Apology and Undertaking to Lee Hsien Loong

I, Roy Ngerng Yi Ling, republish this apology on my blog, in recognition of having published Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s Demand Letter to me, on my blog, which included links to the Article on my blog, links to the Article on my Facebook page and on The Heart Truths’ Facebook page, and links to the other websites as stated in Paragraph 11 of the Demand Letter. I have since removed the above-mentioned portions from the article where the Demand Letter can be found and have republished this apology on my blog again. As I had explained in court, I did not realise that there were links inside the Demand Letter which would lead to the Article, and the related links and republication. (The Article was published online from 15 May 2014 to 21 May 2014. The Demand Letter was published from 19 May 2014 henceforth.) It was never my intention to defame the Singapore Prime Minister and I hope that by voluntarily republishing this apology on my blog, that I can show my sincerity to the Singapore Prime Minister. Thank you. 

1.On or around 15 May 2014, I, Roy Ngerng Yi Ling, published on my blog (at https://thehearttruths.com/), an article entitled“Where your CPF Money Is Going: Learning From The City Harvest Trial” (the “Article”). I also published links to the Article on my Facebook page (at https://www.facebook.com/sexiespider) and on The Heart Truths’ Facebook page (athttps://www.facebook.com/pages/I-want-the-government-and-people-to-work-together-for-Singapores-future/185331834935656).

2.I recognise that the Article means and is understood to mean that Mr Lee Hsien Loong, the Prime Minister of Singapore and Chairman of GIC, is guilty of criminal misappropriation of the monies paid by Singaporeans to the Central Provident Fund.

3.I admit and acknowledge that this allegation is false and completely without foundation.

4.I unreservedly apologise to Mr Lee Hsien Loong for the distress and embarrassment caused to him by this allegation.

5.I have removed the Article and the links to the Article and undertake not to make any further allegations to the same or similar effect.


  1. K

    because of my comment, ppl sure say i am ib. But actually i’m just a true blue singaporean who loves my singapore. i hate to see so much discord over something so silly. so read on, if you wanna. or just hate if you want, cos haters gonna hate right?

    1) There is a lot of discourse, feedback and debate about CPF, about government policies today. In fact, the government encourages it and seeks feedback before any policy implementation. So Mr Roy, you are free and totally welcome to criticise CPF if you want to, it is your right to do so. But please note that, some will read your criticism, some will accept it, and others will think it is hogwash. And tell you it is hogwash. Remember it is their right to think it is hogwash. And their right to tell you they think it is hogwash.

    2) So we established that you have to right to criticise policy. But did you stop at that? No. You alleged that lhl was “criminally misappropriating” CPF funds (or whatever exact phrase you use). Did you have a right to say that? Of course you have the right to say it. Everyone has the freedom and right to say whatever they want. About whoever they want. About saying whoever is doing whatever. You have the freedom cos you have a keyboard and 10 fingers.

    3) But while you have the right to say whatever you want about whoever allegedly doing something illegal, does the other party have a right to defend themselves? Surprise, surprise, they do! You have your right to say I did something despicable – wahlao, I damn well have the right to protect my reputation and show that I have not done anything despicable. You see how this works? You got right, I also got right. But you also got rights to defend yourself. in court lor.

    4) Similarly, if one says something seditious. Eh bro, you got the right to say it, cos you have a keyboard and 10 fingers right? No one can stop you. But if your content is found to be seditious and enough people give a fark enough about it to blow it up. Ah then, people insulted by that content also have the right to blow it up right? Cos it’s their right to blow it up, if they wanna blow it up. If not what, you can say, but people cannot take offence? So the next step is to discern if what you said was indeed seditious. So how, through the courts lor.

    5) So the important thing is, do you trust the courts and the judicial process to administer a fair hearing? Please note that the courts interprete the law and adminster the due process. Courts do not make laws – law makers make laws. So if you feel the laws are unjust, or uneven. Lobby the law makers, i.e. parlimentarians. So do you think Amos is unfairly imprisioned? Sure, you can think so, cos it is your right to do so. You want laws changed, sure? Lobby the whole parliament hor. Dont just say PAP is shit, look what they did to amos. Say look the whole parliament is shit, look what they did to amos. Parliament consists of PAP + WP, ok?

    6) I heard a lot of voices clamouring for PAP/papies/papdogs to release Amos. Firstly, its not just PAP ah, it’s PARLIAMENT. Secondly, shouldnt we be a bit worried if parliamentarians can suka suka release someone who is undergoing due court process? Isnt that even more frightening? If parliamentarians can randomly let ppl who are waiting for conviction go scott free? So, the solution is what? go through the entire court process lah! If you not happy with the laws which can imprision 16 year olds, then lobby for law change la. And when you lobby, remember it’s whole of parliament ah.

    7) CPF very bad meh. Seriously. wahlao eh. If you invest on your own in stocks like me, you will know how farking hard it is to get a decent 6% return. You buy a stock, sure the dividend is 6%, but you worry whether capital value will fall or the company suddenly bankrupt. Wah lao eh, CPF gives u guaranteed 5% return with no capital loss. Close eyes get 5% return hor. CPF lets you buy house, pay medical bills, children’s education. Wahlao, not good enough sibo? Ask yourself how CPF let you comfortably put the downpayment on a flat? Seriously, I am worried ppl listen to enough of Mr Roy and just blindly hate CPF without harnessing its benefits. 5% compounded return with guaranteed capital is no laughing matter ok – it is farking awesome. Please consider your other investment alternatives – can give u 5% CAPITAL GUARANTEED A NOT? And so what if Temasek and GIC makes 20% return but CPF gives you 5% nia? Temasek and GIC no need factor in for years of loss is it? One year Temasek makes -50% loss but CPF still gives you 5% so what have you got to say?

