1. R Z Kay

    If anybody thinks the current government is destroying the country, consider the track records of the opposition.
    You may not like the government but that does not mean you should vote opposition for the sake of doing so.
    The opposition (mostly) comprises incompetent hicks who cant speak proper English and know close to nothing about the economy and finance. They will destroy the economy.

    Singapore is Heavily reliant on foreign investment. More so than people realise.
    We dont have resources to be a production hub, and our local companies are small potatoes on the world stage.
    Look at our CBD and the names of companies there. Nearly all foreign, and they are here creating jobs (for us) because of policies letting their business here be profitable to say the least.

    The day an incompetent government such as the current opposition with the likes of Desmond Lim and Kevryn take over, every name you see in the CBD will begin to divest. Slowly, and definitely not immediately, but surely.
    We will lose thousands to the tens of thousands of jobs eventually and will be left with our local industry, which frankly is quite pathetic.

    Dont turn my country into trash. We already mock these wannabe politicians because they are of no calibre, with no proven credentials.
    Dont turn Singapore into a laughing stock on the world stage by letting such clowns represent us.

    • Kenny tan

      Don’t talk cock la, no one is indispensable in this world.

      Ur the real clown for coming in Roy ngeng blog n kao bei kao bu like some whiny little bitch

      Your chicken little ‘ oh the sky is falling ‘ mindset’ ain’t working here.

      Kindly fuck off, don’t pass go, don’t collect $200/- n bugger off

      Just go fuck off cos this is a blog for positive like minded ppl. There is no place for ppl like u here.

      Bugger off asshole

      • Drago

        It is people like you which proves Roy’s supporters are scums and worthless trash. Continue your pathetic way of life pls. Lol.

      • Chris

        Scums r like ppl like gangsters and con artists…. Roy n his sidekicks r worse than scums… Scums would not tell half truths (lies ultimately) internationally to discredit our country, our PM…. Most scums r at least patriotic unlike Roy and his gang….
        What r such ppl called?

      • Jeffery

        Still here? Thought u guys fucked off oredi?

        As ive mentioned, this is a place for constructive discussions of facts n figures. If ur going to resort to name calling, then kindly fuck off.

        U have such usless comments that is about chicken little worrying sky will fall down. Just fuck off.

      • Vote opp?

        Kenny ran is right!! Roy is the best thing to happen to us since…….well low thia kiang.

        How dare you come into RoYs territory and speak the truth!! Be gone you devil!!

      • Ted

        Yeah Lord Roy… Please lead us to the Singapore where poverty cease to exist and all Singaporeans r rich….

      • R Z Kay

        Kenny, people like you who bring civilised criticism to the level of trash that you are…
        You are the kind who must know nothing about how the world of politics and economics works.
        You just think Roy is a miracle maker and talk is the only thing required for a country to work.
        You dont understand what he is asking for. Perhaps go read a book sometime.

      • R Z Kay

        Kenny, What more, you have not given a sensible or remotely valid response to my criticisms above.

      • Ted

        Actually hor, minimum sum is just a gauge for u to know if u r able to meet the basic cpf life payout… If u dun meet also no problem…. U know and understand or not?

    • Vote opp?

      You don’t understand. only Roy n the opp parties really care for singapore. Nobody else does.

      They might not not have the know how to run grc but I am sure given a chance they will be able to lead sg for the next 50 years.

      • HLC

        What is needed is a Check & Balance for the PAP – dont even mention president Tony TAN.
        What is needed is an Opposition backed by voters / social media to POLICE the PAP.
        To make PAP answerable and NOT silent to critics or to silence critics by suing them or threat of ISA
        Unfortunately Opposition means MINORITY means NO authority

        Power Corrupts. Absolute Power corrupts ABSOLUTELY.

        Where is
        full transparency,
        freedom of information and
        minimum wage laws in this “”first world & developed PLASTIC “” nation of Singapore
        Where is the “”Protector”” of our assets president Tony TAN,
        IF he was only 1% of President ONG Teng Chong – the true and real SIngapore hero.

        Remember to vote using your challenging and inquisitive BRAIN, not SCARED robots you have been trained to be
        in the Government elections AND
        the Presidential elections

      • R Z Kay

        I understand where you’re coming from.

        Certainly, my friends in the PAP are in a better position to formulate policy and implement policy in the short term, and therefore, have a greater impact on people’s life, people’s livelihood over the short term. But I think what I am doing is just as important. Perhaps more important over the long term and that is to help build up a credible opposition that in time is capable to form an alternative government.
        -Chen Show Mao

        The point here is that having a voice is not all that matters.
        Most of the current opposition are not credible and are in fact not capable of raising points in parliament with ramifications fully understood. Parliament is for things to be intelligently discussed. It definitely is not meant to be an econs lesson for the opposition who will be nothing more than a hindrance.
        I am for the alternate voice who cares for us, but not if caring for us ultimately does more harm because they are incapable of doing any good for the country in the long run.

  2. Joke

    Wolves don’t like..hyenas also don’t like….aiyah….have the best of both world in the house of clowns then everyone happy happy lor…especially clowns….wahahahaha

  3. Supporter

    Roy why don’t you stand for election if you want to make a difference and since you put up all these accusations in your blog ? Instead of talking only why don’t you make a real difference ? If you don’t stand for election when the opportunity to walk the talk, it only proves you are a liar all along. So what is it ?

    • Daniel Goh

      u cow bei cow bu Roy for wad?

      Roy got a blog that explain policies n what works what nots, but all u do is come in here to talk shit.

      ur worse than a piece of shit in my toilet bowl after my morning coffee you cheebye.

      FUCK OFF.

      • Vote opp?

        Be nice no vulgarity you naughty boy
        We the worshipper of demi Roy must take Lord Roy as an example only harass ppl in person (tingling park) not online

  4. Dragonlady

    Roy is a habitual liar and a cheat. Not only He cheated the publics money for his own holidays, he flipped his words like apologized and then denied, then cried and apologized again. Fucking shameless scum bag and thief. Surely his parents also shameless of this gay Loh.

  5. Imminent

    Yeah government no longer care for Singaporean . You care ? Then go stand for election lor. Else talk only what. Anyone also can say care and give everyone as much as you like. Lol. Each Singaporean one million hoe about that Roy ? Talk only what. That’s what you are good at.

  6. People

    So after all these blogging Roy is not going to grab this opportunity to really make a difference ? So it has all along been just talk and complain. What a farce.

    • Daniel Goh

      u den a farce la knn cb. Cow bei cow bu so much. Who the fuck u think ur?

      U got comment = Roy life still goes on
      U never comment = Roy life still goes on.

      No one gives a shit about u. So dont come in here cow bei cow bu if u got nothing better to say.

    • People

      Roy is a danger ? Lol. Then please ask him to stand for election. I pray he will. Lol. If not, then you think he is a threat ? Or a farce ?

    • People

      Let me get the record straight. I will be voting for opposition. But I still think Roy is rubbish and scum. Dont believe just go read every forum In Singapore.

  7. People

    For all that Roy professes and claims , let’s see if he will stand for election to really make a difference , or is he just talk loud only no action. If Roy stands for election at least that speaks of his real intention all along. If he doesn’t he is just a liar.

  8. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    24 August 2015 Monday Singapore Time

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