It is Time for You to Inspire and be Our Heroes


A college student wrote this letter and handed it to me at the last rally that I spoke at during the election. I did not have time to post it up before cooling-off day.

Thank you for your kind words, as well as trust and confidence in me. I am grateful and honoured.

You and your friends are the future leaders of Singapore. I spoke up because I felt that as a member of our society, it is a responsibility and duty to do so, to not only help ourselves but the people around us.

I believe that we have to be honest and true to ourselves, and therefore I spoke up.

This election has taught me many things. As much as I have a vision and a belief for our country’s future, it might not be something the people in our country are ready for. It might not be the vision that our countrymen want now.

Of course, the unequal playing field played a part. But as individuals who are part of the system, how we can bring about a shared vision for our society is also a challenge that we have to look at, for the opposition as well as for Singaporeans.

I will be honest with you. Did I make mistakes? Yes, I did. As much as I told myself that I was not angry, perhaps I was. I spent 3 years frantically pushing out writings after writings, not realising that I myself had lost touch with the “middle-ground”.

In spite of the kind advice that was offered to me to reach out to a wider audience, I was stubborn and did not want to evolve in my writings.

But this is the beauty of hindsight, where only after the election did I realise where I could have done better.

You see, my awakening came about 3 years ago when I started researching on the Singapore system and my writings reflect the shock that I feel about the Singapore system. As such, my eagerness to convey my thoughts ran ahead of me.

Was it wrong? It wasn’t. But it meant that my writings got lost among the large populace. It meant I became like any ranter. It meant that for the “middle-ground”, I became destabilising.

From how things have panned out over the election, I have learnt that speaking up is a virtue we must hold on to. But how we listen, and adjust ourselves, so that we do not only listen to our own voices but that of others, so that all our voices are communicated across to one another, is an important learning I have made.

For if we were to criticise the PAP for not having listened to the people, what folly we have made if we ourselves were to do the very same as the people we criticise?

What then makes us better? It does not. And this is why the voters have spoken.

In our anger and shock, many of us blame the new citizens, the 70%, etc. But I have decided to look at myself instead. Everyone makes mistakes. Perhaps we would first need to reflect on ourselves before we put the finger on someone else.

Perhaps if we are to understand how it is we can improve, will we see to it another day will come.

I thank you for your letter. It is letters like yours and many others that lets me know that at least what I have done have helped and mattered to some of you.

It does not matter that I have lost, or even if I could have won. At the end of the day, I have tried and made a difference in the lives of some, as others have made theirs in mine.

It is now your time to shine, as well as that of you and your friends. I am only one person and what I do can only inspire a few. Imagine the might of you and the many who let their voices be heard, the many people whose lives the many of you will touch. And how many you will inspire.

This is not about the PAP or the opposition. This is about what matters as people and what we can do for one another.

Sometimes, people don’t realise they have a voice, or fear to use their voice. It is up to some of us to guide the rest. I am glad that my voice has opened up yours. Thank you for your letter.

But let us continue to open up more. Let you be the voice that others will learn from.

I wish the PAP well, as well as the opposition. It is a learning process for all of us. The PAP played their game well and we have to respect them. Those in the opposition stood for their beliefs and we have to respect them. Singaporeans voted with their reason and we have to respect that.

Yesterday, I inspired you. Today, you will inspire others. Tomorrow, more will inspire.

Your journey is just beginning. I look forward to the day when you are on stage as you speak and light up the crowd, and as I stand below and tear to your words.

There is no one hero. Because if only all of us would know, we are all heroes. If only all of us would realise.

Be your own hero. Be my voice, as I was yours.

Let us stand united, let us hope for a better future with the power of our voice.

I await the day where I stand among heroes, where all of us will inspire our own future.

I await the day when you will be my hero.


  1. subra1991

    Roy, That’s was a very touching & punchful statement you made below.

    May I suggest to you one thing,….you did your best to voice up,….but don’t stop your journey there,….I also wrote to Worker’s party website,….not to just during election times, be like the tiger but in parliament be like a mouse,….be someone like the late Mr J.B. Jayeratnam,….who ironically came from Worker Party though,….though his son Mr Kenneth Jayaretnam does inherit some of his father’s character,….

    Continue your journey to be the voice of the people,….starting from now till the next election till 2020,.then will this Singaporeans will wake up, and stand up against the PAP….

    Also please do influence the same thing from Worker Party as their are the only representing in parliament now.,..

    Cheers Roy & to all in Reform Party. Regards Subramaniam

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    • Johnny Quak

      Some of your writing makes sense. Your blog at times are interesting. As an activist, you do have a cause to fight for.
      But for politics, I hope Singaporeans should critically consider who are the worthy Oppositions and who are not.
      The worthy ones are like WP and SDP, with a better sense of government and parliament.
      Pointing out the bad of the incumbents doesn’t make one a credible opposition. Neither do able to pointout tonnes of bad of the ruling party, makes one a more credible opposition party too. Able to justify one’s ability to replace party of the ruling party, then its a proof and show of credibility.
      Viewed this way, you are just like most of the other rubbish smaller opposition parties that makes opposition be seen like a hugh pile of rubbish. Roy, I hope you admit that what ever you write in your blogs, you are writing for a greater acceptance. The truth are just truths that people would like to hear. But where are the truths that you do not like to hear but matters to everyone out there?
      I hope you would advise your friends in The Reform Party to “stand down” in next GE. Attack on the PAP HQ turf, is not a gesture of cooperation but a gesture of annihilation. What about the talks about inclusive society where RP doesn’t even understand what is inclusive parliament? A parliament inclusive of more opposition parties shouldn’t include parties like RP that got the whole message wrong out there.
      Again in next GE , hope only WP and SDP contest. The rest are just a waste of time.

    • Alan

      Probably written it himself! Cannot trust a liar like him lah! He is going after your donation with shitty story. Watch you pocket!

    • Leonard Ong

      Just read on CNA online that PCF kindergartens across Sg will be raising fees next year, what does PCF stand for, PAP Community Foundation. Well done all you 70% of geniuses who vote for PAP. Well done, the first of many increases will be coming, what is stopping PAP now from increasing GST to 9% or more, and other increases. Dr Chee’s words came true. Once again Thank You, 70% of PAP voters for the increases to come. Notice how the PCF announced the increase after the GE, not before the GE. Thank you so much all you geniuses.

