The Reform Party is Holding Our 3rd GE2015 Rally Tonight. See You Soon!

The Reform Party is holding the 3rd GE2015 Rally tonight at the Delta Hockey Pitch. The Ang Mo Kio GRC candidates will be speaking as well.

The Reform Party GE2015 Rally 6 September 2015


      • Chris

        oh….all the way since PAP was opposition? lying? can you show some examples?
        if u mean telling you will most prob live longer so you need to work longer? nope, thats the truth due to medical advancement… sad right, u may be one of those who wants to die young but due to medical advancement u may not…. living longer means working longer, does that constitute as a lie?
        telling the truth due to changes of environment is not lying… truth hurts sometimes…

  1. HLC

    What do you expect from PAP as their groupie and by harassing this site???
    Then again, maybe you are a PAP minister in disguise???
    but most apparently not from Cambridge, Oxford, LSE, Stanford, MIT, Harvard or West Point
    If you cant debate sensibly then just shut up and watch… this doesnt expose your obvious weaknesses

    • Concerned citizen

      Why does Ted keep harrasing this site? Ummm… Let’s see. Maybe he has significant cash in SGD and significant assets in Singapore and does not want his life’s earnings he built through hard work become vaueless. And/Or maybe he has young children and he does not want their future homes to spiral down to a third world country.
      Should foolish anarchists get elected as MP this will happen and he is trying his best to atleast sway a few of them into making rash decisions.

      • HLC

        REAL democracies and REPUBLICS are about trial and error.
        Yes, no one will find the perfect formula because
        I dont hear any Opposition Parties offering to turn back the ministerial pay of >$1m.
        Service to the NATION is like national service.
        Sacrifice for nation – not benefit from nation.
        I dont see NS men being paid at par with the “market”
        Voters have 4 years to flip flop.
        It is an expensive price to pay for 4 years of Opposition mistakes but cheaper than unknown abuses since LHL era of conflict of interests (ala casinos, Temasek, GIC, CPF, SingTel, etc, privatization of essential services and managed by PAP groupies)
        This is a merciless for profit only “”developed”” nation.
        The real core of the country are the workers and retirees working as bus boys and card board collectors… while GLC CEO, privatised essential services and Ministers chalk up <$6m in salaries using their own benchmarks to justify themselves and their labor of ""love "" for country.
        PAP is about abdsolute power. Those below LHL are not leaders but followers… What ""leadership"" that may follow LHL are all seat warmers… like before.
        Mmmmm, where is President Tony Tan – the voice and protretor of assets of the people???
        His election is coming up…..

      • Concerned citizen

        Singapore should vote for good opposition that offers solutions that is not only about mindlessly giving away free money. Support should be given only for good meaningful policies and mind numblingly stupid rhetorics such as Roy’s should be shunned. Voting for such mindless garble just to elect *some* opposition is not democracy!
        Singapore does not have the military and industrial strength of the USA or the billion plus people power of India to bail itself out of bad governments. Singapore will always be a fragile rich nation which is one bad policy decision away from third world status.
        Opposition must be elected and represented in parliament. But not at the cost of electing idiots. I trust it will happen eventually where we have good quality opposition. Vote wisely.

      • HLC

        So you rather allow the incumbent PAP YES men to merrily pick off the Revenue / CPF cherry tree rather than hold their proverbial feet to the fire (transparency and zero conflict of interest ala Shanmugam) and work for the PEOPLE (and those elderly bus boys and card board collectors) and instead of paying themselves those “benchmarked”” CEO salaries.

        Is the Opposition any better??? – absolutely NOT but at least the PAP will no longer take the voters for blind fools and for granted…. And the newbies get a chance to walk the walk and talk the talk.

        And if they fail, like the PAP, kick them out in 4 years. That is real democracy… Change and change and change and it is ridiculous to have the same leader for 30 years… stop dynasties…

        LHL knows the writing is on the wall. PAP reduced to at best, a coalition government by the next Elections.

        The strategy is to take out the Next Generation YES men of LHL – Teo CH and such… then there will be no more 2nd tier YES men to be remote controlled by LHL.

