PAP is Not Singapore. Singapore is Not PAP. Save Singapore from PAP.


Singapore is not the PAP. Singapore is our home. Singapore belongs to Singaporeans.

However, the PAP has turned Singapore into its own, believing that it can create “policies” to benefit itself.

Sure, the PAP has been in government for the past 55 years. But this does not make Singapore theirs. Without the hard work and sweat of Singaporeans and our parents and our parents’ parents, would Singapore become what it is today? It wouldn’t. Singapore is the collective effort of all that has toiled on our land.

No one single person can claim credit for it. Not the PAP. It is all of Singapore and Singaporeans who have made our home the way it is.

The PAP is not Singapore. It is just the party which is in government today. Today it is the PAP, tomorrow it may not be. Which party makes government depends on the votes of Singaporeans.

A government’s responsibility is to its citizens. It is to Singaporeans. A government is not to lord over its citizens. It can definitely not see itself as a “natural aristocrat”. A government cannot believe that it is better than the people, for all Singaporeans are equal, be it an ordinary citizen, a minister or a prime minister, for all of us are equal citizens.

A government which sees itself as better than the people and which believes that inequality is good for the country, while believing that it is above the people, is one which has lost its bearings and its responsibility to its people. It is one where the political party has been in power for far too long and has allowed power to get into its head.

This is what the PAP has become. For too long, the PAP has controlled power and has prevented the opposition from fairly running for elections. This has allowed the PAP to make believe that they are the best and only people that can run the country, and which have lauded them into a false belief that without the PAP, Singapore will not be what it is today. This has caused the PAP to create their false idea that without them, Singapore will fail.

But Singapore will not fail without the PAP. In fact, more and more Singaporeans are awakening to the fact that it is if Singapore continues with the PAP that Singapore will fail.

It is with the PAP’s policies that has pulled apart inequality in Singapore that will cause more and more Singaporeans to languish into poverty – it is estimated by economists and academics that 30% of Singaporeans are living in poverty today. It is because of the PAP’s policies that Singaporeans have chosen to die instead of go to a hospital because they cannot afford healthcare, it is because of the PAP’s policies that our children have to pay the most expensive university tuition fees in the world, as citizens, when the PAP gives $400 million to foreign students to study in Singapore every year. It is because of the PAP’s policies that wages have been depressed and many of our PMETs are losing their jobs, due to an influx of cheap labour and the lack of minimum wage, employment protect policies and unemployment benefits to protect Singaporeans. It is because of the PAP that Singaporeans cannot get back our CPF, because the PAP puts in a CPF Minimum Sum to lock up our CPF, and then give our money to GIC and Temasek Holdings to let themselves earn huge profits from, and all the time making even more profits from our HDB flats, Medisave and MediShield.

It is because of the PAP that Singapore has become the most expensive country in the world but where Singaporeans are still paid one of the lowest wages among the highest-income countries, this has caused Singaporeans to have the lowest purchasing power among the developed countries.

It is the PAP which has caused Singaporeans to suffer. It is the PAP that will cause Singapore to fail. Because of the PAP and the income inequality that it has created and made the highest among the developed countries, Singapore also has the lowest levels of trust after Portugal, the highest prisoner rate after America, one of the lowest social mobilities and people who have been forced to fight for ourselves and have gradually become self-centred. It is because of the PAP that there are today more and more social problems in Singapore.

This year, Singapore has seen the worst train breakdown in Singapore’s history, slabs of concrete are falling off even newly built flats, there are more and more murders, as news of people being murdered fill the news now on an almost daily basis, while the PAP uses the police to arrest innocent Singaporeans who criticise the PAP because we know our lives are getting worse.

Meanwhile the PAP pays themselves the highest salaries in the world and are immuned to the problems that plaque Singapore.

It is the PAP which has become too comfortable, cruising into power election after election and believing that no one else can stop it, so it stops being transparent and accountable to Singaporeans, it starts hiding information and today it lords over Singaporeans.

But no one is indispensable. Everyone is expendable. So is the PAP. If the PAP is no longer doing its job, then the PAP has to be sacked. If the PAP has become too complacent, then it has to be given a shake up. If the PAP has become too reliant on Singaporeans and has fed off us for too long, then it is time to ask the PAP to leave and learn to stand on its own two feet.

The PAP has made use of Singapore and Singaporeans for too long. The PAP has abused Singaporeans for its own wants for far too long. The PAP has hijacked the government and turned it against Singaporeans for far, far too long.

For too long, Singaporeans have kept quiet believing that one day we will receive our just returns. But that day never came while the PAP makes promise after promise but never fulfilling them. For too long, we have tolerated the PAP but the time is now to change. The time is now for us to stand up against the PAP’s injustice and say, enough is enough.