  2. Ted

    I am always inspired by so many Singaporean heroes both past and present… Lky and his team, tan kah kee and many other businessmen who gave back to society… Current, LHL and his team… Selflessly portrayed that it is important to step out and make sure Singapore is on the right track… Working hard to make sure that we will always help the underprivileged and get them out of the vicious cycle at least their children… All the businessmen who continue to gave back to society and also help the underprivileged….
    The only people I am not thankful for are those who create lies and misrepresent our laws and bills, defames our leaders, ask for donations in the false name of helping Singaporeans… These r the kind of people that not only disgrace their families but also disgrace Singapore by traveling around the world to spread such lies and misrepresentations…. One of them is the author of this blog, who is a disgrace to our forefathers…

    • Matthew

      Ted, are you so perfect and righteous?? Then let the one who has no sin throw the first stone. Roy had admitted his mistakes, what more do you want ?? You are inspired by past and present, but Roy give us inspiration for our future!! Stop hogging at the past glories and even the present false sense of glory and security…..please if you are that good, then tell us what is your vision for our future?? I am waiting……..

      • Ted

        Have u read all his articles?
        I’m not a saint but I’m definitely not slanderous and shameless… So I’m definitely worthy to throw the first stone… Roy had not repent, his apology is always followed by telling lies and more lies…yes, this time Roy is more careful not to slander but so? Lying is not a crime so does it mean he can lie and misrepresent without people telling others the truth… Roy continues to lie then there will be people to correct it…

      • Ted

        my son, i will vote in a party that will help u to excel in your life in this globalised world. yes, it is now a globalised world where you will need to compete with the best in the world. can you escape? sadly, no… unless the world voted to disconnect from the world wide web, stop all air travel, etc… do you want that? “No, dad”… i thought so…
        the party i will vote for is one that will prepare all Singaporeans for such a life. make sure that if you r willing to work hard, you will succeed in life… this party will not forsake you , will not tell you stories when your money disappear from the town council, will not use your children’s money to benefit your dad’s generation, will be prudent in their spendings, will admit to their mistakes, will make sure that every school is a good school, will make sure that there r enough university space for all those who deserved it, will make sure the old and retired can retire in peace with cpf life, will make sure that those who want to work can find a job, will make sure that Singaporeans are helped whenever they have a baby, make sure that you can practice your faith, be proud of your race and protect you if any one makes fun of you becos of the colour of your skin….. and son, this party will do many, many for things for you becos you are Singaporean…. “dad, is this true? i hear from my friends online that this party is not democratic, no freedom of speech and takes your cpf….” “Son, have you seen your online friends in real life? have you checked with the official govt bodies if what such friends are telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth? did your friend make fun of other’s religion? lastly, son… i didn’t want to withdraw my cpf…. but the cpf board kept sending me letters to inform me that i can start taking my cpf (which are more than my MS) out. I wanted to leave my money in cpf becos there is no where in Singapore to give me such good interest rate and protect my capital too…. so i refused to take out my cpf..” “So my son, do you want to believe your friends online or do you want to believe in a real life example (your dad)? even if you don’t believe me. you are welcome to read up all the terms and conditions of our laws, our cpf and so on…. all these information are online in their respective official govt websites… on top of that, you can read the financial leaders of the world on their take of singapore, you can also see how Warren and charlie munger view singapore…. these people, my son… are much more talented and financially savvy than your so-called online friends… no offence, these online friends of yours are nothing but ungrateful people.”
        “you know what, dad… i think i will read up on my own on all these information from official website. it is better to understand from official websites than from so-called blogs…. thank you, dad and singapore government for giving me a good education to decipher truth and half-truths… it is time to understand issues, running a country is not about an individual but the future of all SIngaporeans… I will not be selfish like roy… thank you singapore, thank you dad…” “VOTE Wisely… i want Singapore to last for generations to come…. I do not want public funds to be used indiscriminately, I do not want my offsprings pay for my enjoyment… I LOVE SINGAPORE and the Party that brought us here and into the future.”

      • The Social Commentator

        Barely one month ago Roy wrote on his blog “this is not the Singapore I want….PAP is not Singapore” now he talk about “it’s not about the PAP or opposition”.

        It was also Roy Ngerng who try to use Amos Yee’s case as a bullet against the PAP but when he felt that things go a bit too messy for his taste he ask everyone not to politicise the issue.

        Someone has got to give him the King of Flip Flop award.

        I am sure when he cannot keep up the charade for long and will soon go back to his old ways of criticising the government for every single mishap that happens in this country.

  3. Matthew

    Roy, you have correctly pointed out the “sins” and the flaws of the system, and I believe many of us fellow citizens know that. But the reason why we have this group of people called “middle ground”, people who are neither here nor there, and I quote the bible, “I would rather you hot or cold, but not lukewarm…….”. I do respect my fellow PAP Ultras, just as I am an opposition Ultra, we represents 2 ends of a spectrum, and ironically the spectrum cannot be complete without the 2 extreme ends?! Right?
    In my opinion, the middle ground needs to receive political education, one which all opposition parties should seek to provide as top priority. Fear often comes from the unknown, ignorance and the lack of understanding and knowledge. And in this case the fear of the middle ground is due to the lack of understanding of their political rights within the constitution. Do they understand that given the support level within the PAP ranks of supporters, they will surely form the simple majority and become the Government. But the concept of denying PAP absolute majority is something many middle ground people could not appreciate and understand. I have written a few articles and placed it at Leong Tze Hian’s FB timelines. I explained in detail the various types of voters based on age range and their specific life experiences in different eras of Singapore history shaped their voting mentality. I have also followed Taiwan elections as they are one of the most democratic governments within Asia Pacific region. Baby-boomers (Pre Independence), generation X (Post Independence), generation Y and the X millenials all exhibit different behaviours and mentality which will ultimately shape their voting mentality.
    In fact, LHL is now actively wanting to shift his attention to the Gen Y and millenials. Understand many of the baby-boomers will decrease and so will the PAP vote-bank…..He knows he needs new blood of voters……the PAP has the resources and machineries to go forward and ahead of competition. Therefore we need to take same cue and rush ahead as well.
    I always say, PAP hardcores forms 1/3 of electorate, Opposition hardcores 1/4, the remaining 40% plus is the critical middle ground mass. Opposition needs to work harder as they need more than 25% of this 40%, more than 60% of all middle ground voters in order to get a simple >50% majority.
    I was once a politically indifferent person, until I realised that most of PAP policies will “disadvantaged” me in the next 10 to 20 years to come, I would be 50 to 60 then. My retirement and the quality of my old-age life will surely be affected. That’s the reason why I now bother to write my viewpoints to share in the first place.
    Roy, take heart, do what your heart tells you to do, be true to yourself and stay righteous!!

