1. peterpan

    if u go amk, remember to be humble.government polices has benifited many but some r left behind. pm lee has strong support in his ward. then why u come. casue u want to let those left behind or ppl dont agree with the govenment policies a chance to send a clear msg to him. also, thanks lhl make u well known to ppl.

  2. Sack K. Shanmugam

    The PM is correct to sack Lui Tuck Yew. But that is still significantly inadequate. He should also sack the arrogant and double-headed snake K Shanmugam. Before the election, he behaved and talked like a big boss, twisting his words to belittle Singaporeans in support of foreigners. Come election, he is as quiet as a mouse. No wonder he got a messy divorce with his wife due to his affair elsewhere. It becomes apparent that he is a disloyal and unfaithful person. Kebun Baru residents, you have been betrayed by LHL. Your ward is supposedly to be under his care, but somewhat he has abandoned you into the hands of a womanizer. Since the PM cant bear to shed a womanizer, let the power of the people and the hammer show him the exit.

    • landragon123

      If that is true we will have another resignation on the card. LKY never allows it when he was running the show and I hope LHL will do the same by getting K. Shanmugam to leave. After all he was never a good Foreign Minister as he did not do what he have to do in the last cabinet.

  3. landragon123

    Roy, do not be childish by asking to elect opposition to form the government. The oppositions can’t even agrees anything among themselves and you expect them to form a government when they WIN?
    PAP will still be around to be our next government, but I hope WP can bring in some new good leaders to help us to have a good opposition. 10 to 20 oppositions and maybe with another single ward from an opposition.
    If we have more opposition in the next parliament, it will be a wake-up call to the PAP that there have to answer the AG findings and cleanup the lapses or corruptions going on now in many ministries and other government organisations and Public Listed companies belonging to the Government.
    So far one minister announce withdrawing from the election and maybe there is more coming. The Minister left as he knows that he did not does his job well. The buses improved because he spent BILLION to buy new buses BUT he still did not know what is wrong with SMRT (Singapore’s Most Retarded Team) yet the Ex General CEO was paid the highest salary.
    The Electrical problems are there but the CEO tried to replace the TRACK and fail as the track cannot be replace while the trains are in operation. So he did another stupid job by replacing the sleepers. Now it is announce that one of the sleepers job was completed and expect better rides but the biggest break down just happened after the sleepers were replaced.

  4. Return Our CPF Savings @55!!! Or Referandum!

    Wow! Brilliant Roy @RF Party! The flawed policies, inflation, low wages, income disparity, underemployment, pain, suffering & hardship e past 10-15 years speaks for itself:( It betrayed the sacrifices & nation building e past 50 years by our loyal & hardworking citizens & pioneer generations. Thank U for giving “voice” to thousands of our “silent & tolerant” majority:) TQ & God bless.

    • Tan S Y

      You want people like Roy Ngnerng, Kenneth Jeyaratham or other opposition parties to be our government? That will be a disaster for Spore. You complain about many policies we now have but just wait for the named and other parties to govern Spore and you will be shocked. WP may be thus far the strongest opposition but even they are far from ready to govern Spore.

      • bah chor mee

        But do we still want PAP to continue to enforce their compulsory evil regime on all–except for the FTs?

      • ted

        maybe its his sidekicks replying…. remembering all his sidekicks during his protest and heckling of the poor children makes me sick…. and how he was even invited to speak in Norway and his speech makes me sick as well….

      • lea xian loon

        Frivolous Spending by PAP:

        The ‘natural aristocrats’ have no qualm about spending millions frivolously every year to boast their fragile egos, but will quibble over giving a couple dollars increase in public assistance for the needies.

        ‘How much do you want? Do you want three meals in a hawker centre, food court or restaurant?’, once challenged a ‘natural aristocrat’ in response to the call for the government to increase public assistance handouts given the rising cost of living.