Enough is enough.

No longer will we put up with the PAP’s bullying. This is no longer a laughing matter when our lives are at stake, and where our children’s lives are at risk, and where Singapore’s future is no longer certain.

Enough is enough.

The PAP has overstayed its welcome and has abused its power for too long. We do not need the PAP anymore. We do not need kings to sit on the throne and take our produce to feed themselves.

We need a government which will have the humility to stand at our feet and by our side and to create policies that will protect Singaporeans, invest in our people and bring Singapore into a brighter tomorrow.

We need a new government. We need the opposition.

Today, we will make a stand to vote for the opposition. Today, we will make a stand to vote for the opposition, to implement minimum wage and unemployment benefits to protect our workers. To increase health spending and education spending to protect our young and old. To grow our CPF and #ReturnOurCPF so that our elderly Singaporeans do not have to work as cleaners and cardboard collectors but can truly have a dignified life.

Today, we need change. For a better tomorrow.

Today, we will vote in a new government to finally implement policies to protect Singaporeans.

#VoteOpposition #VoteforYourFuture


  1. Joke

    Don’t like wolves…send in the hyenas….repeat…repeat…repeat like a broken recorder….all trying to get monkeys to vote them in….lol…haven’t you seen they played out miserably all over the world?…lol

      • Ted

        Is ur friends also reading our comments? Maybe Obama should invite Roy to be American honorary citizens as Roy is a true fighter of free speech and democracy…. He will write about everything that pisses him off….

    • anti-oppiums

      Hei oppiums, you have been cheated. Your favourite party is laughing at you hillariously behind you while giving you their fake and hypocritical face to get your sympathy and getting your naive approval for them to act hero. They know you are unhappy and unrealistic (where on earth there is 100% happines and justice?). So their exploit you to get their vote. Put it this way, somebody got no job then he applied to join a great political party hoping to earn a living from them. Alas, he was not qualified. They have high standard. So he was not happy and decided to join any party to oppose this great party. Ha ha… Don’t you think many of your favourite party members are like that? A bunch of rejects? Ha ha hahaha…….. LOL. ROTFL.

  2. Jo lee

    So you are right pap is not singapore n singapore is not pap. Enough is enough. Yes we need a new govt. We need the opp.

    Opp gets voted in. Then what?

    • UselessDead

      The diehard hardcore, which is substantial in number or the majority of the money face populace who basically controls the economy, of white scums will ensure they remain impotent or can only masturbate but with no bullets before being castrated.

      • Ted

        Great Roy is so powerful that he and his sidekicks know when the PAP and its supporters r masturbating ….. Can Roy tell us when USA will raise interest rate? Can Roy enlighten us what’s going to happen when interest rates r raised?
        In fact, great Roy what is the next toto number…. Why waste time on the stupid interest rates when we have a living Roy in our midst…. Can Roy blog about the toto number in his next articles?

    • Chris

      Then no choice loh, if change govt and then govt becomes corrupt and destroy Singapore… All Singaporeans must become corrupt or risk being marginalized…
      Since Roy doesn’t like our current non-corrupt Singapore and would rather have any oppo which can dun disclose their accounts when asked by AG… AG and even the laws of our land can’t do anything to this party… Not hard to imagine what will happen when Roy and his oppo friends get their way…

  3. Vote opp?

    We don’t need Anyone. What singapore needs is you!!!

    You have it all sorted out. I am sure you will be able to solve our problems.
    Roy you should run as an independent!
    You have my vote!!

    • Ted

      Yes, Roy run as independent…. U write until like with oppo or Roy, u will be able to turn the world around…. Zero poverty, zero inflation, all food and gadgets like iPhone will be sold for free…. HDb will be free, condos will be free…. Travelling abroad will be free… Everything we earn will double in value, investment in any thing will sure make money….. USA economy will not affect Singapore… China will not affect Singapore…. Zero foreigners will be need here… Degree holders will clean tables and make $20,000 a month…. SGD will be the most influential currency in the world, becos Roy said that all these and more can be achieved easily and our govt is overpaid and not delivering what Roy feels….
      When Roy writes, things will come alive. When Roy thinks, the world will tremble…. When Roy breathes, USA and China will look in awe…. Roy is like god…. And Singapore does not need a capable govt becos there can never be poverty as long as we vote for Roy…. Although PAP had delivered us to first world, Roy will bring us to heavens where everything is as perfect as Roy writes….