    Ok, I know some of us worked very hard our whole lives and at age 55 hope to get a decent sum for a nice holiday. I understand that. i salute these hard working individuals. I hope they can enjoy a bit. But say if CPF lets you take all out at Age 55 and you happy happy splurge it all. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE MAN? You need something to live on right? You say our government so nanny, everything also wanna care. Point is, if you are really starving to death the government has got to care right? They wont leave you starving to death right? So they will put you on welfare right? Then welfare costs rise, tax rises, and it burdens our young (already we have lesser people supporting an ageing pop). So if we can avoid all these, by ensuring you keep your money prudently, keep in CPF get 5%, each month get enough to spend on, rely on yourself and not burden the next generation. Why not? Why do we take the risk of people splurging all they have in 5 years and having govt support them for the next 30 years? Rather than ensuring people have access to money bit by bit? Wah lao if you ask me (as someone who is prudent with money), I rather the latter approach lor.

    sorry for wall of text. gonna end with this: last election I voted oppo, cos I felt parliament needed more variety of voices. Coming election, Im so gonna vote PAP. Because I find they have changed so much but are so underappreciated. In fact, the more I read Mr Roy’s posts, the more I am sure that PAP is the way to go. Many of my friends feel the same way.

    Let’s go Singapore!

    -True citizen

  2. lee boh jee

    Roy, go point your middle finger at him and shove it up his karchng…..do not ever apologized to such a greedy pig………

    • Singaporeans

      Why you don’t use yours? Poor Roy always being used. Can’t accept the truth hor ….. Hahaha

      • jackfruit

        You say Roy always being used…u mean his karchng or his finger..?
        AAnd yes I agree with u…some people boh jee to do himself so instigate Roy to do…

  3. R

    After researching and writing more than 400 articles on CPF, you tell us that CPF is a tax. Tio bo.
    CPF is not really our money. Then how Papie is going to return.

  4. gssdm

    Hey! Where are you now who said you will continue to speak foor is? no more post?so quiet now. Im waiting leh.even if you have to pay the damages, u still can continue to speak leh. Why stop?i though u very gung ho. Pls give up your life for fellow sgreans since you are already ready. Im waiting

  5. MillionDollarQuestion

    Amos danced with the beast. After his release, will he dare to dance with the beast?

    There is no sign that his toes are moving to the music, let alone dance. What do you think?

  6. Lee Boh Jee

    Roy, dun apologized and point your middle finger plus your entire arm and shoved it thru his ass….

  7. alfred

    Quite apparent Roy has been gaged or to avoid political consequences he decided to lay low like a mouse waiting for cheese to fall from above.

  8. Lee Boh Jee

    c’mon where’s the freakin’ audit and without a proper audit, dun just pluck a figure from the air as most would not believe it……u piece of poo……….

  9. FTs

    My family went to Jurong East Swimming Complex today (sunday) and was appalled to find that the pools were occupied by fillipinos and Bangladeshis. Not only did they hoard the adult pools, but they also hoarded the children pools. They urinated in the pools and contaminated the water. My family was unable to use the pool and were forced to leave after 15 minutes. I wonder who is the area MP, and saw a big poster of a grinning grace fool. I come to my senses that the only way to redeem Singapore is to vote in more oppositions.

  10. ted

    quite apparently, Roy is trying to appear to be remorse about his crime…
    Roy had been playing Singaporeans for fools… some singaporeans are indeed fools to have donated to you…. but not the majority of us, true blue singaporeans
    May the full force of our Laws be upon people like Roy and his friends…. I pray….

  11. James

    Surely the judge knows that Roy has posted this apology only on the day of the hearing to assess the damage, is too little and too late. If Roy had apologised on day one and stopped there, it would be a world of difference, but heck, it is just the opposite. This clearly proves that Roy is a liar and has no integrity and credibility, and the damage awarded must be maximum. You deserve it all for your own doing Roy.


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  13. PigsAndPigs

    No more articles? Roy caved in(he cried like a baby didnt he?). LHL and his Sin made judiciary system won.

    I think human rights bodies,and the world, need to shame and condemn LHL govt again. What do you think?

  14. Roy

    Roy you are doing very well.You neither pay tax nor contribute to CPF. PAP cannot earn a single cent from you.

  15. Bullshit Roy

    Roy is indeed doing well, eat well, travel well, no need to work…
    Idiots from those human rights ngo thinks the world of him… Most probably paid for his travels and accommodation… These NGOs only know how to bully the law abiding governments but never dare to speak against the terrorist governments… Such cowards..
    Roy, please keep up ur charade becos u r doing well. Makes sure u go to jail so that ur coward friends around the world can root for u

  16. Singaporeans

    From CNA today.
    “If you make a defamatory allegation that the Prime Minister is guilty of criminal misappropriation of pension funds of Singaporeans, that’s a very serious matter. If it’s true, the Prime Minister should be charged and jailed. If it’s not true, the matter must be clarified and the best way to do that is by settling in Court. If it’s untrue, it will be shown so. If it’s true, the Prime Minister will be destroyed.”


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  17. William Wee

    I salute to Roy. He is our hero, he divulged the truth of the CPF, Singaporean is so gullible and being fooled by PAP and Condom Lee.

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