  5. mishkakabam

    Voting for the opposition, doesn’t guarantee Singapore a better future. Who is Roy? He is but someone who speculates and is well-known for getting himself into trouble. He talks as though it is so simple to implement the policies. It is easy to buy votes by saying, i will increase your pay, i will increase your subsidizes. Because, it is human nature to want more. Easy to say, but difficult to do. What is his concrete plan to reach the end point? What are the costs and consequences? Has he ever explained it all?

    This is a perfect example of a discontented fool who believes, as long as it is not PAP, it will be better for Singapore.
    Opposing for the sake of opposing! Think wisely before you vote.Do not blindly vote for the opposition.

    • Hui

      Very well and correctly said. People like Roy are just opposing for the sake of it and making wishes like money will fall front the sky for everyone. If you talk to foreigners everyone of them praise pur government to the sky. Losers think that someone else be the govnerment and their lives will suddenly be heavenly. Even if the opposition is to win, be sure that these people will soon be blaming this and that. Instead of looking at themselves.

      • bah chor mee


        Maybe you’re correct: “If you talk to foreigners everyone of them praise pur government to the sky” PAP loves foreigners, & vice versa

    • Sotongballs

      They all don’t have a clue yet, behave like they do. That’s the fundamental problem isn’t it?

      Too much education makes idiots out of kings and queens.

    • lea xian loon

      “Abandon Ship

      Despite his claim that he is the most qualifed ‘natural aristocRat’ to lead, his father’s cronies quickly demostrate their absolute confidence in his leadership by packing up their ill-deserved loots accumulated over the years and hastily exit the sinking ship…”

  6. Peter Low

    Please support the petition by forward it to friends who are NOT aware of this policy. Now I know why a friend of mine was sad when a colleague from his India rep office told him in jest that she is back in India during lunch time in Singapore Changi Business Park.


  7. Do you know there is a hot fire underneath the nice cool water?

    Between my wife and i, we earn more than S$250K annually. we are in our mid 40. we have 3 nice young kids. i own a HDB and private property. both fully paid. i don’t think we are losers by any standard. yet. i will vote for oppo because if left unchecked, the PAP policies are really going to make my 3 kids 2nd class citizens in their own country. we already have more than a decade of PAP’s ‘free for all island’ policy and look at what this island state has become,..i really miss my schooling days when taking MRT is truly a breeze and everyone is friendly to one another and there is literally loads of space on the island for all to enjoy. i shudder to think what another decade of this ‘free for all island’ policies will do to our beloved country. So…no.. people who support oppo are not just those ‘laggards’, ‘losers’, ‘misfits’ etc…i think they are more than willing to sacrifice a bit of economic progress for more space, pride and dignity in their own country. The steam engine has been moving too fast for too long and picking up far too many passengers than it can carry, i think its a good time to slow things down. For those Singaporeans who are still not wary of the fact they are in a nice cool water that is slowly boiling, i say “WAKE UP!”

    • landragon123

      Yes, this hot fire was burning on the day our sick PM announce in parliament that he love the figure 6.9 with support by the cabinet and the vote in parliament and at that point of time, it was 5.2 Millions as reported. Now just short while later the report is now 5.6 Millions and the PM have the cheek to announce the new arrival is under control with higher levy and less are allow to come. How can he do that as it will kill the casinos he setup, for casinos as he claim, are for foreigners and not for citizens. Those citizens who are rich to pay the $100.00 ends themselves in Bedok Reservior to say goodbye LHL, ‘lets wait to meet in Heaven, when will you join us?’ Vote for the opposition, good one I mean and give a wake-up call to the PAP. Even the trains which are easiest to operate for a public transport have problems for over 4 years and the LTA and SMRT still did not knows the problems. Basically, I know some of the problems if they dare to contact me. The best person to consult on trains is Richard Benson as he operate Virgin Train which was voted the best train in the world for 2 years. This is no way to have a new government with 9 parties, who to lead and how to agree on anything when they are always fighting among themselves.
      Take care of yourself by been Healthy & be Happy by visiting http://www.ionnuhealth.com for the Negative Ions Clothing for healthy people and citizens. Who ever rules us, be ourselves, healthy & happy and when the SKY fall use it as a blanket. No Danger, No Sickness as long as we stays POSITIVE!!!