    • Ted

      Why must support oppo if they’re lousy? I really can’t get it?
      It’s becos Pap is a good govt that so many poor people got out of the vicious cycle…. in 2011, WP was given a chance then low tk said WP has experience running town councils for over 20 years… Fast forward to now, WP says its learning to run town council, thus its facing problems with its own auditors report…is this the hallmark of a credible oppo?
      When MND issued a statement on what happened in a chronological order of events, WP brush all these aside with lots of stories until the public got lost in translation….. Why didn’t WP rebutt MND in chronological order as well? Then WP went on to say stat boards r also not having a clean slate of their audits…. But note that stat boards’s report do not show money which r unaccounted for… Some questionable ones will b investigated n if found suspicious, the stat board will call the police to investigate of wrongdoings if any…. So, my question is simple. if WP don’t think anything is wrong, then why not take up MND request for a forensic auditors to come n check their accounts and find out what’s wrong? MND is asking for something very normal… Before MND release the next funding. What’s WP hiding?

      • Matthew

        Ted. This is democracy!! You wanna say PAP is good, no one is stopping you at all. But let the people decide, especially the middle ground…I was political indifferent until recently. If PAP were to do well, then explain the accountability of our CPF? the unresolved transport issues? It is only fair that opposition can also question PAP as well…..and thus far, not a word from PAP on the accountability of CPF funds, why are they keep pushing back the withdrawal age and increasing minimum sums???

      • Matthew

        Ted, look at you… wanna harp on other peoples past mistakes??? If u can harp on opposition’s mistakes, then Roy can also harp on any mistakes the PAP Govt had made?? Roy apologized, LHL apologized…….to me both are the same……I have not heard anything constructive from you other than to simply condemn the opposition shortcomings. blah blah blah……Please give me something more meat, what you said had gone down as past history…..If you are really worthy to throw even a pebble, then tell me, do you have a future plan moving forward??? I am waiting……

      • Ted

        Make a mistake then one must correct the mistake and do not make similar mistakes… It’s ok…
        But If one makes a mistake then apologize but do not change. That’s not ok

  4. tashangyl

    Reblogged this on TashaNgYL and commented:
    As I read his post, I’m starting to gather more respect for Roy. Yes he may have made some mistakes in the past. As mentioned in the post, he had lamented over his actions and had realised what he could have done better. This is the mark of true courage of an individual, to be able to admit to his wrongdoings and reflect on what could have been done instead, instead of continuously ranting about your own stands.

    Honestly never would have thought I will be this involved in GE 2015, but no regrets were made. Got to be exposed to the differing opinions and concerns over Singaporeans. Why did I even start on doing this, I had reflected upon it myself. Maybe I overdid it because of my selfish thinking of wanting to know more for my own knowledge, maybe it was just for my own good, that I became so involved in the GE. Ah, so why? Because I want to learn. And it takes the small little steps by any individual to advance further. 🙂

    Thank you Roy, for your post to me. It’s just like a calling for me to step up and work harder now, as a youth in Singapore. I’m truly inspired by your messages. Hope I can do the things that you mentioned in the post in the near future.

    • Ted

      Well, like recalcitrant criminals do… There r criminals who also always sorry but not for their crimes. They r sorry for committing mistakes that cause their downfall…. Then after serving their time in jail, these criminals will go back to commit crimes but this time they’ll not make the same mistakes again….

      • Matthew

        Ted, I really wanna see if one day you make a mistake, a severe one, and no one gives a heck of your suffering and no one forgives you…… sad for you………perhaps you are also a hypocrite, as in everyone does put up a mask…..why whack Roy alone?? There are so many criminals out there, far worse many times than Roy, go and whack them lah….

      • Ted

        Well Matthew,
        There r far worse criminals out there who murder and plunder and rape… But these criminals’ crimes r very limited in their harm to the society.
        A politician who is lying about our cpf policies by only showing half truths. If Roy had given the full picture (the pros and cons), and then tell us how to improve the cpf then yes… That’s the hallmark of constructive politics and debate. Our life span had increased, this is something that Roy ignores to inform readers on the implications of living longer… Mindlessly repeating “give us back our cpf ” is not useful at all… Is that the hallmark of a hero?
        No, a true lover and hero of Singapore will just tell the truth, highlight the good and the bad points.. And finally give the best solutions…
        Cpf interest must be come from somewhere… And it is always known that cpf purchases special govt bonds and that’s how it’s getting its returns.. The way Roy puts it is as if all profits must be returned… Why don’t Roy ask the bank how they make use of his deposits to generate the returns? It is obvious… What is Roy’s intentions when he went in this direction? His intention is simple… To make people cast doubts about our govt and eventually destabilize Singapore if there r enough people who believe him… It is lucky that most Singaporeans r educated and understand money don’t grow on trees… Else Roy and his team will win the elections…
        Now let’s go back to why I had to whack his blog… Like I said, a criminal’s action will only affect the people involved in his crime. A politician wannabe with dubious motives , if garnered enough support will destroy our country… I am just a normal Singaporean… I will just do my small part to correct the lies that such a person like Roy writes and spread… Untruths if not corrected, may be interpreted as truths by the ignorant… I will not assume every one understands our cpf… But if u do know how to read, please go and read our cpf website instead of this blog…

  5. hsds

    got only a few letters feel so proud while you get 100 times more insult. Ur a joke. These small number of people who wrote these letters are as stupid as you. Passion? More like stupidity.