        Cant you all see, the LHL smile and photos are all fake and insincere???
        Remember. LKY commanded the “”media”” to only take “”good”” pictures of LHL…

        Dont fool yourselves, the Gurkha (foreigners with Work Permits), Riot Police and brand new crowd control
        equipment is for YOU, the voters…. not the Little India rioters or Chinese Bus Driver protestors (where was the NTUC???)…

        Singapore is NOT a developed 1st world nation because it lacks maturity. It only boast money that is not in the voters control,. But it is the most expensive country in the world – to the bane of the retirees

        The best thing to happen to Singapore is the influx of foreigners.

        Dont blame them, Blame the PAP for not 1st taking care of the citizens with CPF, pensions, minimum wage and medical benefits.
        What were your great grand parents when they arrived from China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia????
        fresh off the boat / airplane foreigners…. wanting local jobs.
        Look at Germany….Is Singapore of the same political maturity or moral fiber???

        Singapore is supposedly so rich (check with Temasek and GIC – takes 70 years just to collate the assets or ask President Tony Tan) because it does not have these financial burdens (like Canada)

        BUT it is the right thing to do.

        Most of the robot population and autocratic government have 3rd world mentality and disposition….

        This is my last posting.
        I am terified ISD will knock on my door at 3am, arrest me without trial and lock me wet & naked in their infamous freezer room.. or I will get fired from my civil service job…. like Roy

        Voter fear is real not percieved….

        Viva Roy
        Viva Amos
        Viva Opposition (until proven otherwise, like PAP)

      • Ted

        Well, I’m just one of them many Singaporeans who were born into poor families and did well enough to to become more normal… I have no car or rich bank balance… But I have achieved many things that I’m proud of Becos of our govt and its policies… I am not smart or rich now but I’m definitely not stupid…
        Oppositions who say vote for them becos it is them who spurred pap is really crap… Just like I have colleagues for ride on others’ hard work and claim credit for their hard work… I dislike such ppl… Whenever oppo claims the need for oppo in parliament to speak up for them, what happens when these opposition is voted in? They seldom spoke in depth into the people’s concern… In fact, it is the nmp and pap mp who spoke passionately about the common folks. Yes, pap mp can voice their views and such but they cannot vote against the party whip. But so? These mp who spoke will still speak their mind. I remember there was a cabinet minister who was against the building of ir… Although the ir was still built, his views made pap reconsider how we can manage the ills that came about these IR… Nmp cannot vote but their voices rang across the parliament whenever they spoke accurately of policies… The whole parliament recognized this nmp by tapping their seats…
        Has opposition mp done so before? All opposition parties have their own party whip, what makes u think these opposition MP can vote in their own mind instead of their party’s interest?
        I am not against opposition in parliament. I am only against having lousy and dubious opposition in parliament. All these opposition claims that they do not want to form the govt. but take note, this is an election. If a freak election happens, is the opposition going to subcontract the govt job back to pap? To me, this is just another tactics by opposition to reassure the voters that our govt is still PAP. But why dun the opposition address what happen if they win? I do not believe opposition will subcontract the govt back to pap if they win… Even if they destroy our country by being the govt, these opposition will gladly do it… They will just say, “the people voted for us… Just blame the people of Singapore for not voting for the best party”… “Or why did Singaporeans want to threaten the govt by voting for them? Just too bad…”

      • Ted

        oh… i do not need saints to helm the govt because i do not want my country to be stepped upon.
        I just need the party to be the embodiment of the LKY ideology developed by LKY and his core team. If PAP derail from this, i will have a very difficult time to decide who to cast my vote on.
        When that happens. You can go set up an ABC party that embodies LKY ideology and actions… I will vote for you. I am basically party neutral but I am a staunch supporter of LKY ideology and the way LKY carries his words and actions…. because the words, actions and ideology of LKY remains relevant today ….
        LKY left us but his wisdom didn’t. When TJS said LKY is past tense (to that effect)… TJS to me is the real PAST TENSE…

