[POLL] GE2015: Will You Vote Opposition or PAP for Singapore’s Future?

VOTE OPPOSITION. Vote for Your Future.

The next Singapore General Election 2015 is widely expected to be held on 12 September 2015, or before the year is out. Take part in this poll to find out how Singaporeans will vote at this upcoming election.

There are only 10 questions in this poll. The first 3 questions will look at how Singaporeans voted in the last three elections. The 4th question asks how Singaporeans will vote at this upcoming election. The last question looks at the support for the opposition parties among Singaporeans. The last 5 questions are questions on the demographic profile of the respondents to see if they are representative of the general electoral population in Singapore.

*Also, please only take this survey if you are Singaporean, due to the nature of the Singapore general elections. 

So let’s get started. For the first three question, please select the political party which you voted for in the last 3 elections in 2001, 2006 and 2011.

For the next question, please select which party you will be voting for at the upcoming election this year. 

And finally, which is the Opposition Party that you support?

The following demographic questions are asked to see if the poll results are representative of the general electoral population in Singapore

(The demographic indicators used in this poll are based on Population Trends 2014 report from the Department of Singapore Statistics.)

Do you remember the article I wrote yesterday, asking what kind of government Singaporeans want to have? I asked if you would want a government where the Opposition would have only one-third of the seats, or where the Opposition forms the government with a slim majority of the seats, or if the Opposition wins two-thirds of the seats.

As of this morning, the majority of the respondents want a government where the Opposition forms the government decisively, by winning two-thirds of the seats.

According to The Online Citizen, in order for the Opposition parties to win two-thirds of the seats, they would need as much as 83.3% of the total votes. So far, based on the poll in this article, are there 83.3% of the respondents who have said that they would vote Opposition in the upcoming election?

If so, this means that there is a chance that we can work towards a government where the Opposition wins a two-thirds majority.

If not, this means that for some Singaporeans who are still undecided, we have to vote decisively for the Opposition to let the Opposition win, so that the Opposition can win at least 83.3% of the total votes.

Now, why do we need to vote for the Opposition to win a two-thirds majority of the seats, to form the government decisively? As I explained, if the Opposition only takes up one-third of the seats, the PAP will still be the government and can find ways to implement or change policies without going through parliament, and therefore bypassing the Opposition. If the Opposition wins by a slim majority, the PAP will then be in a position to block any policies that the Opposition wants to implement.

The only way the Opposition will be able to form a new government and to create policies to protect Singaporeans is when they are able to win two-thirds of the seats. This way, they will be able to implement policies without the PAP blocking them. And only when the Opposition wins two-thirds of the seats will they be able to implement policies to take care of and protect Singaporeans.

Also, take note that this poll is done with a online audience. There is still a portion of Singaporeans who do not come online often and who might vote slightly differently. As such, this would mean that we would need to speak to our family and friends who might not be online, to vote decisively for the Opposition, so that together, we can work towards a having a new government, where the Opposition takes up at least two-thirds of the seats, so that finally, Singaporeans will be able to have a new government which will implement policies to take care of and protect Singaporeans.

As I have also said many times, this would mean that for Singaporeans, there would finally be minimum wage to increase the wages of low- and middle-income Singaporeans, healthcare costs will finally go down, and Singaporeans might even only need to pay a cap on hospital bills – SDP has proposed that Singaporeans will not pay more than $2,000 every year. Education will be free from childcare to university, as is the case in the Nordic and some Western countries – countries where Singapore have the same GDP per capita. For Singaporeans who have lost their jobs, they will be able to receive unemployment benefits, and a new government will finally enact legislation to protect the jobs of Singaporeans. HDB flats will become cheaper and so will public transport travel concessions. The interest that the PAP takes from our CPF will finally be returned, Singaporeans’s CPF will finally grow and not only that, a new government will provide an old-age pension alongside the CPF, to supplement our retirement needs, so that elderly Singaporeans will finally be able to retire.

In short, lives will get better for all Singaporeans and Singapore will become a better and happier place to be.

Do you want this for your children and our future generations? Then, the answer is simple.

#VoteOpposition #VoteforYourFuture


  1. Ted

    Why u never talk about taxes and what natural resources Singaporeans going to give and have?
    SDP and u r damn idiotic….

    • Alfred Lee

      Haven’t we paid enough taxes in the last 20-30 years? The present government accumulates revenue surpluses year after year. Don’t these state funds and reserves belong to the citizens? Why is our nation still pushing for higher GDP at all costs when a substantial portion of the population are hardly making ends meet? Now is a good time as any to return part of the huge reserve to the people before the post-50s, 60s and 70s kick the bucket. Otherwise what are the savings for?