  6. Chua

    Most people deserves a second chance.
    It is good that Roy did his self reflection and no longer place full responsibility of his failure in election to others. Just as Dr Chee has shown surprising level of maturity, political astuteness in this election. compared to his past antics, Roy should given breathing space to learn and develop.
    Though I am on overall scale a PAP supporter for many reasons(which will take pages), I follow closely many of TOC, TRE, TMG etc postings, though as ‘silent’ majority I hardly post. Many oppositions are passionately fighting for Singapore future despite the challenges. Most have their hearts in the right place, I believe, and the jury is out on who is right unless anyone can time travel to the future.
    Really hope though Roy’s gets his statistics and facts from more official/popular sources as his figures often does not match up to ones we can google and find. And many are quite obviously off the mark. Be aware many of us do double check a few pages of Google results to verify statements made by both incumbent and opposition. Most of us are not as politically naive as many opposition supporters paint us to be. Being a so called middle ground or swing voters, many of us are do read both sides of the news, verify facts, digest lessons from history, form our opinion and vote for long term interest instead of immediate gratification. That is why RP manifesto falls flat to us as the goodies promised felt unrealistic and unsustainable. There is no precedence for low tax rate, strong pension, strong social welfare, weak natural resources and no government deficit in the world be it past or present. It is simply unsustainable. Many of us are doing ok in Singapore and fairly well travelled and economically mobile enough to be accepted in most countries in the world if we choose to. But we chose Singapore where we are born. There things we are frustrated with and policies which we view as crap (some which are u turned) but we also see that these issues prevalent in most countries in the world. No government gets it right all the time. Just like if anyone do investment, if your advisor or yourself gets it right 60% of the time, you should be already happy.
    Expectation is naturally higher when they are paid well but even CEO paid many times more than our PM can get it wrong like in MS Windows 8 etc. Given their track record, amazing network and outstanding academic records, it is not difficult for them to recieve many times more in private sector.
    If ‘Singapore inc. ‘ is to continue chugging along, we cannot afford to have power struggle which detracts from long term policy planning. It will almost be like having 2 CEO in the same company without employees knowing who to listen to. Part of democracy effect is to allow less violent transition of power and reduce corruption. It is by no means the only way as corruption perception index seems to indicate. And history is filled with success and failures of every political models including many democracy. So those who swear by multi party democracy, look around and see the ratio of these so called true democracy that truly outdo Singapore in many measurable index. Look beyond the anecdotes and see if these societies have their fair share of slums which fall outside their welfare safety net. Look at how sustainable their pension, debt and deficit is. Look at their tax rate and their home ownership rate be it leasehold or freehold. Then you likely come to conclusion that there is no true utopia especially in countries who do not have natural resources like oil. I leave those with interest in pursuing the facts to form your own conclusion instead of hearing from so and so or only one person life story. Singapore is far from perfect but it is home and a fairly decent one for most of us.
    To Roy, all the best! Admire your courage and determination.

    • Ted

      nothing change… whether its roy or chee…. both of them never change… both are just scheming to get into parliament…. if licking the floor or the devil’s foot, these 2 will q up first in line.
      roy just stopped slandering for now… but roy continues to lie and lie and lie… looks like a habitual liar…. then chee? same thing… a leopard never change his spots… election is lost but WP came across as the oppo leader so what does chee do? “lets cooperate with wp… how will chee (a man who kicked his mentor out of his mentor’s own party) do once he “co-operates” with WP’s LTK? its anyone’s guess but no prizes though…

    • Matthew

      Chua, do you know the psyche of opposition supporters? I do believe with my heart, many of them are driven to desperation as they are already now struggling with their livelihood. Yes, you may say that they failed to keep up with the society, be it in education or in relevant experience. We are very lucky to be comfortable enough to write long essays here. But Politics is Politics, and what LTK said is correct. Hard numbers, opposition needs 30 seats to deny PAP absolute majority. We are not interested in PAP losing power, we just want a check and balance….Is this too much to ask in the first place ??? You can argue correctly about all the flaws of all our opposition parties and that is fine, and you can explain in detail why they fall short. But when the impact of the PAP policies start to kick in 10 to 20 years down the road, let us pray that we are at the right side of these policies, benefitting not suffering. The purpose of having opposition is to really give a voice to the unheard and silently suffering minorities. No matter how much “benefit-cost” analysis you can use to justify your stand, it does not mean a thing to the already suffering minorities as they need a voice, that’s democracy is all about. Democracy is not supposed to ensure the rich will get richer, or your personal economic interest enhanced….No… about basic human rights and dignity…..let us imagine if you and me are the old folks having nothing left and forced to slog to earn a living, do you still believe PAP is right for you??

      • Chua

        Matthew, much as I sympathise with many who are struggling in Singapore from competition by foreign ‘talent’ ( which some turns out to be a joke) and very high cost of living, it is convenient but irresponsible to point fingers solely at the government. The unemployment is 2% which is better than 95% of the so called democracies of the world. Our median income is one of the highest in the world and even accounting for high cost of living, one of the top 20 in the world for purchasing power. There are many factors creating this group of less privileged many of which are strongly linked to themselves. Some like health and luck is not within this group control but there are self inflicted situation.
        Every country has this group and poverty is very real even with many so called welfare states. At the same time, it creates social problem like lacking motivation to get gainful employment and creates a huge deficit which future generation bear.
        There is little solution but people including myself donates money, mattress, bed, clean up for the needy and sometimes volunteer to help when I can. Some of these problems needs to be shared by those of us who can afford.
        The social disparity and GINI index is even higher in USA (before tax) than Singapore though they are hailed as model of modern democracy, meritocracy and capitalism. On top of that, they have land size, natural resources like oil, larger domestic market, headstart etc. However, their median income is now clearly behind Singapore. Their deficit is a ticking time bomb though by virtue of being economic and military superpower and reserve currency, they forestall the issue. The much exhorted equality does not decrease racial tension, violence and discriminaton. In certain states, the cost of living is over the top. There are streets where I was advised to avoid to reduce chance of being mugged as the poor and armed there are notorious amongst the locals. If the social welfare is so encompassing, the group of semi slum living population should not even exist in USA. Clearly, they have fallen out of the safety net for some reasons. In similar breath, many of the poor here have no idea how and where to get help. Too much paperwork and lack of communication skills which hamper them in work similarly hamper their ability to seek help. At the same time, I do know some less than handicap idiots gaming the local welfare system while having 2 latest smart phones, travel around on cab solely, demands priority and skipping waiting list, write poison letters (from his own mouth) to get their way and refuse to work. The social workers attending to him knows it and is hapless. This is why an overly lax welfare system may be a endless money pit for the taxpayers. By leaving the social welfare in hands of policy makers and higher tax, we are depriving ourselves of the ability to help ones we think deserves it given that our real income after tax will be much lower to implement such social safety net.

