We have Launched the Reform Party Ang Mo Kio GRC Campaign Website

We have launched our Ang Mo Kio GRC campaign website for the Reform Party!

AMK GRC Website Homepage

You can get to know our candidates at the website, as well as to watch our campaign videos and view the photos that we have taken on our walkabouts.

AMK GRC Website Our Team

We also share with you more about what our candidates and the Reform Party want to do for Singaporeans.

AMK GRC Website Our Pledge

So, let’s get right into it! You can click on this link to go to our campaign website.

Or you can visit www.amkgrc.com (or http://www.angmokiogrc.com)


  1. chiamien

    Hi, just a question. About the policy that you mentioned: ‘Return Your CPF’, don’t you think that it will take a toll on our reserve with our ageing population? Would the large amount of money sg has be enough for everyone? Would it be dangerous if the money our government has become so little that there is not enough for improvements on infrastructure etc? Also, do you think that 55 will be an age too young for them to receive their CPF if they are going to? What if they squander their CPF on luxurious items and in the end the government would have to take care of them because they are citizens of sg? How would you prevent such incidents to happen? If there is an article on how your policy works, pls do link me to it as I am interested to find out more.

    • PAPer Tiger

      If 55 is still too young to manage your own money, then what age is suitable? Dementia-age like lky at 90+?

      Many U.S. kids are already striking it out on their own as early as 17-18 to fund their college fees.

      No offence, but What does reaching 21 years old mean to you?

  2. Desmond Phua

    I have just reach 55 in May my beloved wife pass away in 2007 leaving me with two sons I struggle so hard to see them going to U I planing to retire as my health is not really good both my sons will be able to support me why still lock up my CPF my only wish is to travel round the world . I willingly sign up not to seek any help from the government if they return all my CPF

    • someone

      Think at the end of the day when you finished up all ur savings. You will still turn to govt for help. What you willingly to sign now doesn’t matter. For survial, you are willingly to do what it takes. Do you think govt will just stand aside n not lending a helping hand? Think you r too naive. At the end of the day, the govt will still use taxpayers money to bail you out. Trust me.

      • BodohBelievers

        You know how church works? Get the volunteers to do the dirty work and that’s not all, they will pay and pay with their money while doing the leaders’ dirty work.

    • Ted

      Wow… U r planning to use ur cpf for so many things… U seem to have lots of money in ur cpf…
      Do u know that there’s such a thing as loans to go U? Ur children can loan from ur cpf too, interest free… Why do u not know? Hmmm… Makes me wonder for someone who does not understand such simple things can accumulate in his cpf when he hits 55…
      Also, have u calculate how much it takes to travel around the world at 55? Assuming u travel alone… U will need at least 6 figures to travel in middle-class comfort assuming u will go and visit all the continents and its places of interest… Without working along the way…
      From my calculations, at 55… Even if u max out ur cpf contributions since 30 years of work… U will not be able to do so…. And assuming u do not die when u finish ur round the world travel, u will be bankrupt….. And ask for our social services to help u even if u had signed / swear on ur life not to ask for help… The fact remains, u r still Singaporean and our govt must help u , so no choice…
      My advice for u is simple… A man of ur calibre seem to be able to live in a Lynn country with any pension scheme to obstruct ur road to financial freedom… So just pack ur bag and migrate to the country u want with ur cpf, cpf will gladly return u everything with ur well deserved interest…
      Good luck with ur travels, Desmond…

  3. The Last fight

    This will be the last fight of Goliath vs David. David will throw his final punch at Goliath before his life will change to bankruptcy. Either this final punch knock out the Goliath, or the Goliath will crush David.

    • Joke

      Is not David…it is the “stone” that does the trick. Unfortunately, we have many Davids throwing wet tissues papers. lol

  4. Return Our CPF $$$ & Regime Change!!!

    1) Brilliant, Smart & Courageous RP Team!
    2) U Deserve & Get Our Votes!
    3) Those Dumb, Daft, Frog-in-e-Well & 1-Eye-Jack in e Kingdom-of-The-Blind U can Get Out of Your “Naive & State-Of-Denial” by seeking Answers to these “Hard Truth” questions:
    a. Will U be singing e same song of tomorrow your good jobs & livelihood is gone? Replaced by cheaper FTs, FTrash, Fakers, PR, New citizens & Cheap Charly from PRC, India, Myanmae, Eastern European, Iranians & Pinoy Land?
    b. CPF Savings are Citizens Life-time savings or PAP-Govt Pension Fund? If U & both your parents face financial hardship, huge medical bills, jobless, loans, bills & mortgage to pay, How does CPF lock-up & $161K min sum help U?
    c) Where is e statistic & data to support e “false & exaggerated” Propaganda that majority of our Retirees squander All their CPF $$$ & become a “burden to Govt & Taxpayers? Why use “isolated” cases to Justify “draconian day-light-robbery” of Our CPF Savings WITHOUT Our consent & National Referandum to get legitimate n lawful Approval?
    d. Why allow yourself to be Rule by “FEAR”?
    e) Even if Uncle Sam, Ah Seng, Ahmad & Kumar squander & finish off their CPF $$$ @55, surely they can continue “working & support themselves” as Taxi drivers, Cleaners, Guards, Cooks, Dishwashers, Drivers, Tutor, Bus Captain etc?
    e) Why would foreign news disclosed that US$ 700 billion dollars in investments Lost by Temasek, GIC & GLC using our “reserves & CPF funds”???
    f) How are these $$$ recoverable?
    g) Why do they give “peanuts” low interest earned to our CPF and pocketed e difference from actual nett profit?
    h) Why e need to bring in thousands of foreign PMEs to replace local PMEs still unemployed ?
    I) Why our overpriced HDB & Loan are used to “wipe-out” our CPF savings?
    m) Why High hospital bills are also used to wipe-out our CPF Saving?
    n) Why bring in thousands of foreign students to” flood” our Univ at e expense of our Local Students & Tax payer’s $$$?
    o) Why grant “fast-tract” PR & new citizens after their studies & hold PME jobs?

    Finally, what proven-track record do these PAPaya politicians have before 1965 when Our Founding Fathers & Pioneer Gen “believe & trusted” them with OUT VOTES? They we all just a mix bunch of Unionists, Nationalists, PMEs, Anti-colonialist & Political Gangsters! Know Your History & “Think About It Can”?

  5. Voter

    Before voting…can ask…If point a gun to their heads, would they wet their pants? Or…they see many many money…eyes got big big?

  6. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen

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