    • Joe

      In the first place, how do you earn $250k annually? cause u are damn bloody smart? or these companies are here because we are a great country for them to invest and find talent? and that you benefited fully from the great education system that they have worked so hard to establish???
      if you think your kids will be 2nd class in the future, then this is exactly the reason why PAP need to push us further. Without the drive and motivation factors, your kids will fail, and not be as successful as you.

      • Ted

        My late grandma used to pick cardboards and sell tissue too. Her bank account has more zeros than me and she has 2 properties paid up… She lived past 90 years old and it is becos she kept herself busy that she live so long…
        Some ppl like Roy and his sidekicks who do not even understand the concept of hard work and long life will never understand….

      • lea xian loon

        Toilet PAPers live their whole lives in the toilet, with no regard of the real world out there. Much akin to saf generals turned PAPer minister…maybe that’s why Lui tuck yew’s headed mrt hanged so many times

        Ted is claiming that elderly in the aforementioned pics who collect cardboards all have “bank account has more zeros than (him) and she has 2 properties paid up… “, and all will “(live) past 90 years old”

      • Ted

        Of coz not all elderly r like my grandma, just like not all of us r like warren buffet. Why?
        Becos there r lazy ppl around this world like Roy who ask for hands out in the name of democracy… There r idiots who can’t tell right and wrong, like ppl who listen to Roy and his friends…
        Yes, we r not born equal… Rightly so… But there r those normal folks who work harder to make up for their weaknesses…
        And there r those who only know how to complain, and they’ll forever complain and blame others except themselves… Pathetic

      • Ted

        I didn’t know that in ur mind, Singapore is so easily separated into 2 classes only… There r various segment in our Singapore society.
        But one thing remains true is that Singapore is based on merit. If u r good, u will succeed in life. If u r lazy like Roy, very difficult but u can still survive well in Singapore just like Roy (jobless but still can travel and post online that he can only afford white rice when his phone and broadband charges is many times of a 50 cents plate of rice)
        And please dun make fun of the needy Singaporeans, please call comcare if they need help. Even our govt and laws respect privacy rights of the needy

      • LKY 上梁不正,LHL 下梁歪

        Pls stop lying. Many needy Singaporeans have stopped approaching so-called govt aids like comcare for help. The process for seeking assistance was demeaning to them, and the amount is barely enough for even “3 meals in a hawker center”. Remember the infamous vivian balakrishnan’s speech on 3 meals in parliament? 🙂

    • ted

      i wonder how a person who has a family income of >250k per annum be so short-sighted?
      does these guy think that he can still earn so much money if there is only 2 million ppl in singapore with no foreigners?
      does this guy think that buying a 2nd property is to keep a 2nd house or for investments and rental income? no ppl come to singapore, then rent to who? rats and useless ppl like roy?
      MRT crowded? has a person who makes 250k/year never step foot in other major cities of the world? do u think these major cities’ trains are empty or crowded or just nice with no one standing? it is the same in London, HK, Tokyo, etc..
      Does he not understand what is declining birth rates? if singapore does not attract young ppl to work and spend in singapore, does he even think his children will have a future here? even if our birth rates hits >2, we still need more ppl to work and spend here. let alone our birth rate is about 1.1…
      ppl were nicer in the past? i am also born in the 70s in singapore, do u honestly think that the ppl then are nicer than now? it is similar…. in fact, when i bring my children out on the mrt… it is often the foreigners who gave up their seat to my young child. occasionally, a singaporean would do the same…
      life is never perfect… it is better to have a singapore that is prosperous than to be poor… only then we can have money to spend on the less privileged….. once life in singapore becomes better, there will always be evil ppl who wants to destroy our peace and sustainable policies…

      • Do you know there is a hot fire underneath?