      • Singh

        @Chua : How do you define “unemployment” and come out with the statistic of only 2%? Do your “employment” also include those who do temp and part time jobs, underemployed who have a degree but doing only an O – level job?

      • Chua

        Google. Not sure how they derive it but seeing how accurate sample votes is for using less than 0.1% of vote and this data is tracked by most countries, I believe the methodology is similar for countries displaying that stats. If there is systemic error massaging the stats up( for government to look good) it will be present in other countries stats which makes it comparable still though may not 100% reflect reality.

  7. Concerned citizen

    More Roy garbage. This time a textbook kumbayah call for unity b.s. trying to come across as a inspiring leader and at the same time a humble caring individual. The ‘fit in and stand out’ technique. Seriously Roy, we aren’t that gullible.
    Roy’s plan all along has been to attain the title of ‘opposition candidate of pm lee’. Now on D-day, when the half a million dollar bill comes, he can cry to international media that he, an opposition candidate, is being presecuted and bankrupted. Hopefully a Norwegian asylum and some international stardom will follow through. Great plan!
    I for one hope that when this day comes and he cries out for the world to hear, 80% of us would stand up and say Roy is a disingenuous liar who has been repeatedly spreading false rumours and purposefully making Singapore look bad for his own selfish needs.

    • The Oracle

      I think you hit the nail on the head! And I wonder how long his new hosts will put up with Roy’s lies and complaining about everything? We might find him dumped back in our laps in under a year [shudder]!

  8. LeeKokYou

    You sounded like you have been in a brawl with a group of boys from RI and was beaten badly. With two black eyes and a few broken teeth, and looking pitiful, you went into an emotional state about love and brother or sisterhood etc etc

    That’s politics. To you and many, it is a fish market(a sea of voices bargaining, wheeling and dealing).

    Learn from a centurion soldier. When his servant needed help, he went to seek the word of a master. He told the master, you don’t have to come under my roof for I am unworthy/unfit. Just speak, from YOUR ROOF, my servant will be well.

    No greater faith then one, a commander, who knows his time is up.

    Now that’s the reason why you lost!

  9. WhiteSkunk


    “There has been no personal gain by Pastor Kong here,” Kong’s lawyer Mr Edwin Tong said. “It is not disputed that all of the (investment bonds) … went into the Crossover Project”, Mr Tong said, adding that the idea of the bonds was conceived by Chew, Kong’s co-accused.

    Must this happen in the year of Jubilee?

  10. WhiteSkunk

    In addressing the prosecution’s allegation that Kong “insulated himself” by attributing his approval for the sham transactions to information given to him by “professionals”, Mr Tong said that as Kong was overseas for much of the time, he was “relying on an organisational structure which … has reliance on professional advisers”.

    “What is wrong with that?” Mr Tong asked the court.


    • Judgment

      Lawyers, like politicians, are shifty people (depending which side they are on). Mix them up with religious folks, we have a potent concoction of “truth serum” that’s capable of wiping out an entire city.

      More often than not, they are a menace to society – heroes of the people. What do you think?

  11. Johnny Quak

    Its time you show the public, what a man you are and what you represent. Most certainly you be facing it alone. Cause no one will, shall want to be too closely associated with your works and words.
    Its a reality check. A check on yourself. no more hiding behind the voices of the people. How ironically it is?

  12. Concerned Singaporean

    BTW, Roy, could you please remove the Reform Party posters still on the lamp posts along AMK Avenue 3? PAP removed theirs immediately after the election. Thanks.

    • Ted

      If Roy dun remove and get warning from authorities… Will Roy complain to UNITED NATIONS that he is being persecuted by PAP?

    • Concerned citizen

      I wonder why he doesn’t delete our comments on his blog here. This is despite getting pummeled by an overwhelming majority of us. Is it because, the blog doesn’t allow him to selectively remove comments? Or is it because he secretly craves for attention even if it is all negative? I think it is the later, but then why block in Facebook alone? So many questions.. We need Roy graphs to explain.

      • Ted

        Roy, I believe it’s a flowchart and not a graph… Please enlighten us on why u do not delete our truthful comments of ur lies here but u can delete and ban us on ur Facebook?

  13. CityHarlotChurch

    In closing, DPP Chionh also examined the possible motives of the six accused, and told the court that it is a fallacy to believe that a crime committed to further what the perpetrator considers to be a good cause is not a crime.

  14. ReligiousLeeders

    Beware of the undercurrent in society. That’s where stupid people are bred.

    “Here in Singapore last weekend to preach at City Harvest Church’s weekend services, long-time friend and spiritual father John Avanzini fielded questions from City News on some less straightforward issues about the giving of one’s finances to the church.”

    Last question—what are some tips you can give for “responsible giving?” For example, do I give when I am in debt/ financial difficulty?

    I am supposed to be retired … I am 79 now; I retired when I was about 71 or 72. But I have continued to give, because my income depends on my giving. I live on my harvest. Now that I have less income, I need more miracle money, so I surely give. I had salaried money before; now I need miracle money. That comes from seed. Maybe my seed isn’t as big to the person who receives it, but it’s big to me. The size of your gift is not how much you give but how much you have left after you give.

    So every day, my daughter Yvette gives more than Donald Trump or Bill Gates. We applaude when the hundred thousand gift is given, but Jesus identified the woman with the two mites. If you look at the Scripture, it says she gave all that she had, even all her living, while the big guys, who were giving much, gave out of their surplus. She took everything she had for that day’s living, and gave it. Go back and look at that Scripture—there’s a big piece of philosophy of life in that portion.

    Just a comment about CHC’s Arise and Build. Everywhere I go in the world, I find churches with Arise and Build, but this phrase was never heard of before I heard it here at City Harvest Church, Singapore. It started here, but now there are church buildings all over the world that came from Arise and Build. You people have been trend-setters—97, 98, 99 percent tithers—it was never heard of until City Harvest.