      • Ted

        wow.. u seem to be in the know, HCL… even when LKY “commanded” the media u also know.. so do you know what is the next toto winning number? the way u write is as if you were the one standing next to LKY when he called the media…
        u still think such “conspiracy talk” is substantiated?
        old people picking cans and cardboards… u think its so easy to prevent them from doing so? do u even understand what is human rights or not. do you know out of these old people how many really needs help or not? it is against their rights to publish their bank statement to show ppl like you that these people have enough money but they still pick because they want to … as for those who really dun, do you think it is your right to tell them not to pick even after getting enough help from the social workers? roy and gang always talk about human rights and freedom of speech…. but they are the very people that invade into other people’s lives… when govt help they need to make sure they get helped… and that these people really need help… even the richest country in the world will not have the resources to help the whole country let alone Singapore without any resources… so how? do you want the govt to stipulate a law to make it illegal to recycle… i assure you that all these old people will stop collecting cans, newspaper and cardboard if the govt stop all recycling business…. then they will just sit around and rot… because nothing to do… u think every grandfather and mother like to go CC and learn to dance? unlike roy and his friends, some of these old folks just like to make and save money in the old fashion way.

      • Chris

        Govt must help These old people who really need help… But the first line of defense is their own children… There r a number of these old people with capable offsprings who do not want to take care of their parents… Although the govt implement the maintenance of parents act… It seems that most parents r reluctant to do it… I would like to see more parents to use the powers of the act to get their rights… This is not dirty linen… This is about getting back what these old parents’ rights…
        Is it time to see if such act can be implemented without the agreement of the parents ?

      • Ted

        Chris, govt cannot ignore the rights of old parents… If the old parents do not want to sue their children then how? We cannot ignore the old parents who do not want to use their rights… So govt needs to help with public money, thus our govt need to be prudent in dispensing these funds to help them…
        If everything is so easy to resolve , why do u think we need capable people to come up with policies and acts…

      • Ted

        Oh I do… Why dun We think logically…
        If I vote for opposition and these opposition gets into parliament, will I be able to reverse globalization? Will Singapore change to a rich and stronger nation? Will Singapore expand its land mass and provide us with cheap housing until the end of time? Will our Singaporean core miraculously become more productive? Will housings be so cheap that even a jobless person live in nice and large apartment? Will all Singaporeans go into the top universities even when not all of them r good enough? Will the old not fall sick? Will u die on the day u finish all your savings and cod? So many things being promised generally by opposition that seems to make Singapore a perfect country? But unfortunately, no. U will not get all these problems and more resolved…
        But u may be able to unlock more of our coffers… And spend our savings …
        Let me tell u something real… I know people who r middle income, these people do not want to have children and they keep complaining that they have not enough to spend. But do u know where they dine every weekend ? Fine Chinese and western restaurant… And they drive cars… In the old days, do ur middle class parents do the same thing? No, they save their money and may only indulge once or twice a year.. And they dun complain about not having enough money… To me, people have changed and there r some who prefer to use future money instead of saving. If these people behaves like their parents, do u think they will not have enough money to raise at least 3 children? They will and still have enough to retire… But too bad if they r not…
        To answer your question. If opposition forms the next govt and implement all these goodies without increasing your taxes… U will consume not just all our money made this year, your will begin using your savings.
        Just like looking at yourself, do u save? Let’s say u stop saving today, start spending ur salary and savings bit by bit. Will u be better now and waste off in the future? U think about it
        Conclusion: maybe short term happiness, long term sufferings….. If u dun suffer because u r already old, it’ll just be postphoned to your children… When I say maybe, I mean that if the opposition even give u much to enjoy. Looking at how they manage their AHPETC, u decide how much they will give u and their supporters.
        Your Voting is secret, but your vote decides yours and ours future. If u want instant gratification, why not just gamble. U will only harm yourself and family, dun drag the rest of singaporean families…

      • HLC


        As I viewed the election posters.

        The Opposition candidates represent the broad spectrum of SIngaporeans…
        REAL everyday people living in the neighborhoods..
        There is passion and fire in their eyes. Hear their speeches…
        Then you have the Incumbent PAP
        They are robots, looking and speaking deadpan.
        These elitists President scholars, scholarship holders have dead fish eyes.
        Trying to fake smiles, passion and sincerity to the Heartlanders….