        Ted. i din say PAP was all bad. in fact i agree that they have been good all these years,..i.e. until they decided the island state ‘belongs to everyone’ and ram up the immigration levels exponentially in the last 10 years. Like you, they are more interested in economic numbers and growing at all costs. Yes, the policies of the govt have enabled me to enjoy a comfortable life; but unlike you Ted, I don’t think just for myself. Will my kids have the same kinds of opportunities when they grow up. Will they be drowned by all the excessive competition for jobs brought about by a govt who is taking the principle of meritocracy to the extreme. It doesn’t matter what colour is the cat, heck..it doesn’t even matter what animal is it…as long as it can kill rat, its a good animal. How about those cats who can’t kill rats, Ted, have you wondered what will happen to them? Ted. have you ever stop to think how many of the new jobs created in the last 10 years were for Singapore born Singaporeans. I have a friend who also think like you Ted, in this world, its either black or white, yes or no. good and bad. You said “its better to have a Singapore that is rich than poor”; in the first place, what makes you think Singapore will become poor if it is not run by PAP. Please don’t underrate your own contribution in making this country great Ted. I can easily quote a few countries with mediocre governments and they are doing just as fine if not better. Finally, do you realise your thinking is no different from a whore – just open legs to anyone who can pay and make the $. Dignity and pride means absolutely nothing.


      • Ted

        Given the same attributes like no natural resources, no hinterland; which r these mediocre government or countries in the world r on par or better than with Singapore?
        Opportunities in a globalised world means to be given training n education with the best so that one can thrive in this world. Why do u even think that ur children can’t make it when we have a good education system based on merit? Dun discount ur child before he even tried. And note that even if ur child can’t make it, there r many Singaporean children who will do better with the competition. Why do u want these bright young Singaporeans to lose these opportunities to compete with the better ones?
        U say u think for ur children while our govt must think for Singapore survival and all young Singaporeans to be given a chance to compete in this cruel world.
        Well, I don’t know whether Singapore will be poorer or not if run by opposition. But I do know that if we spend more than we save, we will definite be poorer. Majority of these oppo only know how to spend our forefathers money but none of them say how to balance what they spend….
        Just becos we make money doesn’t mean we r whores, in what ways r we losing our dignity n pride? Did we steal from our neighbours or we didn’t pay our debts?

      • Rotten PAPayas

        Ted, look up from beneath LHL’s pink skirt.

        FT just pointed middle finger at you after being a road bully

      • Fools Buster

        Ted, u let the cat out of the bag. U are definitely a foreigner sponging on singaporeans.

    • hsds

      U are another person i hate who contributes to high property prices by owning 2. Renting out and benefitting from immigration policy and saying all these bulls. I really wished you will lose your job if it is foreign company and your company moving out of Singalorw. Then u will have no choice but to do those jobs that local do not want. This case we will have less foreigners both ways. I think you will like this.

    • landragon123

      All our MP are educated, but not all educated people make good leaders. They must have EQ besides IQ and I believe our PM have no EQ or lacks it when he commented a few times in his FB. That is why I have ask him to step-down for a better person to take over and leads us.

  8. hsds

    Does opposition promise all these?i dont know why I like to come here and watch for your post in the context to give u a tight slap like there was a comic about PM slapped Danabalan last time. If i can i stuff my smelly socks into your mouth who claims speaking for me and i stick my toes into your nostril. Ya, im sick like you and i derive pleasure from doing this just like you do but its only a different form of expression.

    • Ted

      My late grandma used to pick cardboards and sell tissue too. Her bank account has more zeros than me and she has 2 properties paid up… She lived past 90 years old and it is becos she kept herself busy that she live so long…
      Some ppl like Roy and his sidekicks who do not even understand the concept of hard work and long life will never understand….