    This dark cloud has gone over your ministry. I give you a word: David would have never been king if he hadn’t fought Goliath. The truth is this, Goliath is a king-maker. And if your Goliath knew what they were doing, they would leave you alone. They’re gonna make kings and priests of a whole new dimension out of the City Harvest people.

  15. PermissibleCrime

    What is permissible under the guile of religion has created legal loopholes. The church is nothing but a business entity at fools expense. The church government is structurally authoritarian howbeit in religious garb. Basically, the church founder is an innovative and ambitious man and has successfully reasoned his way for a more secular church, again, at fools expense(fools because they believed in the “God” in the man). His wife has been “divinely” tasked to instrumentally benefit from, or rather the chosen vessel for, the cross over to the neon lights of Hollywood, liberally funded by God’s unlimited supply from fools expense. He of course gets to indulge in his wife fabricated superstar status at fools expense. This wolf in sheep’s robe is your typical preacher except this one has no restrain and common sense(to humor the authority).
    Can we blame fools who are willing participant and financial contributor to pulpit wolves? A gullible housewife who gave in to sex with a medium because she was told to be divinely cleansed of her demons, she needs to have sexual intercourse with him.

    Is she a fool or what?

    Or society is the deliberare fool?


    Just when the ge proves that Roy is generally regarded as a liar and untrustworthy, he comes u with a letter which anyone can produce, to show that he is a hero. How convenient. This is something none of our leaders or any opposition has done before. Roy , steady ! You are good ! Lol.

    p/s if you are a hero , don’t need to show a letter from no where, people would have voted for you each and everytime. You are the opposite of a hero, you are a liar and a disgrace. I support the opposition but it is liars and scum bags like you who give them a bad image. And their ge failure is all down to you !

  17. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    18 September 2015 Friday 11:09 PM Singapore Time

  18. Neo

    Nobody suspect anything when the center is now put on trial. They are caught up in the noise of human livestocks heckling each other. Stupid people deserve their rulers.

  19. EducatedFools

    Now a days…if you tell people you are a graduate or your children are graduates…it means certified idiots.

    Quite embarrassing

  20. Speakforsingaporean

    Roy pls always stat that you only speak up (for the 30% Singaporean) and not all Singaporean. You and all the opposition just simply don’t understand that. You are just fighting for the minority and you want the majority to think what you did is for them? you have mention the government for scaring ppl to vote for them but that is not true. The Government are stating the Facts just like the teachers in school are telling the students that the exam are coming soon and they should be studying and not playing. Does that mean that the teachers are wrong? Pls get the fact right, you are the one plus many of those tom dick and harry oppositions who are the one misleading Singaporean. Whenever u compare SG with other country, u just didn’t do enough research and say those stuff which is not true. Only those 30% Singaporean are willing to listen to you and your tom dick and harry friends without getting the fact right.

      • Ravi

        I would have voted for opposition if not because Roy was standing against PAP. Because he is the worst type of liar that we can afford to have in parliament. If not because of him, PAP wouldn’t have won by such a landslide. Roy is a utter disgrace t opposition .

  21. Ted

    Dear all,
    It seems like Roy had forsaken this blog to move somewhere else to continue his lies…. Please let all of us know what other social media links and blogs Roy had created to continue his business to con others…

  22. Ted

    Let us forgive but never forget Roy & his gang’s lies …. May he face the full force of the laws for his crimes.
    I am sure Roy will make his comeback when he thinks Singaporeans had forgotten his crimes…. So I ask that we must never forget…. In a distant future. A wolf (Roy) pretending to be a sheep, is still a wolf…. We can forgive the wolf becos it’s in its nature to kill, but we must never forget.

  23. Ravi

    Didn’t I tell you all that soon Roy will disappear into nobody as his reputation and credibility has long been all lost, when everybody sees through his lies and schemes. He is going to become a bankrupt soon and has no job, no love and no trust from anyone. This is just punishment for his lying antics and for defamation. Roy, congratulations, you deserve this.

  24. The Oracle

    Roy was fined $1,900 today for his part in the protests at Hong Lim Park. The heckling of special needs children was definitely a low point in modern Singapore politics. At least Roy pleaded guilty – unlike Han Hui Hui, who will face trial next week. Beyond that, we have Roy’s impending bankruptcy to look forward to, when damages are decided for his defamation of our PM. He may not be a great politician but he at least keeps us entertained!

  25. Ted

    Only fined $1900… Goes to show how lenient our judiciary is, always wanting to give 2nd chance…
    Poor children who need to face Roy and his goons’ idiotic antics…
    If Roy does such things again, may the judge be much more stringent and give Roy the maximum sentence he so tightly deserve….

  26. Daft

    State educated mind fuckers. Useless shit…

    @Billy Lee Still not too late for him.. but his mother has to wake up first. He is just an immature kid who cannot see the big picture.. his mother ought to know better but apparently not… tragic

    Please remember that there is no political or artistic merit in his LKY video… it was intentionally rude and offensive for the sake of it. Now he is struggling to top that to stem his dwindling support. He will spiral into depression if he can’t.. and its likely that he won’t.

    He should concentrate on re-charting his course, get a proper education and look forward.. true supporters should encourage him in that direction

    @Esther Queen
    Esther Queen Amos wanted popularity and fame! Trying to make himself famous! He never realise that this is short term fame! He refuse to further his studies and just wanna focus making videos. Amos is a stubborn kid with no guidance from his parents!

  27. Xmas

    Sin City
    Morons deserve to burn in h e l l (shake the dust off your feet)

    See who will have the last laugh Ho Ho Ho

  28. HoHoHo

    The most important event in the history of Sin City is not the rise of white monkeys but rather the judgement of white donkeys. However, the war for the rights and the power to rule idiots is not over yet. White donkeys will consult their white serpents on how to turn the judgment around or lessen the impact considerably. After all, white donkeys are the real power behind Sin City. The rests are just diversion or useless discourse. What do you think?

