Singapore should be the only one heaven on earth. In heaven everyone is rich, cost of living is low and housing is cheap and enough for everyone. Nobody fails because of their own doing and the government pleases everyone. Right.

  15. Quiz

    Qn: why is ROY so passionate about the minimum wage issue?

    And: Because he knows that after his short political limelight fades, minimum wage is all he is able to make.

  16. about Davinder Singh

    PM Lee’s lawyer is Davinder Singh

    who is Davinder Singh ?

    you may find him in Roy’s blog, he used a few username —- such as “The Oracle ” , ” Slayer”, ” lolz” ……

    from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia in such described :

    Davinder Singh , ( Indian , Punjabi: ਦਵਿੰਦਰ ਸਿੰਘ ਸਚਦੇਵ; born 1 August 1957), is one of Singapore’s foremost trial and appellate lawyer, having attained the title of Senior Counsel in 1997, and having been described by Asia Pacific Legal 500 2009/2010 as being “without peer at the bar”. [1] Davinder successfully represented Singapore Press Holdings in the high profile suit brought by Mr TT Durai, former Chief Executive Officer of the National Kidney Foundation, for defamation in relation to an article written by one of their correspondents, describing, among other things, that Mr Durai had asked for installation of a “gold-plated tap” in his office.

    Davinder Singh is a Sikh and as of end 2009, a divorcee with two sons. He received his education from Saint Michael’s School, Saint Joseph’s Institution, National Junior College and National University of Singapore. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Drew & Napier.

    He was elected as Member of Parliament in 1988 and formerly an MP for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC.

    Davinder withdrew from the 2006 general elections.[2]

    Davinder represented PM Lee Hsien Loong in his defamation suit against blogger Roy Ngerng.

      • jackfruit

        Anyone who don’t support Roy will be labeled as the same person so as to mislead people that there are more supporters than people who don’t agree with him… and yes..they are pap ib, dogs, jackass, etc, …

  17. lichking222

    Stop your broken record for god’s sake. How many times you wanna compare Singapore with other countries, using wages, welfare spending, cost of living etc? If you wanna compare, at least do your bloody homework. Show us the facts and not just using rhetoric. Which countries are you talking about? I remember your infamous “London’s cost of living cheaper than Singapore”. You used the price of Broccoli. That’s a joke. Almost everything else is at least twice the price in the UK. Only a idiot will eat Broccoli everyday. Like all your blogs, you are unable to discern facts from allegations and lies. I do not believe that you didn’t understand “misappropriate”. I hope the laws of Singapore and the court do you justice. You deserved to be bankrupted. And I will be very interested to see how many people is willing to bail you out this time.

  18. NDA

    Well… well.. did he admit in court that he defame? Where is the arrogance during the heckling at HLP? Return My CPF?

    I am still thinking how being unemployed person like him got so much money to fly to Europe? #Return My Donations

  19. The Oracle

    On the one hand Roy is “agologising” and at the same time Roy writes:
    “It is wrong when our children and ordinary citizens are being persecuted when those close to the ruling party are allowed to go scot-free.”
    So Roy is saying being connected to PAP somehow will allow people to evade prosecution… He just publicly accused the judiciary of not being independent (again) and defamed the whole profession. Does this idiot not know when to stop?

  20. Pingback: Roy breaks down; claims he is being persecuted - The Middle Ground
  21. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

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