  9. Ted

    My late grandma used to pick cardboards and sell tissue too. Her bank account has more zeros than me and she has 2 properties paid up… She lived past 90 years old and it is becos she kept herself busy that she live so long…
    Some ppl like Roy and his sidekicks who do not even understand the concept of hard work and long life will never understand….

  10. R

    Actually, the real question to ask is, if the PAP did not play politics, will the AHPETC go into deficit?
    Yeah, also
    And if PAP didn’t play politics, ROy and HHH will not heckle the children.
    And if PAP didn’t play politics, Roy will not defame the PM. Everything happen because of the PAP trap

    • Ted

      In what ways did pap played politics? All policies were passed through parliament and r legit.
      These ppl like Roy and hhh and sidekicks tried to play politics… When Roy was in the CPF forum held by ips…. Did Roy speak of anything useful? All the questions on CPF he asked were answered by DPM Tharman… Roy seems satisfied with his answers as he did not pursue further… Maybe becos he knows that dpm had answered correctly and the audience consist of ppl who understand economics, finance and at least have common sense to know right and wrong… Unlike his sidekicks who r idiots
      But what happened after the forum? Roy continues to ask the same questions like a broken recorder… To me, that’s playing politics….

    • Ted

      If AHPETC had put the money in their sinking funds, submitted their accounts on time, etc… Do u think pap can make an issue on this at all?

      • Ted

        I also dun know who appointed Roy and his sidekicks to heckle our children and talk about our CPF?

      • bah chor mee

        Do you know who is behind the scene to push the special children out to the stage, just as they know that a demonstration has been organized at that exact date and time?

      • Ted

        Do u know npark gave Roy and his sidekicks their own area in HLP but they chose to walk into the other part where this event was held?
        Do u know that this event was applied long before Roy and his sidekicks applied to hold their protest?
        I didn’t know that when its ur turn to perform, it means the organizers “pushed” u out… U must have had a sad childhood that’s why u r so sick in ur brains like Roy…. Another pathetic soul

      • LKY 上梁不正,LHL 下梁歪

        When will Shit PAPers face facts, and use facts as a platform to enter discussions? Stop making a further fool of PAP 🙂 :

      • Ted

        Face what facts? U can go to npark to pull all records on when the applications were made…
        Indeed time to face the facts…

  11. landragon123

    High, Ted, people are our natural resources as they are produce by our parents. Asia is our hinterland and the world is our market. If we a short of natural resources of our own, import them, as we needs them to build our homes, roads, MRT, ports and so on………..
    By importing we save on the medical fee when they are born, we save on the education that we have to provided and if they decided to become citizen, we have ready NS men to tap on to defend our country. This is the PAP way of getting natural resources, cheap and good as you can pick and choose too.

    • Ted

      Smile… This happened and such definition are a result of our founding generation unity and hard work…
      I wonder which other country in the world with the same attributes as Singapore is on par with Singapore… Especially when some ppl here thinks lightly of our forefathers and leaders’ hardwork since independence.
      At the end of the day, dun belittle our achievements and hardworking…
      It seems that some ppl think that it’s easy when we were kicked out of Malaysia… U think the tengku was kind to us when they kicked us out? He is just waiting for us to fail and come back and beg him… No one expects us to succeed… In fact, all our neighbors r hoping we cease to exist…

      • Ted

        Old news Liao … U should crop off the date.
        And ur friend with 2 properties and keep on scolding our govt had been benefitting from renting out his properties to foreigners for the past years… Do u want him to vomit out his rental income to Roy so that he can run his election?

      • bah chor mee

        Ok the following pic may be old news too. But the public wonders how much are pap paying themselves “correct” so that they “don’t get corrupted”:

      • Ted

        As long as Singapore continues to make much more money… Why not?
        U mean u would put someone like Roy, csj, etc… with zero integrity as ur govt just becos he is cheap?
        Such ppl even if it’s free u also dun want. Who knows what such ppl will take under the table…

  12. Hui

    If not because of cpf, how almost very body has their own house ? If not be used of foreign workers , how we all have jobs ? Singapore has no choice , because of labour shortage. Having a job with lower pay is way better than no jobs.