        Look at Ravi and at Shanmugam….
        At least there is a chance for Ravi to become PM
        but not Shanmugam because he is NOT a leader…and will NEVER be allowed to be the PAP leader…Yet he stays… why???
        These PAP robots, bath tub Admirlals and Paper Generals are all IN or waiting in line to become part of the multi-million dollar club and then to retire as CEO or Chairman of some GIC, Temasek or privatized essential services or even President of Singapore
        These career politicians dont live in HDB flats and dont even live in the area they represent.
        They dont eat at the hawker centers or take the MRT.
        Instead they have Gurkha and Police sentries outside their landed properties….
        Yet, they say they know and feel the ground swell…

        The only PAP minister with passion and fire in his eyes is LHL (even then, his smiles are always fake and plastered on…) because he has the most to lose.
        his inherited Orwellian but now Frankenstein dynasty

        Encourage your PAP ministers to form their own political parties…. or join the Opposition.
        Be a real leader, Shanmugam… you have potential.

        Make president Tony Tan and the new incoming President accountable through an Annual Report Card on their campaign promises. How is he protecting the assets of the country from the government?
        How he can control GIC, Temasek and their countless octopus upon octopus “”subsidiaries”” and make their accounting transparent and accountable to the citizens.
        Like what the REAL people’s President Ong Teng Chong tried to do….

        Reduce PAP majority, make them PAINFULLY and financially aware, the voters always have the final say for Singapore NOT them

        This goes for anyone in power
        The best thing for Singapore is a coalition government for check & balance

        “”A coalition government is a cabinet of a parliamentary government in which several political parties cooperate, reducing the dominance of any one party within that coalition.
        The usual reason given for this arrangement is that no party on its own can achieve a majority in the parliament.””

      • Ted

        wow, HLC no longer afraid of ISD? coming back from the dead?
        the bath-tub admiral u talk about is who? the mrt man or the other one? mrt man was born into a poor family and he made good due to his own merit. he lived in a rented HDB until he got into university … so he may be poorer than u, HCL…. but too bad, he worked harder than u and got a more fulfilling life than u… nothing to be jealous of becos in singapore, u work hard and you will get your returns… only in kampong AHPETC u need to butt-polish your blue leaders in order to get something done… there are a number of paper generals… who r u talking of? i think all of them pass their IPPT, what about u? i believe one of them were from a single parent family thats also very poor… so how? is your family worse off than that?
        hmm… what about the rest of the normal MPs??? i think alot of them were from normal families…
        what about u? why don’t you share how poor u and how u r better than all these MPs and ministers in terms of sports, academic and moral values???

      • HLC

        Nappy Teddy…

        You arent worth the effort of any clarification.

        You obviously don”t know what is or how to do REAL research or even use Google
        IT IS NOT BAD OR SHAMEFUL but you
        DID NOT go to any of the elitist schools
        (but PAP says all schools are GOOD)
        OBVIOUSLY did not do any diploma or under graduate studies,
        (then you will know how to respond / rebut categorically)
        VERY OBVIOUSLY did not study or work overseas
        (then you will know the skill full practice of decorum and diplomacy.
        Except going for those 3 days / 2 nights – Sex “”Education”” Tours)
        ABSOLUTELY cannot hold any train of thought for more than 60 seconds
        (then you can properly debate Point by Point instead to defensively spout off…)

        As I originally wrote, why dont you go where you are most appreciated – the PAP groupie web sites
        If I guess,
        You are a full time KTV bouncer or
        Loan Shark Assistant’s assistant (paint pail carrier??)
        a devoted groupie and part time pro-PAP web site bouncer…

        If you dont know how to behave or conduct yourself, then DROP DEAD…
        But, 1st, post your address here so
        I can then happily send extra tape for your cardboard box coffin and a $14 wreath of wilted weeds.

        Hasta La Vista Nappy Teddy

      • Ted

        what an idiot…
        during my time, no such thing as “all schools a good school”… my secondary school was considered a pai kia school
        seems like u can’t even articulate yourself properly here…
        i am quite well, thank you… can’t drop dead because i believe i will work and lead a long life. unlike u and Roy who believe you will die at 62 thus u must withdraw your CPF at 55…. hope you get what you want… don’t worry, your spouse and children will get whats left in your cpf once you die. govt will not keep a cent. but if you are gay like Roy, also no need to worry. because cpf can also be distribute as per your nominations or by intestate law. looking at how Roy is, i believe his CPF will be very little but don’t worry, he will still get his interest and principal returned according to our laws and rules…

  2. Vote for the hammer of social justice and equality.

    People from Yishun should think thrice before casting their votes for Shanmugam. He is cocky, arrogant and has the habit of belittling Singaporeans. He is willing to betray his conscience for his own political gain. He will dump you aside after you have given him your votes.