  4. Ted

    Roy had enlightened me…. He has shown me that investing is like a walk in the park…. What cpf can give me , according to Roy is easily made by any Tom , dick and Harry….. No wonder Roy can travel the world and give talks to the world audience on how easy it is to make money…. In fact, from Roy’s articles one can understand that in this world…. Only Singapore does not deserve to have any poor ppl, becos its so easy to make money…. As a result, Roy is upset becos there r poor Singaporeans…. Why oh why r these Singaporeans poor? Why did the govt take their cpf? If the govt never take their cpf, these poor Singaporeans will be multi-millionaires by now…. It’s not the poor’s fault…. It’s becos the poor ppl had not be given the opportunity to take their cpf.
    Singapore is the only country in the world with so many undiscovered warren buffet who r poor only becos their cpf is locked up by the govt…

      • Ted

        Why should Roy want to work for warren? I have been following Roy in his blogs and protests for a long time… Roy had been complaining about the losses made by our SWF, he had also complained about cpf returns too low,…. He made the professionals in GIC, TH, GLCs sound like pre-primary children who r incapable of delivering the exceptional returns our Roy and his mentor (Leong SH) are able to get…. Warren and Charlie munger had always held Singapore and even norway’s SWF in high regards so it makes Berkshire at best 2nd class investors compared to our Roy investment strategies….
        Roy and Leong must be the most exceptional investment talents in our lifetime…. Do not insult the greatness of Roy….
        Let’s sit back and enjoy the next article… We must try and comprehend his great words of wisdom…. In doing so, we may discover what our future holds….

      • Bullshit roy

        Please do not say that… As what great leader Roy mentioned.. Freedom of speech and expression is a basic right of human beings and our laws and common sense r not. As long as u say our govt and laws r not respecting ur freedom of speech and expression, u can go and use phyiscal violence to advance ur cause…
        Like how our great leader Roy said, Amos is just a kid and he can do basically anything he likes … Even if Amos kills and hurts someone, it will be in the name of freedom…
        If u do not understand about freedom of speech and expression, please go and ask Roy to blog on this topic according to his interpretation…

  5. Lee Boh Jee

    Go ROY Go………..please be assured that many singaporeans have awoken after reading your good articles and keep up the good work……..we will vote in oppositions to check our CPF and every policies and salaries and assets of all those greedy pigs…….

    • Vote opp?

      Yes Roy
      We will vote you in and you can keep writing about the cpf n solve all our problems n be our saviour. We will prosper under you!! Huaaat ah!

    • Chris

      I also want to join oppo… Being oppo seem to be the best way to make money nowadays….
      Roy dun need to work still got money. Oppo town councils can dun listen to the AG and ministry… Wow… Really gangsterism to a new level… I like… But can I have the full contract to run the mega town councils if the opposition wins in next GE?

  6. Vote opp?

    Yue Heng
    Hmmm …..
    We must decide now. When Roy gets voted in we must decide whether we want him to be minister of finance to solve all our cpf problem or minister of education to solve all our education problem…..don’t want him to overwork as his love for all Singaporean means he will work for us FOC

  7. Chris

    Tough choices for great Roy… Maybe Roy should be made PM… Under his current great leadership, he has many likeminded ppl like him who “teaches” our children resilience, ppl who knows how to improve the returns of our CPF (Roy’s pet topic; always lots of charts) , how to close the whole country from foreigner becos singaporen is a great country where we r self sufficient and do not need others… Roy and his sidekicks always seem to make things so simple to us… Running the country must be just Roy’s hobby… In fact, Roy and his sidekicks likes to eat plain rice and dun need salary …. Where to find such a perfect leader as Roy? He may seem to complain about everything under the sun… That’s becos Roy has all the answers to resolve them… Imagine

  8. Vote opp?

    Yo daniel?
    Where are you? Someone is poking fun of our beloved supreme leader Roy. It’s time for you to use your colorful language and defend Roy!

    Roy needs you now!

    • Chris

      Please Daniel, dun fuck me anymore… I’m not gay… U can find Roy… He is a great gay leader so he must let everyone f… Him…

  9. Vote opp?


    I am warning you. Back off. Roy have spent countless sleepless nights just to design the charts just to let all Singaporean know the truth okay! What have you done so far for singapore!?