  13. R

    Roy said :
    “I do have high hopes for the Worker’s Party, the Singapore Democratic Party, the Singapore People’s Party and SingFirst winning some seats, and even allowing change to come to Singapore.”
    Why not his own party, The Reform Party. Probably forget to list down.

  14. Question

    Roy, I find your arguments are always over-simplistic.

    1)So we vote opposition and all positive changes will come? Please. Opposition has not done anything for us. Has WP ever spoken for us regarding transport issues? Housing quality issues? No.

    2) you are promoting a total welfare state. Where will the money come from? Already GDP growth is slowing down. How will we fund your proposed programmes? Seriously you need to think through your arguments before posing them.

    3) Government never rob our CPF as you keep claiming. Government has promptly return my relative’s CPF . So what’s your issue?

      • Ted

        Roy’s bet is neither good nor bad apple, neither wolf nor hyena, neither saint or devil…..
        His bet is that Singaporeans will be so dumb as to believe his lies and vote him into parliament…. Then he will plan to destroy Singapore from within….
        He said he’s not interested in politics but he is trying to run for politics…
        He said that few ppl will read his blog and believe in his unsubstantiated articles but he continues to write such rubbish
        He said that he did slander our PM and he was wrong to slander the PM so he apologised in court at least 3 times…. But he forgot that before that hearing, he had repeatedly said that he will uphold his articles r true the whole truth…. Why apologies then? Only one reason. Becos Roy is despicable, lying rat that belongs to the sewers….
        So many examples had shown what kind of person is Roy….

  15. UncomfortableQuesions

    The Lee’s government believes Sin ought to be a godly society. So they establish all kinds of religious bodies to guide the people or sheep into a state of worship or compliant to the gods. I wonder what’s the position of the opposition when comes to the gods ruling the sheeple?

    Surely part of Sin’s problems or blessings lies with our minister of law shaking hands with the ministers of paradise?

    Maybe you need to understand what the sheeple been feeding themselves on before you seek real changes?

    After all, who mark the cross on a piece of paper on polling day?

    • Ted


      Please call comcare when u see such Singaporeans… And if u r free just understand if they need help. I’ve asked a few before some r really in need of help but others jus want to be active and make some money….
      Ppl who only know how to take pictures does not mean helping the needy. Even worse thing to do is to ridicule them in a photoshop like this idiot here… Downright despicable, a very typical Roy tactics …. Very shameful

      • ted

        comcare in singapore is to help the poor and needy with relief and find work… foreigners will find it difficult to comprehend such simple concept… so i deduced that you are foreign born…. singaporeans do not need foreigners like yourself who doesn’t even bother to understand our culture and policies.
        i understand such good policies is difficult to find overseas so it is very difficult to understand for someone like u.

      • Ted

        Indeed helpful… Why dun u show the name of the applicant? Then email to the newspapers and let the public understand why it’s only $50?
        In Singapore, our objective is to help the poor get out of vicious cycle of poverty. If u expose the applicant online and let’s all understand why so that we can judge if comcare only helped with $50 and nothing else… Did they help with looking for a job? Did they get ngo to chip in? Many, many other ways to help and spread the family.
        Only an idiot will base the help on a letter with no other proof

  16. David

    Every time I feel that the PAP isn’t living up to what I believe a first world government should be, I do some research on what can be done. Most often than not, I end up here.

    Each article I read from Roy’s blog causes me to cringe. I make it a habit to never post anything online, but enough is enough. Bile builds up in my throat and my stomach churns at each comment. Anger rises up from my heart, not at the PAP, but at Roy.

    The audacity of the “facts” posted in all his articles, his “suggestions” on what to do, his “solutions” on the problems; they all have ONE objective – that is, to spin the truth and to prove his point. It has become a war between Roy and the PAP, a personal vendetta, and not a societal cause.