    Instead vote for the golden amulet ‘hammer’ that will protect you from harm for the next 5 years! This ‘hammer’ is the most powerful hammer in Singapore, even more powerful than the ‘hammer’ wielded by the chief justice. The ‘hammer’ by the chief justice is made of wood and will tremble before the ruling party. But this golden ‘hammer’ is made from pure gold, and will be able to withstand all heat, pressure and temperature.

    Vote for the hammer of Social justice and equality.

    • Ted

      thats funny…. i wonder where the WP get money to invest in pure gold hammer….. hahaha….
      from what i know and understand… PAP like the rest of the political parties in singapore, they get funding from members and donations… some times when i hear people say that Opposition is so pitiful because they dun have money to hold MPS in PCF and can only hold their MPS in void decks… then they scolded PAP for being callous … but does these people know who funded PCF? PCF stands for PAP Community Foundation… and it was set up by PAP… if opposition wants to, it can also set up a similar foundation…. then hold their MPS there… i know, some people will say PAP will not allow it… but you mean that the Oppo MPs cannot say something in parliament or to the press…. Sylvia lim is very vocal when it comes to defending her party’s actions, do you think she will keep quiet? but of cos, setting up such a foundation will mean another set of annual report to submit, which will proof challenging to opposition when it couldn’t balance the balance sheet… so better think twice before setting up one.
      if oppo set up such a foundation is to help the society at large, do u really think that PAP can go against the people’s will? come on lah… use ur brains… in fact, i think the govt will have no choice but to help give it as much help as PCF…. just to look fair…

  3. R

    In the Straits Times on Thursday 12 May 2011, on page A4, “Cynthia Phua promises proper handover”, the following was reported:

    “Aljunied Town Council is now managed by CPG Facilities Management, with whom the town council signed a three-year contract last year.

    CPG managing director Jeffrey Chua is the town council’s general manager. As the town council managing agent, CPG engages the services of other companies for services such as cleaning, maintenance and lift rescue.”

    While CPG Corporation Pte Ltd is the corporatized and renamed Public Works Department, it is not apparent whether Mr Chua, as the Managing Director of CPG Facilities Management Pte Ltd holds shares or options in the firm CPG Facilities Management Pte Ltd (which appears to be a subsidiary of CPG Corporation Pte Ltd) or its parent.

    Regardless, I find it difficult to understand how Mr Chua can carry out both his duties as the general manager of the town council, and the Managing Director of the town council’s managing agent.

    Suppose Mr Chua, the Managing Director of CPG Facilities Management asked for a higher management fee, in order to deal with the rise in the foreign workers’ levy, would Mr Chua the general manager of Aljunied Town Council grant that request?

    If the town upkeep is poor, and HDB blocks are dirty, would Mr Chua the general manager of Aljunied Town Council replace himself as the managing agent?

    It appears that there is a conflict of interest in Mr Chua’s roles. If he receives a stipend or salary from both organizations, on whose behalf would he act? If he only receives a salary from CPG Facilities Management, how can he then act in the interest of the residents of Aljunied GRC?

    What I find extremely worrying, however, is that this matter only came to light because the Workers’ Party won Aljunied GRC, and there now needs to be a handover. If the PAP had won, would this unhealthy arrangement have continued? Are there any other such apparent conflicts of interest that we do not know about?

    The Online Citizen
    20 Maxwell Road #09-17
    Maxwell House
    Singapore 069113

    • Chris

      I wonder… Why didn’t the judge say anything about this improper handover by pap?
      Makes me wonder, did this improper handover ever happen?

  4. David

    LOL joke party, joke opposition. $500 a month to every Singaporean. Where is the Economics in that? EMPTY PROMISES I TELL YOU.

  5. Ron

    Instead of giving out $500 per month to every Singaporean which is not realistic at all. $500 hardly helps anyone due to the high cost of living. Agree with me?