    • Chris

      I’ve read his blogs… His charts r cut and paste from various sources and then massaged to present as real… Very Enron and Lehmen bros type of presentation. I loved them so much that they always give me ideas on how to take misrepresentations to a whole new level…
      Roy must be the godfather of all the con artistes in the world man… He can sell ice to the Eskimos and the Eskimos will set up an altar to pray to Roy’s picture much like a deity, love our great Roy…

  10. Ted

    Roy, why leong never come out to defend ur blog? He is such a investment guru that he can make gold by touching things… We must gather ppl like leong to support ur blogs… Btw, can we make time to discuss with leong over afternoon tea at shangrila this afternoon? But I’m a poor man, so leong and u must give me a treat…
    PM me

    • Bullshit roy

      Did leong and Roy pm u to eat high tea at Shang?
      Maybe it’s better to eat at leong place …. Leong dun like to show off his abilities….
      Roy, sti had gone below 3000 points, when’s the best time to enter the market? Have u decided when u will enter? Please blog about this next, we need some guidance from u since u know how to turn poverty into millionaire, this must be chicken shit… Pm me ok?

  11. Rafii Bin Sa'at

    You let a few elites to hold control in this land for too long they’ll claim that the eternal authority is theirs. They will look at you but no any amount of words will penetrate their ears. Do not be easily deceived. The ball is in your hand.

    • Ted

      Is it? WHY PAP hold elections? Every time an election is held, pap may lose… So dun worry pap will not hold authority forever, if ppl wants to vote for idiots or soothsayers like Roy, leong, hhh, etc then why not? Just vote for Roy and let’s all celebrate before dying as a country…

  12. 老沈一说》李光耀隐瞒了什么 第八期

    从知道新加坡脱离马来亚独立是李光耀所要, 那为什么他要”哭”?
    From” A talk by old Sim”, PAP gained power in 1960 with mere 46%, in order to continue to rule the government by PAP, all capable opposition leaders were caught and thrown into prison. And since then for the past 50 years, there were no oppositions were able to compete with PAP.
    From” a talk by old Sim”, the independent of Singapore was what LKY wanted, and why he” Cried”?

  13. 20150701有話好說:「李光耀終於死了!」余澎杉拘禁精神病院!


    • CityHarvestGovt

      They should discuss about church fraud in Sin or see from that perspective then maybe they will better understand the leaders in Sin wear …white

      • BunchOfLoonies

        An idiotic and spastic group of people who do good but ignore the evil that contributes to the bad they try to miserably correct.

        In fact, they supported the evil because they are blinded by the good they do which is essentially evil

      • jackfruit

        haha .. Taiwanese talk so much .. what is going on with their country ? oh .. not country .. anyway, they also don’t know what they are..

  14. Ted

    Wow… Roy has so many supporters from overseas.. These supporters can’t wait for Singapore to die..
    Great job Roy…

  15. Chris

    Ted, if u belong to these countries u will be jealous of Singapore too… These countries r all having their own problems which they can’t deal with, can’t resolve …
    Roy is just making use of the foreigners and these foreigners r making use of Roy to destroy Singapore…

      • Ted

        In Sg, there’s lots of towers to b built… U r apparently a foreigner who had never set foot on Singapore … I’m surprised u know chc…. Maybe a case of birds of the same feathers flock together…
        Most Singaporeans r not interested to work in building buildings, we r only interested in buying them….

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  17. Concerned citizen

    My brain hurts if I read more than 5 lines of roy’s articles at one go. I have to give myself frequent breaks. Ridiculously idiotic and abnoxious.
    I visit the blog often for the comments and Roy bashing. It is a lot of fun. People seem to wrongly assume Roy has a lot of supporters based on unique visitors.

  18. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    24 August 2015 Monday Singapore Time

  19. Punish PAP for misdeeds.

    Elections are the only time to punish PAP for their misdeeds and social injustices innovated by their policies.

    Other times, you will be helpless. They will toss and hurl you around, and you will be totally helpless. You can do nothing to them. You can take them to court, but well, they will likely, if not always win in any Singapore judiciary cases.

  20. oppiums

    Ya ya ya… Bla bla bla… Whatever! I know oppiums mentality: I am 100% right, gahment always wrong. If oppium parties make mistake, then it is not their fault, they are victimised, politicised. If gahment do something good, then then they say it is because of the oppium parties pressuring gahment. Politicising the good work of others for their own credit, plagiarism, that is what the oppium do.

    How shameless….

  21. AmosBanana

    Tell too much truths hor…ip Kenna banned…you know you hitting the right spot..they scare liao. …wahahahaha

  22. LoL

    Today online quote

    The online websites of the mainstream media such as The Straits Times and Channel NewsAsia continue to dominate as online sources of political news. They have more readers than the alternative news sites. They were also more trusted than alternative news sites for election news, as we found in an IPS study in 2011.

  23. 0911

    Hello Roy,
    Can you suggest what the government should improve on ? What can you do to help the ruling party? If you are only looking at you and me; they and us, whatever you write does not bring people together united as one…Do you need medical help? Can claim medisave u know? Wish you well and sound.

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