    In my opinion, Roy does what he is doing not to help Singaporeans, but his narrative is littered with anti-PAP sentiments, not based on fact, but on emotion.

    Our vote, our decision and our choices should not be “anti-PAP”, but it should be pro-Singapore.

    At face value, the “solutions” Roy suggests may seem helpful. However, looking deeper into the facts, one who has done just a little bit of research will know his suggested polices have no ground. What would a minimum wage do to our tax system? What would cutting out foreign labor do to our country? Would a pension fund be better than the CPF (take a good look at Greece mind you)?

    Ask yourselves these questions, and you will find that Roy’s rants have no factual basis. Yes, our Government may not be perfect, but one does have to admit; if our biggest problem is how we pay for our medical bills, or how much interest we get on our CPF, is that really so bad? We do not have to worry about starvation, disease, homelessness, poverty (not Roy’s definition of poverty, but REAL poverty. Some Singaporeans do live in horrible conditions, but if you have an internet connection and are able to comment on online blogs, YOU ARE NOT IN POVERTY), terrorism, literacy,..the list goes on.

    All in all, vote what you think is right. Don’t just do what Roy tells you. You aren’t a puppet. Evaluate your position from an objective standpoint. If you believe the opposition can do a better job with real solutions, by all means vote the opposition. If not, why choose to destabilize this society which we have taken 50 years to build?

  17. NEW PAP vs OLD PAP

    Singaporeans need to distinguish between the NEW PAP and the OLD PAP. The PAP of this day is no longer the same as the OLD PAP that brought Singapore from the third world to the first. Even though they are still using the brand name “PAP”, the members have sold themselves for a hefty profit to foreigners. The current New PAP is incapable and profit-minded. Your interests will be neglected, you will be pushed aside and be forgotten after the GE. Your children and future generations will suffer immensely.

    • Ted

      This silly talk about new and old PAP is not new. Jus like the old Singapore is no longer the new Singapore… Pap needs to evolve along. As long as pap is not corrupt and work hard for the common goal – prosperity of Singapore and its PPL… I’m fine.
      If u can bring back the old Singapore, I’m sure this team of new PAP can bring back the old style of PAP… Old PAP is better in many ways, for one is u will not find assholes like Roy, hhh, Amos Yee, etc…. Disrupting the peace and prosperity we have…
      That is one of the good thing about how PAP was run… But now ppl like to talk about love and counsel… What rubbish… I would definitely prefer the old pap where such assholes r put in their rightful place.
      So, r u as hardworking and as hungry for success as ur grandparents and parents? Or r u complacent becos ur parents gave u the best of everything and u think that u deserve all these becos u r Singaporean?

  18. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    18 Aug 2015 Tue Singapore Time

  19. lea xian loon

    Structurally Unsound
    A freak tornado swept through the region, blowing away and exposing how structurally unsound the white ivory tower really is.

    In their desperation to distract the daft peasants from seeing the truth of how rotten their foundation have gotten over the generations and to save themselves from embarassment, the “natural aristocrats” hastily pointed to a distant fort now occupied by their foes.

    “No, don’t look here! Our foundation is rotten only because of good intentions!”, they cried in unison, and added, “Look there! See that mess there? That is what structurally unsound looks like!”.

    But the fact remains, it was them who left the mess when they were forced to vacate some years ago.

  20. 《 老沈一说》李光耀隐瞒了什么 第八期

    从从<>知道新加坡脱离马来亚独立是李光耀所要, 那为什么他要”哭”了。

    From” a talk by old Sim”, PAP gained power in 1960 with mere 46%, in order to continue to rule the government by PAP, all capable opposition leader were caught and throw into prison. And since then for the past 50 years, there were no oppositions were able to compete with PAP.

    From” a talk by old Sim”, the independent of Singapore was what LKY wanted, and why he” Cried”

  21. 20150701有話好說:「李光耀終於死了!」余澎杉拘禁精神病院!


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