      • Ted

        On average Scandinavian countries tax rate is about 45 to 56%
        How much tax r u paying to demand same benefits?
        Scandinavia countries are already looking into reducing some benefits in light of their budget deficits… Even when they impose high taxes and owns large amounts of natural resources…..

      • R

        Ted you hit the point. It is not sustainable from the report below


        The national association representing Norway’s local and regional authorities is calling for a serious review of the country’s famous but fragile social welfare system. “The system we have is not sustainable,” claims its leader, Sigrun Vågeng, but the government rejected her call for a state welfare commission to tackle the challenges.

        Vågeng told newspaper Aftenposten on Tuesday that Norway has around 10 years to fix its current system, before demands on it may surpass its capacity to meet them.

        Norway have only 10 years to fix the system.
        Singapore have ? years to throw away what we have? Maybe 2 elections or horror 1 election

      • Ted

        Well, something sustainable for 10 years in Norway is something unsustainable in Singapore at all.
        So my answer to ur question is 0 year. Reason is it will never be sustainable becos we can never live like nowegiens as we dun have even 1% of Norway ‘s natural resources.
        As for in the event Singaporeans vote in any of these opposition parties into govt, it’s just gonna take one election to destroy the very essence of our nation. LKY only exist once in a hundred years, Singapore will just die out like all the other great dynasties in the past if we do not remain frugal and work hard for our country.
        WP took less than 3 years to make their constituencies in the red.. Now they r gunning for the other grc nearby.. Maybe they want to make the first mega TC, better to milk it and turn millions of surplus into tens of millions of deficits..

      • lea xian loon

        Maybe pap siphoned part of our savings to support their ‘grand’ and ‘overwhelming’ election rally in GE

      • jackfruit

        Our taxes high ? Shows you have not seen the world yet.

        Also count ourselves lucky our govt have huge reserves..if people say our govt is corrupt, the reserves would be in negative territory and we wouldnt be able to afford f15s and the advanced defence equipment.

      • Ted

        Perhaps your parents knocked u on ur head until u become so dumb that u can’t even understand simple economics and finance.

      • jackfruit

        Go check put the insurance prog using cpf then u will realise the benefits. .people think that the “rich minister pay only 8 bucks for the surgery”..but anyone who got that insurance will benefit.

        Or u can go ahead and blind yourself with hatred.


  2. 《 老沈一说》李光耀隐瞒了什么 第八期


    《 老沈一说》李光耀隐瞒了什么 第八期

    • Singaporean

      How is Singapore run is none of ur concern… U said lky is a great man then u criticize his policies and foresight. Do u know why lky is a great man? He has done all the things u critized to turn our country into what it is today…

    • Ted

      If opposition had won 30 years ago, u won’t have a MRT breakdown becos u will never had advanced to building one to start…
      Do u know how many ppl were scolding the govt when govt started moving ppl into flats? Do u know how many ppl praised the govt for moving us into flats after a year?
      Plenty of other examples since our independence….
      Btw, did u know how many ppl scolded the govt when they wanted to build the mrt? But once mrt is up, did u know how many ppl changed to taking the mrt instead of buses?
      Dumb ppl better keep to urself…

      • CH lim

        how would you know that , since others are not given a chance to do so , who knows we may man to the moon by now …
        haha …

    • jackfruit

      Eh ? Before those wp jokers got voted in in GE2011, the mrt system didn’t break down leh . .. ..more wp voted in = more breakdowns ?

      Hahaha haha!

  3. Discernment

    PAP likes to bring in army chiefs, CEOs, directors, doctors, surgeons, high heel people to run in the election. What do these people know about the daily struggles of ordinary folks, other than to know how to hold a rifle and command others in the case of army chiefs? Beautiful outer branding by the PAP but rotten in the core. But people saw through them, and even a surgeon couldn’t win a “ah lian” in the by-election of punggol east.

    In this coming GE, discern well. Stiff out the wolves in white sheep clothings.

    • Ted

      I thought that the team during lky time is also a choice of civil servants, teachers, lawyers and other capable men and women? How different is it now and then?
      Do u mean we must only have ppl who ask for donations, defame others, crooks and jerks like Roy? Then it’ll mean a good parliament makeup?

  4. R

    Govt must protect even if I defame, I am a crook or I am a jerk. Why? I am a Singaporean right.
    Govt must PROtECT otherwise VTO

  5. SIngaporeans are wrong.

    The people of Singapore are wrong to rebuke PAP for bringing in foreigners. They are correct to bring in foreigners for the sake of economic growth. Nothing else matters! PAP is the ultimate, one and only, irreplaceable leader and boss of Singapore. Singaporeans should apologise to the party and accept whatever directions set by them.

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    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen

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