Our Speeches at The Reform Party Rally in Ang Mo Kio GRC Yesterday

You can watch our rally speeches at the Reform Party Rally in Yio Chu Kang Stadium (Ang Mo Kio GRC) yesterday.

Roy Ngerng

M Ravi

Osman Sulaiman

Siva Chandran

Gilbert Goh

Jesse Loo


  1. PAP spoilt brat.

    A few days ago, a gang of whites emerged from a Nee Soon food market after their walkabout. They were walking behind me towards the carpark and I overheard one Malay PAP MP kept on grumbling that he has to walk so far to his car. He expected that when he comes out of the market, his car is right infront waiting for him. What a spoilt pampered brat he is!


    some time ago… i saw a group of assholes who heckled the young children who were performing in Hong Lim Park… now I see the same group trying to become elected MPs…. this group is more than just spoilt brats…

  3. The Reality

    Roy, you need to know a quick bit about Pierre Bourdieu’s social and cultural capital. It is linked to the horrible mindset that PM Lee has started with natural aristocracy. Use Bordieu against the PM. It’s going to shake the PM. The PM is setting conditions that perpetuate inequalities by promoting social and cultural capital through his natural aristocracy to create economic capital gains for elites and the resulting income inequalities. All the best!

    • Ted

      I fail to understand becos I am born to a poor family but I made good due to our meritocratic country…
      May we understand in what ways is this inequality? Why do u want to be jealous of the rich? U just work harder and smarter then u can also be as rich… I’ve seen for myself, where poor but smart Singaporeans made good and lots of $$$…

  4. Ron

    After viewing your video, it is indeed, having an unfair increased transportation fares with frequent MRT break down, CPF monies that are locked up and invested in GIC and Temesek Holdings that we are not even informed of. We truly needs transparency to our CPF monies. Also, up to 90% of the Singaporeans does not meet the minimum sum of the CPF! Without reaching the minimum sum, how are we going to get our monthly payouts.

    As you can see the minimum sum of CPF keep getting increased, there is NO ENDING! The minimum sum will just keep getting increased and increased. Soon, everyone’s CPF monies will get locked up. This way, the government can lock up our CPF monies and invest on GIC and Temesek holdings and gain a ROI of 6%. Is this fair? It is something that it should not happen at all.

    As you mentioned, CPF is our money, we should have the rights to get back our hard-earned money or to self opt in to the CPF. If we don’t do it today, it will surely become harder or even impossible to get out our CPF monies as the minimum sum will be keep increasing and increasing to no ending.

    You truly knows a lot of what is happening in Singapore and uncover the harsh truths for us. Now, it is time to make a change! A REAL change that will make Singapore a happier place to live in, a less stressful place for anyone to work in without depressed wages due to foreign workers, a place where all the old and the elderly can retire with enough funds to sustain themselves. A place where it is comfortable to live in without congested MRTs. A place where the elderly (our parents and the pioneers) can retire comfortably without amassing cardboards on the public areas, selling packets of tissue papers, cleaning the toilets. A place where anyone and everyone can study, work, live comfortably with affordable HDB flats and retire in dignity and respect.

    Roy, it is time to make a change. A change that will make all these happen! A change that will change the future of everyone in Singapore.

  5. JT

    Leaving PAP out of picture for a while, this Reform Party is saying all Old Singaporean deserve a good life because they have helped built the nation, hence they cannot be left to pick cardboard?? Why? Why should all Singaporean deserve a good life, even the strongest countries with Welfare such as Denmark and USA have homeless, so what is so special about Singapore that its people can be shielded from this harsh fact of life? When you don’t work hard or smart enough, you become old and pick cardboard, at least this is fairer than having us to pay for this poom

    From my own background, having born in a family of 4 who stay in a 1 room HDB, my parent finally moved into a 3 room HDB now and their children are now in 4 room HDB, they still work as Hawker at 70 years old, and we find it not an issue as long as we are all earning an honest living. Why should we vote these Reform Party into Parliament to give all old Singaporean like my parent S$500 per month, and their 4 grand children S$300 each per month, this is a total of S$2200, even if my family is going to benefit greatly, I need to ask you guys are you going to pay more taxes to fund my family? If so I thank you and I will be happy to vote for Reform Party, and I will move all my money in overseas and hide while my family live off your goodwill, I know many good Singaporean like Roy won’t mind too, because he like many of his Reform Party are jobless and asset less, in fact they are even poorer than my family!! So this Reform party might as well call themselves “Communist Party” or “Beggar Rob you Party” because all they had proposed is to spend all the old money from some smart and hardworking Singaporean in the past on some stupid and lazy Singaporean.