  29. TheMartian

    These are ELITE leaders, regarded as well learned and informed people in the community(local as well overseas). Clearly, the depth of indoctrination and teachings have been so deep that they can’t see their crimes and wrong doings. So long as there is no admittance( even if they apologise, apology is useless, no matter how sincere, because their door is still open for deception) on the leaders part and from the Organisation as a whole, the great deception shall remain as the very foundation in which all “goodness” where evil springs and destructions wrought.

    Hope they will not appeal and time for them, and the others, to bury all their dead works.

  30. HaHaLand

    If you failed to buy yourself into the pop world ( failed criminal attempt), there is still the pubic throne you can rule.

    Singapore is indeed a kind and compassionate society with plenty of money making opportunities.

    If you have the talent of Sun Ho, you can even be a minister.

    • FaceIt

      Pride must find an office. ..but here it is disguised as servant leadership. ..or high calling. Indomitable faith saving. ..

    • hiak

      thats onlee one big fat snake..the entire island is swarming with many other snakes on the loose. the law just humored the residents this time round. job done but never really clean up the place. non corrupt on the surface but pls…don’t lift up the carpet ok

      • Ted

        may i know what you mean by that? unlike other parties…. even if its just a rumour (u can leave your name and nric here so that the police can find out the truth), this g will call in the police to investigate and put any one guilty in jail….
        u should tell the other party in parliament to do the same…. until now still can’t get its accounts in order… to me, this means its not just on surface but outright…

  31. BerthaChipChip

    Have you guys been checking around? Basically SINGAPORE internet is dead. lol.
    Other then the blogs and forums have been mostly ruined by PAP brigades or breed of idiotic people,a small bunch of jokers talking to themselves,, who tell people not to be abusive but they themselves are abusive…
    G gang are also helping themselves to “free lunches” and telling people no free lunch lol

    Haiz….but above all, the G has successfully bred an idiotic generation or generations. Look at the hopeless oppositions, what a bloody joke. Why? Because they came out of the backside of the G lol

    • Ted

      Just checked again like everyday.
      Singapore internet is very alive…. everyday i am online… on FB…. and lots of people commenting and giving ideas to do good and make singapore a better country….
      may i know which blogs were ruin? what is your definition of ruin? first of all, anyone giving and commenting the truth on such blogs are not PAP IB…. i didn’t know telling the truth is abusive? so what makes Roy and friends who abused the children? the devil?
      the G didn’t “bred” us…. and if we are indeed an idiotic bunch, why are the world in such admiration of our nation and its people in general? does it mean that you a the real idiot for not recognising talent?

  32. Ravi

    As I predicted, Roy will disappear in shame and disgrace, now that his lies and his crimes are revealed. Good riddance and hope he will disappear forever.

    • Ted

      Evil will always cleverly cloak itself and wait patiently…. not just Roy, i hope all people who are like roy to go away…. i do not want my country destroyed by such people…

      • cannotsay

        Yes, we need more of the 17 000 loyalists of CHC to populate Singapore.haha
        I think 70% now is not enough haha

    • BuKi

      post it here. roy very nice and very confident of himself. you see, though he was accused by the PM for hurting his pride with words and claimed damages in court, the PM went on to win the election in record number of votes. this only proves that empty words from a powerless person cant hurt anyone. in fact, it hurts the person who said it more than the person the words were directed at(roy lost big time during election)
      so it makes one wonder why bother to censor? lol
      if there is no truth or is rubbish, the words will return back to the source in damages. ahhh..unless you fear the truth then you would not want it to be said openly isnt it? lol

    • Kumar

      I generally don’t read anything written by local bloggers or for that matter anyone who writes a lot of crap and has no respect for street commentary. It shows they have no respect for people, in general,whose voices come in all kinds of battered shapes and sizes . You know the ones who brag about heart and soul and for social,animal environmental causes etc but if you care to observe the final details, they spit on these losers too.

      The kind of role model that we see being promoted on national TVs where the outcast of society are milked for every penny, political image and for religious purposes.

      You don’t trust these smiling pricks and kunts

  33. LeeLeeLee

    You don’t need heroes, you need honesty. Education and religion produce dishonest people. People like Amos wants no part in it only because he has the talent to deal with the crap. But for how long and will he survive from the shit?

  34. Dishonesty

    The City Harvest Church (CHC) court trial thankfully finished after 3 years and 100 over days of open court trial which mesmerises the whole country.

    Jail sentences will likely be part of the sentencing to be issued next month together with a massive fine. Many are looking for at least a 6-month jail sentence for most of them with the senior pastor Kong Hee getting a heavier sentence for spreadheading the whole fradulent campaign.

    Surprisingly, none of the 6 convicted expressed any remorse or regret at their charges.

    TT Duric was the first big-gun to receive a sentence for cheating in the heavyweight charity body NKF followed by the charity Ren Ci monk. A few other smaller charitable personnel received the knock – mostly for self-proclaimed inflated salaries and there was a welcome silence for the past few years until CHC came knocking.

    CHC represents the few megachurches we have here and it will send the right signal for the rest to toe the line when it comes to collecting funds. A megachurch is one which has close to 10,000 members and probably with its own multi-million-dollar church building.

    My heart is heavy with the burden that many young Christians may be waylaid by the trial and even drop out of the faith altogether.

    Attendance at CHC is believed to have drop by 1/3 if not more and of course their tithes will be affected by the attendance shift. Die-hard critics of the faith now also have another bullet to shoot at Christianity with many Christians world wide observing the court trial at a distance in alarm.

    Many parents understandably have also pulled out their children especially those age below 16 years old from the services once the got wind of the court charges – their rationale is if the senior pastor is charged in court for fraud something must be very wrong with the church.

    What actually went wrong for a church that has everything going right for them? The church soars in attendance and at its height has at least 30,000 members in church services weekly.

    I have not attended a single CHC church service before but friends who attended told me that its both vibrant and full of energy – not unlike that of the popular Hillsong in Sydney.

    It has a strong vision and of course a gifted charismatic pastor in Kong Hee.

    More than half of their church members are aged below 30 years old and the church represents a movement for the future.

    Many friends later complained about its zealous approach to collection of tithes and the church building fund.

    Millions were generated weekly and it is not easy to understand why there is fifty million dollars floating in the church account.