    But if you could do a little bit on the following stuffs, you could actually make a big difference and make lives better. I believe if you could do a little thing on every aspects of our living expenses, it will truly makes a big difference such as education, transportation, HDB flats, food, healthcare services. reducing GST, set a minimum sum of wages. All these little changes make a big difference better than the $500 which is not realistic at all.

    Little changes over a period of time will become a big difference over the time!

    Instead, we can start by reducing the cost of living instead? Like reducing the transportation fares (buses and MRTs), expensive HDBs flats (that hardly pay off fully due to 60% land cost), cheaper and affordable healthcare services, reducing the 7% GST to 5%. Since the gov is already earning millions of dollars, the gov can just earn a little lesser and lessen the burden of Singaporeans. There is a lot of things which the gov can do, they can just reduce the profits and make the lives of Singaporean better. Because the gov want to profit here and there make Singaporeans really suffers.

    The gov can earn a little lesser, their lives will not change at all but it will make a big difference in the lives of Singaporeans.


    • HLC

      What I would like to see are Ministers voluntarily reducing their $1m+++ salaries.
      But if pigs could fly!!! THEN PAP cabinet will benchmark their salaries with other countries with same real GDP
      By an act of Parliament and a absolute limitation to the PM’s tenure, say 2 terms.
      Like the US and China. This is to prevent Nepotism and Dynasties.
      This will give all Ministers in any government a real chance to lead – after a maximum of 10 years “”national service””
      All the current PAP “”ministers”” are not leaders.
      All followers then terrified of LKY and now beholden / shackled to PAP because of the high salaries and perks..
      Think… if only PAP had ROGUE MPs who finally use their own brains… If they resigned, you think they can find ANY work as a CEO getting $1m salary???
      They would be ostrasized out of the country and ASEAN…
      That is why all ministers are obedient robots to follow orders and hope nothing happens in their watch
      IF they had real leadership qualities and gumption, some would break away from PAP and form a credible Opposition Party overnight!!!
      But they are likely bound by contract in a no competition clause with PAP

      Encourage your PAP ministers to form their own political parties…. or join the Opposition.
      Be a real leader.
      Make president Tony Tan and the new incoming President accountable through an Annual Report Card on their campaign promises. How is he protecting the assets of the country from the government?
      How he can control GIC, Temasek and their countless octopus “”subsidiaries”” and make their accounting transparent and accountable to the citizens.
      Like what the REAL people’s President Ong Teng Chong tried to do….
      How is president Tony Tan performing the Check & Balances besides collecting his $3m salary

      Meanwhile vote ANYONE or ANYTHING THAT CAN MOVE but PAP.
      Reduce PAP majority, make them aware, the voters have the final say for Singapore.

      This goes for anyone in government

      • Ted

        HCL, why not take everything wholesale from other countries…. the good and bad of that country must be taken as well. be it corruption, resources, earthquakes, etc…
        can u choose a country for our ministers to follow? USA? UK? Thailand? Malaysia?
        we should also take the history of the country wholesale as well…. and the quality of its country too…. since every country is unique…. why not just trade places with the country you want to choose?
        they r not leaders? since when r u are leader yourself? u write like a fool, so u also not a leader…. how do u comment on what makes a leader?
        how to ask the PAP ministers to join oppo? PAP ministers are not use to having unqualified accounts….. it’ll be horrible to ask that of moral people.. do you want to join the dark side when u are not?
        alot of singaporeans are shareholders of these “subsidiaries” , many of these shareholders r qualified accountants and high income individuals …. if they never question the annual reports of these companies, who r u to question? r u warren buffet?
        i can see how much u “LOVE” singapore by voting for any tom, dick and harry except the best….
        “Pawer corrupts…” – you know what, don’t replace the power that is not corrupt with another power which is corrupt.

  6. Chris

    Roy and gang… Let me tell u how u will get more votes. Promise them a orchard freehold condo and a HDB before polling day… I will vote for u before I pack my bags, sell my new condo and HDB, then leave Singapore …
    With people like you in charged, we r died anyway… better take my money before leaving u guys to have fun…

  7. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    10 Sep 2015 Thursday Singapore Time

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