    There is a saying 可怜之人,必有可恨之处,these old and poor are poor because of their own action or inaction, many of these harmless poor old man were lazy and stupid young man.

    Much like the father of Osman Sulaiman, who was a bankrupted, as we all know, for his father to be a bankrupted, Osman’s father must had either been lazy, greedy or stupid (or a mixture of these three factors) let’s not kid each others that his dad bankruptcy is again due to LKY or PAP (again!? shall we rename this a party as “Looser Party” or “Ex-victim of LKY”??). Now Osman’s dad took his chance and failed, therefore he needed our help to give him S$500? Get loss!! This is our hard earned money and we have it because we worked for it, it is WRONG to assume people are poor and old have contributed to this Nation, they took the chance to get rich and failed and became poor (and my parent didn’t, which is they weren’t very rich or bankrupted).

    Looking at reform party supporters, they sure looks a group of bankrupted who wanted to rob the national wealth, and Roy eyes sure is sparking with envy of these million dollars that is beyond his dream from his nursing day, now voting for Roy and his party to rule overs our money is wrong, these money has noting to do with him, PAP earns it by managing its people and nation wealth for the past 50 yrs, this is our nation emergency fund, spent it by giving all away under the proposal of Reform Party will only make all of us poorer and sg worse.

    • JT

      I really hope this Roy gets lock up under some ISA or mental stuff, else hope some hero can just wipe him off, I am starting to miss LKY hard cold days and know why must he lock up some of these communist beliver for good, this is politic and such emotional agendas can never be reconciled, is either Roy led a new age of work and do nothing bloggers to tear down Singapore (ya BTW he made money when we click on the advt on this page).

      Many will be arguing for “Freedom of Speech” now, so I will say my “Freedom of Speech” is to say that Roy should be wipe out from Singapore, as he will become a cancerous cell that decay this great nation we all called home, suggesting ISA to be used on him is me exercising my “Freedom of Speech” too, and I truly hope pinky Lee can send his daddy trusted guard to knock doors ar Roy and some of his hardcore believers lock them out for good.

  6. Malu

    Roy please do some research on the price of our products sold here and will realize that we are actually paying some 50% ~ 300% more compared to our neighbors..
    Look at Baby milk & products ~ Last 6 months average will show we ARE paying 50 ~80% more … And yet they preach abt more kids ..
    Looking at cost of medicine and supplies.. Even Panadol is more expensive here .. JANUMET a sugar medicine is abt $190 here and Ringgit 175 in Malaysia!!! Pls find out Y Y Y ????
    We pay one of the highest IMPORT DUTIES IN THE WORLD and yet they are talking about the cheapest TAX in Singapore.. Will the opposition do the same if they gain a foot hold in governing the country..
    Everything in Singapore from toilet paper upwards are heavily taxed,than why are the Ministers harping abt doing a great job !!!! U mean this is FIRST WORLD COUNTRY!!!
    If that’s the case than all qualified MEDICAL OFFICERS here should advice their patients to cross over to purchase medical supplies… As this concerns Human lives !!!!
    Pls advise public on a broader scale for them to realize how they have been duped over the years …

  7. Leong

    Roy, i have read Reform Party’s manifesto earlier. I may not be an expert of all topic, but can you kindly discuss in details how is your party going to substain the generous payout to the elderly and the youngs

  8. Why Min wages doesn't work, why Opp and WP are liar!

    I know what some of you think, I hate the fucking old LKY as much as many of you, but this old frat speaks the truth, there is not a single country in the world that made it work and well for Minimum wages! how to do it? WP and all Opp cannot have a just spend and slow down solution, stop running in a marathon and head home to sleep is nice but not the way to win the race, why do we want to win? Because we cannot afford to lose.

  9. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    10 Sep 2015 Thursday Singapore Time

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