    It’s Crossover mission was both visionary and exciting and has aroused passion in the church for overseas mission. Yet, its approach via secular music to be introduced in America through the pastor’s wife Sun Ho has faults which ultimately brought the whole team down.

    Conversion has being the hallmark of the Christian faith for many centuries and many are even willing to die for the faith while spreading it.

    So Crossover was something which the church tried its level best to implement – even if it means doing something fradulent in the accounts and surprisingly most of them agree to it.

    Those who are against it were bought over by the rest or put on cold turkey elsewhere – its either you are in or out and there is no middleground.

    As I went through the court account I found that not one of them realised that it was wrong to tamper with the accounts. Those who are involved also felt that as the funds would be siphoned out and eventually back to the original account, there is no loss and thus legally there will be no wrong-doing.

    Maybe the sense of group think during that crucial period was so strong that everyone was sucked into pushing for Crossover to succeed – by hook or by crook.

    Group think has always being history’s Achille heel for those who went against the grain amass.

    Hitler managed to convince a whole nation to slaughter the 6-million Jews for self preservation and the Americans never thought that the Japanese would bomb them out at the Pearl’s Harbour.

    A collective vision is a significant push factor which sometimes cloud the reasoning of the masses.

    I remembered giving my entire small life saving when I was still in my twenties for Calvary charismatic’s church building fund almost three decades ago.

    Weeks of emphasizing by the senior pastor managed to convince many of the church members to give sacrificially – there was nothing wrong in that if the money was used entirely for that purpose.

    CHC probably made a grave fatal mistake by venturing into something which is rather controversial and daring – using the wife is also another double-blow mistake as tongues will wag even though she has a talent for leading worship in church.

    The cross from Christianity to secular is a wild preposition and we saw the final end result. Millions were needed and there laid the temptation to go into worldly way in order to achieve certain desired success.

    Stories of her staying in a $28000/month mansion in Beverly Hills didn’t help and the risque videos of her dancing around in skimpy outfit was the last straw for any die-hard fan.

    For many Christians here, the church is still a rather traditional platform for the practising of one’s faith and any contemporary worldly alternative is just unacceptable.

    So what can we learn here?

    For one, there must be the need for church-goers to be more discerning and alarm bells must be raised if it is focusing alot of it’s church message on collecting funds/tithes.

    I knew from reliable sources that CHC went very hard on tithing and those who sacrificed alot on their giving were publicly commended. People go to church to worship and receive a divine word from their pastors and tithing should be something that is between them and God.

    There should be no additional pastoral pressure to give out of a cheerful heart. If the person don’t tithe regularly, he ought to answer to God and no one.

    There ought to be a limit on the amount of reserve it can keep and $50 million in the case of CHC seems awfully plenty even though it has a church building fund going on.

    I also remembered in the news many years back that there is some plan by CHC to invest into commercial building and this ought to be discouraged by the government as church funds are seen as tax-free charity entitlement to be used entirely for religious church use only.

    The court case against CHC is a step backward for the faith and many Christians I spoke to are discouraged by the adverse news.

    However, I felt that the case is a good example for many megachurches and charismatic pastors to go back to the basic ie. provide comfort to the flock and build a stable sauctuary for the down-trodden.

    Many church-goers found solace in the Sunday services in the midst of their own personal trial and sometimes for church leaders aspiring to do God’s will, simply doing one’s best in it’s simplest form is enough.


    Gilbert Goh

    * Gilbert is the founder of

  35. PotCallingKettleBlack

    You know what’s wrong with Gilbert and many Christians who watched the unfolding and painful saga?

    They all see through rose tinted glasses and unable to come to terms with reality.

  36. Xmas

    Sharing the love, sharing the crime too. So right and yet so wrong. We have much more than 17000 of such people here. I wonder what’s the impact on politics?

    From the video, it can be seen that congregants, both young and old, were unanimously supportive and staying united, despite the guilty trial verdict.

    It featured at least one recognisable face, Elim Chew, founder of 77th Street.

    Chew said:

    “Of course I’m very saddened by the news. My heart cries out because I love all of them very much. But most important, I believe, is to come together as a family and to be supportive of everything that is happening and the family as well. We are in prayer, and are praying for miracles as well that will happen. And I am most excited today because after seeing the Church coming together, and believing in the new management and the boards and the pastors, we are here together as a family.”

    “From here onward, this is only one way up. And with God’s presence with us, I know we are called for a greater destiny ahead and a greater purpose for Asia and the world.”

    • Ted

      i m amazed that she managed to avoid this saga…. an experienced businesswoman with huge contacts and kong hee never approach her…. is it becos kong hee knows she will never agree to become kong hee’s puppet?

  37. CannotSay

    You know, if Kong Hee had offended the Big Boss(who has a penchant for abusing the laws), you think his wife can continue his pastoral work IN THE SAME SPIRIT?

    Roy would know the answer, wouldn’t you?

  38. Zen

    What do you think should be the most important lesson we learn now that now that we have the benefit of hindsight?

    I think that even though we may have good intentions, we must exercise due diligence to make sure that everything that we do is spiritual, moral, ethical and legal. [We] can’t afford to make any assumptions about anything.

    And prophetically speaking, religion is emerging as a SOCIAL-POLITICAL FORCE. The signs of the times are expressed by the Pope and how he was received as a head of state in the US (Pope Francis conducted his papal visit to America this September). He was allowed—the first time a religious leader was allowed—to address a joint session of Congress. It’s unprecedented in American history. And [there’s] the fact that this Pope is taking on social issues, which are always political. So, quite contrary to the post-modernist thinkers, religion is going to play a major role prophetically in the future of human society.

    • BuKi

      “I think that even though we may have good intentions, we must exercise due diligence to make sure that everything that we do is spiritual, moral, ethical and legal. [We] can’t afford to make any assumptions about anything.”

      The scariest part.
      You are wondering which is worst: Religion that exploits the stupidity of people for money and power or for the good in society.

      At least the “goodness” of religion will always remain a useful political tool and this will ensure second chances(or endless forgiveness for the organisation) to dupe people again. Thats the nature of political whitewashing.

      CHC chapter 2 is possible because the authorities were exemplary in breeding a stupid class of people.

      • jen

        What does it mean? It means singapore success story is achieved mostly through blind devotion of dedicated sincere nut cases.

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